2022 Camp Listing

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This listing represents camps who submitted a Camp Placement Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City and who wish to be listed publicly.

This listing does not represent camps who have been placed. Placement is reviewing these camps, and we will announce decisions by early June.

To find camp locations when you’re at Burning Man, refer to the BRC Map & Guide distributed by Greeters, the theme camp maps and Directory at Playa Info, and Civic Kiosks in city plazas.

2022 Camps


Did a nefarious campmate fail to cut the crusts off your sandwich? Are you sunburned and grumpy and would like to make it somebody’s fault? Now for the first time citizens can file a formal grievance (real or imagined, the sillier the better) and bring the offending party to trial in a public forum, complete with highly incompetent legal counsel and draconian punishments. Stop by at any time to have a coffee at our 24/7 coffee bar, chat with the clerk, get some bad ideas, and file a grievance against some undeserving sap.

Hometown: Boston

Cabana Club

The Favorite Vacation Destination for the Citizens of Black Rock City!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/BlackRockCabanas/ Hometown: San Francisco

Cabaret of the Void

Cabaret of the Void is a variety show-style vaudevillian speakeasy featuring an intimate stage and bar offering wine and song and a bohemian-chic lounge for socializing and unwinding.
Boasting a decadent aesthetic and low-lit ambiance, our interactivity will focus on bringing the spirit of satire, performance art, and parody to the playa. Come for the music and performance, stay for the drinks and conversations.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Cafe Diem

We are an immersive cafe experience where each cup of coffee or tea is lovingly made. Take a break from the playa and enjoy the ritual of sipping coffee or tea from a handmade cup under our airy shade structure. Stroll around to check out our art, play board games, or socialize and make new friends. We happily serve cold brew and French press as well as a wide array of teas from around the world including classic and herbal varieties, not to mention hand-crafted sodas.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CafeDiemBRC/ Hometown: Lake Tahoe

Cafe Sua Da

Dusty, hot and tired? Come by Cafe Sua Da for a cafe sua da (Vietnamese Iced Coffee). Designed to look and feel like a cafe on the hot streets of Saigon, we welcome anyone and everyone to enjoy an iced cold shot of caffein dripped personally for you, topped off with a healthy dose of sweetened condensed milk. Open most afternoons during the week.


Cafetopia is a cafe which hosts a morning-ritual offering interactive experiences with mindfulness practices focusing on fun daily topics. While serving coffee to our Burning Man citizens, we’ll be raffling off an experience only a handful will get to participate in: A restful night or day at our camp in our custom-built solar reflective A-frame structure.
Come get your day started off on the right-dusty foot at Cafetopia!

Hometown: Austin


You Look Thirsty! Welcome to Cameltopia, your desert oasis and refuge from the sun’s heat. You are welcome to pet the camels but please do not feed the animals. Recharge your soul and fill your vessel with premium unleaded H20 at our post-apocalyptic “Route 66” gas station. Our attendants will refuel your canteen while you browse our Inconvenience Store. Saturday-Friday 10AM-4PM Playa Standard Time. Wednesday afternoon is our annual “Hump Day” party from 3:33 – 5:55pm with an eclectic mix of tail-shaking beats!

URL: https://cameltopia.org Hometown: San Francisco

Camera Obscura Tribe

Camera Obscura Tribe Camp is an invitation to the world of photography: from inreaching visual experience to technical support and guidance. Our camp is HOME for all people with camera or without and Videographers 🙂
We offer experienced professional photographers for playa weddings or any other public events. Just ASK! Do not forget hugs and kisses!
We have various workshop as well as camera cleaning station.

URL: https://photo-scout.com/ Hometown: Escondido


Join CAMP 3D BLOWJOBS for our coveted burn watch parade and events! Look our for our jet ski mutant vehicle with its companion the burn watch life guard tower!

Hometown: Kent

Camp Against The Machine

Destroy machine, return to monkey!

Hometown: San Diego

Camp Anawanna

Camp Anawanna is a camp that allows you to be yourself and let your weird and frisky out. We are all inclusive and want you to spend some time in our kitty playground and be present in the Meow. It’s time to be impulsive and Kitty Diem. We encourage everyone to let their inner Purr-sona out. From Chonky Brits to Wild Bengals, all feline friends are welcome here.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp Anubis

Camp Anubis brings the mutant Vehicle Anubis to the playa to delight and transport you. An ancient Egyptian palanquin carried by 4 of the god Anubis in full splendor while you relax in comfort surrounded by friends new and old

Hometown: San Jose

Camp Anything Can Be Fixed

Camp Anything Can Be Fixed provides a convenient place to fix your gear and soothe your spirit. Our artists, designers, engineers, farmers, audiologists, and amateur psychosexual historiographers collaborate with you to to repair your bike, sew on a button, and calm your jangled nerves. We promote radical self-reliance and practice communal effort, gifting, immediacy, and participation and by providing the tools, materials, advice, and encouragement a burner might need to get back on the road.

Hometown: Berlin

Camp Axolotl

Camp Axolotl is nestled in La Calaca Village come say hi, friends!

URL: http://www.lacalacavillage.com Hometown: Empire

Camp Babe

Camp Babe is an art collective of free spirits spread out around the globe. We hope to bring the best of the playa to our default communities. Stop by for some good laughs and to learn about the projects we brought to the playa this year!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp Bang Bang

Camp Bang Bang is an Aussie at heart camp with a global family.

Adventurers and well, dare we say it, a bunch of legends welcomes you to our playground to play, drink, dance and laugh with real people from amazing places, doing cool shit with no pretentiousness.

We have awesome places to hang, chill or get wild. Guaranteed awesomeness and welcoming vibes when ever you need.

Sunday: Cocktail Lounge of Silliness, treating thirsty travellers – 6:30 onwards

Monday: Bang Bang’s Brunchcovery session 9am-midday

Tuesday: I, Legend Speaker series -1pm-3pm

Wednesday: Wild Animal Party – 6:30pm-late

Thursday: Bang Bang’s Brunchcovery session – 9am-midday

Friday: Bang Bang takeover of the Distrikt Bar – 1pm-5pm

Plus much more… see you there.

URL: http://www.campbangbang.com Hometown: Sydney

Camp Be Bothered

We Camp Be Bothered to fill this out.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/campbebothered/ Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp Beacon

Camp Beacon – a comfortable day camp that will have great music, plenty of shade, a “drink of the day” and some origami to help calm your mind and brighten up the day

Hometown: Orlando

Camp Bean Water

Beans, flicking, roasting, steamy dripping love, room for cream – our secret steps to the finest cup of coffee.

Bring your brewtiful self over to Camp Bean Water to enjoy a cup and let us show you the full potential of a coffee shop. All cups of coffee our baristas serve-up come with positive affirmations. Looking for something to fill your now stimulated colon, our cooks can fry you up mouth-watering arepas. Love and good vibes are abundant in our cafe, so drip on in.

We’re open every weekday morning. We have special evening events (with our secret sunset menu) like improv, game night, and body painting.

URL: https://campbeanwater.com Hometown: Cincinnati

Camp Believe We Made It

Need salsa? We have so much salsa. Come get salsa. Seriously, we have too much. It’s Sparky’s fault.

URL: http://www.campbelievewemadeit.org Hometown: Pittsburgh

Camp Bird of Paradise


All are free to flutter into our CAMP BIRD OF PARADISE where we offer a shady place to lounge.
Hydrate at our BAR OF PARADISE which will have ice cold beverages through out the week. Converse with our BARDS OF PARADISE – an eclectic group of sage bards, scientists and physicians out of Mammoth Lakes California conversant on any subject – medical or otherwise. Take a ride into the deep Playa on our amazing Mutant Vehicle – THE BIRD OF PARADISE.

URL: https://flickr.com/photos/165576499@N02/sets/72157713040734963 Hometown: Mammoth Lakes

Camp Borborygmus

A Grumbling of a welcome to you! Camp Borborygmus (the scientific term for stomach noise)! Step right up and tame your troubled tummy rumbles! Here you may explore our Ol’ Apothecary of Miraculously Rare Elixirs and Treasures. Settle your stomach from the likes of acid-reflux and dehydration, sway your tummy bubbles away in our hammock oasis. With faith healing and snake oils prepare to be amazed at how you can feel! Ease your rumbly woes with a variety of GI medicinal products including Tums, Probiotics and other light dietary sustenance and aides. Don’t forget to check out our signature World Famous Mysterious Blue Tube while you’re here! Very mysterious!

Hometown: San Francisco


Camp BORING: art support for BORING sign. Promoters of sarcasm and shenanigans. Come by for a sticker and a sunset sign push!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/campboring Hometown: Mill Valley

Camp Bossa Samba

We are a camp dedicated to giving a strong dose of culture and fun and activity during Burn week. We will open our Bodega store doors at 10:00 am every morning and also host samba dancing and capoeira lessons every day from Monday-Thursday. We are mature, responsible and respect others’ space and preferences.

Hometown: Chico

Camp Brewhaha

Morning coffee and tea with friends and maybe a gift mug.
Afternoon Bike Repair and maybe a martini while you wait
24/7 DIY bike repair

Hometown: PETALUMA

Camp BUI

Camp BUI – Burners Under the Influence – one of the friendliest camps on the playa. Camp BUI was started in 2006 and over the years have added friends as well as numerous Burners who happened to camp near us and asked to join. We are known for our excellent cuisine, our Shot of the Day, and our Pineapple Upside Down Cake Thursday event, and our spacious common area where visitors can enjoy a sit in the shade and a cold drink of water. Camp BUI takes citizenship of Black Rock City seriously and we heartily embrace the 10 Principles. Visit us at campbui.org.

