2018 Theme Camps

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This is NOT a list of officially accepted or placed camps. It’s a preview of what you might find when you get to Black Rock City.

This is the list of camps who submitted a Placed Camp Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City’s reserved sections for this year and want to be listed publicly.

These are the camps Placement is reviewing. Placement is announced in Early July.

To find camp locations when you’re at Burning Man, refer to the BRC Map & Guide distributed by Greeters, the theme camp maps and Directory at Playa Info, and Civic Kiosks in all the city plazas.

2018 Theme Camps

JAC Village

JAC village is a new village combining 2 art cars with a dynamic theme camp. We will be offering daily happy hour cruises along with art car symposiums every other day where will answer any and all questions regarding an art car build process.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/TheJankyBarge/ Hometown: San Francisco

Jake's Tent

Games, Drinks and Activities Planned for anyone to walk up and participate in. People are welcome to take a load off under our shade structure while we hand out spiked lemonade or tea.

Hometown: San Jose


Janky as Fuck brings you SPOONS AND TOONS! Serving up cereal and all your favorite 90’s cartoons!

Hometown: Denver


Jankytown features Live Music and Circus Arts – funk, jazz, samba, clowns and fire performance. An interactive creative space, stop by for open jams in the daytime and for evening performances by Jankytown artists.

URL: http://jankytown.org Hometown: Reno


Enjoy the best green tea and sake on the playa in our relaxing and welcoming tea lounge. Take some time to visit our Bijou Boutique’s collection of fine jewelry, and join one of our artists to make your own.

Sling some ink with Squids of the Sumi-e dojo.
We’ll load your tentacles up with our homemade brushes and let you experience large scale sumi-e painting! This is sumi-e painting as a flow art.

Need to relax? chill out with some Tibetan singing bowl meditation.

Hometown: Las Vegas

JOBI: Coffee, Tea or Me?

JOBI: Coffee, Tea or Me, serving coffee, tea, hot cocoa and treats every morning of the event from 7:00 till it runs out, plus (new this year!) a light immersion dance experience every night. Bring your body, acoustic music, and don’t forget your cup!

Hometown: SF and the world. . .

Joie de Vivre

Joie de Vivre, the ageless French expression, reflects our cheerful zest for life as well as our core camp philosophy, and our global group of Joiers welcome you into our camp anytime of the day or night!

Come and find the brightly colored neon sign and flags atop our Joie de Vivre Arch, step inside and fuel up on a Cup of Joie coffee or relax with a chilled Rose-ayyy! We will also be offering yoga and beauty sessions throughout the burn in addition to our good old fashioned Joieful tunes and vibes!

URL: http://www.joiedevivrecamp.com Hometown: New York, Paris, Brussels, Los Angeles, Stockholm, London and Adelaide


Journeys is where your spirit and mind come into divine convergence through love. Stop off the chaotic road and get refreshed with vision, hope and dreams. Come sign up for our creative photography class to capture your spiritual journey through the eyes of a lense. Bring your CAMERA and learn to SEE WITH NEW EYES, Releasing your Vision, your Creativity and your Truth! Learn some keys to reveal your authentic perspective, capture your message of visual inspiration, and tell your heartfelt stories.
We offer:
Spiritual expression of who you are, true self,
Spiritual readings to empower your journey, healing into hope
Bring in the light, inner grounding, soul filling, releasing negativity,
Healing sessions available spiritual guides and guided group meditations with drums and singing bowls.

Or just come hang out in our tent with misting system!

Hometown: Winnemucca

Jub Jub's Plastic Circus

Jub Jub, always here to fling those funny hard-to-get drinks, uneasy rest, strange music, weird plays, loud noises, oh-so-friendly grief, bruises, nausea, vertigo, i.e. Monkey Business!!!   maybe poo too…

Hometown: Reno

Jungle Oddity

Lost in the jungle you’ll never know what creature you might discover. Come discover your spirit animal and walk on the wild side!

Hometown: Bay Area