2022 Camp Listing

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This listing represents camps who submitted a Camp Placement Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City and who wish to be listed publicly.

This listing does not represent camps who have been placed. Placement is reviewing these camps, and we will announce decisions by early June.

To find camp locations when you’re at Burning Man, refer to the BRC Map & Guide distributed by Greeters, the theme camp maps and Directory at Playa Info, and Civic Kiosks in city plazas.

2022 Camps


Hometown: Los Angeles, London, New York

Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa means blank slate. Blank slate can be a fresh start, a new beginning, rebirth! Whether you are starting or ending your day or just want to step away and take a breather come by Tabula Rasa for morning lemonade and cold brew, afternoon yoga, and night DJS and dance parties then carry on your burning man journey. We are inclusive to all!

Hometown: New York


These dusty ass burners serve hot fresh tacos every evening before sunset. Come grab one and wash it down with some warm fireball whisky and enjoy our crappy music and janky art car. We cruise out daily and love a good poesy to ride with us. We also can fix whatever bike you bring to us throughout the day, evening and night.

Hometown: Meadow Vista

Tacoma is for [GHOST] Lovers

Come mend those broken soles at BRC Shoe Repair and enjoy our in-house DJ’s spin sets. Our ‘Shady Lovers Lounge’ is a lush and cushy retreat for all dusty lovers out there! For all you young and young at heart we invite you to browse our BOOTique – open daily until the goods run out!

URL: http://thelovers.org Hometown: Tacoma

Take It Easy

Take It Easy is an international cyberpunk vaporwave oasis. Come immerse yourself in our “Sunset Cube” and cuddle in our intimate “Dreamcatcher” movie dome. We often serve international cuisine from our camp so keep an eye out for any lunch events!

Tantra Mantra

Anahasana Village Sign/Entry Way

URL: http://tantramantracamp.com Hometown: San Luis Obispo


The home of the jackalope mutant vehicle, Tarna. Come see her antler flame effects and booming sound system, and maybe join us for a ride out on the playa.

Hometown: Toronto


Tarwater returns with Cut Throat Bowling, Corn Hole, Lady Sss’s Boutique, and the Wrong Portrait Gallery. Sit beside the Tar Pit and enjoy the doomed animals. Rabbi Danny will lead a morning gratitude meditation based in the Jewish liturgy. All are welcome. No knowledge of Judaism or Jewish prayer required. M,W,F at 6:15 AM. Dr. Ira’s Miracle Cures, will be held at TBA times. Scrabble is played and an original SF novel is given away. Paint your own Wrong Portrait T & Th 10AM.

Hometown: Santa Rosa


Tazii will provide Moroccan chill space and top-shelf bar. New this year we will be bringing a speakeasy experience to complement our cozy chill space. Come find it and find fun.

Hometown: San Francisco


Ever been curious about what it’s like to bring your parents to Burning Man? Come to our multi-generational camp for a cup of hot tea and good conversation. Pop-up acro-yoga sessions offered. Ukrainian-American-Canadian camp.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Teacher Money

Life is the Teacher; Realization is the Gold. Workshops, discussions, field trips, eclectic music all centered around learning and expanding your mind!

URL: http://teachermoney.camp Hometown: Austin, Texas and Los Angeles, California

Team Fingerbang

Team Fingerbang is a rowdy crew of dirty cheerleaders, athletes, and coaches who love to play, dance, and cheer for YOU! Come grab a megaphone and heckle from the top of our Bleachers, misbehave underneath, or climb up and pose on our podium to celebrate your status as “Not the Worst.” Join us for naughty cheers, riotous games of Burner Family Feud, cold drinks and dancing your face off at the Go Fuck Yourself Saloon, and morning CHEERios. Don’t miss our truly epic Wednesday Pep Rally, complete with pom-poms, whistles, cheering, dancing & general mayhem.

Hometown: Los Angeles


Themed parties, workshops, bar & tunes M-F. Cuddle with Bears & more in the Teddy dome, open 24/7

URL: http://teddiesburn.com Hometown: San Francisco

Temple Guardians Camp

Training & educating new and veteran guardians to serve and hold space in the temple. All burners who seek to serve are welcome.

Temple Homage

Temple Guardians Oasis and Safe Space

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/997279920363019

Temple O'Flying Spaghetti Monster

We are a comfortable neighborhood pub with a-rockin’ attitude and groovin’ tunes. In honor of His Noodly Goodness, the Friendly Fire Bar will administer ice-cold libations for your mind, body, and spirit. We will also provide unofficial official playa weddings in His Noodly Goodness’ Temple. Come learn about his Noodly Goodness, call almost anywhere in the world on “Talk to Mom” phone, or use our public Wi-Fi hotspot. We also offer bad advice, favorable directions, and delicious conversations to invigorate and stimulate your mind. The Flying Spaghetti Monster welcomes all so stop by, be touched by His noodly appendage, stay awhile, and rest your dusty bum.

Hometown: Southern California

Temple of Bacchus

Come have some wine and rest a while

Bacchus loves you he just loves you more between 2pm and 8pm since that’s when we serve. But come by any time and sit a spell or take a hammock nap.

