2018 Theme Camps

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This is NOT a list of officially accepted or placed camps. It’s a preview of what you might find when you get to Black Rock City.

This is the list of camps who submitted a Placed Camp Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City’s reserved sections for this year and want to be listed publicly.

These are the camps Placement is reviewing. Placement is announced in Early July.

To find camp locations when you’re at Burning Man, refer to the BRC Map & Guide distributed by Greeters, the theme camp maps and Directory at Playa Info, and Civic Kiosks in all the city plazas.

2018 Theme Camps

Galactic Jungle

Journey to a galactic journey, in a faraway universe…

Galactic Relay

The spaceport of love on the playa. Home base of Out Of Band III.

Hometown: san francisco


Dive into our colorful tropical island and sea environment featuring Darwin the turtle dome and Glitz the interactive LED jellyfish! Bonus: we have a really big swing.

Hometown: San Francisco


We are the Temple Crew – Please join us to give thanks and praise to our community.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/galaxia.temple.2018/ Hometown: Oakland,London


Ahoy from the Pirates of the Playa (infamous creators of the Mutant Vehicle USS Nevada)…look for us “Gallavanting” around the playa spreading fun and adventure and hop a ride with us! ! Our mighty USS Nevada will be doing 2+ tours around playa daily from our home port so come visit us, enjoy our signature grogs concocted with our homemade distilled rum in an awesome full-fledged pirate bar, The ArrghBar. pARTicipate in our 2+ daily theme parties 10am and 2pm, come get your drink on, play games, get flogged and then relax in our Pirates Den – an amazing chill space with couches and tables visit our Wayward Wenches Bazaar because we got what you forgot and a Pirate Fueling Station complete with water spritzes, protein drinks and icy otter pops … Come Party with us – it will be a sure adventure .. All our events ARRRGH listed in the WWW guide.

URL: https://www.gallavant.us/ Hometown: Reno

Gallery BRC

Your Local Gallery of Visionary Art and Events

URL: https://www.facebook.com/gallerybrc/ Hometown: Portland & Los Angeles

Ganesh Camp

Ganesh Camp is a lush retreat for dusty desert denizens, providing shade and drink noon-5 Mon-Fri to celebrate and beat the heat in the bar in a large, cool desert tent from India; or at night sit by the fire or Engage with the Cosmic Theatre Chronosphere Robotica; or day or night play full court basketball with glow-in-the-dark balls and cheerleading gear or give and receive gifts at the gifting tree.

URL: http://www.johnkane.com/2014-04-26-GaneshCamp/ Hometown: Berkeley

Gauchos del Fuego

Come by to have some mates every morning and learn how to prepare it the traditional way. Also take home a souvenir fro Fuego Austral, the only regional burn in Latin America.

On Thursday show your Gaucho’s skills at the Guachopartooza, a Pampa’s Rodeo BRC Style.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/fuegoaustral Hometown: Ciudad Aurea

Gears & Beers

Gears & Beers: Vehicle and art car repair camp and bar from Seattle, WA.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/gearsandbeer3/?view_public_for=1582760765100159 Hometown: Seattle

Gender Blender

Boy? Girl? Ze? Unidentified? Gender Blender is a safe haven for those bending and blending gender norms. We create safer spaces for Trans, GenderQueers, & Gender Non-Conformers. We provide a welcoming place for those curious about gender play, mixing up one’s gender, and general discussions on how gender impacts our lives. We’e a gender conscious open loving community into sparkles, theatrics, drag, running anti-oppression workshops, and making queer smoothies on playa.
Check us out at www.genderblenders.org

URL: http://www.genderblenders.org Hometown: SF Bay Area

Genital Portrait Studio

Genital Portrait Studio, the playa’s premier genital photography studio since 2000, celebrates genitalia as glorious and beautiful. A body positive and consensual space, we are welcoming to all genders and we invite you to capture your most intimate side in a keepsake laminated ID badge.

