2022 Camp Listing

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This listing represents camps who submitted a Camp Placement Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City and who wish to be listed publicly.

This listing does not represent camps who have been placed. Placement is reviewing these camps, and we will announce decisions by early June.

To find camp locations when you’re at Burning Man, refer to the BRC Map & Guide distributed by Greeters, the theme camp maps and Directory at Playa Info, and Civic Kiosks in city plazas.

2022 Theme Camps

Earth Guardians

Earth Guardians are an outreach and communications volunteer group whose mission is to educate and inspire Burning Man participants to Leave No Trace (LNT) at the event. By focusing the community’s tremendous artistic, technical and spiritual energy, we can go beyond leaving “no trace” and leave instead, positive traces on the land. Come see our many bike nature and geology tours, sustainability BRC and planet solution speakers, DIY workshops, Aztec Burner dances, or volunteer training and gatherings! Come and volunteer on our LNT and compliance outreach teams or participate in a Gerlach LNT our hot-spring patrol, jump on our MOOP train and test your MOOP grabbing skills!

URL: http://www.earthguardians.net Hometown: Nevada City

Eat Your Heart Out

We’re a collection of burners from Southern Ontario, NYC, and beyond! We come together, first and foremost, to foster a deep sense of community for our week at BRC. We work together, play together, and support each other in everything we do. All of the events we run at our Heart Bar hold up this ethos of inclusion and support that we live by. Come by!

Hometown: Kitchener

EBB & Glow Village

Come get your glow on with EBB & Glow Village!

Enjoy cold drinks and live music, or get on stage yourself at the Piano Bar’s open mic. Take lessons on how to onewheel. Get your gorgeous playa portrait shot by pros, or selfie with a giant snarky conversation heart. Soothe yourself with spa treatments for parched playa skin, or relax with a cold stone treatment or massage. Swap stories for prizes and get your playa magic on. Broken bike? We can fix that too. Swing by later for some late-night drinks and nosh. If you’re lucky, you might even win a stay at our beautiful boutique inn. ​

Don’t be a stranger, but do strange remain!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ebbandglow Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Ego land

Ego land, a place to build art with plastic blocks

Hometown: Las vegas

El Tesoro

El Tesoro – The Treasure, NOT the tequila. Although, our drinks are superb, out life size games are extraordinarily delightful, and our excitement is even better. Thirsty souls (sore soles) are always welcome.

Hometown: Reno/Sparks

Elation Ship

Geeky goddess hangout. Come to worship, stay for science lectures, hands-on art workshops, and tasty flavors!

Hometown: San Francisco

Electric Cheese Land

Electric Cheeseland brings the fun of the Apres-Ski culture to the desert. Yodel songs, cheesy evenings to taste delicious food from the Alps, play interactive games and cheer with a shot of vodka. The “Naked Cheese nights” will feed the crowd with melted cheese, the “Cheese-n-Chill tent” will provide shelter and entertainment and the Polish Vodka Bar will challenge anyone’s knowledge about flavors and mixology.

Hometown: Zurich

Electric Giraffe Safari Park III

Come out and find a real living walking talking robot giraffe! His name is Russell and he dwells at the Electric Giraffe Safari Park! Come find us and pet his nose! He’ll actually talk to you! And if we’re driving about, feel free to ask for a ride!

URL: www.electricgiraffe.com Hometown: Ramona

Electric Sheep

Your favorite zappy bar with lovingly hand-infused liquor, cattleprods, and experiential performance art! Don’t be afraid to approach the cryptid in the shadows… we might perform for you!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/electricsheepcamp Hometown: Seattle


ElectriCity will help your electrons flow, accumulate, or disperse on playa, through electronics and bike repair support, LED and device solar charging, and providing an electrically balanced rest stop in the dust, complete with electrolytes to positively recharge your body and mind.

URL: https://electricity.wtf Hometown: Boulder


Earth. Air. Water. Fire. The place to nurture your nature. Experience the balance and amplification of the four elements through yoga, workshops, sound, and dance parties. We provide flow, connection, and restoration for people of all identities and points of view. Magic happens here. Home of the Space Cow People and the MIDNIGHT SAFARI PARTY on Thursday.

URL: https://www.elementumcamp.com/ Hometown: Los Angeles

EleVant Rising

Most of what we learn from the world around us is due to perception, learning, cognition and activities are mediated through vision. SO what happens if we take away sight and focus on other stimulations like touch, sound and smell? Come check out our interactive sensations stimulation service of soothing touch, peaceful sounds and beautiful senses Monday – Friday from 12pm to 3pm. Or come check out our neon lit Geodome, rising pong and eleVant hole games 24/7. Consent is mandatory for all interactivity.