Hometown: Albuquerque

Tequila Bees

The Tequila Bees, Buzz on by Anytime and say Hi……..

Hometown: Salt Lake City


Home to a bunch of Aussies welcoming you to the humble abode of the Stargazer Artcar. We will be serving up daily disco coffee and donuts from 9am-12pm, Coffee and Nachos from 12pm-4pm, so come party with us and then hop aboard the Stargazer Artcar for a journey out to deep playa from 8pm onwards

Hometown: Sydney

THairAPY Salo(o)n

THairapy is your one stop shop for fabulousness. Get your hair did, you cup filled, and your swerve on. Look for scheduled events in the book or just swing by and say hello.

Hometown: San Francisco

That Camp Over There

That Camp Over There. Next to those tents and the dome, past the cars, on the left. Look for the dusty bikes and a bunch of people sitting around in the shade. If you see a Snowcone machine, a small village of cool, shaded Hammocks, hear pleasant mellow jazz vibes drifting on the wind, and someone offers you a toasted cheese
snack, keep going, you’ve gone too far.

Hometown: san francisco

The 69th Precinct

We are the 69th Precinct
Violators will be ticketed for their “crimes” against the 10 Principles. Issued citations will have trial dates/times per the What Where When event guide. Violators that report to the 69th Precinct during arraignment will be booked, tried and prosecuted. All parties will likely be found guilty…as determined by a 12 member jury of Radically Included Burners during the Judge, Jury and Sexecutioner events as scheduled during the week. Don’t run the purple stoplight on our intersection, unless its run the purple stoplight minute. It could a rainbow. Who knows. Watch our for the T.W.A.T. team. They may come to your camp to flush out crimes.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/891988281472624 Hometown: Boise

The Altar Of Intentions

We create Art Installations based on the Sacred Water. We contemplate water as the physical manifestation of the Creator.
We are people who contemplate the forces that rules our existence

URL: http://www.brazilianburners.com Hometown: Rio de Janeiro

The Assless Chapel

The Assless Chapel is here to marry you! Whether you want a serious ceremony or just some quick nuptials; a temporary marriage or a bond for life; we want you to get married here! Have the wedding you want, not the one the default world demands. All people welcome, all ceremonies conducted, all marriage arrangements respected.

Hometown: Healdsburg

The Astral Social Club

The transdimensional calls.

URL: https://astralsocialclub.org Hometown: Mono/Inyo County

The Avant Yard

The Avant Yard Village is a motley collection of passionate burners from across the globe. We made our first trek to Black Rock City in 2008, and have acted as ambassadors for the culture of Burning Man to thousands of people, both on the playa and off!

Hometown: New York


THE BELLIGERENT GAP is a homebrewrdive bar,dispensing and slinging cold beer daily (from high noon to whenever we want), served up by the most lovable assholes this side of the 6 o’clock suburbs.

Hometown: Seattle

the black hole

Home of the Black Rock City Gate, Perimeter and Exodus Department. Despite all outward evidence to the contrary – we are completely reasonable, and more or less friendly people. Come by, if it looks like home – it probably is, and boy have we got an offer for you.

URL: http://gpe.burningman.org/ Hometown: Black Rock City

The Black Rock City Land Phil

Firstly, our collection of trashy- and trash-adjacent individuals has always been our passion. Up till now, we’ve brought the trash-taste, the trash-attitude, and the trash-talk to our pristine City, and we now offer a pit to store other camps’ trashy folk too! Crankier than ever, we now offer trash collection services to join forces with said folk in our dump! Kill some time by plopping your junk-in-the-trunk in our lounge, getting wasted, and having your garbage jokes canned by our un-trained professionals, WasteD Management! (Offers of actual waste collection are non-binding, disingenuous and –quite frankly– your problem.) Festive, happy moods are not permitted, and you may be subject to cantanker-ification. Face it, you’re trash: get collected!

The Breakfast Club Village

The Breakfast Club Village Houses,
Scarbutts Cafe-serving brisk Spankings 9am-12noon

Pancake Playhouse- serving hot pancakes 9am-12noon

Objectification Station 1pm-3pm Monday through Friday. Come get objectified or get compliments and get rewarded with a delicious quenching drink.

Text for What Where When
Monday-Friday 9-12 Stop by for Pancakes,Spankings and Soft Rock.1pm-3pm Objectification stat

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/197703440296483 Hometown: oakland

The British Royals

The British Royals are here! We offer English Afternoon Tea with British Insults and operate our London Fog Machine. Please – Mutant Vehicles should drive on the left side of the road here.

URL: http://fb.com/saunadome Hometown: London


Each night, we bring late nite noodz and hot hot hot soup to the burner masses. Come by and chill in our retro neon space or climb our LED platform for a spectacular view of the night playa. We aim to revitalize you, whether before you begin your trek or after returning from your adventures.

Hometown: Burien

The Church Of No FOMO

The Church Of No FOMO will help you exorcise Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) from your life! It is our mission to help you deal with Past FOMO, Present FOMO, and Future FOMO in healthy and / or impulsive ways!

Stop by our camp for impulse legally binding weddings, improvisational re-enactments of events that you missed during the pandemic, and conversations about how to be present in diverse society.

