Everywhere Pavilion

Burning Man Worldwide and Year-Round

Visit the Everywhere Pavilion to learn about Burning Man’s many, many off-playa, year-round, global projects. Stop by anytime to read about Burning Man Arts’ many public art projects, the many Regional Events in our Global Network, Black Rock Labs’ clean-tech initiatives, and Burners Without Borders’ civic and disaster relief initiatives. These groups are finding creative, collaborative ways to recreate the experiential art, civic engagement, and community we have here in Black Rock City in the rest of the world.

Call for 2018 Pavilion Participation!
 Use this form to bring your art, performance, and interactive experiences to Everywhere!

Burning Man departments and affiliated groups working on public art, civic engagement, community resilience, renewable energy, and other projects around the world team up on playa to create a unified presence in the “Everywhere/ARTery Pavilion.” We call it that because, with over 280 Regional and Meta-Regional Contacts in 44 U.S. states and 37 countries, 85 Regional Events, nearly 200 supported off-playa art projects, dozens of community resiliency and international relief efforts, and 100 solar arrays totaling over 6.5 megawatts, we are truly everywhere.

Since 2016, Everywhere Pavilion and the ARTery have shared one continuous, modular space that houses ARTery operations as well as information about Burning Man’s global nonprofit activities and programs, including Burners Without Borders (which also has a camp at 2:45 & Esplanade), Black Rock Labs (formerly Black Rock Solar), Civic Arts, Global Art Grants, the Burning Man Global Network, and Fly Ranch, in addition to information about art in Black Rock City.

Participants interested in getting involved in any of these efforts can stop by the Pavilion (at 6:15 and Esplanade) at any time. The space houses informational materials 24 hours a day as well as meetings, mixers, celebrations, and other events related to Burning Man’s global culture and activities.


Greetings Burners around the World! We’re calling on you to help artfully activate the Everywhere/ARTery Pavilion with performance, art, and interactive experiences. Bonus points for art, performance or content that is dynamic, interactive, fun, delightful, approachable, surprising and inspires curiosity.

Ways to Participate…

Visual & Installation Artists

We are seeking visual art both 2D and 3D, which can either be free-standing on the ground or on pedestals, displayed on walls throughout the space, or suspended from the Pavilion ceiling. Bonus points if your art has been featured at an official regional event. Art must arrive in Black Rock City and be ready for installation by Sunday, August 26th. If your piece is departing from the San Francisco Bay Area, we may be able to help with its transport. Burners traveling from great distances have brought maquettes of art featured at their official regional events, decompression etc last year — a more easily transportable option. Sorry, no flame effects in the Pavilion. 🙁

Performance Artists

Each day we will curate a lineup of unique, up-close n’ personal performances. Circus performers, magicians, storytellers, puppeteers, musicians with unusual instruments, jugglers, poets, dancers, will be showcased in an intimate stage environment. The best fit would be small acts: solo, duo, trio ensembles in a warm, low-tech setting, setting the mood for an incredible day.

Participatory Content Created by YOU

Don’t fit into any of the above formats? Tell us how you want to create a workshop or experience that is interactive, fun, and inspiring!

Fill out this form by July 7, 2018 to submit for your participation – we look forward to hearing from you soon!

With appreciation and dust,

Everywhere/ARTery Activation Team

Burning Man