URL: https://www.campbui.org/ Hometown: Ashland

Camp Butter

Camp Butter is not only a camp of deliquescent souls. It is a movement… a way of sliding through life with a groove at your sails.
Equipped with DJ’s, Butter-Inspired drinks, and a universal deep desire to churn ~ We’re here to spread a simple message…
“Talk less, slide more”,
-The Butter Crew

URL: https://campbutter.carrd.co/ Hometown: Tillamook

Camp Buttercup

The Official Burning Man Crab Free Zone! Adjusting attitudes since 2009

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CampButtercup/ Hometown: Reno

Camp By Chance

Camp By Chance, your cozy new home away from home full of
friendly faces, helpful hands and kind creatures. We host the infamous Burning
Mouth Hot Sauce Bar featuring sauces from mild to spicy HOT. Homegrown Scary Margarita, Latte Muerte, Bourbon Ghost, Papaya Habanero and the Reaper are offered. Residents are free to venture as far up the heat ladder as they dare. All the while grooving to funky classic tunes for a spicy dance party in your mouth and in the street. Tears of heated joy are common. If visitors are looking for a less spicy, more relaxed vibe, they can come find their zen at a guided art meditation. Stop by to find your spicy zen!

Hometown: Reno

Camp Byte This

BYTE is a fully immersive art experience featuring two furry and lovable robots named “Chip” and “Terra, the very first robots freed from slavery.

Chip and Terra invite you to celebrate their liberation by climbing, dancing, snuggling and playing in their fluffy bellies or hanging wisteria garden!

Camp BYTE This is our art support camp that welcomes everybody!! Swing by to check out our new art car “Petabyte”, get some beautifully designed BYTE gifts, grab one of our special cocktails and dance your dusty butt off or get some needles poked in ya with our gifted acupuncture sessions!

URL: https://www.thebyteproject.com/ Hometown: New Jersey

Camp Byus


Hometown: Reno

Camp Cabaret & Deli

We have a passion for people, entertainment and general merriment so we think it would be terrific to create a fabulous, warm and friendly space where anyone can come and radically express themselves through dance, monologue, comedy, instrument, storytelling, spoken word or maybe even Karaoke. Our stage will be open throughout the day, so anyone who feels inclined can perform to their hearts content!

Hometown: Seattle

Camp Calico

Sit and stay at the I Miss My Dog Café! If you have a furry friend at home, you understand how much we miss them while we’re out on playa – their unconditional love, the warm greeting when you walk through the door, the cuddle sessions on the couch. Get the therapeutic comforts of having your pup around even when you’re on playa.

Our on-duty DOG-tor (human therapy dog) will be available sunrise to sunset to listen to your stories intently, comfort you when you’re down, and dexterously serve you coffee, tea, and food that the house is cooking up that day. As a food & flow camp, you’ll also find yoga, meditations, flow jams, and workshops. Plus, we have playa-dog-ified twists on the cafe events you love (trivia night, open mics, etc.)! Lunch served daily from 11–1pm.

Hometown: Denver

Camp Camp Camp

A brilliant and boisterous bunch of lovers, teachers, artists, professionals, scientists, builders and mischief-seekers creating the most excellent space for your mind, body, and soul. Camp Camp Camp is a group of passionate friends who dedicate their love, talent, and skill to the Burning Man community at their home on Planet Awesome, Black Rock City.

Home of the Annual Tutu Tuesday Sparkling Disco Afternoon Party – fun for all ages and music lovers.

Do you need a comfy place to sit and rest for a minute? Do you need something cool to flush out your dusty throat? Are you freezing and care for some steaming hot bone broth? Are you vibing with the music and want to dance? Do you need someone to simply sit and listen? Camp Camp Camp is the place to be!

URL: http://www.cccburningman.com/ Hometown: San Diego

Camp Canadianderthal

ELTON JOEL live piano Thursday. Smack down your northern neighbors on our Whack-Ca-Nuck game. Grab a hat from our Chapeaupourri or a costume from our Cariboutique. Play some tunes in our piano bar and enjoy Noah’s Nutz. Spreading Canadian love.

Hometown: Montreal

Camp Caralho

Camp Caralho is a close-knit, gay-friendly diverse camp with a history at burning man that goes back to 1993, Come chill out in our Art Light Chill Space or learn something new about: Coffee Appreciation, Playa Cooking, Or old time Gay Flagging.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp Caribou

Come to Camp Caribou for Breakfast, Tattoos, Bocce Ball, and Bandannas.
We will serve breakfast on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
Breakfast Sandwiches with Meat or Veggie options.
Tattoos and Bocce will be servers Monday, Wednesday, Friday afternoons.
Is it super hot?? join us for an ice cold bandanna bath. Like a sponge bath but with a bandanna, very cool very refreshing. Ahhhh.

Hometown: Toronto

Camp Chirp Chirp

Pack of fancy drink slanging, fun loving, shit talking misfits from all corners of the universe.

Hometown: Aberdeen

Camp Chomp and Stomp

Chomp and Stomp is a team of makers and earth-shakers. In the fields of infinite possibility, we do what we do because we’ve got to do it. We are well-honed appreciators of the magnificent things – a morning of sublime leisure, a tall tale from storied stranger, a family from distant lands coming together over dinner, the right tune at the right time with the right people. We are chomping, boozing, stomping and snoozing. We are making moves and most certainly shaking grooves. Most importantly at Chomp and Stomp, we are keeping it real – our own small-batch mythic variety of real.

Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Coffee

Coffee and tunes to sooth your dusty soul. Hours of service vary greatly.

Hometown: Boston

Camp Connection

We are an art support camp that supports two art installation, both by artist Darrell Ansted, a nine-time Burning Man artist. Darrell will be bringing Awaken, a new piece for 2022, and part of Centered, a 2019 Burning Man art installation.

Our campmates come from all over the United States – Boulder, CO; Park City, UT; Jackson Hole, WY; Detriot, MI; Seattle, WA; Albany, GA: and Los Angeles, CA.

Hometown: Boulder

Camp Contact

Camp Contact connects the playasphere through Contact Improvisation, Acro Yoga, Authentic Relating, Ecstatic Dance and Liminal Web (Game B) interactivity. We are emerging through the frontiers of embodiment and somatic awareness to allow for non-rivalrous dynamics to unite us and turn conflict into an opportunity for growth. Whimsy and playfulness are core values as we cultivate pre-verbal inner knowing. Grasping a firm sense of the state of our nervous systems, we look for ease and flow states to bring us deeper grounding such that we come to know new truths through paradoxes & oxymorons.

URL: http://burningman.campcontact.org Hometown: Washington, DC

Camp Corny

Camp Corny. Find your spirit animal. Put em on a Pole. Thrust them to the beat. They’re out of fucking control!

Jump into a pile of 1,000 spirit animals and use our state-of-the-art technology to guide your hand to YOUR spirit animal. Then our team of experts will help you put your spirit animal atop a gorgeous party pole. As we all know, spirit animals eat dance, so FEED your new spirit animal, dancing wildly w/your new creation at our insanely joyful day club w/amazing DJ’s and music. Relax in our lounge, or on the shaded observation decks with playa scopes, or gaze at the 20′ tall, flaming double unicorn arch with bubbles coming out of their butts.

It’s all about joy @ Camp Corny so come n’ get some and spread it around.

We’re the friendliest fucking camp in the universe.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/campcorny/ Hometown: Portland

Camp Cowthey

A gender inclusive, Western themed bar camp providing western libations (cold beer, warm shots, burning insults), vitals (hot dogs and popcorn), and shenanigans to burners all over

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/campcowthey Hometown: Denver

Camp Crasy

Art Support Camp for Last Bet Motel, complete with check-in desk and donation bin to help our Reno neighbors experiencing homelessness. Drop by to donate unopened non-perishable food, toiletries, and hygiene products.

Hometown: Reno

Camp Crazy Camera

Make your own craziest photo. Burn decoration of your own wooden frame for the photo with the torch and metal stencils. Have authentic, self created photo souvenir on the burned wooden frame.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CampCrazyCamera Hometown: San Diego

Camp Cul-de-Sac

Since 1997 Camp Cul-de-Sac has been the playa home to a diverse group from all over the country. We offer an open-air all night cinema, as well as an acoustic/electric jam dome in the afternoons.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Camp Daddy Issues

No daddy issues? Come get some! We are a group of life-long friends, predominantly in Seattle, WA. We love rainbows, being playful, and a little bit of riff-raff, but we also invite everybody to come explore their deeper selves through our feelings corner. Join us for our annual Queer Pancakes Brunch (Weds at noon) and Dad Rock Happy Hour (Mon evening). At night you can come enjoy our light art installations, including a lit up rainbow 3 story climbing structure and a LED game and interactivity wall. We all have daddy issues, and from this we have become a group of light-hearted, playful, and introspective aliens.

Hometown: Seattle

Camp Deep Tea

We are the voice behind the Teapot, and the will behind the Steam. If you encountered a magical trash-fence tea service, it was us. Welcome to our camp for daytime teas: such as ICED and SODA, or HOT for the truly cold-blooded aficionados.

We also host workshops on Tea, Consent, and Clowning!

Hometown: Seattle

Camp Delicioso & Creperie

Come join us for Delicioso crepes, serving up authentic yumminess for over 12yrs!

URL: https://campdelicioso.com Hometown: Long Beach

Camp DIY

We are a group of DIYers/Makers, and want to share our passion with the community. Please look for our schedule of fun and interactive workshops for your participation.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/campdiyburningman/ Hometown: Silver City

camp do nothing


Hometown: seattle

Camp EAT Me

We’re Camp EAT Me! A collective of goofballs hailing originally from San Francisco, but now all over the country. We’re here to serve you the awfulest waffles you’ve ever had on the playa in 2022!

URL: https://awfulwaffles.biz/ Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Electric Cafe

The Electric Cafe. Authentic Italian Cafe by day, absolutely electric parties by night.

Serving Electric Shots daily! An immersive experience where you are served a shot, while being shocked.

Cafe serving authentic Italian Espresso, Oat Milk Cappuccino & Lattes, as well as iced coffee, pickle back shots & mimosas. (Mornings 10-11AM)

Phenomenal music and dance parties at night, with signature cocktails at the bar. Get lost in our dream room of one way mirrors. (Nights around 10PM -12AM)

Shaded lounge & hangout area to get out of the sun.

Hometown: Philadelphia

Camp Endstation

Destination unknown? Camp Endstation is a harbour to the wanderers without direction, to the nomads without path. Our small camp was founded on the idea of providing anybody who stumbles around in BRC with a tiny but memorable experience.

