2022 Camp Listing

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This listing represents camps who submitted a Camp Placement Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City and who wish to be listed publicly.

This listing does not represent camps who have been placed. Placement is reviewing these camps, and we will announce decisions by early June.

To find camp locations when you’re at Burning Man, refer to the BRC Map & Guide distributed by Greeters, the theme camp maps and Directory at Playa Info, and Civic Kiosks in city plazas.

2022 Theme Camps

I Camp Escape Burning Man!

An escape room camp for Burning Man!

Hometown: Los Angeles

I Love Elephants

We love Elephants & the wisdom of Ganesh: We love them in herds, on carousels, in paint, in song, and thru our Asana practice. Express your love of them! We are hosting talks, yoga, sound baths and music everyday! Be guided to bliss under our huge Ganesh tent! Paint laser cut wood elephants in our Yaari Tent of Glow. Body painting too! This may seem irreverent, but elephants look strange, yet are the most compassionate animal on this planet! Humans are more strange – we can learn much from these loving creatures. Conventional approaches to saving elephants isn’t working – we need the unconventional! Be Unconventional – Join “I Love Elephants” camp at Burning Man! We also have a multitude of info-panels with little known elephants facts. Meet our Elephant activists too 😉

URL: https://www.elephantsnow.org/events-burningman Hometown: Bend

I Need An Adult

We are the camp you stop at to grab a drink and a laugh to start your night, come back for a round and games later that night, and finish your night or after party at. We are full of relaxation during the day; then dancing and meeting new people at night. Everyone is always welcome just the way you are. RADIATOR!!!!

URL: https://www.campineedanadult.com/ Hometown: Denver

I'm OK, You're OK Corral

Wanted! Ya git yer dusty boots on and giddyup on down to the I’m OK, You’re OK Corral to wet yer whistle. We are servin’ up cold drinks, trash talkin’ and more! We’re the rootinist tootinist band of misfits. Bring yer own glass and your ID. 21+ Open 12pm to 6pm and 11pm to whenever.

Hometown: San Diego


Hometown: New York

iBurn app/ Shrunken Heads

iBurn app has a map of Black Rock City featuring listed Art projects, Themecamps and Events with a filter ability to sort on types of events. It also has a favorites functionality where you can add your friends or favorite camps and Art. Full descriptions with other data like emails. locations, Home towns, etc are also available.

URL: https://iburnapp.com/ Hometown: Oakland

ICARUS Spaceport

Space coffee in the mornings, Space music in the afternoons. At night, just Space.

Hometown: San Francisco

Iceberg Cowboys

We wrangle icebergs and ride ’em off into the desert

Hometown: Oakland


Chill out with the Icy Hands crew as they defrost between midday mercy missions: share cool stories, images and video of those touched by icy hands under the sizzling playa sun. Learn how to turn a simple block of ice into smiles, goosebumps and a truly incredible shared experience!

Hometown: San Pedro


We are dedicated to amplifying solutions at the intersection of sustainability, community, and art – to solve our world’s greatest problems and build a better tomorrow – as a global community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs, creatives & humans. On playa, we are helping green the burn thru example and leadership, hosting interactive workshops on wellness, climate, and psychedelics, and creating magical art pieces and curating musical experiences. Off playa, we are a year round community spreading the Ten Principles, sharing experiences of wonder and joy, and making the rest of the world feel more like playa one day at atime. Come join us!

URL: https://ideate.camp Hometown: San Francisco

Ignition Rx

Come enjoy our interactive fire effects! Enjoy a drink relaxing on circular seats around the fire, or take a turn running it! 1-8 can also help manipulate the flame effects to vary spin, direction and shape of the fire.

Hometown: San Francisco


We all hail from different countries and cultures around the world but we all share the lifelong pursuit of finding one’s personal Ikigai, reason for being. For Ikigai Camp, our reason for being is togetherness. We believe purpose can be achieved by collective belonging. We strive for that togetherness which we activate through frolicking to disco. We believe in the power of disco to foster radical self-expression, reignite our sense of child-like wonder, heal the spirit, and push us to live boldly in the here and now.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/ikigaicamp Hometown: New York

Illumination Village

Illumination Village offers the most old school, beautifully chaotic and welcoming Burning Man experience on the Esplanade. We are one of the oldest villages at 20…some..thing…years? Do Covid years count? Anyway – flame on!

Hometown: San Francisco


Illuminate your naughty side! Come visit our naughty carnival Monday-Tuesday 4PM-10PM, Wednesday-Thursday 4PM-8PM to challenge yourself to feats of great debauchery. Tuesday and Wednesday, the festivities continue through midnight – just follow the bright lights of our Ball of Light raised 40 feet into the sky.

