2018 Theme Camps

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This is NOT a list of officially accepted or placed camps. It’s a preview of what you might find when you get to Black Rock City.

This is the list of camps who submitted a Placed Camp Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City’s reserved sections for this year and want to be listed publicly.

These are the camps Placement is reviewing. Placement is announced in Early July.

To find camp locations when you’re at Burning Man, refer to the BRC Map & Guide distributed by Greeters, the theme camp maps and Directory at Playa Info, and Civic Kiosks in all the city plazas.

2018 Theme Camps

I am here. Where are you ?

Let’s become a man’s feeling and try making a map of Playa.

Hometown: Setagaya

I Love Elephants

“…And Then There’s Only Elephants” Oh my, how we love them: In herds, and on carousels, in paint and on the Playa. Help us express our love for them…we’ll show you ours, and you can show us yours. Trumpet one and all for elephants! Let’s have some fun! This may seem irreverent, but elephants look strange, yet are the most compassionate animal on this planet. Humans are more strange – we can learn much from these loving creatures. Conventional approaches to saving elephants is not working – we need the unconventional! Be Unconventional – Join “I Love Elephants” theme camp at Burning Man!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/150312938865702/ Hometown: Bend, Oregon

I Need An Adult

Hometown: Denver

I'm OK, You're OK Corral

Wanted! Put yer dusty boots on and giddyup on down to the OK Saloon to wet yer whistle. We are servin’ up cold drinks, trash talkin’ and more! Daily stick horse races, darts, Jenga, horseshoes and cornhole too. Bring yer own glass and your ID. 21+

Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area


Hometown: NYC

I, Reboot

I, Reboot
Let us help you feel human and LOVED. Leave our camp feeling rebooted and ready to play!

Hometown: Aspen, San Francisco

Ibiza Camp

A replica of a Moroccan bedouin oasis with the volcanic energy of the island of Ibiza on the playa. Bienvenidos!

Hometown: Ibiza Spain


ICARUS is a moving sculpture, a roaming art gallery and music stage all in one massive vehicle and camp. Think Firefly, Elysium and Alien meets Studio 54.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pg/icarusartcar Hometown: San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia

Iceberg Cowboys

Iceberg Cowboys – Wranglin’ Icebergs and Ridin’ em off into the sunset

Hometown: Oakland, Tampa, Johannesburg, New York, Tel Aviv


Chill out with the Icy Hands crew as they defrost between midday mercy missions: share cool stories, images and video of those touched by icy hands under the sizzling playa sun. Learn how to turn a simple block of ice into smiles, goosebumps and a truly incredible shared experience!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/IcyHands/ Hometown: San Pedro


IDEATE is a space for ideas, innovation, collaboration, and designing new paradigms to address the biggest challenges we face on spaceship earth – and bringing them to the world.

We have something to delight and inspire everyone. We embody the Burning Man Principles and we live by the axiom, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

URL: http://ideate.org Hometown: San Francisco

Identifaction Corp.

Hometown: Berkeley

Identity Awareness

Hometown: Seattle

Illuminalia's HQ

Sin City’s own fire tribe born in 2016 with the sole intent of participating here at Burning Man. We have succeeded for 2 consecutive years so far!

Illuminalia will be teaching prop manipulation classes this year (fire staff, dragon staff, hoop, poi, rope dart, ect) as well as opening a massage parlor, having tea and cookies, fixing fire tools, and gifting a few things here and there. Come by and say hi!

Hometown: Las Vegas

Illumination Village

Illumination Village (now a 501(c)(3) offers the most old school, beautifully chaotic and welcoming Burning Man experience on the Esplanade. We are one of the oldest villages, celebrating 22 consecutive years of mayhem in 2018, which we plan to be our most spectacular ever.

URL: http://www.illuminationvillage.com Hometown: Black Rock City


Come find your naughty side with us, evenings Tuesday through Thursday!

URL: http://www.campilluminaughty.com Hometown: Los Angeles


Imaginarium: for Synthetic Sensations; getting real, with the simulated.

Hometown: We are primarily in Seattle and the Bay Area


IMAGINEnation is a life coaching camp dedicated to the power of dreaming and radical honesty. We are gifting one-on-one 30 minute life coaching sessions, Monday thru Saturday to the people of the playa. Come work your shit out!

URL: http://www.campimaginenation.com Hometown: New York

In a pickle

You, me, 2 others, some paddles and balls.

That’s pickleball.

Hometown: Aptos

In Case We Miss Each Other

We are an Art Support Camp for In Case We Miss Each Other.