URL: http://camp-endstation.com Hometown: Zurich

Camp Exclamation Mark!

Camp Exclamation Mark! at Burning Man welcomes high-energy, exciting participants and visitors from the “Immediate Here” to everywhere. We strongly value self-expression, are open (in mind and connection), and infectious (in vibe and fun). Our events are social and we love hosting unique themed parties!

Join Our Camp – One of our strengths is our diversity in camp-mates
Expecting 30-50 members for 2022
Global – mostly USA (California, Las Vegas, Arizona, Colorado), Canada, Europe, Australia
Age Inclusive: 21 – 60 welcome (we are mostly in 30’s)

If you’re looking for a 2nd year camp that you can grow with from the beginning, message us!

URL: https://campexclamationmark.com Hometown: Orange County

Camp Fashionably Late

A camp that welcomes all walks of life. We strive to create an environment where you can express yourself through art sessions, witness amazing talent from our DJ’s so we can dance together and meet some Burners that love learning about the world and the people that call BRC home.

Hometown: colorado springs

Camp FKA

We have all been formerly known as (FKA) something! Come visit Camp FKA to unpack your past and learn how to build on, and grow, from your history!

Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Fly

Home of the Mutant Vehicle insect swarm and Dragonfly Lounge.

Hometown: Denver

Camp FronkenBears

Make your very own wild or wacky animal or alien creation. Easy to make soft sculpture creatures come alive before your eyes!

Hometown: Reno

Camp Fuck If I Know

Camp Fuck If I Know offers advice and information. Come chill in our lounge area, have a chat and sip on a refreshing beverage. All are welcome.

Hometown: Toronto

Camp Gotalotgoinon

We are a collaborative of thinkers, creators and imaginative artists that are building a community and immersive art experience through movement and sensory triggers. Motivated with love we are a savage team

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CampGotalotgoinon Hometown: Sacramento


Come make your way into our ‘Artery Lounge’ chill space (open 24/7) where you will be welcomed by the Camp Heart Train crew. Camp Heart Train is THE place to share your stories, secrets, feelings and funny tales in our daily workshop. Bare you heart and we’ll bare ours! Let’s take this train together into the unknown and see what we may find.

Hometown: Vancouver

Camp High Maintenance

Camp High Maintenance is the supporter of the Bioluminescent Slug mutant vehicle.
We happily provide trips around the playa, Art Tours and hope to be part of BAIT this year.

URL: https://camphighmaintenance.org Hometown: Woodside

Camp Home

Come visit your friendly neighbors next door for your daily sdose of nonsense. We are here to provide creature comforts – cold or hot drinks, buffer massages, popcorn & movies. Whether it be a piping hot midnight cup of custom blended tea, or a citrusy boozy creation while you briefly escape that blazing playa sunshine, we got you. We will keep you cozy with the comforts of home.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CampHome Hometown: Crestline

Camp Hot Cheeks

Daytime lounge and chill zone with good vibes, music, people, games, discussions and surprises.

Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Hotdog

We bring the hotdog, we are the hotdog. We relish every opportunity to ketchup with old friends or meat new ones. This year we will be serving up coffee, pancakes and (of course) hotdogs at the new Dusty Dog Diner (The Triple D). Come by for a hot wiener, a cold drink and some cool tunes. What condiment are you?

Hometown: Jackson

Camp Insomnophilia

Wake up! We are camp “Insomnophilia.” We get off on being awake! Especially at night. We want to awaken you physically, mentally, and metaphysically. We offer midnight coffee, Irish coffees, and ceremonial knighting to celebrate the darkness and fight off sleep. We also know a lot about insomnia and will teach you. All are invited and encouraged to come be nocturnal creatures with us!

Hometown: Seattle

Camp Journeylizm

We are a camp for media teams who need a home and a community for the burn week. We welcome newbies and represent a diverse international community.


SMOOTHIES! Mon -Fri 11am-5! We’ve got a DJ and blenders and ICE!
Serving up fresh and frozen delights for you!
We would also like to juice your MIND!
Citrus your ass down and engage with us on our thought of the day!
Happy afternoon vibes and beats to re-hydrate you!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/988468674542751/ Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp Just Ahead

We’re an international group of photographers and other visual artists who want to meet you and celebrate how YOU make Black Rock City what it is! Come spin our “Wheel of Indeterminate Immediacy” to choose an activity for us to do together. It could be an impromptu gifted photo shoot, a playa game, silly hijinks, a deep conversation — who knows? So, embrace Immediacy by getting on your bike RIGHT NOW and come see us! And get distracted by 10 other camps along the way! It’s fine. We’ll still be here.

URL: https://campjustahead.art Hometown: Beaumont

Camp Kinetic

Dedicated to Movement Arts in BRC. Afternoon workshops in flow arts, juggling, yoga, and dance. Evening fire jams.

URL: https://www.campkinetic.org/ Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp Know Place?

Sunrise or Sunset, we’re your place for a respite. We aim to inspire your higher self with an hour long lecture borne of wisdom by those who delve into the heart, soul, and intellect of humanity. Sit, listen, relax, then discuss what we’ve heard and take that gift with you out to the playa.

Hometown: Los Angeles, New York

Camp Kühloff

Shaded oasis of Black Rock City and home of the ice cold lavender towels.

URL: http://www.campkuhloff.org Hometown: Reno

Camp Lip Bomb

Lip Bomb is a female lead, naughty, post-apocalyptic theme camp committed to all things TANK GIRL! We are free spirited women and men with a desire to bring about an environment of “anything goes” party and fun. As such, our gift to the playa is to provide a fun and relatively safe wasteland oasis for those who visit to express themselves in a many manner of ways, to include wicked workshops, live music and performances. Our bar boasts ice cold drinks, and the only camp to offer flavored VAPORIZED ALCOHOL SHOTS! Come for the day, stay till the twinkling twilight. As Tank Girl would say, “Some thing’s going on. My life seems to be coming together, taking some real direction. This just won’t do…”

URL: https://camplipbomb.com/ Hometown: New York

Camp Lip Service

Come to Lip Service for Bad Advice, dispensed all day long. We have all the answers. We offer Lip Balm too. Burn the Man not your lips.

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Camp Little Bitty

Riding the Burner Express? Camp Little Bitty is a great resource for bus info, luggage storage, and shaded wait areas.

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Camp Luminos

Come make a gourd lantern! We bring all the gourds, materials, and knowhow for you to make a gourd lantern that you can take home with you.

Hometown: Phoenix

Camp Manatee

Camp Manatee – We have Imported Beer, Board Games and Snacks.

Hometown: Sherman Oaks

Camp Maru

We are Camp Maru and we love asking deep uncomfortable questions that make you pause and reflect, we love helping you express what you truly want in life through embodiement and through your voice in all shapes and forms!

Hometown: Prague

Camp Millions of Cats

Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp Morning Wood

Welcome to Camp Morning Wood! Which is, quite simply, your friendly, neighborhood, summer camp-themed, saloon. Starting fresh each morning at 10:00 a.m. to “Eye of the Tiger” we’re there to motivate the neighborhood, to attack a new day (after licking our wounds from the night before). CMW is ready to great you with a smile, music, dancing, or maybe just a view of the city from our raised platform. From sunrise to sunset (and beyond), you can almost always pull up a barstool for some friendly conversation, and an ice cold (hard or soft) beverage.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp Mo’ Better

Hometown: DC & NY

Camp Mystic

Camp Mystic is a legacy theme camp with a 20+ year history in Black Rock City. We offer interactive and immersive art, high vibe music and performance, evolutionary speakers and workshops, and a variety of transformational rituals and ceremonies.
We host a Visionary Speaker Series themed ‘The New Story of Humanity’s Evolution’ & a variety of MIND-BODY themed workshops, ceremonies and rituals in our Mystic Theater, Cosmic Heart Temple, & Healing Dome
We host some of the most talented musicians, performers, fire spinners, dancers, and live painters on our main stage (including our famous Wednesday Night party). Come check out our Visionary Art & Sculpture collection day or night.

MYSTIC FLYER…Check out our art car at https://mysticflyer.com/

URL: https://campmystic.org/ Hometown: Bay Area, CA + Denver, CO + Los Angeles, CA + New York, NY

Camp Name Negotiable

Hometown: Portland


Our self love is overflowing and we want to share it with YOU!!! YOU too can have what we have. Backstage pass? Chocolate Balls? Chai? Custom Kimonos? Boots for days? Yes we have it all and we like to share and initiate. Everyday is a soft landing at Camp Narcissism… you will love us like we love us and eventually we all become one!

Hometown: Las Vegas

Camp NeverLeave

Camp NeverLeave invites you down a mysteriously lit corridor of murals that open up to a custom floating fire pit. Then you must chose: the corridor to your left will draw you in with music and dancing, but wander to your right and find an icy sculpture in the cool shade.

Hometown: San Diego

Camp No Bikini Atoll

No Bikini Atoll is a group of Burners from the Big Island of Hawaii. Our camp’s coastlines are rooted in the Hawaiian values of aloha (“love; compassion; kindness; acceptance), mālama (“to care for”), pono (“right; righteousness”), and ʻohana (“family”). We engage in “talking story” with neighbors, inviting friends in, and creating our own playa paradise to set a stage of kindness and inclusion so that we may all act upon what is “pono” or right.

Hometown: Hawaii Island

Camp No Name Yeti

A camp of friendly yetis, ready to induct you into the family. Are you ready to enter the yeti head, into the dreamscape? You might just receive a name of your own from deep deep deep in the Yeti subconscious.

URL: http://www.instagram.com/campnonameyeti Hometown: Boston

camp north star

Hometown: colorado

Camp Not For Prophets

The Hottest Holes on the playa. Freshly made donut holes served 4 mornings.

contact: Todd at Sthomebrew@aol.com

Hometown: Mt. Hood

Camp NYCHi

Energy is Everything. Our New York City-based camp aims to bring the style, diversity and vibe of the city to the Playa. Come check out our bike shop or Bodega… but be warned you will get heckled by the best New Yorkers to ever do it—don’t worry, you’ll love it.

