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2022 Archive

Pablo's Breakfast Cantina & Spa

Come visit our breakfast bar for breakfast quesadillas, churro pancakes, micheladas, and coffee-infused tequila. What’s the “spa” you ask? Come see us and find out!

Hometown: NYC/ San Francisco/ Europe

Pablos Crusty Creatives

Our camp includes a collection of art creators who actively create art and promote artistic expression in our world.

Hometown: Santa Fe


Palinka Lounge offers a welcoming respite for Burners new and old around the globe. We offer a comfortable environment for Burners to take a moment to relax, have a glass of original Hungarian Pálinka and participate in Hungarian (playa) rituals to make a connection with Hungarian (burner) culture.

URL: Hometown: Bay Area

Palm Tree Country Club

Our camp is absolutely thrilled, grateful, and elevated to bring Palm Tree Country Club back to Burning Man. We plugged ourselves in the multiverse in 2020. In 2021, we rested and healed. 2022 BOOM, we’ve finally awoken from this dream, full of new ideas, motivated with creativity, desiring for connections, and ready to provide genuine and unique experiences at our camp that any Burner can enjoy.
Start off your burn with incredible style by visiting our fashion giveaway on Monday afternoon. Groove yourself into some Burner Bingo to win prizes. Quench your thirst with the nectar of the gods by slapping a bag of wine while enjoying exquisite cheese we have flown in each night. Do you like your beats fast and your bass down low? Then come vibe out to incredible DJs sets at sunrise and sunset.

URL: Hometown: Joshua Tree, CA

Pam's Parlor

Welcome one and all to Pam’s Parlor, where you can find shade and get shiny with our custom flash tattoos designed specifically for the Burn, or enjoy other scheduled events such as meditation, body painting, shibari, hookah, and more! Please feel free to climb up onto the back of our art car to get a great view of the neighborhood at any time of day or night–we look forward to seeing you there!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Pampers Campers

Hometown: Essex, UK

Pancake Playhouse

Tired of the never ending thump thump of electronic music. Give your ear drums a break and come have a pancake on us while listening to soothing 80’s rock. We are open mondays to fridays from 9ish to noonish

URL: Hometown: Los Angeles

Panda Camp

Panda Camp – A land of eclectic, fun, loving and fun-loving mammalia.

Hometown: Chicago


Come one come all to PANDALAND! DeepHouse Panda Parties & Healing Sanctuary

Hometown: Venice


Where chaos becomes joy and pain becomes pleasure. Our camp is an eclectic mix of kink, acceptance, and love. Explore and embrace your kinky side with some rope bondage or flogging. We’ve got some classes for learning and our camp is always open to impromptu kink scenes. Check out the views from the top of the pyramid or try your talents on our lyra. Last but not least, our 6 ft tall Flaming Heart is a sure bet for some magical pics.

URL: Hometown: Los Angeles

Pandora's Lounge & Fix-it Shoppe

Our camp keeps our fellow Burners biking: our repair shop offers education, tools and parts, for bike repair. Actually we’ll help you repair just about anything, but bikes are our specialty. We also love to mix drinks and host visitors in our adjacent lounge.

Bike repair is our specialty, we will teach you to do your repair. We are open 24 hrs a day. We have a bar and lounge to make life easier.

URL: Hometown: St. Louis

Paper Cranes

Come find refuge from the elements of the Playa. Have an ice-cold michelada or a homemade pickleback at our bar, “The Fold”. Or enjoy a hot tea while you listen to some funky beats. Make a paper crane with your best wishes and we’ll deliver it safely to the temple before the Sunday burn.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Paradise Motel

Experience the American (Waking) Dream that is Paradise Motel. Established in 2008 and designed to resemble the most garish of roadside motels, we are dedicated to sharing the spirit and ethos of the noble flamingo. We’re a flamboyance of fun-loving goofballs from mostly the SF Bay Area (and all across the gender and sexuality spectra) who invite weary travelers to stop in for a snow cone and enjoy featured music and activities every day while lounging in the shade by our “pool”. Since we have become a pretty close knit group we are only looking to bring in people that want to join our family, stay long term, and be productive, dynamic members of our tribe. So membership is limited to: sponsorship by a current member, a “friend of the camp” or a member of an underrepresented community.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco


Hometown: San Francisco, Brooklyn, Toronto

Parks and Wrecked

Parks and Wrecked! Provides a colorful and creative ‘park’ experience to the citizens of black rock city. We curate a welcoming space to experience fun, wonder, playfulness, freedom, and silliness- values of the utmost importance at this park.