URL: http://www.genitalportraitstudio.org Hometown: San Francisco

Get Toasted


Hometown: Portland

Giants Workshop

Learning, sharing and exploration stemming from solution-oriented, positive thinking and an unguided, free social environment. Even giants feel small when they gaze at the stars…

Hometown: High Falls


Gigsville is one of the oldest villages on the Playa (we’re turning 21 this year, hooray!). We’re dedicated to fire, fun, and good old fashion jackassery. You’ll find us gathered around the car that’s on fire in the center of camp. No ocelots or other violations of the Gigsville Code of Conduct are allowed.

Hometown: Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, Austin, Houston, New York

Giraffic World

Come by Giraffic World and play on our 20′ steel cube day and night, with tree house suspended 15′ in the air, some swings on the bottom–an amazing place to catch the sunrise or sunset. Come by and grab a drink at our craft beer bar or sit by the fire at night, or just come hang out; we’re pretty nice.

Hometown: San Francisco


GlamCocks is a global family that was started at Burning Man and is dedicated to creating experiences that bring people together to find inspiration, explore their creativity, and express their fabulous, authentic selves. We believe that creativity, authenticity, and love for yourself and others are critical to having meaningful connections that make life fulfilling.

URL: http://www.glamcocks.com/ Hometown: Seattle


Glittercamp has been serving Black Rock City for the past 20 years, decorating its citizens as the decorate us. We transform those who visit us into brilliant, glistening gods and goddesses who radiate in blissed out beauty as the reflect the desert sun. A camp built on consent and communication, we encourage you to get up close and sparkly with friends and strangers alike as you reveal what’s under those clothes and release the diamond crested being that lives inside.

Hometown: New York / LA


GloryWhole is an agglomeration of fun activities, hospitality, music, and art. Welcoming you on your meanders around the streets of the Black Rock City. This tiny oasis embraces diversity and serendipity, humbly promises to invigorate passersby and send them back to the mysteries of the playa refreshed and re-energized.

URL: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1R-EFAR3u5Vp0MIT5MXMlAYN3CPY6zkSTpj7IHrSKFz4 Hometown: San Francisco

Glowskull Asylum Int'l

Glowskull Asylum Int’l brings heavy metal and rock radical inclusion to the playa. Are you craving some good headbanging and want to meet exotic misfits from random places all over the world? Our bar, SkØllushery, and art car “Castle Glowskull” will be hosting mischief, ultra-violence, and METAL (and other forms of rock) daily!

Hometown: Prague


gNarnia is a small cozy camp providing cold brew coffee and Iced Matcha tea, Monday- Friday from 9:30am-2pm. yes, We do have a lion, a witch and a wardrobe. Ice included. Find us at the lamp.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Gnomeman's Land

We’re a bunch of gnomes who took over someone’s lawn and we’ll have everything a good gnomely neighbor should have. People can stop by to enjoy our lemonade stand or hang out on our pristine front lawn (replete with white picket fence) and play lawn games or take a seat in the shade of our tree / the comfort of our hammocks.

Hometown: San Francisco


Multicultural burners mix – come get a lot of fun in the goatrampoline full of screaming plastic goat toys! Fancy some Pétanque as well? we’ve goat some tournaments and teaching going.

Hometown: San Francisco

Golden Buddha

Golden Buddha is a 12th Century Silk Road theme camp focused on consciousness, wellness, and love. There are four main features:
Golden Buddha Tea House: sharing essential oil blends, meditation bracelets and a daily tea ceremony.
Yoga, Meditation: daily guided meditation and yoga practice in the mornings and additional sunset events for playa wellness.
Speaker Series: we’ve recruited amazing speakers on subjects such as meditation, love and relationships, and mental and physical health.
Smile High Art Car: an airplane-shaped art car graces our visitors with a full sensory experience. Come enjoy the lights, sounds and energy; leave feeling more enlightened and alive!

URL: http://www.goldenbuddhacamp.com Hometown: San Francisco

Golden Cafe

Golden Cafe is your home on the playa for exotic cocktails, home infused liquors, and live music since 2003. Swing by for elegant libations served in real glassware, jam with our house band, and sample strange infusions from our cellars.

URL: http://www.goldencafe.org Hometown: Los Angeles

Golden Guy

Golden Guy Alley, a collection of micro spaces awaiting you.

URL: http://goldenguyalley.com

Gonzo Village

Gonzo Village is where you’ll find Miscreants and Bat Country serving up their usual Hunter S. Thompson inspired shenanigans; flames, machetes, explosions, strong drink and bass.