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

The Church of Satin

We believe in immediacy, and don’t actually support the internet.

URL: https://m.facebook.com/groups/575926560227192?group_view_referrer=search Hometown: Black Rock City, Reno, Joshua Tree, Seattle

The Church of the Open Mind

Burning Man 2017’s theme of Radical Ritual spurred us to create a Mutant Vehicle, a radical rolling church built on a truck frame floating around the desert with a mushroom-topped spire… The Church of the Open Mind! What a journey…

We built our Rolling Church with a large tower emerging out of the Spire. This marks the visual centerpiece of our mutant vehicle — a vividly colored, radically-illuminated mushroom. It stands vibrant, 30 feet up and visible from afar. This Mushroom on a Church, The Tree of Life or A Light in the Sky; we invite all interpretations.

In 2018 and 2019, we brought The Church of the Open Mind back to Burning Man brighter than ever, and we look forward to seeing you in 2022!

URL: http://cotom.org/ Hometown: Marin County

The Crusty Swan

A tiny, “neighborhood” pub where you can sit for a bit and enjoy a wee dram of whiskey or a tall glass of iced tea (for you that don’t imbibe), along with some good craic. Erin go bragh!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1012487045933347 Hometown: Santa Cruz

The Cult of the Cosmic Jackalope

The Cult of the Cosmic Jackalope is here to consensually spread the proverbial legs of your reality and get metaphorical sand in philosophical crevices you didn’t even know you had! We welcome all to hear our Good (or at least slightly above average) Word and anoint themselves in the purifying absurdity of our patented (or patent-pending) Joyously Elevated Convolutions. As Transmogrification dawns in the light of that electrically convulsant, rising Inner Light, we will sing the song of Allegorical Inanity and beseech the Jackalope Adventure Guide to appear amidst the Dust and Ephemera, to guide all Travelers who wish for direction from beyond the veil of this Illusory Reality.

URL: https://cosmicjackalope.org/ Hometown: San Diego

The Donner Party

Nice to MEAT you. We’re The Donner Party. We’re a mammal and vegan barbecue party we cook everything/everyone! Every afternoon we serve drinks and food to burners who still don’t realize they haven’t eaten anything since last our Barbecue!

Hometown: Donner Pass

The DPW Ghetto

this is the staff camp for the DPW.
this space is the living room for DPW our bar is open to the public.
come on in and learn about the Department of Public Works and what it is we do for burning man

Hometown: Black Rock City

The Dream Spa

The skin and body treatment oasis in the BRC desert! Stop by to moisturize and revitalize your faces, hands, and feet dried out by the playa dust while sipping a cool beverage and listening to beautiful music from the Piano Bar next door. Treat yourself to a massage or a cold stone treatment. At night, relax in our lounge with sound reactive lights and projected engaging videos on the walls.

Hometown: Houston

The Dump

We brought the piano and comfy music lounge stocked with instruments, you bring your spirit.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/The-Saloon-Ensemble-137633062946792 Hometown: Portland

The Dumpling Trap

The Dumpling Trap is an old-school neon Chinatown lounge that serves dumplings, plays trap, and engages guests to have deeper conversations. We’re here to create an intimate, delightful experience—for us, serendipity is the most magical feeling on the playa.

Hometown: New York City

The DusTea Den

The DusTea Den Aurora Borealis Experience is a visual simulation of laying under the sky and watching the Aurora Borealis above you, accompanied by soothing ambient music.

Hometown: Detroit

The Dusty Alchemist

The Dusty Alchemist serves up cocktails, chat, and bar games around sunset on playa. Come and join the fun in the bar or explore the Dream Dome for a relaxing trip into your own mind!

Hometown: Austin

The Embassy of Creative Economy

A new civilization is being born in Ukraine, and we want to bring it to the world. We also want to take the most advanced world experience and bring it to Ukraine. Firstly, we want to do it with a community of people “eyes to eyes”.

Hometown: Kharkiv

The Empress Theme Camp

Relive the glory of the Victorian age and enjoy the comforts of a more civilized time in our reinterpretation of a Victorian drawing room. Every afternoon and evening, our gracious hosts and hostesses dress to the Victorian theme, hand-serving selections from our tea collection along with light snacks.

URL: https://sites.google.com/site/empressburn/home Hometown: Victoria/Vancouver

The Enclave

The Enclave brings those with deep BurningMan roots while providing room for a cast of new tendrils. We are united by a passion for art, design, performance and self-deprecating behavior. The Enclave brings a spicy hot mess of Playastani charm to the 9’s of Black Rock by celebrating the civically-minded gifts, we have to offer, in a format that intends to suspend and expand our visitor’s expectations

URL: http://facebook.com/theenclavesb Hometown: Santa Barbara

The Espresso Martini Organization

It’s hot outside! The Espresso Martini Organization will cool you down and pump your energy up with our iced espresso martinis designed to wake you up and get you ready to party again! Daily 1-3pm and 8-10pm.

Hometown: San Francisco

The Friend Zone

Welcome to the Friend Zone! A place where no one will fuck you.
This camp is all about friendship. No need to worry about trying to hook up because platonic love is all that’s on the menu. We’ll be hosting a mix and mingle featuring a sing along and delicious craft cocktails. We’ll also be gifting BFF necklaces so you can share the love with your life long mate or your new playa bestie.
Be sure to participate in our pen pal exchange program and make a new burner friend from the Midwest.
Stop by and make friends, see friends, be friends!

