2018 Theme Camps

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This is NOT a list of officially accepted or placed camps. It’s a preview of what you might find when you get to Black Rock City.

This is the list of camps who submitted a Placed Camp Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City’s reserved sections for this year and want to be listed publicly.

These are the camps Placement is reviewing. Placement is announced in Early July.

To find camp locations when you’re at Burning Man, refer to the BRC Map & Guide distributed by Greeters, the theme camp maps and Directory at Playa Info, and Civic Kiosks in all the city plazas.

2018 Theme Camps

Radio Electra

Bringing you the best music news and commentary on your FM dial for 19 years on the playa. Tune in during the event for music, news, mayhem, and commentary. Theme camps and artists are always welcome to drop off Public Service announcements about interactive events and projects they wish to have everyone know about.

URL: http://www.radio-electra.com Hometown: Tucson

Raditude (Formerly Fer Sherbert)

The goal of Camp Fer Sherbert and its members is to nurture and be stewards of the ritual creative overlord spirit of Burning Man. We do this by having frosty vegan superfood treats to support the hundreds of dedicated artists, volunteers, and citizens in Black Rock City who build large-scale art installations on the playa in the heat of the midday sun. Through our reverently ridiculous expression of this service over the last three years as a placed theme camp, we have created interactivity of new friends, lovers, international treat-enthusiasts, and learned that spontaneous love transcends all spectators into divine interactivity!

It’s like ‘For Sure’, but ‘Fer Sherbert’ 🙂

Hometown: Las Vegas

Rainbow OASIS

A calming, relaxing, refreshing Oasis, where Burners of every sexual proclivity can enjoy a cold drink, a snack, and a deep conversation stoked by intrusive (yet illuminating!) personal question cards. Come every afternoon for our daily events!

Hometown: San Francisco

Rainbow Sparkle Peach

Do you enjoy legends, glitter, glamour, fruit, queerness ,and polyamory in epic proportions? If so, then come visit us at Rainbow Sparkle Peach (and the Legend of the Polyglamorous Queerdo). We offer advice, peachy keen hosting, cold fruit, hot kisses, and a whole hell of a lot more…

We love connecting, cuddling, storytelling, and maybe if you’re lucky, you! Also of note, we are inclusive as fuck, leave your phobias behind and find a new way of lovin’…just sayin’…safe spaces for all!

URL: http://facebook.com/group/rainbowsparklepeach Hometown: Los Angeles

Raised by Wolves

A real wolf pack is primarily composed of brothers and sisters. We’re not related, or wolves, but we do yell at the moon a lot. Raised by Wolves is a community of artists and doers who gather together in the desert to create epic fun, howl at the moon together and invite everyone in to share our space and run with the wolves.

We serve iced cold brew coffee every morning, have the playa’s most banging hip-hop/reggae dance party—complete with Dark ‘n Stormys—and lots of opportunities to move your body in our dome.

URL: https://raisedxwolves.wordpress.com/ Hometown: Brooklyn

Rancho Sparkle Pony+Buddha Lounge

Rancho Sparkle Pony and the world-famous Buddha Lounge return to serve and protect the errant sparkle ponies of the playa. A bevy of true grit interactivity, we are bigger and better than we have ever been. Stop by to fill your cup, shake your ass, and kick-start our robot. We love you Burning Man!

Hometown: Bridgeport, CT Wagon Mound, NM Monterrey, CA Santa Cruz, CA Maine, Oregon, BC

Random Acts of Cupcake

Think you know your tastebuds? Come don the Mystical Goggles of Enlightenment and spin the Double Discs of Deliciousness. Each Disc has 6 different cupcake frostings or 6 different toppings. We’ll craft a cupcake based on what you spun. You shove that thing in your Cupcake Hole and tell us what you think! Prizes and eternal glory for the winners. And if you don’t win, at least you get a cupcake.

Hometown: Clayton

Random Pants Camp

Are you too big for your britches? Is your cod-piece not sitting right? Did the sun go down and now you’re freezing because you didn’t think through wearing assless chaps? Stop by Random Pants get yourself a new look (on the lower half, at least). From slacks to gators, we’ve got you covered.

Hometown: SF

Ranger Camp Moscow

Staff camp for Black Rock Rangers

URL: https://rangers.burningman.org/ Hometown: Black Rock City

Ranger Headquarters

Rangers Headquarters

URL: https://rangers.burningman.org Hometown: Black Rock City

Ranger Outpost Berlin

Ranger Outpost Berlin

URL: https://rangers.burningman.org/ Hometown: Black Rock City

Ranger Outpost Tokyo

Ranger Outpost Tokyo

URL: https://rangers.burningman.org/ Hometown: Black Rock City

Rat Trap

We are the notorious bar that never closes. Come by day or night to drink our booze, ride our horse and join us as we strive for Radical Self Stupidity.

Hometown: Los Angeles, Portland

Real Dilla

RealDilla. A fun loving group of burners from Sacramento geared up to serve you Quesadillas and libations and dance, party and play with you!