Hometown: New York City

Camp of the Rising Buns

We are here to celebrate the sun and its gifts of power and daily renewal! Come join us for “bunrise” yoga with steamed bun food service in the morning, and be sure to check out our “Fun & Buns” booth at the Bao Chicka Wow Wow Night Market!

Sun’s out, Buns out!!!

Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Orange

In 2022, Camp Orange will return to Black Rock City for our eighth consecutive year, and our 16-foot tall banana stand will once again tower erect over the Playa — a shining, lighted beacon for all citizens of BRC in search of a place to rest their weary, dusty bananas! Join us for chocolate covered frozen bananas, fruity frozen drinks, silly dance parties, fun and educational sessions inside our cozy dome, or just to hang out and have a good time.

Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Orange Heart

Our camp is founded on the principles of unconditional love, mutual respect, honesty, trust, and transparency. Our goal is to provide a deeper intimacy among all human beings with respect to the eight types of intimacy: physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, experiential, conflict, creative, and sexual. No drama type of camp – only love, respect, and acceptance!
Email: camporangeheart@gmail.com
LGBTQIA+ Welcoming
We incorporate the Burning Man Project’s Radical Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity (R.I.D.E.) Anti-Racism Pledge at our camp.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/4919019888181125?acontext=%7B%22event_action_history%22%3A[%7B%22surface%22%3A%22group%22%7D]%7D Hometown: Miami Beach, FL

Camp P3

Join us as we spiral ever outward in unending discovery of where the highway of radial participation intersects with the great canal of radical inclusion. Are we ‘be your best self’ boutique clothing gifters? Bourdon aficionados? Nitro Coffee moguls hell bent on emblazoning your brain? Or do we simply host the world’s largest white Wedding Dress Wednesday procession complete with a mass wedding ceremony? Don’t ask us, we don’t even know what our camp name means… Perhaps it means something different to each of us. Come visit us and find out what P3 means to you.

Hometown: Denver

Camp Peace of Ass

If riding your bike is a PAIN IN THE BUTT, come see us at Camp Peace of Ass where we will address your problems by covering your bike seat in cushy, colorful, fleecy, bike seat cover. Guaranteed to bring Peace to your Ass, or your money back.

Hometown: Reno

Camp Peachy

We’re just peachy! Come chill with us and enjoy some peach iced tea, peach bellini’s and our peachy bum walls!

Hometown: Sydney

Camp Pekoe

Hometown: Reno

Camp Photo Poof!

It’s not just a photo booth, it’s the Photo Poof! Come get your photo taken with a fireball at the Photo Poof! Strike a pose by the light of the fire and take your photo home with you.

URL: http://PhotoPoof.com Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Piper

A ragtag group of international babes who all appreciate the elegant screeching and sophisticated whine of the bagpipe. Currently seeking a bagpipe player!
Our camp was founded in 2014 when most of us (being virgin burners) stranded on the playa at the same place, same time. We all woke up to the beautiful sound of the bagpipe. Every since we have been warming wandering souls on the Playa. Stop by for a drink, a hug, and a belly laugh. Sparkles, y’all!

Hometown: Amsterdam

Camp PlayApology

Black Rock City’s first “Custom Apology Delivery Service” offers Playa-friendly flowers, Burner-centric cards, and singing “SorryGrams” for BRC residents looking to make playAmends. We also have cards for other occasions. Send out a card, relax in our breezy shade structure, or have a shot of artisanal, home-infused vodka at our Well Of Regret. Check Playa Events for info on our Sorry Soiree, Lo Siento Fiesta, Hail Bloody Mary party, Playa-Fit and assorted daytime workshops and activities. Want to beta-test your amazing theme camp idea? Be a Theme Camp Operator for a day, an hour or 15 minutes at our Pop-Up Theme Camp booth, with customizable signage!

URL: https://playapology.com/ Hometown: Tuscon

Camp Plug In and Play

Camp Plug In and Play is the home base for Daisy the world’s largest solar powered tricycle and Prosthesis the giant electric 100% human piloted mech suit. We encourage everyone to come by and plug in to what we’ve got going on.

URL: https://www.eatart.org Hometown: Vancouver

Camp PtP - The Clock Ship Tere

Home port and mutant vehicle support camp for the Clock Ship Tere and her crew who have been sailing the playa regularly since 2010.

Hometown: Portland, Oregon.

Camp Pull My Finger

Biscuits and Gravy Brunch (Tues/Thurs) “Second best thing you’ll put in your mouth all week” as reported by somebody. Dailey themed bar and scheduled events. Stop by for shade and shenanigans

Hometown: Truckee

Camp Quanus

Enter the Quanus
We welcome you to step through the Quanus and into the near future with us. You’ll be surprised to find an even better version of yourself on the other side. Smoothies, picklebacks and quanus-y beats will tickle your senses. You may never actually leave…

URL: http://www.purplequanus.co Hometown: Nevada City

Camp Questionmark

)?( Instead of trying to bring the club out to Burning Man, we summon a desert experience. Filled with the collective creative energy of the burn. Music &
atmosphere born from & inspired by the dust )?(

URL: http://campquestionmark.com Hometown: Bay Area

Camp Random Pants

Lovers of leggings and all things pants. Home of the Random Pizza Experience and Drone Team Convergence.

Hometown: Bay Area

Camp Reno Nation

If you love great beer and weird ass people. We got you covered.

Hometown: Reno

Camp Safari

Home of the Safari Bar, where a spin of the Safari Wheel will determine your liquid fate. Photo ops, animal hunting, and other dusty games… it wouldn’t be a Safari without ’em

URL: http://www.facebook.com/burningcampsafari Hometown: Berkeley

Camp Samovar

Please come by for delicious Persian tea and dates during sunset from 5-7pm with warm company and music.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/campsamovar/ Hometown: Oakland

Camp Scatter

CAMP SCATTER pays tribute to the all but forgotten Prince of Mayhem, Elvis’ chimpanzee, SCATTER PRESLEY, who once reigned over GRACELAND with a bottle of Bourbon and an unbridled libido. This pampered CHIMP was draped in the finest studded jumpsuits and was known to be the life of the party. We celebrate our friendly furry fiend with daily shenanigans and nightly Elvis movies featuring the most unruly interruptions at our legendary BANANA HAMMOCK THEATER. Stop by and swing with us; grab a banana rum shot or an ice-cold beer and put your monkey feet up.

Hometown: Venice Beach

Camp Shanks

We are support staff for Black Rock City Supper Club and ESD (Ken, Mac, Erika, Nathan) and for ARTery. We are the organizers of the annual Nevada Burners Photo Shoot (always Thursday of Burn Week at 4 pm on the 6 o’clock side of the Man). We are BRC ICE (not Arctica!) and we welcome you to our occasional FluffBar (best found in passing). There’s also a photo booth with sheep.

URL: https://nevadaburnersphotoshoot.com Hometown: Reno

Camp Shark Cage

Camp Shark Cage – the playa’s one and only nautical Nicolas Cage theme camp

URL: http://www.facebook.com/CampSharkCage Hometown: Sacramento

Camp Shit Ain't Right

Hicktown-based with international flair – campmates from Wyoming, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, Australia, Germany, Netherlands… aaaand I’m definitely missing some.
Come visit for public lounge, clothing boutique, large-scale painting, shitty punch and more!

Hometown: Pinedale

Camp Shoshana

Camp Shoshana is where you see everything in rose-colored glasses. Come enjoy our rose garden at night.

Hometown: Oakland

Camp Shotski Wanderlust

A Nordic Oasis awaits with cool shots, a killer chair lift, a cozy chalet & all the silliness that comes from a week at the slopes with friends new and old! Camp ShotSki Wanderlust is your ski and snow board get away and source of the best ‘Powder on the Playa’ and home to famous Unicorn Races and Taco Titty Tutu Tuesday Party at two o’clock!

Hometown: Reno, Chico, Phoenix, Bay Area

Camp Shutterbuggy

Camp Shutterbuggy is home base for our mobile photo booth art car in the shape of an antique camera. Join us nightly for Snappy Hour at 9pm, have a cocktail, get a souvenir photo, and then hop aboard for a playa art tour! We depart at 11pm each night. Everyone is welcome until we are full.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Shutterbuggy Hometown: Vancouver

Camp Soft Landing

Camp Soft Landing offers a comfortable space to drink tea, hydrate, and rest in our Full Circle Tea House. Soft Landing also presents the Palenque Norte speaker series featuring 40 visionary talks and stories spanning concepts such as technology, community organization, medicine, art, science, design and entheobotany.

URL: http://www.campsoftlanding.co Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Space Goats

Home of the ReBar, Hijack’s Midnight Coffee Shack, and the Space Lounge for Introverts.

Hometown: San Francisco

Camp SPF

Come by for sunscreen, chillspace and good conversation!

URL: http://campspf.org/ Hometown: OGEMA

Camp Sunshine

Camp Sunshine- spreading rays of sunshine and filling bellies!

Hometown: Lake Tahoe

Camp Sweaty Betty

Friendly neighborhood misting Parlor, hair washing, Spa and Bike Repair. Stop in and experience an overall cooling sensation from head to foot as you stroll through the mist. Got crunchy hair, feeling a bit beat…You may qualify for an emergency hair wash; perhaps there is an opening in the massage room…Stop in and chill. Got a flat, derailleur doesn’t work, chain broke, we can fix that also.
Misting & Bike = Open 11:00 to 4:00. DIY Service 10:00 am – 7:00 pm.
Hair and Spa = Open to Temple Crew Monday – Tuesday
Open To Public: Wednesday – Friday 10:30 am – 3:00 pm

Hometown: Seattle

Camp Synthesis

Camp Synthesis embodies the three things we love the most: Sushi, Sake, and Synths. Come join us daily from M-Sat for a collection of hands on synthesizer events where you learn and perform, followed by two evenings of sushi bar (M,W), Sake Bar (T,W,F), Udon Bar (F), and DJ sets nightly. We also will be hosting self care events. Check the book for our schedule. Pick up our amber gift amulets when you stop by.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/campsynthesis Hometown: Virginia City, NV

Camp TeaPunk

At Camp Tea Punk we bring the dusty essentials: beans, bags & beats. To be clear; not soy, blow and punches but coffee in the morning, afternoon tea/sweets & melodic tunes when the vibe needs it. Blend in, literally, as we gather a global blend of different coffees or teabag like you’ve never seen before. Freshen up the coffee breath with our supreme gum collection or join in on the chaos that is called Burner Bingo. As you can read we love the letter ‘B’ but we want to ‘C U’.