Hometown: Seattle

Particle Accelerator Camp

Particle Accelerator Camp provides an sciency exhibit you can play with day and night. Get your balls spinning!

Hometown: Palo Alto

Partner Dance Adventures

Human beings crave connection with other human beings. Step onto our dance floor, take a partner in your arms, hear the music and move together, a beautiful conversation in dance. At our camp you can take lessons, practice dance at our socials, and meet partner dance enthusiasts happy to share a dance or a conversation.
Our camp exists to share our love for connection with each other and with the music, so we bring that love. Hard.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Party Naked Tiki Bar

We serve cold alcohol Tiki Punch, for those age 21 and over (ID is required), starting at 11:00am daily. We serve all day and into the night. Enjoy the sounds of classic rock in a cool, relaxing clothing optional environment. Stop in and have a seat in shade or where you can get some sun. You are bound to meet someone new and the environment here encourages having conversations. You never have to get naked to enjoy but if you do, you may get “leid”. Come party with us for our 12th year & please bring your own cup to be LNT friendly. Remember nude is not lewd.

URL: Hometown: Las Vegas

Pathogen Trackers

Pathogen Trackers camp is excited to return to the playa and provide the gifts of food and drink to those in need.

URL: Hometown: Gerlach

Pathogen Trackers Annex

Pathogen Trackers camp is excited to return to the playa and provide the gifts of food and drink to those in need. Please visit to learn more.

URL: Hometown: Gerlach

Patsy's Hangout

Patsy’s Hangout is a fabulous lounge in the gayborhood to connect with old friends and make new ones while enjoying a refreshing Patsy Spritzer or Playa Bolli cocktail. Enjoy high-energy tunes, good company and a comfortable space all day, every day. Join us at the bar, move your groove thang, chill, or just hang out. Participate in our featured events and be sure to show off your fabulous playa couture.

URL: Hometown: Sacramento

Peanut Butter Jellyfish

Hometown: San Francisco

Penguin Place

Penguin Place is an Antarctic oasis where people come to chill / relax and make friends.

Hometown: Salem

Pennies Elongator

Visit us to make an unforgettable gift for yourself and loved ones
OR get body paint by a beautiful Svetlana

Hometown: Los Angeles

People of Color Camp

The People of Color Camp is what happens when The Muppet Show gets put in the same telepod as an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, MTV’s The Real World and a debate at the United Nations.

URL: Hometown: "New York City"

People's Art Congress

We are a collection of various artists working in diverse mediums, seeking a range of expression and serendipity. We have interactive art, DIY art, yoga, story time for toddlers, music, philosophy discussions, and welcoming space for various spontaneous activities all day and night.

URL: Hometown: Tucson


Pepperland is a great place to stop for a moment out of the sun to grab some shade, meet some really nice and mellow people and count your playa blessings!

URL: Hometown: Sacramento


Welcome a brilliant morning at our Planet Brunch parties (Mon-Fri, 11-1)! Discover an unexpected oasis under the scorching noonday sun: chilled cucumber sandwiches, loaded drunken pancakes, and frozen Pina Coladas! Come for the hotcakes, stay for the dance jams and giant adult coloring boards.

Hometown: Chicago

Perky Parts

We are a motley bunch of degenerates and doctors who love our music, our drink, and our fun.

Hometown: Orange County

Petting Zoo

Hometown: San Jose

PG Squirt House

A place with the grooviest of tunes and vibes to get anyone dancing. Come in to lounge or for a quick drink to get the party started! We got Pre-Game in our name and that’s what we are all about. No better way to get the party started then with the PG Squirt House Crew!