Hometown: COLUMBIA

The G-Spot

Often hard to find and always pleasurable location in the warm (sometimes frigid) wonderful lower region of the Black Rock Desert, deep inside the fantasy zone known as Black Rock City where, you may discover an incredible welcoming environment known as The G-Spot! Come on in for a cold glass of Playa Punch!

Hometown: Bay Area

The GlaDOS Enrichment Center

The Portal Enrichment Center will host the Weighted Companion Cube Mutant Vehicle, along with (non-portal related) Virtual Reality content.

Classes describing how soon “Full Dive” VR will be available will be taught during the day. In the evening, Test Subjects will compete in the “Beat Saber” competition ladder, and the best two high scores in each age bracket will compete Saturday Night after the burn for the final Annual “Burn Beat Saber” champion title.

VR meditation will be available very late night.

URL: http://cybr.space Hometown: Torrance

The Golden Guy Alley

Hard to find? Around 7:30 you say? Yep that’s all you are getting.

URL: http://goldenguyalley.com/ Hometown: Oakland

The Great UnGnome

A camp of gnomes, ready to host you at our roving garden party.

Hometown: Brooklyn

The Hive

Hometown: Boston

The Hookah Lounge

Come to the Hookah Lounge and enjoy our flavored tobaccos. Our Moroccan style lounge serves up shisha filtered through juice and water every night, sun down to midnight. The plush seating, soft carpeting, and great people make this the ultimate chill-out zone.

Hometown: Tallahassee

The Hotel Lobby

Meet us in The Hotel Lobby. With a lavish chandelier, a lux hotel bar, bellhop service, concierge desk, and a buzzing karaoke lounge, you’ll be treated to 5-star service and a dusty bev in a welcoming and weird hotel lobby.

Hometown: Los Angeles

The Institute Village

Visit the Institute of Higher Yearning where our overeducated undermanaged staff will jam in your brain all the science that you can take and provide electro-shock therapy while you demonstrate your best refrigerated dance moves. God created the playa to train the faithful and we will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know.

Hometown: San Francisco

The Interstrange

No one’s a stranger at the Interstrange. We are a lounge, primarily, with activities, classes, and workshops every day. Feel free to stop by any time if you want a place to relax.

Hometown: Houston

The juice Box

Hometown: Nevada City

The Last Starfighters

Greetings, Starfighter. You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the playa against commodification & moop. Your participation in supporting artists by building a branch of The Solar Library & giving home to Solarians is to be commended. Your communal effort & civic responsibility will be known across the galaxy. You as a radically self reliant creature have always wanted to fight a desperate battle against incredibly dusty odds. The Trailing Soul & Augmented Reality Porta Potties are your legacy. Remember to listen next time a gung-ho iguana tells you to relax.

Hometown: Austin

The Last Word

The Bizarre Bazaar of the Last Word Camp offers many delights & temptations. Procure some necessities/sundries at the well-stocked Bodega. Manifest your dreams – or nightmares – when you open our secret door & slither through our celestial portal; witness the Steampunk Ultimate Drink Machine concoct delicious libations for your drinking pleasure; play our 10 principles roulette wheel at the bar; get bad advice from our good campsters; decorate a pair of our provided sunglasses; climb our observation platform for Playa views, get a facial, paint your nails or take a nap at our relaxing Spahh. All welcome Monday through Saturday 2-6PM.

Hometown: Lotus

The Lavender Lounge

The Lavender Lounge is a day spa specializing in our patented and ultra-secret lavender day-spa treatment! Just kidding, its no secret! We lie you down on an air mattress in the shade and mist you down with lavender scented water while giving you a luxurious scalp massage! Come in hot and dusty, Leave refreshed and ready to take on the day!

Hometown: Graton

The Living Room

Did you forget to bring your living room to the burn? Don’t worry, you can use ours! We have comfy spots to chill out, relax, and/or socialize. Join us in the morning for yoga, the afternoon for a radically inclusive musical jam sesh, or anytime you’re looking for a place to hang out, day or night!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/thelivingroombrc Hometown: San Francisco

The Lost Boyz Hideout

Lose yourself with the Lost Boyz! Each morning we will serve coffee/tea to travelers and read fun facts about animals over our PA system. We host a live podcast, Hogg Talk, centered around audience participation and bonding over shared experience. Around noon, we break out the frozen bananas for passersbys. Each day campmates will teach their talents to the community; participate in salsa lessons from a semi-professional dancer to Ju-Jitsu lessons from professional practitioners. During the evenings we have several big name DJs committed to playing live sets on our stage for themed parties; The longer one stays in our camp the harder it will be for them to recall their former life; leave grown up responsibilities behind for good!