URL: http://teapunkbus.com/ Hometown: Casper


Camp THREAT. Dominating the porto potties for 4 years running. Unofficial headquarters of The Black Rock City Communist Party (BRCCP). Gonzo Decommodification Experts and proud purveyors of Bullshit: Sales and Service 100% Guaranteed to soothe the soul and waste the body/mind. Cold looks and warm seats, the whiskey is tolerable and the wine is worse. While supplies last. Conditions and terms apply. We are not a cult.

Hometown: Grants Pass

Camp ThumpThump

In Drums and Dust We trust! Come one come all, we invite all drummers across playa, regardless of musical background or ability to drum with us. We host daily unfacilitated and facilitated drum circles for all abilities and ages. We are not performance focused, but community focused! That means you! We have drums or bring your own. We offer instrument building workshops as well. Drum with us!

URL: https://campthumpthump.com Hometown: Livermore

Camp Tidy

Welcome to Camp Tidy – part of Blood, Rust & Whiskey! Enjoy a proper cuppa tea and peruse our extensive collection of literature in the Tea and Porn lounge. Relax in the Playa Cloud. Recharge yourself and your devices with our solar powered charging station.

Camp to be Continued...

Camp to be Continued… welcomes the wandering creative souls to come create and enjoy some physical and interactive art. Come work at our Reverse Bar and lead some spontaneous art sessions. Enjoy a sit in our shaded art garden or find a new friend at our 24 hour a day-Sarah McLachlan Playa Pet Adoption Center.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/arttobecontinued10benchesofsittingman/ Hometown: Santa Cruz

Camp Touch This

Camp Touch This is diverse crew of artists, tradespeople, medical professionals, teachers, seasoned Burners and virgins. Come climb our 4 Story Cuddle Puddle, ride the giant Teeter Totter, participate in pixie bike races, or enjoy one of our frozen drinks dance parties. Wet Woody Wednesday starts around 5pm on Wednesday and is not to be missed!

Hometown: Truckee

Camp Tsunami

Camp Tsunami welcomes you to stop by our camp for a Playa Fashion Makeover and a Sno Cone each afternoon! Then come back in the evening for games, fire spinning, and the Bike Ramp of Death. Oh – you’re a morning person? Come learn Knife Throwing a few mornings during the week, too!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp Upsie Dasium

“Upsie Daisy” as you climb our 3-story tower with observation deck for a prime view over BRC. Dangle from the tower’s swings, hammocks, and lyra. Enjoy music from the house band. Join us in band “jam-a-longs”, sports tourneys, or other activities listed daily at the tower. Welcome to the home of the SF Danglers Dress-Up Street Hockey Society.

Hometown: San Francisco

Camp VRC

Camp VRC is about capturing and sharing the Burning Man experience beyond the playa by means of immersive 360 D virtual reality (VR) footage. Lose yourself in past VR experiences or jump in and help us build a global network to carry the impact beyond the playa. Tuesday to Friday, 3-5pm, at the yellow short schoolbus. Also, you might find us POP-UP, to show footage, at other busy events throughout the playa.

Hometown: Reno

Camp Walter

There are always friendly and amazing people to meet, art to inspire, and other surprises. Show Up, Be Nice, and of course Clean Up your Shit before you leave.

Hometown: Phoenix

Camp WherElse

Camp WherElse is a Seattle based community dedicated to ripplin’ janky joy, evoking play & spreading positive wonky energy. We’re here to celebrate all cosmic beings through the expression of lights, music, fire dancing, and creating welcoming spaces.

URL: https://campwherelse.squarespace.com/ Hometown: Seattle

Camp Wineaux

Camp Wineaux provides a total wine experience with unique, interactive wine tasting events such as blinded tasting and vertical tasting as well as educational (and drinking) events hosted by our camp sommelier, Wine Wench. We also offer a medieval-theme dust-free chill tent to hang out in. Monday afternoon- “So You Want To Be a Somm?” and blinded tasting; Wednesday afternoon – Wine Appreciation Overview and somm curated tasting; Friday – Friday Finale – vertical tasting of a premium Napa red blend.

Hometown: Mostly Southern California

Camp WWIT - Wait, What's in This!

Step right up! Step Right up! to the CAMPWWIT Bar of Wonderment! Doors are open M-F
between 12-4 and during our daily events! We’ve got plenty of tantalizing activities for those that
dare dive into the unknown and ask of life the most important question, “Wait, what’s in this?!”

Hometown: Brooklyn


#Camp XUZA
Home of XUZA Art Car

URL: https://www.xuzaartcar.com/ Hometown: Las Vegas

Camp Yesh

We encourage your “Yesh”, a word that goes beyond “yes” and indicates a level of enthusiasm and excitement that promotes consent at all levels. At our camp, you’ll find an interactive masculinity challenge booth and the ‘ConsenTea’ rainbow dome serving tea (and electrolyte recharge packets) during the day. We’ll be teaching a variety of workshops from Dirty Thai massages, tantric meditation, and how to train your submissive, to magic and theater! Not to mention the sunrise pancake station, crafting station, AcroYoga, and Viking blood ceremony.

Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Ynot

Yes, it is back, Rose All Day (well for an hour at least) and TapeWorm Tonic Happy Hour!

Camp ZaZen

ZAZEN is your home away from home on the Playa. Come have a drink with us, enjoy some shade, take a nap, learn how to burn from some real vets, play some games, make a confession in our confessional, get dressed up in our Playa Prom Photobooth. If you are looking for good souls and good connection come by and see us!

Hometown: Park City


Has life been handing you too many lemons? Is your cup already full and you’d like to fill someone else’s? Welcome to Camp-Lemon-Tree! The complimentary compliment camp with a Compliment Cohort ready to commend!
At Camp-Lemon-Tree we believe in the power and domino effect of praise, appreciation, and overall warm-fuzzies. It’s no secret that living in Black Rock City (and beyond) can be a mental and physical challenge, and what better ailment than spreading love and kindness?

Come by to complete a Compliment Card for a fellow Burner, Fish for Compliments, and enjoy a Compliment Sandwich with a Camp-Lemon-Tree Lemonade!

Hometown: Seattle

CampFire Cove

CampFire Cove creates community and interactivity on your favorite glorified camping trip to la playa. Fireside chats, s’mores, weenie roasting, axe throwing, acoustic collabs, card games, shadow puppetry, secret shows, and meeting new friends. Drink tea, tell stories, throw some axes, and set your heart a flame!

URL: http://dustluxlabs.com/projects/camp-fire-cove Hometown: santa fe


Campocalypse – We’re an adult-themed camp with members hailing from up and down the West coast of the U.S. Come by for instruction in sensory deprivation, meditation, and bondage safety techniques (including negotiation and consent). We might treat you to an ice water flogging, let you play on our dungeon furniture, or invite you to climb one of our raised platforms for the view. We’re also offering suspension bondage rides and Tarot card readings. Because at Campocalypse…your future hangs in the balance.

Hometown: Seattle, Portland, San Diego


CAMPOSANTO is from all corners of the World, but we are mostly Latinos. We love to dance and celebrate friendship. We contribute to the playa experience with dope Latin Beats, Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia and Deep Rhythm. Our bar is always open!

Come to enjoy our Salsa Floor, soccer games and more. Look for our Solar Mutant Vehicle (Solar Chiva)

URL: http://camposantito.com/wp/ Hometown: Sacramento

Campus Callosum

Come form new [neural] connections at Campus Callosum. Bring your most nagging questions or share your own scientific knowledge, and if you don’t leave the camp smarter at least you’ll leave drunker.

URL: http://campuscallosum.com Hometown: San Diego


Candyland is a metamorphic kaleidoscope dreamscape of edible wonderment. A scene from your sweetest of dreams. Candyland transports your consciousness to a dimension of our simplest desires. Come explore an environment comprised of candy and goofs – geared to trigger the most playful facets of your being.

Hometown: Oracle

Cantina Vida

Come hop on a stool and enjoy our signature hand crafted cocktails from our never bland rotating cocktail menu.

Hometown: Sacramento

Captain Pump's Raiders

Captain Pump’s Raiders is Black Rock City’s finest giant-robot driving mercenary company, and we roll a mean D20. Come visit us for RaiderCon VII, the Playa’s premier (and possibly only) roleplaying-game convention!

This year we have our StarCraft tournament, the Night Garden Dome, DUSTWORLD Sci-Fi LARP, Make Your Meeple, Serenity Movie Night, and lots more.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pumpsraiders/ Hometown: Boulder, Colorado


Art support camp for Chronotron project

URL: https://prototypistindustries.com/ Hometown: atlanta

Carrot Tribe

Carrot Tribe is a sound camp bringing only the best vibes via house, techno, positivity, and booze. And of course carrots.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Casa de la Rumba

Come Rumba to our Casa with our motley crew of Euro and Latin weirdos.

URL: http://casadelarumba.com Hometown: San Francisco

Catharsis Art Support Camp

Catharsis Art Support camp will be in a HUB with the Waking Futures Theme Camp. We will be supporting the build/operation/strike of the Catharsis art piece, as well as have some auxiliary art in our HUB on display for people to enjoy.

Hometown: San Francisco


CatLand, come on by for kind words and back scratches. Extra points if you love cats.