Hometown: San Diego


Greetings and salutations! We are are phasmantis, a group hailing from Los Angeles and Seattle. We come bearing gifts of snow cones, poptarts, and shenanigans at all times. Come stop by for some heavy bass music, drinks, or a high five


Building communities one hot bowl of Pho at a time

URL: Hometown: Houston/DC

Phoenix Dust

A small, warm, and welcoming community camp of artists and art supporters dedicated to turning out a large sculpture piece for Burning Man. Our sculpture represents being born again each year that we leave the Playa reinvigorated. We also host a very special evening of toasted bug snacks as a gift to the community at our village bar. Any are welcome here to relax in the shade and kick up some conversation.

Hometown: San Francisco


A meeting of the mind and the stomach! Playasophy and The BROTHel are teaming up this year to offer noon to 1am offerings to you dusty burners. We’ve combined our frontages for a great lounge space no matter the time of day, under which, we will host thoughtful talks while you sip iced coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate, and/or have a bellyful of pho dumplings in soup!

Hometown: Seattle

Pickle Joint

Pickle Joint …Your favorite magical dive bar bungalow Since 2004

Hometown: Los Angeles

Pickle Planet

Pickle Planet is a motley crew of seasoned playa vets that have been building & contributing to the playa ethos for 20+ years. PP campmates offer a more mellow, “Snarkle Pony”, lighthearted fun, to the event. Our camp frontage hosts a, 24/7, Pickle Ball Court and holds a daily tournament. There is plenty of comfy space to hang out and get cozy around a fire in the evening. PP is also home to early am coffee bar and friendly afternoon Pickle Back Bar where our village aim’s to please and will take great care of replenishing you along your journey. Namaste.. f ur day & have something pickled!

PickleBack Mountain

We serve the Universe Famous Home Made PickleBacks! Our bar is open daily Monday – Saturday from Noon-Sunset. Come by and replenish yourself with our Pickle juice and to top it off take a spin on our Bucking Pickle. Look for our Saloon Doors in space and come on in.

Hometown: San Francisco

Pig Nest

Pigs unite!
Pigs eat pizza, find us deep playa at the Saucy Sow.
Pigs need rest, find us in the city at the Pigs Nest.
Pig out, pig in (let us begin).

Hometown: Oakland


Come enjoy bacon and Bloody Marys with the Pigmalions!

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Pinecone Parlour

Welcome to the Pinecone Parlour! Follow the “Wonderwall” psychedelic light portal into the secret happenings of the funky forest. During the week, dusty travelers can rest in our Wild’R’Nest and get refreshed by the forest mist. Join us at the Pinecone Parlour where forest creatures will serve up a fine forest affair.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Pinhole Project

The pinhole project provides daily art making workshops and hosts a gallery of the pinhole photography art we create throughout the week. We maintain a large fleet of cameras which we use to document the art and community of Burning Man. We believe this traditional analog form of photography provides a nice contrast for folks to slow down and become more present with art making. Our offering is art making, communal effort, inclusion and gifting. Ideally, we like to take pinhole photographs of playa artists in front of their installations. We believe documenting creators with their work is a delicious form of acknowledgement and provides a wonderful gift.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Pink Fuzzy Monkey

We love to play, dance, and monkey around. Our lounge will be spinning tunes for every taste throughout the day. Our DJ sessions will be during sunset and, it’s a more intimate experience, with a 20×30 dance floor and 600‐watt sound. We will have our 8th annual Super Hero Underwear Monkey Party with tasty monkey juice at our Monkey Bar. Throughout the week, we will keep the playa charged up with our fruit charging stations and entertained with our giant black light twister board. Three nights during the week we will have set Guest DJ’s for our sunset parties and organize themed twister game nights. With a large community shade structure we invite anyone to stop by and chill for a bit, get out of the sun, and meet new friends, any time of the day.