URL: http://www.campilluminaughty.com Hometown: Los Angeles

Image Node

Leave a smoking hole where your mind once was. Then smoke it. Your own mind. Bringing you the finest in psychoaudiovisual interacterentertainment since 2002.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY


Chrysalis II: Oracle of Dreams. Commune with “The Chrysalis”, an other-worldly intelligence hidden on earth to study and record the purpose and meaning of human dreams. (Interactive Multimedia Art Installation)

Hometown: Bay Area

In Queso Emergency

In Queso Emergency (formerly Interstellar Business Cafe) is bringing back our famous breakfast tacos and iced coffee from 2-4pm Monday through Friday with an “In Queso Leftovers” service from 2-4pm on Temple Burn Sunday. Visit us around the clock to hang out and jam to great music in our expanded, fully shaded cafe area which features plenty of seating, an upright piano, a dance floor, and an air-conditioned cuddle tent. It’s gonna Brie an Edam Gouda time!

Hometown: Las Vegas


Avast ye blearly-eyed landlubbers! Come drink deeply from the bottomless depths of our coffee! While you await your pour-over brew, enjoy the company of new friends, neighbors, and the saltiest sea dogs to ever sail the playa. And, if your heart be stout, walk the dreaded Strip Plank! To win is to skip the line, to fail is to lose more than their shirt…Yarrr!
Also, the law of the sea be: bring yer own mug!

URL: https://www.inappropirates.com Hometown: Santa Cruz

Infinite Love

We spark transcendent experiences!

Come visit us for our many events, or simply swing by any time to shelter from the elements in our beautiful spaces with our loving community.

Hometown: San Francisco


Come join us in the Cuddle Puddle for BRC Art Exchange and Nails n ‘Tails nail salon! Create art to be sent to another burner and get art sent to you.
Don’t miss the annual 50’s HOUSEWIFE PARTY!!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Infinite Weiner

We’ve all had wieners on playa, but we just couldn’t get enough of them – so we decided to invent the Infinite Wiener Machine. Come on by and share a single infinitely long wiener with the entire population of Black Rock City.

Hometown: Oakland

Inflatable Wildlife

Inflatable Wildlife is the premiere destination for all indigenous inflatables of the playa. With a menagerie of inflatable wildlife and steady stream of disco helping to magnify the natural syncopated basslines which undulate through us all, we will be serving signature cocktails during an array of events throughout the week, including our renowned UnBirthday Party, a chance to meet your mate at Not Awkward Speed Dating, Inflatable Wildlife Whisky Safari and Spirits Tastings, where guests will get to try their hand guessing from many varied whiskies and spirits from around the world, a Paradise Garage Disco Party, All-Day Bocce, Inflatable Goat Yoga, Playa Jewelry Making, Burning Man D&D One Shot and Sunrise Pre-Game Party.

Hometown: New York City

Inflation Station

A Bike Repair Theme Camp that encourages you to learn how to fix your bike. We have pumps, tools, tubes and other parts necessary to get you back out there ASAP. Open 24 /7, we are the first bike repair to open pre-arrival and the last to close post-event. Enjoy our comfortable shady lounge with a cold beverage and get outfitted in our fashion clothing exchange while you visit!

Hometown: San Francisco

Inspiration Oasis

Inspiration Oasis been always known for amazing spot to hang out, with our very inviting public space, a Saki/ Coffee bar, chill area, and a lot of parking for your bikes and Art-cars. there is always something that will take place, our performance stage will be offering an open mic for inspiring performance plus music and dancing.
In the Morning, our camp will turn the Saki Bar to an inviting and participatory coffee place for those who just woke up and the party people who passing by.

Hometown: Miami

Integration Station

Welcome to the integration station, your last stop on your way back to the default world. Where we remember to stay in touch with our inner spirit that is the engine of this train guiding us to reconnect with our roots in a fractured default world. Where the departure time is always on time, that is, the time is now.

Hometown: Montreal

Interaction Café

We create a space where servers get to create their ideal burning man experience by choosing interactions offered to guests who come by, and guests choose whichever of their offerings tickles their fancy. The result is consensual weird and wonderful experiences, and it’s hard to leave our camp, because you never know what might happen next: one moment it’s sweet and moving, and the next it’s rowdy and hysterical. During self-service hours, guests use menus to engage in interactions between themselves.

Hometown: San Rafael

intergalacTEA lounge

The intergalacTEA lounge is a serene and inviting setting in the style of a neo-traditional Japanese tea house located on a planet in a faraway galaxy. Dusty visitors are invited to rest and recline among plush pillows and carpets surrounded by beautiful, billowing fabrics while sipping cups of revitalizing solar-brewed, Hyper-Space Hibiscus-Cooler, among other herbal teas, Come hear musical sounds channeled from another galaxy while munching on a custom misfortune cookie!