Hometown: Sacramento


CATWORLD: Whether you wish to play with one of our human-sized cat toys, lounge in a box, or dance the night away to the best music on playa, CATWORLD humbly offers a wide range of cage-free entertainment to break up the monotony of the burn. Please join us Wednesday night for our camp party – Hair Ball 4.0 and on the last Sunday Roaring Funday for the OctoPussy 2.0 Block Party and DPW Booze Drive, where we will do the victory dance for an amazing week, and collect surplus alcohol for donation to the unsung heroes of DPW that do so much for so many. And if you’re in need of some (bad) parental advice and a mimosa, join the Elder Cats Café most mornings during Burn Week.

Hometown: Phoenix

Celestial Bodies

For over 17 years, Celestial Bodies has been your straight friendly gay bar on the playa. Brining you fun, daily events in a welcoming environment.

URL: http://www.campcelestialbodies.org Hometown: Sonoma

Celestial Sideshow


Celtic Chaos

Celtic Chaos sound camp is back to recharge your soul and deliver top-quality tunes and cold drinks all served with a side of Irish charm! The camp roots are Irish, but its branches reach all corners of the globe, and the attitude is radical inclusivity with a Céad Míle Fáilte (one hundred thousand welcomes) vibe. Leave your ego behind, and swing by Bertie’s Bar to share a drink, a story or immerse yourself in the “craic and banter”. From sunset through sunrise dance the night away and revel in the chaos. Events: Tue aft: Playa-Olympics: Think games/sports day from school! Thu aft: St. Paddy’s Day on the Playa (Trad Irish) Sat night: Celtic Chaos Prom night with tantalizing tunes from a serious line-up of DJs.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CelticChaosCommunity/ Hometown: San Francisco


¡Prepararse—CENOTE está llegando a la playa!

Inspired by natural phenomena of the Yucatán Peninsula, the CENOTE sound camp will provide the playa with an immersive, multicultural, audiovisual experience to citizens of Black Rock City. Our diverse camp will showcase music of the electronic and analog (live) varieties in a high-quality sound system projected in an intimate sound amplification space. We’ll also feature fire performance, traditional cultural events, and tamarind skin mezcal shots. Our compañerxs are excited to once again return to the playa!

Hometown: Mexico City


The Census has been collecting information about the population of Black Rock City since 2002. The results of the Census from previous years will be on display at the Census Lab on playa and published in the Population Analysis Report on our website at http://blackrockcitycensus.org

URL: http://census.burningman.org Hometown: Reno

Center Camp Village

Center Camp Village is home to the multiple teams of volunteers that make the magic happen at Center Camp..

Hometown: San Francisco

Cereal Thrillers

We are a Breakfast cereal bar, we serve that sugary breakfast cereal that your mom did not let you have as a kid and a side serving of witty banter.

Hometown: Houlton

Chai Lounge

The Chai Lounge mission is to bring people into a deep interaction with other humans on the playa for a deep loving, profound and even spiritual healing experience. This is a place for deep and powerful times of positive human and spiritual consensual connection. Inviting guests to sit and connect over tea and creative activities such as movement and creative activities such as yoga, dance, martial arts, painting and drawing.

Hometown: phoenix, arizona

Chain Reaction

Ever get a flat tire in Deep Playa and feel like you’ll never get back to camp? We’re here to help! Our camp “Chain Reaction” has daily mobile bicycle repair teams with our logo and motte: “Break ‘N Fix!” With some serendipity your Playa miracle awaits you!

If you would like to get involved, no experience is necessary as we go by the DIY model of “see one, do one, teach one.” Come by our camp to meet us.

Happy (dusty) trails!

URL: http://instgram.com/camp_chain_reaction?r=nametag Hometown: San Francisco

Chair Camp

The dusty, cozy-as-can-be living room with room for all of our Chair People. Chair Camp is proud to be on playa for the first year, with 3 cars and a 24/7 lounge-pad for when we’re done stomping around deep playa + roll back to camp. Cold beverages and warm, cozy hangs? Purrr.

Hometown: Columbia River Gorge

Chalice in Wonderland

Our first home on the playa was fine
Then the madness and dust did combine
Bad advice on the way
Too much trouble to stay
Now with rabbits and hatters we dine

Hometown: Atlanta

Champagne Campaign

For the past 12 years, a champagne-loving group of friends have been traveling to Burning Man, spreading the love of burning man upon return, and growing larger with each burn. In 2016, Champagne Campaign was first officially placed as a registered theme camp. The universal activity enjoyed by this group of friends is meeting in front of the temple every sunrise for a champagne toast to the new day.

Come stop by our Champagne bar daily at the Burn!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/champagnecampaigncamp Hometown: Seattle

Champagne Lounge

Come by the Champagne Lounge for your daily dose of bubbly fun! The Champagne Lounge will be quenching your midday thirst with happy hours featuring ice-cold champagne. Not in the mood for bubbles? Grab some friends and take a shotski! Bring your own cup, and be ready for booze, music, and fun!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/Champagnelounge/ Hometown: Reno

Chariot Project

Mobility Bicycle Services – Pedal Powered Mobility Carts, Mobility Services and Education.

URL: http://goldiesponies.com/ Hometown: Reno

Chasers of the Night

A mystical, immersive and magically psychedelic dance party and gathering space for EVERYONE. Hosting nightly dance parties and a daytime BBQ with assorted and carefully curated house music, funk and disco.

Hometown: Saint Louis

Cheezy Oasis

A camp for burners. Come get some coffee, a drink or just to chill. If you find yourself wondering the streets and night find our camp, you are welcome to hangout and get some rest on the many blow-up mattresses, chairs or couches. Then when you wake up in the morning you can revive with a cup of Joe.

Hometown: Las Vegas

Cheezy Pix

Grilled cheese, iced tea, and professional portraits!

Hometown: Reno

Cheshire Alley

Join us on your journey down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass. No one knows where this will lead but it’s a perfect start! We’re a group of cool cats from the US, Canada, Mexico, Spain, and Thailand. Come say hello and go mad with us!

As the sun sets, Cheshire Alley comes alive with music, black light, and activities. It’s the perfect place to start an amazing night! Our crazy cats and other international characters will create a daily cocktail, help you master black light face painting, spin the wheel of misfortune to determine your evening’s fate.

All are welcome at Cheshire Alley with a cool place to relax, get creative, play games, make new friends, share a beverage, have a snack, sing a song and watch life pass by on the playa.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CheshireAlley/ Hometown: Denver

Chez Mirage

Chez Mirage is a whimsical jungle oasis in the desert. Featuring a lush jungle canopy and multiple open treehouses to climb into, our camp will help you unleash your inner animal. Come during the day to compete in wild Survivor-themed games and win prizes, or simply hydrate with fresh H2O of the coconut variety. Visit at night to escape the madness of Burning Man with warm tea and even warmer campfires.

Hometown: Chicago

Chicken Cooter Soup

a burning man mega camp serving hot cheeses and luke warm sake since the beginning of time

Hometown: Reno

Children of Chaos

Chaos, joy, good conversation, slide shows focused on the history of Burning Man, parades and motherly advice. Gold parade Wednesday, assemble at 5:30, parade at 6:00 pm, cocktails after the parade. Illuminated Specters Monday, assemble at 8:30, parade at 9:00 pm. Also, meet the Jewish mother you never had – mothering in your choice of English, Hebrew, French, or Spanish.

URL: https://chaoscamp.wordpress.com/ Hometown: Portland

Chill Pudding Camp

The camp is simple. Ice cold pudding is chill AF. Come and get it and cool down your hot dusty mouth hole. BYOC (Bring your own cup)

Hometown: Vancouver

Chill Ville On The Esplanade

Chill Ville is an interactive tiki bar where patron becomes bartender and friends serve friends. Conversations are made, drinks are shared, strangers become friends, and dreams come true at this rustic bar.
Happy Hour 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, one week only, at Burning man.
ig @chill.ville.on.the.esplanade

URL: http://instagram.com/chill.ville.on.the.esplanade Hometown: Santa Cruz

Chilopod Art Support Camp

We are the ambassadors who help Earthlings communicate with Chilopod. Please join us to bring Earth’s climate and ecosystems back to health.

URL: https://www.chilopod.life Hometown: Berkeley

Chop Shop

Chop Shop is the Best Playa Repair garage in BRC! We are ready to repair a wide variety of Playa transportation with parts, repairs and advice.

Hometown: Flagstaff

Christmas Every Day

Who didn’t want to have Christmas more than just once a year? It’s our mission to let BRC citizens experience Christmas every day during Burning man week. We will have loving Santa and Elves, who will collect your dearest wishes. You will receive a gift and, if desired, you can leave under the Christmas tree a gift of your own for the next coming visitor. You will have a picture with Santa and will cool down with real arctic ice. You will try our Christmas Cookies! And we will host a Christmas party!

Hometown: San Diego


“The People’s Republic of Chromania”

Art support camp of the Chromaforms Art Collective; Presenting: “Seed of Dreams”

Look out for the Rainbow Comet in the sky! (Our glowing camp totem mounted high on a pole)

URL: https://www.chromaforms.net/ Hometown: Oakland

Church Of Now

A sanctuary in the desert where all factions of faith come to play.
There is No Heaven
There is No Hell
There is only NOW
Daily bar and dance party welcome to the Deadliest of Sinners or the Purest of Saints

Hometown: Bozeman

Cingulata Camp

Best gourmet grilled cheese on the playa.

Hometown: Seattle

Circle J Inconvenience Store

Did you forget your shampoo, deodorant and other hygiene products at home and you’re now stuck with the natural scent of ‘get out of my tent, you smell’? Have you just crossed the sun-beaten playa, leaving you with the desperate need to refuel with a light snack or carbonated drink?

Well you’re in luck! The playa does provide with a can do, fuck you attitude. Stop by Circle J™ for an irresponsible selection of products designed to make you feel like you’re back in corporate America. With our location inconveniently located not near you, we’re waiting to serve you with a frown that will turn your day upside down.

Sorry, we’re open!

URL: http://www.circlejinconveniencestore.com Hometown: San Diego

Cirque de Licious

Every morning we serve up iced-cold cold-brewed coffee! We have high quality, cold extracted bean juice so you can start your day right. While you’re here enjoy some shade and music! Don’t be surprised if a flow artist or other performer pops out and tries to entertain you.