Hometown: San Diego, CA

The Lost Penguins

A Hospitality Camp that provides the Black Rock Community a place to relax, enjoy good music and conversation. We graciously offer cold sno-cones, lemonade and chocolates during the day. At night we provide entertainment in the form of music by a variety of performers, bands and our own in-house produced Lunacy Cabaret. Stop in to sing, dance, chat, relax and marvel at the beauty of the Playa with friends new and old 🙂

URL: https://www.lostpenguincafe.com/ Hometown: Toronto

The Love Beacon

The 55 foot tall Love Beacon promotes a healthy, happy burn and delivers warmth, refreshment, and energy to all who find it.

Hometown: Washington DC

The Macaronis

The Macaronis pay homage to the courageous outrageous queers of 18th century London, who wore giant wigs and lived giant lives, flying in the face of convention and conventionality.

Join us in the Molly House for fun, frolic and weddings–playa or legally binding…your choice! Let the champagne and mascara flow! 

URL: https://www.facebook.com/The-Macaronis-1470124876455489 Hometown: Chicago

The Mansion

The Mansion camp might remind you of the classic silly and sexy parties of the Playboy Mansion but with our “Mansion Manners”. The frontage resembles a southern mansion with 600 square feet of shade under a 12 foot ceiling with TVs, couches, a disco ball, and magical led/lighting and sound. A limited bar will be providing select libations and non-alcoholic choices to legal guest. We host events of all types eg; crafts, clinics, karaoke, dancing and for our fellow burners who will be able to lounge, dance, sing, and create. Because it is our mission to never stop the party, an array of unplanned events is sure to pop up. See you in the dust!

URL: http://themansioncamp.org Hometown: Las Vegas

The Neighbors

Heidi ho neighbors! In need of advise? Just need to vent? Looking to borrow a cup of sugar or a single egg? We’re the neighbors and we’re here for all your neighborly needs.

URL: https://www.theneighbors.cool Hometown: Ventura

The New Barbarians

What we do know gives us solace. The New Barbarians, led by their massive steel ruler, Jurassic Pork, have returned and are on a quest to protect human life and spread their bountiful stock of delicious wieners to the mouths of hungry burners.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/jurassicporkofficial/ Hometown: West Coast Best Coast

The Notorious Scoundrels' Club

The Secret Gentlemen have had it with the high life. They’re The Notorious Scoundrels now, and they’re getting in touch with their inner lowlife.

Hometown: Chicago

The Parlour Room

Host to Diversion Traffic School for bike citations, Old-school fuckery, Pranks galore, Snarky Shark Brigade, Late night fireside chats and shenanigans galore.

Hometown: San Francisco

The Phage

The Phage is an homage to the vast dark ecology whose foment gave birth to Earth’s living diversity. These ubiquitous viral life forms evolve faster than any other life on earth. In their furious co-optive radiations they have acted as the vital genetic pollinators that wove long-separated lines of cellular life into resplendent new threads — the phage are the needles of life’s tapestry. Beware if you encounter us: memetic biohazards lie ahead.

URL: http://thephage.org/ Hometown: San Francisco, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Boston, MA; NY, NY; USA

The Pineapple Motel

The Pineapple Motel is a friendly space to recharge your good vibes. Come for some morning fresh pineapple, Matcha and cereal bar and stay for talks, music, meditation and more.

Hometown: Toronto

The Pink Spot

The Pink Spot is a warm, friendly, inviting camp that provides shade, badminton, yard games, a Big Bunny double decker art car and great dj vibes day and night. Come by and enjoy a beverage with us!

Hometown: Park City

The Pit

Home of the off-duty DMV. Stop by and say hi, we love chatting about MVs! While we are happy to answer questions, all official services must be handled at our offices by the center camp keyhole.

The Playpen

A nighttime, glowing interactive gaming extravaganza.
Come explore the luminous world we have created to delight your optical nerves and stimulate your occipital lobe!

Hometown: Jupiter

The Pottie Project

The Pottie Project uses the individual self expression of our volunteers to remind Burners of the importance of Leave No Trace at the potties. We visit each and every of the 1,700 potties on the playa to put up educational posters in the potties, remind participants that “If it doesn’t come out of your body, it does not go into the pottie,” and encourage participants of Burning Man to love their potties.

URL: https://burningman.org/event/participate/volunteering/teams/pottie-project/ Hometown: PHONEIX

The Real Dilla

A fun loving group of burners from Sacramento and Reno, geared up to serve you Quesadillas and libations and dance, party and play with you!

Hometown: Sacramento

The Refuge

Come find a magical oasis in the desert, a respite for all.
We are dedicated to creating a space for recharging, refreshing, and reflecting with a diverse selection of food, drink, and community. Join us for breakfast daily, and a magical Saturday brunch. Miss breakfast? Come relax in our visual oasis with your own waking dreams.

Hometown: New York

The Rogue Scarab

We present again, our unique glowing winged Rogue Scarab beetle, featuring a fully Playa-accessible trampoline for the citizens of Black Rock city to rest, travel and participate in it’s truly inviting form.

Hometown: San Diego

The Rudest Lounge

The Rudest Lounge camp invites you to embrace your RUDE side! We’re bringing the fun back to RUDE.

Hometown: Las Vegas

The Shire

At the Shire, we’re all about CONNECTION and PLAY. Come prance through our silent disco. Hug a troll. Try (almost) smooching a stranger in our Tension-Building Pre-Kissing Workshop. Take flight on our infamous rotating seesaw, The Merry&Pippin-Go-Round. Brave the 4-story climb up Isengard for a sunset singalong. Come celebrate your inner child!