Hometown: San francisco, San Antonio, Santa Cruz, and Tulum,

Intergalactic House Of TimeTravel

We’re back with everyone’s favorite Waffles from the past, present and future: The Cheesy Pickle! The Whiskey Maple! The Kimchi Peanut Butter! The Strawberry Cream Pie! Some of these are made up! Will your own creation be the next favorite menu item? Enjoy our chill space with intermittent intergalactic entertainment including: Time Traveling Trivia, a Historical Pre-enactment, Tea House experiences, Music and more! WAFFLES are traveling to you across spacetime, from a portal or gravitational singularity or something — ENJOY WAFFLES from The Intergalactic House of Time Travelers (IHOTT)

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/ihotties
Instagram: ihottbrc

Hometown: Seattle

Intergalactic Sasquatch Village

The Intergalactic Sasquatch is returning for its 8th year- for the day trippers, the night walkers, the virgins to the vets, our funky lil cantina offers a place to escape the madness and go down the rabbit hole! Take a stroll through our fractal forest, guests are welcome to walk about the woods through fractal trees, but we warn you to tread carefully and keep an eye out for the very creatures that find their home in our camp! You might be asked to pay the “squatchtoll” in our interactive gameland and if visitors are 21&older, Squatch O’Hairs offers deliciously refreshing bevvys for in between rounds! Our illustrious crystal grid serves as a space for dancing, musical performances, workshops, yoga, and our Sasquavision Theatre, showing films nightly.

Hometown: Las Vegas


Are you out of your mind?!

Hometown: Calgary


Transport yourself to another time and place as you enter Tangier’s International Zone. Come for late morning tea & coffee and stay for the late night debauchery. Grab a book from our Lost Times Library and hang out in our lounge area, open 24/7.

Hometown: Indianapolis

IntraNurture Art Support Camp

IntraNurture, meaning to nurture from within, is an INTERACTIVE, INNOVATIVE sculpture that fuses large-scale ART with HEALING TECHNOLOGY. The wings of the enchanting 16′ tall x 42′ wide, color-changing eagle creates an inviting embrace to welcome participants toward a healing voyage located within the eagle’s body. Just below the eagle’s beak is the entrance to the Heart Chamber. This 9′ x 9′ decorative and intimate space is where participants interact with multi-sensory (visual, aural, and tactile) immersive, sound, light, and somatic technology that has been calibrated to initiate a communion with “radical self nurturance.”

URL: https://www.sky-wolf.org Hometown: San Francisco

IPOW-Indigenous People of World

IPOW-Indigenous People of World wants to bring the Indigenous people and allies from around the world together to share their stories and life experiences. The basis of the camp is to create a place to share Indigenous culture and educate all who want to join our camp or events to learn. This camp will be a place to spread our culture, teachings, and who we were and are to all that want to learn. We would be honored if our Two Spirit community would be an integral part of our camp. The camp will be safe space for all Indigenous people and allies. It is a place people can learn and share traditions, foods before and after colonization, games, storytelling, languages, modern cinema, and music.

Hometown: The traditional homelands of the Dakota people. We recognize and continually support and advocate for the sovereignty of the Native nations in this territory and beyond. By offering this land acknowledgment, we affirm tribal sovereignty

Iron Monkeys

Home to the Iron Monkeys, the creators of REM Cafe and Croquet

URL: https://www.ironmonkeyarts.org/rem.html Hometown: Seattle

Iron Rose

A sweet rose-themed bar with iron strong people behind it. Our drinks are delicious and our conversation and burn barrels are sure to be a welcomed stop on your way around playa. Bar is open in the evenings and burn barrels on cool nights.

Hometown: Corvallis

Irrelephant Bird Camp

Colorful eyebrows? CHECK! Dunking Contest? CHECK! Bad Movies? CHECK! Yacht rock? Jock rock? Not rock? Check, check, and check! Trying to get a handle on what we do here at Irrelephant Bird Camp? Don’t even try it. Just come by and get a little silly with us, touch base with reality, or take a nap overseas.

URL: https://www.chakras.horse/ Hometown: San Francisco

Is This Now?

Psst… Whether you’re nostalgic or future-minded, here is your place to embrace the NOW and get lost in time as you enjoy deep underground grooves, libations and conversations!

Hometown: San Francisco, Cincinnati

It Was Better Last Year

It Was Better Last Year is our refuge from everything that’s going to ruin Burning Man. Our camp bar, The Crusty Burner, is where we spend our afternoons drinking. We only share with the rest of you because we have to, so don’t expect any fancy, hippy-dippy bullshit with your pint of warm piss.

Hometown: San Francisco

It's All Made Up (IAMU)

Once you have done something, it’s hard to convince yourself that you can’t. It’s not that you think your way into a new way of acting, it’s that you act your way into a new way of being.

This is transformation in the world as it is. It’s easier said than done, and way more possible and fun together.

Creating an evolving culture and context of doing new things for the first time is as much play as it is art as it is an ever rendering ecology of everything we are and share with one another.

Getting to be what we each are, and being there to help each other get there. That’s the Why. It’s All Made Up is a dynamic home, platform and connecting place to do so.

We are known for: DC Containers, Sky Bar, Green Innovations

URL: https://www.itsallmadeup.org/ Hometown: Washington DC