Hometown: Portland

Clamp Camp

The Clamp Camp mission is to help you hold it together…temporarily. Please stop by to consult with our Clamp Counselors who will help you with your clamping needs, or stay a while for creative fun in our workshop. Become a contestant for our Clampionship Belt or Golden Clamp Awards!

URL: http://totallylegitllc.com/clamp-camp/ Hometown: Seattle

Clevian Circularity

Clevian Circularity is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but has members from around the world. We are open 24/7 with direct, small-scale interactivity.

Hometown: milwaukee

Cloudy as F*CK

Camp Cloudy As Fuck is a stormy ensemble of veteran burners, hailing from the Bay Area and beyond. Come drink Dark-and-Stormies with us, get a powertool massage from our Body Werkz team, and relax in our new Cloud Pit! We are dedicated to raising the hearts, body and souls of the broader Burning Man community through our art, events, and welcoming space. We dew take our fun quite cirrus-ly.

Hometown: San Francisco

Clown Car Camp

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Club Bambooze

Bamboo is a wonderful plant, one of the fastest growing on the planet. This light weight, carbon dioxide sucking and oxygen giving plant is a viable replacement for wood. It is the structure of our yurt and we welcome you to come see it. You might have to try to lift the heavy rocks that are suspended in front of the yurt as well!

Hometown: Walnut Creek

Club Burner


Club Neu Verboten

Club Neu Verboten continues its Eternal Service to The BRC Popular Masses. Music, Parties, Workshops, Shade. Stop by.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/ClubNeuVerboten/ Hometown: Grass Valley

Clue Bar (Murder Mysteries)

Signature cocktails, hydration, and murder under the shade.
Join our theatrical company for murder most foul, don those sexy heels and join us for the drag races and disco, or join us for the neighborhood block party on Sunday!

URL: https://cluebar.org Hometown: Bend

ClusterF*ck United

Dust, Sun, Booze, Bikes, Night, and Noise–it’s a ClusterF*ck out there and that’s exactly what you’ll find here: a ClusterF*ck of activity. Drop by to jump on our slide, refresh yourself at our bar, or enjoy a jaw-dropping playa sunset from our 24′ tower.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/Clusterf.ckUnited Hometown: San Francisco


Clusterfuck – the camp.

Hometown: San Francisco

Co-Reality Collective

The Co-Reality Collective (CRC) is an international group of burners, artists, philosophers, technologists and polymaths who hosted magical online parties for their communities during lockdown. These creative not-for-profit community events featured immersive theater, fun shops, play shops and forged friendships hosted through an interlinked web of zoom rooms.
Now CRC is being called to Playa, to bring forth their immersive theater, fun shops, play shops and friendship, In Real Life (IRL) to hold creative space at Black Rock City 2022.

URL: https://co-reality.co/ Hometown: Portland


CocoDisco is your playa home for….well…coconuts and disco. Come by anytime to relax in our lounge and be transported to a tropical beach. Or swing by M/T/Th afternoons for coconut treats and disco beats.

We’ll get there fast and then we’ll take it slow.

Hometown: San Francisco


Come by Cohesion for a variety of workshops, twerkshops, intention setting, and dance parties. You never know what kind of shenanigans we will be getting in to.

We will be hosting a neon themed party with funky facials and throwback jams on Wednesday from 2-6p.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Cold Yogis

The Cold Yogis camp offers workshops for psychedelic breathing techniques for beginners and advanced, cold exposures and brain over body techniques to increase health, self control, and consciousness. We are a small international camp that shares space in Anahasana Village along with Camp Contact, Naked Heart and DECENTRAL.

URL: http://www.coldyogis.org/ Hometown: Bay Area

Combat Zone

Late-night Chinese food and bumpin’ beats

Hometown: Los Angeles


Hometown: Los Angeles

Come to Cheesus!

Come To Cheesus Camp provides a welcoming environment for you to congregate and share your perspectives in religion and potentially even convert to the practices of the Church of Cheesus Christ by receiving your daily bread, giving testimony, and confessing your mortal sins.

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Comfort & Joy

Comfort & Joy is a dazzling, dayglo fantasyland that welcomes all BRC citizens. Come at night to experience our spectacular psychedelic interactive courtyard art installations or for some hot soup and sweet marshmallows at the fire. During the day, check out any of our programmed classes, dances, parties, or other delightful happenings in the WWW, or simply indulge in a fierce workout sesh in our historic Pink Gym. Take a nap in our air conditioned cuddle dome; explore your authentic eroticism in our all-bodies, all-genders inclusive playspace, Afterglow, any time. If you’re thirsty, come on by for some water and a chat. Whoever you are, there’s comfort and joy to be found at Comfort & Joy!

URL: http://playajoy.org Hometown: San Francisco

Comfy Cozy Voodoo Lounge

The Comfy Cozy VooDoo Lounge is a place that is playful, cathartic, connecting, silly restful and beautiful.
The centerpiece of our camp is a 6′ tall voodoo man inside our voodoo lounge with an eternally burning flame in his head – made in likeness of the man.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/comfycozylounge/ Hometown: Sacramento


Conception is an arts collective and Burning Man theme camp. We represent the miraculous still point between imagined and actual. We highlight that moment when ideas become tangible: the birthing of whim, desire, and emotion into art and performance. We believe in everyone’s innate creativity. We foster and celebrate that inner spark and provide a fertile (play)ground for it.

URL: http://www.campconception.com Hometown: Seattle

Congee Central

Hometown: Oakland

Connect MOAR!

Camp Connect Moar
Fostering intimacy through human connection
From Foot washing to late night snuggles and tea, Connect Moar is the place to meet a smiling face, a warm hug and experience the radical love that is the Burning man we all adore.

Hometown: Mother Earth

Consensual Abduction

At Consensual Abduction, you’ll find a crew of stranded aliens hoping to abduct you into their luxurious spacecraft. In the daytime, come wiggle your limbs on our shady dancefloor, fuel up with a refreshing cocktail, or enjoy galactic-sized relaxation at our very own SPACESPA, which includes our big ticket spa experience: The Consensual Abduction (aren’t you curious what that is?). At night, come play with our interactive LED planet, The ORB, or travel through our blacklit art portal, The Wormhole. All visitors / abductees can expect strange surprises, silly daily themes, & thoughtful gifts throughout their excursion so come connect, get weird, & let loose with us!

Hometown: Denver


ConTent presents: Beetlejuice Beach Party

Come jiggle your bones back to life at the “Dome of the Dead”, or enjoy some activity at the “Volleyball Court for the Recently Deceased”!
We have deathly good açaí, lights, music, and fun… for the rest of eternity.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CampContent Hometown: San Francisco

Contradance Community Camp

Join us for an exuberant, easy to learn, frolicsome form of group dancing known as contra dancing. Dance every night to amazing live music – from traditional celtic to an electronic mix of DJ’d records and live instruments. There is a “caller” who leads, but there is still room for dancers to improvise and embellish. There is no need to arrive with a partner – most dancers swap after each dance. Lines of couples flow through each other creating a bonding, playful, noncompetitive, beautifully geometric, community dance for all ages and skill levels. There is no required footwork and contra is possible for many with disabilities. If you are smiling, you are doing it right. Everyone who shows up will have fun. AM misc. dance instruction: e.g. swing and waltzes. PM chill space, music jams.

URL: http://www.contraburners.org Hometown: San Francisco


Stop by for our SnowCone and FireFries Parties, 1-3 each afternoon Monday through Saturday, sit a spell out of the sun and take a look at our Contraptions.

URL: http://contraptionist.com Hometown: Black Rock City - Gerlach

Cool Cat Cafe

Cool Cat Cafe – We are all meow all the time, 24/7 meow. It’s not just a word, it’s a way of life. Stop by during the day for refreshing drinks and events or stop by at night to visit our bar. We look forward to meowing with you.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/254451454733197/ Hometown: Los Angeles

Corn'r Store

Welcome to the Corn’r Store! From corn dogs to corny jokes we have your corn needs covered!

Hometown: Boise

Corner Pocket

Billiards at Burning Man! Corner Pocket Camp is your Black Rock City Pool Hall. New for 2022: FULL SIZE TABLES! Come enjoy learning and playing up to five pool games: 8-ball, 9-ball, Cutthroat, 3-ball, and Goonball. We’ll have tournaments with awesome prizes and FUNishments, as well as special events such as “Strip Pool” and “Heckle Pool”. Also, DARTS!

Hometown: Los Angeles


CornHub is your local watering hole for all your corny needs. Stop by for a good shuckin’ and kernel poppin’.

URL: https://campcornhub.com Hometown: Los Angeles


Please join us at Cornstars! Our bar, the Silo, offers some of the best drinks you’ll experience on the Playa! Dr. Phil (our lead bartender) don’t serve no swill! Stop by! Say hello! Pull up a bar stool! Stay a spell! Relax! We can’t wait to get corny with you!

Hometown: Washington, DC

Corporation Chaos

Corporation Chaos (“We Own You!”) is a collection of philosophers, academics, artists, and other happy mutants operating our On Playa Branch Office since 2010. Our camp offerings revolve around philosophical discussion and inquiry, featuring the renowned Ask a Philosopher Booth, operating both locally (at camp) and roving the playa. We also feature a daily lecture series on a variety of topics. Yes, we take guest speakers!

URL: https://twitch.com/askaphilosopher Hometown: Reno

Cosmic Casbah

Hometown: Folsom

Cosmic Giggle

Welcome to Cosmic Giggle! We are burners spanning from NYC to the Bay and crossing continents to London and Beirut. Our name is inspired by an experimental documentary that explores the expansive energy field that we, together, create. One thing is for sure, it can get pretty random! Here’s what we have in store for you this year:

We’ve got a gym! Who said being Playa meant missing out on your pump up?
We’ve got classes! Sweat it out to our Cosmic HIIT, stretch it out to our sunset yoga.
We’ve got a bar! We will rehydrate you with electrolytes, or further dehydrate you with a shot of liquor…though beware: we may make you work for it!
We’ve even got croquet and an oasis for those looking to keep heart rates mellow. Both are wayyy cosmic!

