1997 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.

Sketch City

The World’s Largest Etch-A-Sketch! This piece will be composed of 100 – 200 individual Etch-A-Sketches. Participants are invited to contribute to a community drawing. Who can resist the lure of a beloved childhood toy? [WARNING: Members of this camp have become fond of donning polyester and singing BeeGee’s songs at the loudest decibel.]


Solaria presents “The Planets On The Playa” an accurate scale model of the solar system stretching 0.6 miles from Sun to Neptune. Visit Mistress Gaia in her spacious home and meet the neighbors! Thrill to celestial sounds emanating from our 0.00025 megawatt sound system while browsing the fine selection of astronomy books in our cozy shaded reading room. Guided tours will help you find your true place in the universe; or just wander aimlessly lost in the vastness of interplanetary space. The choice is yours!

Sticky Fingers Shop

A very tacky junk store complete with tacky junk and a security guard lounging in the corner. All items are for sale but at wildly inflated prices. It is hoped that this will encourage visitors to shoplift without being caught by the guard. Those who are successful will leave with a wonderfully tacky trinket; those who are caught will be emblazoned with a large scarlet “S” somewhere on their body so that the rest us at Burning Man will know that they are lousy shoplifters.