Hometown: Reno

Pink Heart

We welcome all Burners! Whatever state you are in, you are welcome at Pink Heart. Recalibrate your body, mind and spirit with chilled cucumber water, vegan ice cream, and transformative buffer massages. Process how Black Rock City has blown your mind and changed you into something different. Find your way home via our Pink Heart Beacon or stop and feel safe in our comfy pink cocoon of shade. Share your experiences (and yourself) on our pink fur couches while gazing upon the beautiful open Playa.

URL: Hometown: San Diego

Pink Lightning

We are the home of the Burning Man Ultramarathon and all things running! Stop by to see our sweaty calves, or run the 50k, the 5k, the beer mile, hear running talks, or just hang out with some rad runners.

URL: Hometown: San Diego

Pink Mammoth

Pink Mammoth is a house music and creative arts collective based in San Francisco. We strive to create an environment of love and compassion, selflessness and support, connection and self expression, that encourages everyone we encounter to shine and thrive.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Pink Ponies

Pink Ponies is a diverse collection of kind and welcoming queer campers. We create parties that take people on a trip down memory lane with all the gay dance hits of the last few decades while providing them with the comfort of their favorite childhood cereals – all rebranded for the playa! We celebrate randomness, and anything goes at this weirdly joyful camp.

Hometown: San Francisco


Plaisance is French for “a concept of pleasantness in the moment.” We are a Faux French camp highlighting the greatness of everything French. French Toast, French press coffee, French glacé cones (aka sno-cones), and the finest in cheap French wine. This is capped off by some of the finest fake French accents west of the Louisiana Purchase. We offer many different educational and entertaining workshops (e.g., Ask a Drunk Lawyer), and afternoon refreshments on our Veranda.

URL: Hometown: Washingon

Plan B

We’re a support camp for the honorarium art project “What to Expect When Expecting”. At Plan B we celebrate the many facets of choosing (or not choosing) parenthood and honor all of the hopes and fears that go into making that choice.

Hometown: Portland

Planet Earth

Planet Earth is Black Rock City’s favorite indoor 80s night club. Every night we are playing Music With Words! Two dance floors with two different themes per night invite you to shake the dust off while you shake your booty. You can find us on facebook at

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Planet Hula

Here in the belly of our planet, you will discover a deeply-rooted Native Hawaiian experience, where tradition and innovation exist in surprising ways. Come and experience the God House. Make an offering to the Divine Elemental God that will watch and guide our camp, while ensuring we have great fucking burn. Most importantly, be sure to check out our performances and be dazzled by some of the most kick-ass, funky, authentic, subversive, traditional, surreal, guttural and glamorous hula you will ever witness. That is what we were born to do–dance for all of you! We will also teach you how to make a traditional lei. How to sing an authentic Hawaiian chant. In the heat of the day, we will offer you delicious Hawaiian Shave Iced (we donʻt say “shaved”). Aloha lives here. All are welcome.

Hometown: San Francisco

Planet Somewhat

We are an Art Car collective out of Pasadena, CA. We have a public event space for displaying YOU! So, don’t be shy! Come, bring your audio/visual/ethereal art and enjoy your time by the fire. Mostly Moscow Mules will be served as we buzz around the Playa on Robo Bee our gift to you, for being YOU! Presented by The Moment.

Hometown: Pasadena, CA

Planned Playahood

Planned Playahood is offering “second aid” services to un-fuck your burn.

URL: Hometown: California, Austria, Australia, Ukraine,

Play With Your Food

Come meet the artistic crew that built the Play With Your Food art installation, ask us questions about the process, and join us for a variety of casual workshops (dance, juggling, flow arts, etc) throughout the week.

URL: Hometown: Calgary


We are a Dance Theme Camp and the Playa’s only personalized Song Delivery Service. Our DJs spin the best of the 80s, 90’s Hip Hop, Progressive House, Trance and More!! Come visit our Mixtape Lounge to dance in the dust or to learn how music can enhance a Vision Walk Experience!

URL: Hometown: Palm Springs

Playa Bears

Hometown: San Francisco

Playa Beignet Love Project

Beignet Love Project.

