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2022 Archive


Overstimulated? Sit in the shade with some fine TURKISH COFFEE or TEA. When you’re finished, we’ll share what your grounds or leaves say about the future.

Before leaving, take a VIAL OF SPICES to wear on a necklace in case you happen upon a sushi bar or taco truck in the deep playa.

Be sure to come back Wednesday at 4:00 for the big BIRTHDAY PARTY!

Hometown: Las Vegas


Come get your morning caffeine fix with the best coffee on playa! We serve single-cup pour over coffees from a menu of home-roasted single origin coffee beans from around the world. And, come get a birds-eye view of playa from our 26 ft crows nest lookout tower!

Hometown: Oakland

Kaleidoscope Collective

Hometown: London

Kalifornia Village

Hometown: San Diego, San Francisco

Kamp Karaoke

Get your inner singer on with us at Kamp Karaoke! We provide LIVE BAND (and standard digital)asX back-up for you and your friends.

Hometown: Davis

Kamp Kerfuffle

An art support camp for Fractaled Mind. Visit us at camp or on playa!

Hometown: Flagstaff


Our aesthetic and interactivity seek to explore the human experience as we awaken, inviting each citizen of BRC to spend time inside what we call the Bizarre Bazaar. We will bring this vision into every aspect of our design including the built infrastructure, decor, lighting, culture, and programming.

Hometown: San Francisco

Kamp Kla

Custom Glaze Your Burning Man Ceramic Medallion, and enjoy some midday shade and hydration. We will kiln fire once home, and then send it to you at the mid-burn wherever you live in the default world

Hometown: Penryn

Kamp Poop Play

Come have a dump full of shits and giggles and a safe space for dookey themed games and activities. (NOT A SCAT or ADULT THEMED CAMP)

Hometown: Los Angeles

Kamp Skynyrd

An Oasis of Ignorance in a Sea of Enlightenment

Hometown: Grant's Pass, OR

Kamp Suckie Fuckaye

Kamp Suckie Fuckaye is home to Burning Man’s longest running fire conclave, Garnish. Our infamous Kamp Suckie Fuckaye Saloon invites all citizens of Black Rock to come have a drink and talk some shit. Made up of a variety of artists, performers, and career entertainers KSF is collective of the creative! Join us for our workshops, performances, and all around good times. Come, join our family. SUCKIEEE FUCKAYEEEEE! (Not a sex camp.)

Hometown: Las Vegas


Hometown: Boston

Karma Love Camp

The universe invites you to discover yourself in the same manner it is discovering itself.
Beginning with The Divine Femininity, traveling through self-discovery and improvement, to emerge at the transformations event horizon; the energy and vibration of Karma Love is all encompassing, all-healing & all-enabling.
Our art is welcoming and mesmerizing, inviting possibility with wonder. Our events challenge your senses and awareness as we focus on honoring self.
Our celebration of YOU includes body adornment, care experiences, meditation yoga and heart-opening workshops. Share with us the joy of community through our food events, dance parties and gifting.
You are the universe incarnate, and Karma Love awaits your arrival!

URL: Hometown: Gerlach


Come hang with the Wookiees of KashyyyK! Stop by our bodega any afternoon for all of your forgotten playa needs, and while your here, stay for a relaxing swing (or nap) in one of our many hammocks!

Hometown: New York City


The Kazbah is the place to be for the best music and vibes. Let the lasers guide you to 10:00 and come find our 64 foot tall pyramid DJ Booth midnight to noon. We’ve got drinks, shade, and always some surprises.

URL: Hometown: los angeles

Kegel Kommandos

NEW For 2022 – the Black Rock City Dragstrip. Challenge your friends in a breakneck race to the finish!
Daily Safari Bar to conquer the dust.
Endless playtime Featuring the Playa’s Tallest Horizontal Climbing Wall, Limbo challenge and daily Table Tennis play
PLUS – Take your Table Tennis skills to a whole new level with our 5th Annual Ding Dong Sing Song Beer Bong Ping Pong World Championships. Sport, Junk Food and Beer!
Thursday – the 9th Annual Grilled Cheese and Baconstravaganza. You know you need gluten, dairy AND meat products….we have them all in one place, at one time!
Kegel Kommandos – we’re doing it now!

Hometown: Reno

Kentucky Fried Camp

Black Rock City’s home for the best-damned breakfast in the Black Rock desert. Fried baloney sandwiches & bourbon shots served gingham style with a heaping helping side of Southern Hospitality. You won’t wanna miss the Whoreshoe Derby, Kentucky Fried Cotillion and late-night KFC Cock Fights in our olde Kentucky Dome!

Hometown: Lexington


Kermitville gifts the following attractions to Burners:
1) Shoot Me in the Dust photo booth – striking, beautiful portraits gifted!
2) The People Peeper – people preen preparing for their portrait unaware they are being peeped from the other side of the mirror.
3) Ginitalia & Snacks – late night refuge for Burners seeking refreshment and salty snacks.
4) Kermitville selfie-station – take your photo with the Kermitville logo and various items with Kermit’s image. Everyone loves Kermit!