Hometown: Sacramento

Reared In Steel's Camp Fire Ball

Reared In Steel’s Camp Fire Ball. Come shoot some balls of fire from the Flower Tower!

Hometown: PETALUMA

Reckless Erection

Hexayurts built carelessly. Shade structures destroyed in a dust storm. Over-eager shirtcockers. These are all examples of one thing: reckless erections.

Hometown: Berkeley

Red Bar

Red Bar (formerly Mason Jar Revival, Cornhole Bar, Farmopolis, … also the home of Joule the Art Car), an oasis popping out of the desert, red and glowing at night, invites weary travelers to float through our halls to find the inner sanctum of libations and live music at the piano. Sit down and play, or listen and sing, bring your instruments and see what develops, as we are always open and will have daily drink specials plus games and entertainment. Every hour is happy hour at Red Bar!

Hometown: Boise

Red Herring

“The Red Herring: the dilapidated and sumptuous salon of an eccentric aristocrat. A special place where special things happen…”

Hometown: San Francisco

Red Nose District

Red Nose District History, background: Red Nose District (RND) has been in existence, in one form or another, since 1998. In 2013, we resolved to keep our hearts, minds, and noses RED from now until the end of time! RND has roots and participants in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Fe, Oregon, Canada, Israel, France, and various states and countries around the world. Our members are involved in (or are lovers of) the circus arts, and work to bring our various skills and talents to the playa in forms that allow for an immersive, participatory experience for the citizens of Black Rock City. Notable past projects/activities include: High Chair Stilt Bar, Pedalbump, Muse, Fire Wire, Wheel of Fortune, Zenobia Blanca stilt limo, Zeppelin art cars, afternoon stilt lessons, the Stoop, Whiskey Kickball, and circus variety shows of all forms! Want to know more? Come find us on the playa!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/RedNoseDistrict/ Hometown: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Fe, Bend/Portland, Denver

Red Tea Ceremony Camp

We are the Red Tea Ceremony Camp, we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of bring Japanese tea ceremony to Burning Man. If you speak Japanese or are interested in Japan, stop by.

URL: https://journal.burningman.org/2017/03/philosophical-center/the-theme/finding-my-humanity-in-a-red-tea-ceremony/ Hometown: Osaka

Religious As Fuck

“The world now is too dangerous and beautiful for anything but love.” Religious as Fuck is a place for prayer, blessing, conversation and spiritual healing. We will offer morning prayer and daily time for conversation, prayer and prayer bead making. We will offer worship services and blessings at the temple.
Open dialogue about what religion, spirituality, and God mean to people, or quite honestly, what they don’t mean to them as well.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Remote Control

We are about repurposing, remaking, reworking, recycling, and rethinking. We remake old clothes into MOOP bags (pick up one, return it full, win a prize) and rework discarded TV remotes into decorations, lamps, games, and objects of wonder.

URL: http://www.campremotecontrol.com Hometown: Portland

Reno High Vibe Tribe!

Camp Illuminated Tea!
We provide tea elixirs and tea ceremonies to refresh our burners, accompanied by guided meditations, open mic, and DJs

Hometown: Sparks

Reno Housewives

Costuming BRC since 1998. Do you need bridesmaids for your playa wedding, or are looking for the perfect outfit for that party? ASK US — From frumpy to fabulous, we have you covered. Home of the world-famous Sillisculpt Museum.

Hometown: Reno


Retrofrolic, beating in the heart of the 7:30 corridor, is a radically inclusive, sex-positive destination camp for burners practicing safe, sane, and consensual activities in adult sexual relationships — and those who want to! We offer educational classes and workshops, social events, mentorship, skills and technique training, and a fully equipped, 1800 sq. ft. adult playspace for all to enjoy.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2169690703057223/ Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga


Reverbia is an All Live Music Camp, known as The Portal of Live Music at Burning Man. Reverbia features International, National, and Regional Touring Acts. Reverbia schedules each day with the following: Calm Inside (breathe, stretch), our very popular Live Music Yoga in The Morning, Dancing Before Noon (Live Music Dance Workshops)…Song, Dust, Sing (Black Rock City’s premier open mic and singer/songwriter showcase on an amazing sound system), Concerts in the Shade Series, and Reverbia Live Nights on our Main Stage. Two other venues host late night music: Our LED Interactive Radiance Dome (lots of live looping and chill music) and our Jam and Teahouse (acoustic solo artists, duos, trios), where you can get hot chai and exotic teas to soothe your late night last hours. Reverbia will also feature: Tribute to Lost Musicians (honoring musicians who passed away 2017-2018), Dance of the 7 Chakras, Classical Sunsets (BYOWine), and the sound interactive space…The Ninth Node.

URL: http://reverbia.org Hometown: Eugene, OR and Vancouver, CAN


Tremendously gratefull to return to Black Rock City in 2018, for our 12th consecutive year at Burning Man!

RhythmWave is dedicated to the practice of Conscious Dance as a moving meditation. With no experience necessary and no “steps” to learn, Conscious Dance offers a path, different for each person, and the destination is the discovery of ourselves and a return to our center.