Hometown: San Francisco

Playa Bike Repair

“Playa Bike Repair”provides emergency on-site bike repair for Burners worldwide. We strive to create a fun, nurturing environment, where you can learn how to fix your bike, and help others too. Mechanics, please drop in! This year, we are piloting a small bakery/cafe and will be serving drinks, and fresh baked goods. We also have a fleet of rental bikes; rentals fund repairs. Rent online; claim your bike near Black Rock City.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Playa Choir

The international Playa Choir welcomes all Burners to come and participate in a 4-part harmony of classic sacred and secular songs. Come and sing and be a part of the magic! Radical Inclusion, no audition required!

Singers of all skill levels, ages and persuasions are welcome! Also, looking for musicians! Contact for more information, or stop by our camp on the playa!

Rehearsals (open to spectators) are Tuesday through Saturday 10:30 a.m. to 1:00p.m. To listen, please join us for the Sunday Sunrise Performance at the Temple (5:45am) or the Playa Choir’s non-denominational, non-religious and entirely spiritual and moving Service at 11:00am in our Dome. This performance will also be broadcast live on BMIR.

URL: Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Playa Circuit Boogie

Here at Playa Circuit Boogie we use circuits and science to spark ideas and bring strangers together, all while jamming out to groovy tunes. Come learn the basics of soldering and circuit building; ride away with your very own light-up pendant and the skills to make an even better one next year.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Playa Glass

Would you like to make jewelry from playa dust? Grab a pair of welding goggles and harness the energy of the sun to melt the playa into glass. We provide the instructions, tools, and supplies, you cast your artistic asperations into glass.

Hometown: New York City

Playa Info

Playa Info is located in Center Camp and is a central location for on-playa information. We have people to answer mundane and esoteric questions, bulletin boards filled with information, and computers with access to our Digital Directory that contains camp locations, events, messaging, ride-share, and Lost & Found items. Also Lock out and towing services info.

Hometown: everywhere

Playa Jack Rabbits Dusty Hole Bar

Hope on in for a dusty jackrabbit drink, try a spin of our Gypsy Wheel and share your dare with the bar!

Hometown: Seattle

Playa Jazz Cafe

A Jazz club/ Cafe featuring nightly Jazz jam sessions and performances and daily chill space and workshops in Jazz history and theory.

URL: Hometown: San Jose

Playa Mart

We are Playa Mart. Did you forget to bring something. We thought so. Come on by. We probably have what you need.

Hometown: Chico

Playa Penthouse

Elevated, restful, shady platform, from which to view the entire Playa. Lively discussions about life and relationships. Coffee in the mornings, cocktails in the evenings. Dance parties day and night. Our interior chill space/playpen is perfect midday or midnight. People from all over the world come to share experiences or simply enjoy our view in silence. “Our view doesn’t suck”! We are the home of the Eros Tangier this year. Informal discussions all week on topics as varied and vital as “Living The 10 Principles”, “Couples Communication”, “Self-acceptance in sexual transition”, “Finding a safe space for partners to express and discuss fantasies” and “Do not fear”. We’re not real doctors, but many claim we are.

Hometown: Camarillo


Glow-In-The-Dark games line the curbs of our camp for all to come play 24 hours/day and to interact when we’re home and awake. There will be a neighborhood olympic event during the first half of Burn week, the PLAYA’LYMPICS, with camp teams, with winning camps, with prizes, and with those not victorious facing De’Feet! (With consent, of course)

Our camp also serves as base camp for The Center of Attention interactive art project, installed between 10 and the temple near the invisible esplanade at the top of the clock, staffed at different times throughout the day and throughout the week, but not during the PLAYA’LYMPICS!!

Hometown: Denver


Hometown: Healdsburg


Transform yourself, transform the world. We are a Global community that extends far beyond the week at Burning Man. With over 20 hours of programming a day covering every topic under the sun, come see what we are all about and don’t forget your dancing shoes!

