2018 Theme Camps

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This is NOT a list of officially accepted or placed camps. It’s a preview of what you might find when you get to Black Rock City.

This is the list of camps who submitted a Placed Camp Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City’s reserved sections for this year and want to be listed publicly.

These are the camps Placement is reviewing. Placement is announced in Early July.

To find camp locations when you’re at Burning Man, refer to the BRC Map & Guide distributed by Greeters, the theme camp maps and Directory at Playa Info, and Civic Kiosks in all the city plazas.

2018 Theme Camps

Earth Guardians

We inspire, inform and encourage our fellow Black Rock City citizens to apply the Green & Leave No Trace principles and practices to life in our temporary desert home and to leave positive traces in our desert home. Come, volunteer and participate in our daily talks about Black Rock and Leave No Trace or just grab a MOOP bag!

URL: http://www.earthguardians.net Hometown: Nevada City

EBB & Glow Village

Ebb & Glow village is a play space all day and all night.

We host camps that serve refreshments, repair bicycles, serve cupcakes, and take portraits. Enter Magic Lantern Society to relax, interact, have some tea, hookah, & maybe watch belly dancers. Climb our play structures any time for views of BRC. Afternoons and evenings: our stage hosts lectures, dance lessons, neighborhood band jams, improvisation groups, performers, and occasional DJ’s. On open Playa, our Candy HeArt car transports Cupid to the masses, delivering snarky candies and nearly adequate dating advice.

Don’t be a stranger, but do strange remain!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ebbandglow/ Hometown: Oakland


EGGS Bar returns for 2018!
Building on years of well-honed playa experience, EGGS Bar crew of veteran burners will once again create a welcoming venue of deepest interaction. A jewel on the playa; it is a beautifully designed bar with amazing artifacts. While disguised as a friendly tavern, the space we create is so much more than a place to grab a drink… a storytelling station, meeting place of the minds, incubator of adventures, spontaneous dance party spot, sometimes even a Burning Man debate forum. All that and so much more, we are YOUR local on the playa!

“Center Camp stalwarts!” — Jack Rabbit Speaks

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/499722046857896/ Hometown: Alameda, CA 94501

Ego Trip

At Ego Trip we want you looking and feeling your best! Get pampered at our beauty bar, capture that stunning playa outfit at our photo booth, dance to our sexy beats and get drunk on your own vanity (and our delicious drinks) until everyone looks as good as you!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/campegotrip Hometown: San Diego

El Tesoro

El Tesoro: a place for the weary souls (and soles) to unwind, have some delicious drinks, and dance to some amazing music selections. El Tesoro is ‘The Treasure’ of BRC, come hang with us and play life size games such as Jenga, Connect Four, and Battleshots.

Hometown: Reno/Sparks

Electric Cheese Land

Say “Cheese” and enter our Electric Cheese Land, where delicious fondue and other cheese dishes are being served.

Hometown: Zurich

Electric Giraffe Safari Park

Come and see a whole safari park of wooden animal obelisks, lovely night time lighting effects, and the big robot beast, The Electric Giraffe!

Hometown: San Diego

EleVant Rising

Reservation only, fine-dining on the Playa! Make a reservation and enjoy the best meal of your life!

URL: http://www.elevantrising.com Hometown: Kings Beach

Eleventh Principle

If you could bring one more principle to the playa what would it be?

Elliot's Bicycle Service

Bicycle repair, full service & DIY. Also, massage, foot washing, body painting, piano for all to play.

URL: http://www.elliotsbikes.org Hometown: Clearlake, CA

Elvis Wedding Chapel & Gardens

Elvis Wedding Chapel & Animatronic Gardens
“Happily ever after” begins here! Now in our eighth year of hosting ersatz Playa weddings for the nuptially needy, EWC welcomes individuals, couples, trios and other configurations without regard to race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, species or any other limiting factor. The Moist Rev. L. Ron Presley, assisted by the Good Rev. Bubba Ho-Tep, officiates over a variety of custom-tailored ceremonies, each climaxed by the dramatic revelation of the spirit of Lord Elvis—as embodied by the amazing, life-size, audio-anatomically accurate ELBOT 2000, Black Rock City’s most venerable robotic resident! But first, our fabulous fashion experts outfit the bride, groom and attendants in dazzling Playa finery in our legendary Bridezilla Lounge!

URL: http://www.elvischapelbrc.wordpress.com Hometown: Scottsdale

Emerge-n-See Clinic

Black Rock City’s source for alternative medicine. We play doctor!

URL: http://www.brc-fun.webs.com Hometown: Bend

Emergency Services & Rampart

Emergency Services & Rampart, Medical clinic

Hometown: Glacer

Emergency Services Station 3

ESD Station 3 is the home of the Black City Fire Department. Everyone is welcome to meet the volunteers of BRC fire department. BRCFD provides 24/7 emergency response to the city. We have 2 staffed engines, and a rescue/HazMat truck. Our firefighters come from all over the world to share their skills and expertise with BRC.

Hometown: Glacier

Emergency Services Station 4:30

Emergency Services Station at 4:30 & H will provide basic medical care, emergency communications, and transportation for participants requiring medical attention.

Emergency Services Station 7:30

Emergency Services Station 7:30 is the home camp for many of the ESD Communications volunteers. It is also the home of the Safety team and the Nevada Department of health

Emergency Services Station 9

Hometown: San Francisco

Empire of DIrt

Empire of Dirt is the landing base for the long thought lost spaceship EMPIRE.

URL: http://formandreform.com/empire-of-dirt/ Hometown: Oakland


A Family style house to come hang out, eat, drink,play games be family and encounter one of our interactive rooms. You may come as a stranger but you will leave as family!!

Hometown: Redding


Entheos draws together shamans, scientists, artists, builders, instructors and activists from around the globe who are exploring the healing benefits, and consciousness raising capacity, of the natural entheogenic medicines traditionally used throughout world history. Entheos points to the creative, collaborative spark within each of us, and the divine fire we can ignite when we gather to play and learn together.

URL: http://www.entheosrising.org Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area


A diverse group, coming together in an efficient & sustainable design that inspires individuals and camps and allows us to give back more.

That and…

We are an epic camp
That does epic shit.
Full of epic people.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/GiveEpicAChance/ Hometown: LOS ANGELESS


The Center for Corn Bong Equilibrium, a Wuice Co-Op…Yeah Baby (EQ for short), represents the pinnacle in Radical Ritual for the collective first world culture in which we live: vacation. Adhering to a strict belief that our shared time together should be one of joy and relaxation, we seek to strike the all too difficult balance of hard work and play. We are an established camp designed around the confluence of radical inactivity and community support, of which we’ve coined as “the camp that does nothing, but has everything.” It is in this space of in-between action and inaction we are expressing our confidence in the rituals we have set up to ensure that our camp and the community at large experiences the place of relaxation that we all deserve in this place outside the hectic worlds of which we live the other 51 weeks of the year.

URL: https://equilibrium.camp/

Eurotrash Sangria and Tapas Bar

Serving the best sangria at Burning Man, along with simple tapas and music from around the Latin world!

Hometown: London


The Burning Man Art Department’s headquarters in Black Rock City. Home of the ARTery, Art Support Services (ASS), Fire Art Safety Team (FAST) and Eyes on Art.

Hometown: San Francisco

Eyes of the Soul

Eyes of the Soul is a unique Burning Man experience that combines providing Eye Make-up, Astrology Readings, and delicious Tea all in a rejuvenating space with soothing sounds and aroma-therapy. Come by and RePLENISH, ReFRESH, ReFLECT!

Hometown: San Francisco