Hometown: Rohnert Park


Hometown: Phoenix

Kid Karaoke

Come to kidsville around dusk for Karaoke featuring your favorite songs!

Hometown: San Carlos, CA


Kidsville is a village of kid oriented theme camps and individual family camps. We provide a safe haven from which to explore the magic of Burning Man!

URL: Hometown: Santa Cruz

Kindergarten Kamp

Hometown: Auburn

Knot Sure

Black light chill space, stripper pole, decorative rope tops and chill music.

Hometown: Watsonville

Knotty By Nature

Knotty by Nature will help you survive and thrive on playa and beyond! Our knot-tying workshops will teach you a variety of ways to get yourself into or out of a literal bind. Our sober hangouts offer calm, peaceful opportunities for you to regroup, recenter, and re-caffeinate to you can be your absolute best Burning version of yourself! Our camp and activities are accessible to Burners of all ages and can accomodate a wide range of ability levels. Come to Knotty by Nature if you are ready to laugh, learn and connect!

Hometown: Moraga

KoKo LoKo

KoKo LoKo is your tropical oasis where you can get yourself one ice cold Thai Coconut. We’re here to love and rejuvenate you.

Hometown: New York


Serving Kona Coffee-Liquid Hugs for your Brain every morning

Hometown: Edmonds WA, Kona Hawaii

Korea Soju House

Experience the traditional Korean Wine House with a kaleidoscope of soju flavors!

Hometown: San Francisco

Kosmic Kamels

Kosmic Kamels is a collection of modern nomads from all over the Middle East and the galaxy who want to give BRC the gift of our common heritage – warm tea and coffee, a good smoke, a place in the shade, soothing Arabian string music and open conversation.

Hometown: Middle East

Kosmic Kowboys

Kosmic Kowboys is a home for wayward Kowboys, Kosmic souls and anyone who wants to experience the old west Playa Style

Hometown: Reno

Kosmik Dust

Hometown: Las Vegas

Kostume Kult

Come to Kostume Kult for daytime costume transformations and runway shows (M-F, Noon-5pm) with evening events and dance parties. Born in NYC and Baptized in BRC, we gift a truckload of costumes but you have to “wear it to own it”and dance down our runway with the encouragement of our DJs and Emcees — out onto the Esplanade and into your new life. Also featuring a crafting tent, variety shows, random absurdities and a rich brew of playa magic including our annual Brooklyn Block Party on Wednesday evening.

URL: Hometown: New York

Krepe Burners

Come eat the best crepes in ze world!
Real French Crepes, made by a real French crew!
Choose to have your French crepe flambée with Rum, or one of our non alcoholic option.

Hometown: France

Krème Burners

Imagine you are riding your bike through Black Rock City in the Nevada desert, sunburned, tired and dusty. You hear music in the distance. You arrive to see beautiful people dancing, laughing, drinking and bouncing on a trampoline. Someone hands you a ticket. What’s going on here? Soon someone brings you a real earthenware ramekin and a clean stainless steel spoon! It’s cool in your hand and smells of caramelized sugar. When you look inside you see the freshest raspberry with a sprig of bright green mint sitting atop a dark brown and tan mottled surface. You dip your spoon in and the top layer cracks audibly. Beneath the fissure is a cool, rich, creamy custard. You have just experienced one of the tastiest Creme Brulees, and that too, at Burning Man. You will never be the same.

URL: Hometown: Seattle

KSA Disco Katz

Pounce by for a furrocious pawty in our gLitter box disco pyramid, enjoy a meowmosa to some funky house on Friday morning, swing by to create your own tiny hat to make you the pop all over the desert, and for the Madonna fans out there who happen to have a soft spot for house and daquiri’s we have just the thing: MaDaquiri Hour on Tuesday. Purr… HISS HISS!!! Purrr……

URL: Hometown: San Francisco


BULGARIAN KUKER Mutant Vehicle is based on a millenia old tradtion from the Balkan Peninsula in Europe, the Kukeri Ritual Dancers – people dressing up with hideous animalistic masks and elaborate self-made fur costumes every year at the beginning of Spring season to scare away evil spirits and bring joy, happiness and prosperity for the whole village throughout the year.
In addition to just having the festive and carnival-like appearance, we have infused our ancient MUTANT PET with a modern soul – mixing ancient bagpipe melodies and live drum beats with various electronic music styles.
For the past few burns we have joined forces with our long time burn neighbors from the GroundSwell Foundation non-profit entity and just recently with the Shady Lady camp of McMurdo’s Antarctica burners.

URL: Hometown: Westminster


We are writers, journalers, diary-keepers. We seek out moments to create and consume art with those around us, from reading to writing to storytelling to doodling to dancing. We promote Art as Interactivity and invite our guests to express themselves within our den. Come visit our Library, where you can read and write, share stories, and lounge together. Eat a pancake portrait of yourself! Dance with us to morning disco or sip tea alongside afternoon tunes.

Hometown: New York City