URL: Hometown: Vancouver


Playasophy is a Burning Man camp based primarily out of Seattle and San Francisco. We’ve been on playa since 2010, and you can usually find us in the 3:00 sector serving iced coffee in the hot afternoons and hot tea in the cool evenings. We offer an open, welcoming shaded spot to pass the day and a relaxing lounge in the evenings with live music performances, talks, and workshops into the evening most weekdays.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco


PlayCreate! Enjoy our shade, sip a drink, and participate in one of our many workshops. Workshops 10AM – Noon; Bar Service Noon – 4PM

URL: Hometown: Monterey

Playful Lounge

Visitors will find a friendly, light-hearted lounge environment with seating, background music, mood lighting and the opportunity to spin the wheel for an interactive, participation based experience. Our wheel includes a collection of activities designed to encourage stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Our greeters and facilitators (staff) encourage participants to commit to the experience without knowing where the wheel will land. Staff is on hand to provide encouragement, confidence boosting, guidance, training and education for the experiences on our wheel. Examples of wheel experiences: Pole dance, Petting Zoo (sensual touch), lap dance, body shots, spank (or be spanked). We welcome all that meet the minimum age requirements for adult activities (21+).

Hometown: Palm Springs

Playfully Yours Village

We are a collection of adult themed camps. We have a well equipped dungeon for those beginners and curious about dungeon play to come and learn and experiment in a safe and supervised environment. We provide a variety of toys for you to experiment and play with and we can show you how to use them and help to facilitate your play. We specialize in Floggassage which is a full body massage experience using our hands and body, as well as, using the dungeonous toys. Take a chance with our spinning wheel and get spanked, petted, take a body shot, or give a strip tease or lap dance. You can also live out your wildest fantasies in our erotic photo booth. And you can attend on of our many classes/events that we’ll be hosting.

Hometown: Monterey Bay


Playground is an oasis for the intrepid burner crossing the vast expanse of BRC. Filled with sights, sounds and music, Playground will entrance and delight with fun, fire and dance.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco


Daily Plov Cooking Ceremony! Dance, Eat, Sleep, Repeat!

URL: Hometown: Los Angeles


We connect you with the world, we are the ONLY way to get USPS mail to the playa, as we have been for years. We do: USPS to the Playa, Playa to any (international) address with a unique artistic postmark! (US postage encouraged/required), and friendly (and not-so-friendly) posties: stand in line, and fill out your form… in triplicate… with crayon.

On-playa updates:

URL: Hometown: Mesa


PO@6 is the Post Office located at Center Camp. We are open everyday from 9 am to 7 pm. Come stop by and send a post card! We prefer that you bring your own stamps, but if you don’t we will happily gift you one. On-playa mail does not require a stamp. You can also volunteer to work a customer window, deliver on-playa mail, or help within the post office.

Hometown: Fredericksburg


The Polaris motto is “Love and Care for Each Other”. We’re a mutant vehicle camp guided by our Northern Star. We are an international group of misfits, artists, dancers, yogis, teachers, writers, engineers, and more. All are welcome here!

URL: Hometown: Orange County, California

Pollination Station

Pollination Station is a workshop camp with one goal: providing detailed information regarding the proper care, proliferation, and value of insect pollinators including bees, butterflies, and moths. Want to harvest your own honey or simply enjoy more butterflies in your environment? Join us and support the 10 Principles through education and skill development!

Hometown: Vancouver


The Village of PolyParadise has been influencing the Hearts & Minds and Washing the Bodies of Playa Citizens from ‘2:00 – 10:00’ since 1999 celebrating 24 years in BRC in 2020.

Polyamory involves openness to multiple loving relationships, with honesty among all partners. We welcome ALL Poly & Poly Friendly folks to camp within our borders.

The Village of PolyParadise 2020 welcomes the addition of two Theme Camps within its borders | Twisted Swan | Temple of Bacchus.

PolyParadise is NOT a Swinger Camp. Being Poly or Practicing Poly is NOT a requirement for camping with us, but being OPEN MINDED about other people’s lifestyle choices IS!!

URL: Hometown: Phoenix

Pookah Lounge/SNAFUBAR

Pookah Lounge— an old-school burners’ paradise, complete with fine company, xmas lights, art & music, thrills, and chills… But what makes it really cool is YOU. Drop by and be cool. SNAFUBAR—the better beverage bar—drop by and stay in school! We’ll mix you the best drink on the Playa!