So come on: Enter our Cosmos. Have a Giggle!

URL: http://cosmicgiggle.org/ Hometown: San Francisco

Cosmic Recess

Cosmic Recess is a playground with a space theme. We create our elements with recycled and redirected products whenever possible. We derive great satisfaction from sharing our creations with others, as many great relationships have been forged over the years from getting to know strangers who have discovered our little “Jewel of the Playa. We are open 24/7 to all BRC citizens.

URL: http://cosmicrecess.com Hometown: Salt Lake City


Find your way home on the playa by following the planets to camp Cosmica, a place where rationals and mystics meet. Dip into the cosmic theater, take a meditative journey through the stars, and enjoy the finest Bloody Mary’s on the playa

URL: https://cosmica.netlify.app/ Hometown: New York City

Cosmiquarium Village

Utah’s best kept secrets! Several theme camps coming together to create silent discos, playgrounds, vaudeville shows, and dining experiences. Our space themed, cosmic energy invites you to become a kid again. Black Rock City can be fast and hectic, slow down at our camp and experience intimate, meaningful connections.

Hometown: Salt lake City

Cosplay Central Casting

BRC Cosplay Central Camp
Come play with us! We are a camp that loves to dress up in costume and props – we have a green screen so you can add backgrounds and show you friends the fun you are having. We have a couple of interactive “burner boxes” going day/evening for you to play in. For those that just want to watch the cosplay – come by, have a beverage and kick back in our chill space!.

Hometown: Orange County

Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet

The playa’s original and longest-running soulmate trading outpost. Come and experience our unparalleled matching system, honed over 24 years of no-frills soulmate trading and find your new best friend.

URL: http://www.csto.org Hometown: Santa Cruz


A cozy oasis offering shade, restful couches and a hammock forest, life-size games, workshops, a cuddle-puddle, tasty libations, late-night warming fire and black coffee. If you know where to look within our inviting Ma’Ahal, you may also encounter a rather curious little shopkeeper. Black Rock citizens for over a decade, we are a diverse international collective of travelers, hosts, creators, misfits, and friends from many walks of life and corners of the earth. Find us by the perimeter of international flags.

URL: http://www.couchburners.com Hometown: Seattle


CounterCulture’s mission is to we will provide important interaction with BRC residents to encourage them to participate in the after-Burn Census survey, where valuable data is collected that has assisted the Burning Man Organization with planning and permitting.

Displays will provide visitors with an array of Census data that has been collected during past Burns. The camp will also feature Census-themed artwork created by campers to celebrate the spirit of the Black Rock City Census team.

Hometown: Oregon

Coup De Foudre

Coup de Foudre is a group obsessed with bringing the technical into the art world. If electronic art touches your soul, stop by for an electrifying experience.

URL: http://coupdefoud.re Hometown: San Francisco, CA; Boston, MA; Planet Earth, Milky Way Laniakea


Covered-in-Bees!!! hosts events, workshops, art, and a bar inside our 38-foot dome. We have scheduled activities nearly every day in our dome, including:
– Dream Exploration
– Slav Teatime & Squat – experiential Russian culture workshop
– Sunrise Pineapple Sacrifice with the Dread Pirate Radius
At night, our dome becomes a bar with a barside experience focused on personal storytelling. Some nights also feature musical activities like karaoke (new in 2022!) and the Waggle Dance Party. Check out our themed bar nights like On the Dusty Sea and Sexy Pollination.
New for this year is the addition of the Minimum Viable Pyramid across the Esplanade from our dome – an irresistible opportunity for cross-Esplanade megaphone duels.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/coveredinbeesartscollective Hometown: San Francisco

Coyote Club

Howdy, welcome to the Coyote Club!
Come by our misty taqueria to cool down and fill up! We are offering table service tacos and a full bar to refresh you with one of our cactus coolers. If the sun going down then we’re just getting started. Come dance on our padded dance floor, grab a drink or just chill while we bring you into the night in our neon desert oasis. Later in the evening, we will be slinging up midnight quesadillas to fuel you on your journey coming in or going out. If you catch us on the right day you’ll get to experience the energetic and creative effects of raw cocoa. Stop by and grab a drink, a conversation, or a bite!

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Coyote Garden

Coyote Garden is BRC’s all-ages, all-hours neighborhood coyote park built around a kinetic art installation that brings together dozens of UV-reactive coyote art pieces to celebrate the native song dog of the Americas (and BRC itself). It’s tended by an eclectic group of coyote-adjacent artists and designers to increase coyote consciousness by showing them in different lights.

Coyote Garden exists outside of known time and space. It appears out of the ether on very special occasions when the colorful progenitor coyotes are summoned to this realm by the secret rituals and dark science of the mysterious Coyote Gardeners. The Interdimensional coyotes are especially active from dusk till dawn, when the garden fully transforms and reveals its truest form. Sometimes pancakes and coffee too.

URL: https://www.coyotegarden.com/ Hometown: Seattle

Cranky and Sons Bike Repair

Come to Cranky and Sons for assistance, education and advice for all your cycling needs, from a flat tire to exploded derailleur — we’ll help you get back out onto the playa. If you’ve got some free time and can lend a hand, grab a beer and a wrench and help us help those in need! Mechanics on duty mid-morning to mid-afternoon; DIY tools and supplies available 24/7.

Hometown: Berkeley

Creation Nation BRC!

We are Creation Nation BRC – a band of merry travelers from all corners of the globe. Our camp at Black Rock City provides a place for people to Learn and Do! We offer unique workshops (make & take), Skill Share (Learn and Do), and don’t miss DJ Milos and the Balkan Dance Party on Tuesday night at 9pm.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/355809514794222 Hometown: San Jose Bay Area

Critical Connections

We’ll build an entire theater experience! The style is the “creepy carnival” and the “actors” are actually puppets that will use popular philosophical theme to interact with the participants (imagine a puppet that realize there’s a new reality outside the stage, and try to interact with the people watching the show to understand how these reality works). During the morning the camp mates will build and coach on how to build puppets.

The “Wall of Frames” will make the night time highly interactive without the need to any camp mates to do anything. A fully “self service” experience that is available at night at any time.

Hometown: San Francisco

Crossroads & Moon Cheese Village

Crossroads is the place to be for The BEST Live Music on the playa! This camp features 20 of the funkiest, grooviest most outrageously talented musicians and singers in the world. We offer full concerts with songs you love, songs you forgot, and songs you’ve never heard of but still you wanna dance! We also feature amazing burlesque, boy-lesque, and other alternative acts by beautiful, sexy performers unashamed of bringing something extra to the stage. Additionally we serve delicious, mouth-watering drinks by a super-friendly group of mixologists who can’t wait to help you get the party started. And if that wasn’t enough we also have the coziest little chill space for you to rest your weary feet and snuggle up with your whole crew in our VIP Condo! Come check us out!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/CrossroadsLiveExperience Hometown: The Bay Area

Crossroads & Moon Cheese Village

Crossroads & Moon Cheese have worked together for eight years to provide entertainment and hospitality in the form of LIVE music, a fully functional bar, a couple of chill spaces, a jungle gym, DJs and literally TENS of thousands of grilled cheese sandwiches – feeding over 10,000 burners. Crossroads’ unique energy and next-level musical talent draws humongous crowds who come with a serious hunger to sing and dance and drink, while Moon Cheese serves up the tastiest grilled cheeses with all different types of bread and cheese, including gluten-free bread and vegan cheese, as well as a range of sweet, spicy, tangy and juicy dipping sauces. This year we’re so jazzed to be adding a brand new food offering: French toast! And at the bar… popsicles!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/CrossroadsLiveExperience Hometown: The Bay Area

Crystal Groove

Crystal Groove is a mobile sound stage fueled by unconditional love and bumping high vibration house music. Look for a cluster of glowing crystals in the distance and feel your way to your highest state of bliss.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/crystalgroove/ Hometown: Portland

Cuddle Oasis

Too hot? Too Cold? Partied out? Need a break? Need a cuddle or two? or Ten?

You have come to the right place.

Come relax in our misted Dome and cuddle up in one of our large bean bags with 2 or 3 people. Get a refreshing tropical drink to rejuvenate the senses and possibly participate in one of our daily dance lessons. Test your skills with one of our lighted hula hoops. Or just relax to a silent movie that will relate to the Waking Dreams theme.

If you end up sleeping in our various common areas, wake up in the morning to a nice coffee or mimosa.

Hometown: San Francisco

Cult of the Magic Lady

Is the heat getting to you? Do you need something to cool you down? May we recommend the tasty innards of a fetus? Don’t worry, it’s more alcoholic than you think! Swing by Cult of the Magic Lady, where we also have lovely books, tea, cookies, and even a morning danish… which we will only give you in exchange for your most shameful stories!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/cultofthemagiclady/ Hometown: Oakland


At Curanderx, we take pride and joy in building a camp centered around community between our campers. We’re diverse in age and background, hailing from New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende, and more. Formerly Camp La Calaca, our new camp name stems from curar, the Spanish verb “to heal.” Balancing the adventure of exploring the vast expanse of the Playa with building a home “away from home,” Curanderx is for those looking for a dynamic, broad, yet deep Burn. Get lost, but also get found; go deep and also embody pure joy; show up and let it all out with us.

URL: https://lacalacavillage.com/ Hometown: San Miguel de Allende


Nothing in life is permanent. Once it happened, it passed. The only constant is the ever-evolving present. But what happens when we add synthetic intelligent life into the equation? What is its perception of ‘life’? Can it go back or forward in time? Is it fully awaken or deeply asleep..?  Our thematic camp CYBER DREAMS explores the idea of AI dreaming of its human experience. It came from the outer space and crashed in Black Rock City and now a group of sci-fi researchers set up a camp around it to investigate the unknown object. The study shows that the new ‘entity’ is actually in the state of a deep sleep, dreaming. It is in its final moments before it fades, rendering out a new world for the new AI. It also renders us humans. It dreams of itself. So we wonder… are WE truly awake?

Hometown: London