URL: https://shirecamp.com Hometown: Oakland

The Sound Garden

We are a high vibe sound camp here to delight your senses with a unique 360 degree sound system that will blow your mind. By night we bring you some of the most talented DJ’s and artists to create an unforgettable experience of sound, art and performance. By day we host sound healings, deep house yoga, and listening parties of your favorite artists. We also offer body work, a speaker series and workshops in our Squish Garden.

Hometown: San Jose

The Sound of Feelings

We believe in a better world for everyone and that the change starts with us. We are all species of a living organism and as such, we take care of one another. We heal one another, educate one another, inspire one another, give to one another, serve one another, cooperate, communicate, and collaborate. We are wired to live in a common Unity = Community. And the community is built on the frequency of love. Positioned in our TREE TENT at the center of the Tent are our stage and Art Installation TREE OF DREAMS a large-format fantasy tree with the effect of heartbeat through illumination with 100 pairs of HEADSETS for silence and intimate events and High Fidelity’s sound system that allow you to have High-frequency momentum at our fantastic camp.

Hometown: Miami FL

The Space Between

Hometown: Los Angeles

The Steam Bath Project

Using the ages old system of thermal siphoning we use the Japanese Chofu stove to create and circulate the steam in an insulation and wood tongue and groove dome. In the past we have been interviewed by the Earth Guardians for our economical use of water. We use less than .25 of a gallon of water per steamer and which offer a completely different option to showering on the playa. We have a double sub pump system that drains into our village grey water system which is pumped out. We are part of a Nectar village which is completely solar run. As a camp we participate in a with other camps for kitchen and infrastructure needs.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SteamBathProject Hometown: Boston

The Sweet Spot

Welcome to The Sweet Spot

We aim to nurture the body, mind, and spirit of all beings by offering spaces, events, and offerings to meet everybody exactly where they are.

We deeply value the nourishment of genuine connection, rest, ritual, good ass food, and play.

We cater to all human beings,
both shadow and light,
both high highs and low lows,
with needs for rest and introversion and needs for being seen and extroversion, and so many shades in between.
That is the sweet spot.
Being right where we are in any given moment, and having the space, tools, community, and nourishment to hold us along the way!
We offer a variety of Workshops like:
-Daily Practices
-Dance & Community Circles
-Cacao, Heartfelt Rituals, Communication Spaces
-Exciting Food events + Rejuvenating Non-Alcoholic Beverages & more!

Hometown: Reno

The Tea Time Initiative

The Teatime Initiative is a Art Support Camp that proudly presents the art piece “The Giant Suitcase” – the ultimate beacon for travel located somewhere on the open playa.

URL: https://www.teatimeinitiative.com Hometown: San Francisco

The Tiniest Camp

The tiniest camp is a fun place to hang out, enjoy good coffee (or tea) and meet friends or stranger to exchange thoughts, opinion and mostly good humor

URL: https://www.facebook.com/BlackRockCity1985/ Hometown: Geneva, Switzerland

The Treble Makers

The Treble Makers are here ready to help your playa tune take on a new tone, be it with our live French accordionist performance*, house-music-filled** dance floor, our friendly, tasty and bountiful Bottomless Bass Bar or the somatic gyrations delivered to your weary core by the one-and-only Buffer Bush. Swing on by and we will help you hit that higher note!

*He’s been playing the instrument for 50+ years and might steal your g/f. Or b/f. Or maybe both of you together.

**A bit of Bass/DnB/Glitch will be there too. But no Trance. Well, maybe just a little Trance. But not at 5:30am. Promise! < 3

URL: https://johmathe.github.io/camp.html Hometown: San Francisco East Bay Area

the tryst


Hometown: San Francisco

The Unofficial Mailmen

The Unofficial Mailmen of Black Rock City connect Burners through hand-written messages via postcards/letters! Participants send and receive mail at random from other random participants. The idea is that everyone will receive an intimate & anonymous message from another Burner on the playa. These letters and messages are gifts that Burners will be able to take with, hold on to, and hopefully collect over the course of their years at Burning Man. Participants can either find an Unofficial Mailman to send a letter or come to our camp that will be set up in a simple fashion representing a Burner’s take on a post office. The small group of us are excited to start this adventure on the Playa and connect Burners with one another like never before!

Hometown: Los Angeles

The UnStable

Home of Chester the Fire breathing, Flame throwing mutant vehicle hosting both amatuer and professional

URL: https://www.instagram.com/chesteronfire/?utm_medium=copy_link Hometown: Cool

The Wastelanders

Feel the warmth of our fires, see our lights when the sky is dark or filled with dust, and share our vintage spirits. But be warned, some things that can outlast an apocalypse, have mighty sharp teeth!
We are an oasis of fire and rust, surrounded by a sea of neon, thumping tones and desert chaos. Learn not to fear the end of civilization, step into our world and learn alittle about yourself.
All those that enter our lounge are welcome to become completely immersed in our world. Full attention to detail is everywhere, from the rusted fire sculptures to the burning bar. The stage is lit with fire and torches, while dancers spin hoops and metal. Performers share the stage with our unusual blend of house music ranging from death metal to the 40s jazz of the Atomic Age.