URL: Hometown: Los Gatos


PopoVille is about honoring and sharing our patron saint Popo, and how we contribute to making the world a better place one burn at a time. We invite our fellow burners, new and returning, to join us daily for art, drinks, music, games and friendship.

Hometown: San Ramon, CA, NY NY and Charlotte NC

Popsicle Bahrrr

Popsicle Bahrrr is a colorful pirate themed camp with treasures for all ages. The lighthouse has colorful lights, the large canopy tent offers comfort, popsicle giveaways, inflatable furniture, a mini ball pit, and a dj! Let’s sail the seven seas!

Hometown: Minneapolis

Porch Catz

Come cat around at Porch Catz! Sit a spell on our rustic wooden porch and see why we are such a close camp year round. After you’ve been christened with a cat collar, grab some cat ears and recite the three rules. Sunset Naked Happy Howls, questionable Yoga & decisions, in general – we’ve got it all! Keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle, but don’t forget to maintain thigh contact!

URL: Hometown: Portland

Porta Party

Camp Porta (Party) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Carmel, Ca. in the Monterey Bay. We celebrate community, music and alternative art in the desert and beyond year-round.

We are an international and diverse camp that continues to produce new ideas and art. Our vision is a unification of gender, race and color through music and art.

Hometown: Carmel, Ca

Portal to the New Earth

Portal to the New Earth support camp for the 1:44 Inter-dimensional Space Time Portal

Hometown: Taos

Possible Muertos

We’re a laid-back group, with a shaded bar area where you can come take some instant photos with us in the morning, and by afternoon enjoy our cocktail of the day and music stylings, anything from lounge to old school trance. Each day we will metamorphosize to a different culture from around the world, theming the daily cocktail with a matching game from that culture. And if you have a USB stick, feel free to drop by and impersonate your favorite DJs with head bobbing & knob spinning on our DJ equipment, or just rest and lounge in our double decker Dome and enjoy the sunset.

URL: Hometown: Miami

Post Nuclear Family

Post Nuclear Family is our shelter in the nuclear furnace of the man burn. We’re born with our biological family and then we find our logical family in the friends we make. Each of us are different artists under a single roof sharing unique interactive experiences.
* Our home is a space for you to explore the universe aboard a Qubit starship
* Plunge into the delightful glittering Lightpool
* Free Electroshock Therapy is available upon demand

Mutants are welcome!

URL: Hometown: Los Angeles

Pour Decisions Winery

Come make good decisions at Pour Decisions Winery while listening to mediocre music.

Hometown: Park City

Practice Camp

Practice makes camp. Practicing since 2012. Art support for WE ARE.

Hometown: Kaua'i

Pranksters in the Pines

We would like to invite everyone to join us in “The Pines,” a forest themed camp with surprises at every turn.

Hometown: South Lake Tahoe

Presence Camp

Right now is the perfect time to connect more deeply with the present moment. We offer mindful experiences for groups of one, two, and more. Our meditation station is open 24/7, with hosted experiences from 12-6 daily.

Hometown: San Francisco

Preservation Society

Preservation Society: Come find what has been lost. Our events refresh you with movement and dance, challenge your frame of mind, and satiate your hunger.

Hometown: london

Preservation Village

Hometown: San Francisco, New York City, London, Los Angeles

Pretentious Fox

A diverse gathering of pretentious FOX and other eclectic and venerable animals! We provide an essential neighborhood BAR with good MUSIC, a giant SWINGSET, and many EVENTS including Bloody Mary Brunch with live music!

URL: Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Pretty Pickle Camp

A relaxed and welcoming outpost on the dusty road to nowhere. We have daily afternoon cold pickle service (Noon to 2 pm Monday through Saturday). We invite passersby to step under our shade, enjoy a refreshing treat, and ride our disco pickle swing! In-the-know visitors may inquire about our playa-famous pickle warmers!