Hometown: Willits


Camp Elliphyno – So, what is your theme?… Hell if I know!

Hometown: Reno

Elvis Wedding Chapel & Gardens

“Happily ever after” begins here! Now in our tenth year of hosting ersatz Playa weddings for the nuptially needy, EWC welcomes individuals, couples, trios and other configurations without regard to race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, species or any other limiting factor. The Moist Rev. L. Ron Presley (No Relation) officiates over a variety of custom-tailored ceremonies, each climaxed by the dramatic revelation of the spirit of Lord Elvis himself—as embodied by the amazing, life-size, audio-anatomically accurate ELBOT 2000, Black Rock City’s most venerable robotic resident! But first, Fashion Director Ms. Lilly Vargas and her team of trained experts will outfit the Bride, Groom and Attendants in dazzling Playa finery, on loan from our legendary Bridezilla Lounge!

URL: https://elvischapelbrc.wordpress.com/ Hometown: Scottsdale

Emerge-N-See ICe U

At Emerge-N-See ICeU, we will gift you tasty shaved ice treats. Come by 12:00-3:00 Monday -Saturday to chill in our shade, have some amazingly flavored Ice, and interact with your community.

Hometown: Portland


Look for the Emergence owl! Come by our camp camera-ready to get your custom play ID made or listen to one of many people who love to talk about geeky things. While you hang we’ll give you a popsicle (21+ gets adult version) and let you lay all up on our pillows or roll in our grass.

URL: https://www.emergencebrc.com/ Hometown: Topanga, CA

Emergence Art Support Camp

We are the support camp for the Emergence art project!

URL: http://emergence2022.com Hometown: Truckee

Empire of Dirt

Empire of Dirt — the desert base for the long thought lost spaceship EMPIRE.

URL: https://www.aerospacepunk.com Hometown: Oakland

Empire Square

We are a Queer POC camp based out of Seattle! Our gift this year will be Moonlight Outpost, so come find us in the evenings 🙂
We will also be holding morning guided meditations and interpersonal relating activities at camp.

URL: https://empiresqua.re/ Hometown: Seattle

Enchanted Booty Forest

The Enchanted Booty Forest is the gathering point for a worldwide collection of artists, thinkers, media creators, scientists, healers, teachers, jokers, professionals, and other amazing and humble humans. Our aim is to cultivate our community, and through collective creation and engagement, share our values of growth, connection, and learning.

Hometown: los angeles


Welcome to Enchante! Another year, another dusty dance party. Come drink tea, hangout in our shade structure and dance your worries away with us as we practice radical inclusion in a safe space for all walks of life.

Hometown: Sacramento, CA


We may belong to different generations, but we are the individuals whose lives have been transformed through entheogenic experiences. We are those who are embodying and seeking collaboration by living in a new paradigm of the psychedelic renaissance. How do we, as a community, take our collective entheogenic realizations and embody psychedelic integration through positive change in the areas of personal, relational, global and cosmic impact? Integrating what entheogenic experiences have inspired by transforming our hearts and minds, and bringing our unique gifts to the world through acts of compassion and service. We’re curious how psychedelics help us evolve – as a community, and as humanity.

URL: https://zendoproject.org Hometown: Boulder


Members of the Entheos Community currently organize the largest, and arguably the most diverse, theme camp placed at the annual Burning Man event in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Friends and members of the Entheos Community come from over forty countries to contribute their labor, skills, and resources to the creation of Entheos @ Burning Man. The camp provides extensive 24/7 interactivity for all ages as a gift to the citizens of Black Rock City, functions as a pilgrimage home for its members, and serves as a nexus to meaningfully connect people from around the world across national, religious, and ideological lines. As part of Entheos’ commitment to radical inclusion, diversity, and equity, we hold a third of our camp capacity open each year to welcome people who are new to Entheos.

URL: http://www.entheosrising.org Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Epiphany Jewelry Co.

The finest jewelry store on the playa.
(we like to keep it minimal and surprise people)

Hometown: San Francisco

Equal and Opposite Camp

The I-Ching is here to help us navigate life’s challenges. Our camp offers I-Ching readings, and teaches campers how to throw the coins for themselves. Also, we invite everyone to follow along with our morning and evening Tai Chi practices.

