1997 Theme Camps

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Camp Camp Village & Barbershop Boutique

A safe-ish space for queers, queens and their family, friends and secret admirers. Sparkling and dangerous, CAMP INDULGENCE is brought to you by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Bring your indulgence to the convent — Goddess blessings will come your way! Participants in GRRRLIE GIRLLL CAMP must be accompanied by a woman when having their hearts opened (bring towels and toys). S&MERALD CITY is (ahem) interactive. Witness Liberace’s handcuffs, and PSYCHO LESBO NYMPHO CAMP where the security force is angry (really angry) and they have sharp pointy sticks (and they know how to use them)! When not busting heads, they’re breakin’ hearts. Gifts of chocolate & candles are welcome.

Camp Sunscreen

Come to Camp Sunscreen for a soothing sunscreen massage! Expect shade a, relaxing atmosphere and plenty of masseuses to baste Black Rock citizens. Bring your preferred sunscreen if you wish — there will be gobs on hand to share. Volunteer masseuses welcome. This camp will also feature a volleyball court trampoline a beacon tower and several large art installations.