Hometown: Pittsburgh

Goodbye Horses

Goodbye Horses is a union of global Burners (USA, Japan, Sweden & Saturn) who have met and connected through Burning Man, regional Burns and local events. We are filmmakers, inventors, circus performers, chefs, rockstars and more. It’s a meeting of cultures inviting more–best known for Kernel’s World Famous PopCart, home of the best popcorn on the Playa, the one and only original, no bullshit authentic desert C~O~R~N for your grit. NO WOO-WOO LA TURNKEY CORN HERE FOLKS.

Hometown: Brooklyn

Grand SnakeOil Exhibitionist Soc.

A society of the Grandest of gentleman, carpetbaggers, confidence men, hustlers, swindlers and the greatest of all deceivers dedicated to the art and craft of snake oil salesmanship. During the day we offer a “safe space” for those who would like to practice their craft . Once a day we hold our competition. Dressed in their finest of garb, contestants bring their elixirs to exhibit, share and enchant with their tall tales and wild promises. (Signup at our booth and see “happenings” or our camp board for the content requirements for the day)

URL: https://www.facebook.com/Grand-Gentlemens-Snake-Oil-Exhibitionist-Society-177199992891531/ Hometown: Los Angeles

Grateful Floyd

Grateful Floyd is a camp dedicated to good music, cold draft IPA, and volunteering with a variety of BM departments to support BRC. We welcome all to come hang out with us.

Hometown: Valley Springs


Let Gravity do the work. Like love, gravity is one of the many unseen forces of the universe. It binds together our solar systems, keeps us firmly grounded, and rolls off the tongue like an avalanche.

With this in mind, Gravity Camp is the force that attracts and propels participants forward on the playa.

Our camp’s primary activities take place during the setting of the sun, when its gravity propels the earth through orbit and dazzles us with its majestic colorscapes. It is during this time, that we celebrate the success of a sun-filled day, and boldly continue our trajectory into the darkness of the night.

On the outskirts of the city, with no obstruction in sight, Gravity is the ideal location to celebrate the sun and wind-down before an evening of exploration.

URL: http://gravitycamp.org Hometown: San Francisco

Grease Fairies

Grease Fairies

Hometown: Portland

Greeters Camp

Hometown: Los Angeles

Greeters Station

Hometown: Los Angeles

Groove Oasis

Groove Oasis is your refuge in the dusty desert to rest or move your body. We are hosting dance workshops and parties throughout the week so check the playa schedule and come get your groove on!

URL: http://www.grooveoasis.com/ Hometown: San Francisco


Celebrating the traditions of ancient Greek sports, arts and philosophy with naked oil wrestling, competitions, yoga, pottery making and philosophical conversations in our Taverna.

URL: https://sites.google.com/view/gymnasiumburningman Hometown: Los Angeles

Gypsy Kitties Robo Brain Machina

Gypsy Kitties Robo Brain Machina is an immersive transformational experience where an organic life form evolves with the synthetic into android machina.

Hometown: Vashon Island

Gypsy Nebula Village

Gypsy Nebula Village home of the BRC Boardwalk, Gypsymonkeys, Social Cancer, Bad Ice shaved ice bar, Gypsy castaways and trailer trash and Selim’s gyration station where day or night Burners can always find fun and interactive play 24/7. Enjoy shaved ice popcorn or cotton during the day and themed libations in the cancer dome at night. Adopt a mutant monkey, get a spirit card reading, play games and win prizes. You can ride the biggest cock on the playa or make a sock animal. The gypsymonkey lounge is shady during the day and black-lighted at night and always welcome the weary traveler to rest and enjoy our ambiance.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GypsyNebula/ Hometown: Grants Pass

Gypsy Witch Camp

Virgin burners and lone travelers are welcome. Please come and share our games and then homemade salsa and witches brew, or juice, on Wed and Sat!

Hometown: Portland

GYST- Get Your Shit Together

GYST- Get Your Shit Together
Sometimes you wanna go where they’ll give you a name.
And we will. Come by for a cold bevvy or a brief breather
We’re always welcoming and throwing shade, the good kind
Virgin burner training available

Hometown: Sacramento