URL: http://www.bryankemler.com Hometown: Moraga


A journey into Equilibria.

Each human who walks through our camp has the opportunity to experience a life with more balance. To embody it. To experience it in a multi-sensory fashion. To feel inspired by a different perspective on how we can live, work and play. What does being in balance feel like? What is the cost of being out of balance? And most importantly, how may we leverage and contribute to ancient and modern technologies to rebalance our relationship with our Planet for the mutual wellbeing and sustainable growth of all living beings?

Hometown: Madrid, Spain


Equilibrium: “The Center for Corn Bong Equilibrium, a Wuice Co-Op…Yeah Baby” (EQ for short), has been established as a destination to represent the pinnacle for the collective first world culture in which we live: vacation. Adhering to a strict belief that our shared time together should be one of joy and relaxation, we seek to strike the all too difficult balance of hard work and play.
It is here that we have constructed a series of spaces and activities to ensure that all who step through our threshold experience the relaxation, camaraderie, and playfulness that we all deserve outside the hectic worlds of which we live the other 51 weeks of the year. “Because it’s vacation for fucks sake.”

Stop by and ask Matt to help with your tent.

URL: https://equilibrium.camp

ErotiCAMp Photo Studio

ErotiCAMp Photo Studio is a naughty photo booth that fulfills your wildest fantasies in nudes and erotic portraits. Come by yourself, bring a friend, or bring the whole camp. We will pose you individually and then as a group with the always-exciting and often-surprising Book-of-Poses. Photos will be displayed online in a lightly-secured folder with a Burner-friendly password. Our photo studio is located in Playfully Yours Village. This is an adult-only event.

Hometown: Hawaii

ESD Station 3

Station 3 is home to the Black Rock City Fire department. The volunteers for ESD Fire have been coming to “Fire Camp” at station 3 for 20 years! Come visit.

ESD Station 9:00

ESD Medical station 9 and Medical volunteer camp

Hometown: Glacier


We are doing daily card reading with a deck created as a tool for meditation, inner-personal and trans-personal exploration, and for gaining insights into beliefs and activities. A personal reading is available at our camp card room or at random locations on the playa. Decks are available to people interested in continuing to use it after leaving Burning Man.

URL: http://www.essentia.com/cards/introduction.htm Hometown: San Diego


Come see, hear, and taste your dreams! If your dreams taste like cold beer, and are filled with LEDs.

Hometown: Austin

Eurotrash Sangria Bar

Serving the best sangria and playing music from around the Latin world every afternoon, 3 pm to 7 pm!

Hometown: London


Calling all explorers! The Exploratorium campus combines the active physical play we love (at our Temple of Movement) with workshops in the Dojo focused on cultural advancement, radical inclusivity, equality, art, wellness, play, and this year’s theme – dreams. The Temple of Movement is open 24 hours a day, and throughout the week we offer workshops exploring Therapeutic Medicines, Decoding Dreams, Acro Yoga, High-Intensity Breathwork Permaculture, Painting, and Building a career in film and photography. Explore, learn, play, and create alongside other Burners, blurring the line between dreams and reality.

Classes in Session M-F 10AM-4PM

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Eyes of the Soul

Eyes of the Soul is camp dedicated to enhancing the 3 forgotten R’s of Burning Man.
(Replenish, Refresh, & Reflect) We host events that help Burners thrive in those aspects during their journey.

Our Signature event is an Eye Make-up, Astrology Reading, and Tea event.
Often called the windows to your soul, eyes hold special meaning and represent so much of your inner beauty. We hope to enhance your unique eyes and allow your inner beauty to shine through!

We also complete an Astrology Reading. We hope this will help you reflect a little more on who you are, and open yourself up to everything the universe has in store for your at Burning Man.

You will also be served a delicious organic tea that will calm you down and open you to softer sides of this amazing experience we call Burning Man.

Hometown: San Francisco

EZ Tiger

EZ Tiger is a watering hole with music. Yes, there are libations – please wrangle one from the bartender and nurse it slow. There’s sound art here, too. It’s loud enough to feel. But we’re NOT set up for a sea of zombie ravers throbbing in front of a DJ pulpit and an endless row of speakers. This is a place to explore sound and space on your own terms. There’s plenty of shade and comfortable seating – you can find a place to relax or conversate. And of course there’s room to dance, if you please.

URL: http://eztiger.co Hometown: Los Angeles