Hometown: Burbank

The Whomp Party

Missed us on the Playa? Stop by and say “hi” when the Whomp Wagon is parked at our camp.

URL: https://whompwagon.com Hometown: Reno

TheCloud Camp

A Mutant Vehicle camp for theCloudCar. We are only out on the playa after sun-set. Stop in a chat or wave us down for a ride.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/thecloud.car Hometown: Seattle

Theme Camp Theme Camp

An awesome bar that throws different theme parties throughout the week. Stop by and check out what shenanigans we are up to!

Hometown: Reno

There Ain't No Virgin Mary

We are a Cowboy themed camp with a 24/7 Lounge with Shade, Couches, Bed, Piano and a Blood Mary Bar most morning and some evenings.
We include cowboy music and dancing with our Bar and have a DJ playing some evenings and at least one live Burlesque show along with nightly Barbeque videos on a big screen.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/925736754287868/members/ Hometown: San Clemente

Things That Swing

We’re a lounge and rest-stop for wanderers who want to get off their feet for a while. If you favour a community built on the intimacies of storytelling and consensual touch, if you need a break from bar-crawling and the sonic hypnotics of booty shaking, if swinging is in any way your thing, then this could be your place. With adult-oriented events and play space cuz some of us swing that way too; consent means not being too afraid to ask.

URL: http://www.things-that-swing.org/ Hometown: London

This Old Camp

A safe welcoming place to stop by, rest and join in discussions and get information.

Hometown: Idaho

Three of Cups

Tarot readings, cocktails, friendship, and something unexpected.

Hometown: San Francisco


Your neighborhood stop for shady drinks and sexy beats. Take a load off on our loungers and hammock tower, dance to some tunes, get lucky in the Hutch, and top it off with a Bad Decision at our bar.


URL: https://www.thumpercamp.com/ Hometown: Denver

Thunder Gumbo Camp

Hometown: Brooklyn

Tickled Mink

At Tickled Mink … where everyone’s a star! … we are here to help zhuzh you at our Hollywood minkup mirror vanity before you start channeling your inner diva. If you don’t know how, we’ll teach you to smeyes like a mink, so once you sink into our fuzzy, plush, cerulean photo throne, you’ll be oh so ready to strike a picture perfect pose as your glamour cover page photo shoot begins. You’ve never looked more minktacular!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/tickledminkBRC Hometown: San Francisco

Tierra Bomba

We bring Colombian passion, Latin American spice, & good times from the Global South all the way to the playa!
Itching for that Colombian coffee that’ll cheat your sleep? Mouth watering for that Mexican mezcal that’ll make you move? Body is sweating for a set packed with sultry salsa, bachata, & cumbia?
Come get a taste of the Tierra Bomba vibe– tropical total!

URL: https://www.tierrabomba.com Hometown: Tierra Bomba, Colombia

Tiger Man Camp

Does your Butt hurt? We can fix that with a foam and fur bike seat cover. check out our adoptable porn and get a moop bag with lecture.

Hometown: Martinez

Tiki Bar & Hammocks

Bring your thirsty lips over to enjoy a fresh cool island drink or Kava tea and visit and connect with neighbors and fellow burners. Share all your great stories “this one time, at burning man…! Get some advice if you are new to burning man, and of course, swing in our hammocks with us or relax on our sofas and stools in the shade!

Hometown: Reno

Tiki Bars and Tool Belts

Tiki Bars and Tool Belts is the support camp for the Funkadelephant Mutant Vehicle. We’re brought together by our love of building things, and taking those things both very seriously, and also very leisurely. Come by to visit An Abundance of Caution, or come find the Funkadelephant wandering the Playa. Aloha!

Hometown: San Francisco

Time To Burn

The “Must Have App” camp returns for high-tech workshops and shenanigans.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/TimeToBurnApp Hometown: San Diego

Titanic's End

The Titanic’s End camp is located in Bao Village and supports the Titanic’s End mutant vehicle. When we are not on the playa, we are helping to raise awareness about climate change and creating interactive art.

URL: https://www.titanicsend.com/ Hometown: San Francisco


Meet us on the shores of this remote, high mountain lake for some delicious treats and fun!

URL: http://camptiticaca.com Hometown: South Lake Tahoe

tldr village

tldr village! home of led dinosaur, sixes & sevens, good question!?, and dumpling trap. we got music, bars, trivia, new friendships, and speakeasy dumplings. make your way over to see what we are about.

Hometown: San Francisco

TOC Does Le Chalet

The Other Camp bring you Swiss Ski Lodge lounge luxury. Come for a drink in our chalet bar, or to enjoy the firepit at night. Rehydration station also available all day every day.

Hometown: San Francisco

Todo Bien(ish)

We’re a mishmash of Artist and Creators. Our art projects include: Kukulkan’s Portal, Electric Dandelions, Pariah, Vibeapple, Elvispresso. Join us for a drink or to just chat.

Hometown: Long Beach


TomorrowLamb, formerly Mary’s Little Lambs, like the previous years, we will stand for acceptance, shelter, diversity and self-expression and we are hoping to spread our wings in ways we haven’t before.