Facilitators from around the globe offer multiple daily sessions of Conscious Dance and movement on our 2,500 sq.ft., fully shaded and easily-accessible bamboo dance floor. RW also hosts morning yoga and meditation, as well as workshops and intention circles throughout the week.

All citizens of Black Rock City are always invited to bless the bamboo at RhythmWave. Please join us!

URL: https://www.rhythmwave.org/


RISA is a resort planet, renowned for its breezes, clothing optional beaches and friendly atmosphere. In the afternoon you can enjoy one of our Snow Cones and lounge in an enclosed cooled area. In the evening come eat and taken in the fire art or take a ride on one of our Mutant vehicles.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1474167569276927/ Hometown: Redding/Reno

Ritual of Victory

Come to Ritual of Victory each day to celebrate your personal victories at our fun bar Victory Juice! Join us in creating custom and unique Burning Man necklaces and art that you get to keep. Get your Tarot Cards or Palm read by our Extra Mediums. Shake your booty at our Black Rock Hard Rock Hour of Power dance party each day featuring the best hard rock music on the playa!

Hometown: St Petersburg

Roasted Breaux and Coffee Heaux

Roasted Breaux and Coffee Heaux coffee house open M, W, F from 1-3. The freshest coffee on the Playa – because it’s roasted on the Playa.

Hometown: Ojai

Robot Art at the Oasis

Robot Art at the Oasis offers robots and humans an oasis from a weary, mechanized world with jewelry making and a bar available, as well as a plush, welcoming space at all times.

Hometown: Palm Springs

Robot Repair and Tea Shop

Bring your broken robots to the Robot Repair and Tea Shop. Enjoy a cup of fine tea during the day or an alcoholic libation at night (21+ only) while we inspect and repair your robot.

Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Robot Warrior

Out and about in the desert, find us – humans and robots alike – dancing, communing, defying the boundaries of our consciousness aboard the Robot Warrior. Ride alongside our robot SWARM. Perhaps become one yourself. And if you seek to further plumb the depths of whichever consciousness you embody, join us back at our camp. Within our pyramid, find deep relaxation and an even deeper and mystifying incarnation.

Hometown: Palo Alto and Beyond!


Robotronia – “Interact with Hotshot and other friendly humanoid robots, experience our interactive video screen or use our robot repair and charging station”

Hometown: reno

Rockin Robot Piano Bar

Not active yet.

Hometown: San Francisco

Rogue Nation

Rogue Nation Village is home to a group of camps from the Pacific Northwest: Kreme Burners, Kona Zona, SeaWEED, and Dope Sauce.
Seattle’s diverse village for the amazing French dessert Crème Brulée TWICE during the burn, authentic Mexican tacos, quesadillas, margaritas, a full bar, a piano lounge, a hookah lounge, outdoor games (trampoline, balance boards) and a big chill space known as “Comfort” to host various workshops.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/RogueNationVillage/ Hometown: Seattle

Rootist Lounge

The Rootist Lounge is a camp dedicated to sharing the joy of knowledge, of healing, of yoga, of oneness and so much more. We connect through yoga, through laughter and through creativity.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/RootistLounge/ Hometown: Las Vegas


Rootpile is a North Carolina based themecamp whose mission is to bring live Bluegrass Music and Hillbilly food and culture to the Playa. We have nightly concerts, daily instrument workshops on instruments we provide, daily Hillbilly Olympix and BBQ and Pinto Beans at our nightly concerts and an open Jam on Weds afternoon at two with Pinto Beans and an Open Jam on Saturday at two pm with Pinto Beans served.

URL: http://www.rootpile.com Hometown: Boone

Rude Awakening

This is a sacred space for self-actualization and flow. We’ve built a space for everyone to lose their inhibitions and become the best versions of themselves. We’re a family and community, an LA/SF-based collective of dreamers, artists, adventurers, and passionate doers, that loves throwing badass parties as much as we love to connect on deeper levels. We’re a diverse group of eclectic individuals that operates with deep love and respect on the 10 Principles of Burning Man, that create interactive experiences and magic together.

Play is good for the soul – come meditate, do yoga, boogie down, play with fire, learn to spin (contact and dragon staff, poi, hoops, fans, palm torches, levitation wand, rope dart), fly on an aerial rig, party ’til the break of dawn, jam out, or whatever else your heart desires. Bring your best vibes!

Hometown: Los Angeles - San Francisco

Rum Amok

Running Amok? Find your tropical oasis on the playa and stop by to chill, relax and enjoy well crafted rum cocktails with us!

Hometown: San Francisco

Rumi's Tea House

Hometown: Brooklyn

Run Free Camp

Run Free is a clean and sober Burning Man camp for folks whose common goal is enlargement of spiritual life through new adventures in being human and living life to the fullest. The only requirement for membership is a commitment to a clean and sober Burn. For more info, check us out on Facebook (Run Free Camp) or on our website.

URL: http://www.runfreecamp.com Hometown: Oakland