Hometown: Pasadena


Avast ye blearly-eyed landlubbers! Drink deeply from the bottomless depths of our coffee! Walk the dreaded Strip Plank or find yourselves locked in the pillory (spanking optional)! Coffee Mon.-Fri. 9am-11am.

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Infinite Community

Infinite Community Loves You! Come visit our immersive experience on playa or say to the support crew in our camp.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Infinite Love

URL: http://www.infinitelove.io Hometown: San Francisco

Inflatable Wildlife Disco

Join the elite group of Inflatable Wildlife Intelephants for Historical Readings, Bocce, a Pre-Sunrise Party, Unbirthday Party and Open Bars! Mingle, Lounge, Dance – The Inflatable Wildlife Intelephants bring the self-aware jungle to you!

Hometown: New York City

Inflation Station

Inflation Station provides 24/7 bike tire repair and replacement services which encourage participants to learn bike repair techniques through guided instruction. Come relax is our shaded bike repair lounge while fixing your bike and enjoy a cold bar beverage while checking out our unique costume exchange area.

Hometown: Mill Valley


It’s the return of the Evening Cartoon Party!
Every night all Burners are invited to chill in our cinema and to enjoy a variety of breath-taking cartoons.
It’s that special time when kids-at-heart get to relive the exciting ritual of non-stop cartoons. As always, this 3-hour trip into the weird and wonderful world of yesteryear’s animated antics will be accompanied by an all-you-can eat popcorn. The cartoon lineup is always a mystery,
so get ready for a sugar rush and an explosion of nostalgia all wrapped up in one candy-coated package.

Hometown: Moscow

Inspiration Oasis

Inspiration Oasis is where you ending up somehow and you life change for ever.
the quality of the people that coming by our camp is the top of the top, maybe its because many of us are really connected in the facilitation of our culture year long for long time and we made a lot of amazing friends over the years.
Our goal is to represent our name correctly, and if we promised Inspiring Oasis this is what you will get as you come by our home.

Hometown: Tel Aviv, Atlanta, Tulsa, Miami Florida

Inspiration Point

Inspiration Point provides a shaded and comfortable communal space where BRC citizens can relax under a mister, enjoy fruit smoothies, practice yoga, participate in moderated discussions and enjoy beautiful music.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Instant Gratification

Instant Gratification has a simple goal — to ensure that everyone on the playa can indulge themselves in the moment through serendipitous gratification. Within our camp, we’ll host happy hours centered around good music, drinks, and a unique, interactive visualization; we want to foster a sense of enjoyment and playfulness within our camp.

Hometown: San Francisco

Interaction Café

We create a space where servers get to create their ideal burning man experience by choosing interactions offered to guests who come by, and guests choose whichever of their offerings tickles their fancy. The result is consensual weird and wonderful experiences, and it’s hard to leave our camp, because you never know what might happen next: one moment it’s sweet and moving, and the next it’s rowdy and hysterical.

Hometown: Oakland

Intergalactic Sasquatch Village

The playa base of the Intergalactic Sasquatch.

Hometown: Mt. Shasta

Interstellar Business Cafe

Interstellar Business Cafe welcomes business travelers from all dimensions and galaxies for breakfast tacos and iced coffee every day from noon to 2pm. Spaceships in approved parking spots only.

Hometown: San Francisco

Intrepid Arts

The mission of Intrepid Arts is to manifest novel artistic intentions and to inspire the exchange of self actualized social consciousness.

Vision: Intrepid Arts will bring radical artwork and experiences to people in novel forms that will uplift the human spirit, inspiring community building based on self-actualized participation and personal engagement with the larger world.

Hometown: Arcata

Invisible Pink Unicorns

We are Invisible Pink Unicorns camp! Our major mission on Burning Man – make random people happy for a moment. We believe that nothing can compare to the fabulous sensation of suddenly being hugged by a dozen unicorns in soft pink fur coats (faux fur of course!). We gift these moments of pure happiness to strangers of the Playa. Most often during sunrise.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/PinkUnicornCamp/ Hometown: Moscow

Iron Monkeys

Home to the Iron Monkeys, who made OVER|GROWN

URL: http://www.ironmonkeyarts.org/overgrown.html Hometown: SEATTLE

Irrelephant Bird Camp

Colorful eyebrows? CHECK! Dunking Contest? CHECK! Juice Smoothies? CHECK! Yatch rock? Jock rock? Not rock? Check, check, and check! Trying to get a handle on what we do here at Irrelephant Bird Camp? Don’t even try it. Just come by and get a little silly with us, touch base with reality, or take a nap overseas.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/elephantbirdcamp Hometown: Bay Area