Hometown: Amsterdam

Totally Legit Camp

We have been, and always will be, Totally Legit Camp.

Hometown: Brooklyn

Tough Titties

Tough Titties is an art support camp for The Apocalypse is Breathtaking, the flaming wishing tree near the temple. We previously brought the other moon to playa. Come to us to bounce titties and trade stories on builds, burns and butt stuff.

Hometown: Mumbai

Tour de Chance

Êtes-vous chanceux? Ride the the Playa’s largest French-themed bicycle-powered carnival game for marvelous prizes! But vélo beware, some are risqué.

Hometown: San Francisco

Tower of Slackjaw

Hometown: Olympia

Toxic Disco Clam

In the default world, the Toxic Disco Clam is a real aquatic creature. It uses its luminous lips to attract passing fish… and then it immobilizes them with acidic snot. We’re pretty much the same: we draw you in with dazzling lights and entertaining activities, we ply you with our spirituous beverages, and we hope you never leave (we promise less snot).

URL: https://www.facebook.com/toxicdiscoclam/ Hometown: San Francisco

Tragic School Bus

Hometown: Lake Tahoe

Trailer Trash

Morning Coffee Shack.
Did someone say coffee?! Yes, we are serving up your morning cuppa (coffee, tea, hot chocolate) along with conversation and camaraderie.
Come join us. We hope to see your beautiful faces!

Hometown: Seattle


Enjoy some Trance and Sunsets with us!

Hometown: Los Angeles


Welcome to the Republic of Trashistan . . . featuring nightly CineTrash Theater (highly curated trash cinema), the famous RantoMatic, INFÜS black metal cocktail bar (music, cocktails & life advice) happening most afternoons, home of the Anti-Now movement (BE THERE THEN!) and our Wed Happy Hour to celebrate our 21st year on the playa.

Hometown: Bay Area

Tribal Spirit

We come from all over the world to form one Tribe.
We focus on multiculturalism, celebrating and sharing our own pieces of culture from around the globe on the Playa.

Hometown: Sydney


Our friendly camp is primarily Montrealers, and we offer our classic friendliness, humour and joie de vivre!

Widely considered the Amsterdam of North America, Montreal is a playful and bohemian city. Montreal has long also been a very open and queer friendly city. TRIFECTA represents Montreal’s free and open spirit with playful, inclusive LGBTQ+- and poly-friendly interaction, performance and community.

Trifecta offers interactivity with seating, tables and friendly company in our shaded lounge. We’ll be offering a food service featuring some local Quebec classic delicacies.
We’ll also be offering creative activities which aim to be accessible as much as possible.
Our interactive activities are a fun mix of wholesome, friendly, quirky and ridiculous

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/225043088048819 Hometown: Montreal

Tropical Lunartics

Tropical happy hour featuring pina colada slushies (contains alcohol) and spam musubi

Hometown: Portland


Live Birds love you!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Turbaza Chayka

A friendly camp of like-minded individuals bringing together the diverse experiences of people who grew up in the countries of the Former Soviet Union

Hometown: San Francisco

Turtle Camp

Home of SIMON the Turtle Car, Turtle Camp is a one-hearted collective of people with shared values of wisdom, integrity, kindness and authentic connection with each other and our surrounding community. It is our intention to help others slow down, to be present, and to fully experience the flow of life on the Playa with curiosity and joy.

Turtle Camp Mantra
by Garrett Brill
Take it slow
You’ll find your flow
Wherever you roam, you’ll be at home

Hometown: Phoenix

Twilight language

Strange Design is a collective and art support camp formed to provide a platform for creators to realize conceptual visual art and cultivate sonic energy around it. The team coalesced while creating The Man’s Army in 2019. Our goal is to continue to create bold, interactive, innovative, and strange experiences.

Hometown: The Bay Area


Loosely knit group of burners offer for your pleasure the Twisted Bar serving up the PVD’s
Coffee bar, yoga, massage, various themed pop up parties, open street front, come and visit!
Iron on 10 principals patches, bring your t-shirts
Stay Twisted

Hometown: Japan, Sparks, Tahoe, Truckee, Gurlach, Green Bay, Oregon, Chico

Twisted Swan Celtic pub

Open 8PM-2AM M-F come for good beer, irish coffee, mead and whisky. Water for those who want it.

Hometown: Albuquerque


Come experience the excitement of climbing on stuff, mixed with the age-old fun of Twister. TwistHanger features over 500 square feet of climbing holds built around the game Twister! Right foot red, you’re off to a good start. Left foot green, you’ve got this. Left hand blue… wait, is that even physically possible? Give it a shot, but try not to fall! For even more climbing fun, challenge your friends (or a stranger) in Darwin’s Theory: Survival of the Fittest. Be the first to climb to the top and hit your button to win!

URL: http://TwistHanger.com Hometown: Sacramento

Two Lanterns

Best weddings on playa, Unofficial Playa Civil Unions (rings/certificate). Department of Wedding Planning. Experience the Psycho Swing of Death! A Kubb game to boot.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/twolanternsthemecamp Hometown: Santa Cruz