URL: Hometown: Thornton

Primal Oasis

Reforming from the primordial dust, we are a handful of hardy burners welcoming adventurers to join us for refreshments and respite. Drop by and find yourself challenged to a mission.

Hometown: Seattle

Priscilla, Queen of the Doof!

Transporting a bunch of queens to the desert to help others in the quest to find their most fabulous selves. EXPRESS YOURSELF!

Hometown: Melbourne


A community of LED light artists. Join us each night at dusk for prismatic reception, the interactive LED Pleasure Dome, our other in-camp LED interactive art installations, our LED art gallery, and our nightly community LED procession to the night Playa. Also see the schedule for daytime interactive activities including LED fabrication/programming classes, solar power classes, and Zen Bell ritual.

URL: Hometown: Berkley

Project Aikido

Welcome to Project Aikido camp! We’re excited to share African art and music with you on the playa!

URL: Hometown: Johannesburg


Bringing the gift of Fire to humanity since the dawn of time, Prometheatrics has been a fixture of Black Rock City’s Esplanade since 2002 and hosts a fine interactive collection ready to surprise and delight you!

Step inside the Tesseract to experience yourself as you truly are: infinite! Trace your face at our Self Portrait Studio and take home a masterpiece or shoot a selfie in Clesthyra’s Eye. Enjoy a bounce on our Danpoline or enter the dream-space of the Infinitipi. Admire the playa’s colors through the radiant FrameBows, or cast your fortune on our giant I-Ching.

Join us for dusk and dawn spin jams on our mirrored stage, where there’s a safety on duty and all wicks are welcome. We’re honored to be a part of what makes our city magical, and eager to share what makes us shine!

URL: Hometown: Los Angeles

Proppa Cuppa

Are you missing the taste of a great cup of tea? Does lukewarm coffee served with long life milk not hit the spot anymore?

Proppa Cuppa offers an English Breakfast Tea service daily from 9-11am

Relax a little from the hustle and bustle of Black Rock City and come and enjoy a classic cup of english breakfast tea and a biscuit to start your day off on the right foot. All served with a dose of British hospitality, top hats and all!

On Tuesday and Thursday afternoon we will host an afternoon tea service with cakes to die for! What are you waiting for?

Hometown: Bournemouth


A Burning Man theme camp dedicated to exploring our humanity, both as individuals and as a collective. Guests at our camp are encouraged to listen, think, and express their ideas for improving the human condition.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Psychedelic Foam Village

Visit Psychedelic Foam Village to find ‘Foam Home presents: Bubble Entendre’ where you can blast off into a dreamy foam bubble Wed thru Sat from 1-4:20pm, and ‘Entheogenesis’ featuring an interactive speaker series on Psychedelics running Wed thru Friday from 1-6pm.

Hometown: San Diego

Psychic Taxi

What time is it? Around 7:30 you say? Yep that’s all you are getting.

URL: Hometown: Oakland

Pure Playa

Come sweat with us in Russian Banya!

URL: Hometown: Seattle

Pussy Avalanche

Introverted nerd? Love cats? We’ve got a camp for you!

Stop by in the heat of the day to lounge in our Chonker Domes, flip through cat magazines, send a post card home, or see if there’s something you like the Litter Box. We have cooling and hot drinks most of the time
We have events nearly every day – and are always available for folks who want to stop by and play a board game or just get out of the sun for a while.

Feeling adventurous? Climb into the Butt Blaster to include your bony backside in this year’s magazine, or risk horrible injury playing Extreme Cock Fighting! No chickens will be harmed. You – not so much.

URL: Hometown: Gulf Coast, US

Pussy Day Spa

Do you like fun? Then visit the Pussy Day Spa. We offer a choice of refreshing body wash, pubic hair trim, and pussy massage including happy ending. What’s not to like?

Pleasure and bliss awaits as we pamper and delight you. Your boundaries will be respected, your feedback / adjustments encouraged, and your wishes fulfilled.

We guarantee it will be the best experience you will ever have at Burning Man, or anywhere else. Open daily from 1 to 5 pm, we take reservations (recommended) as well as walk-ins.

Hometown: Redwood City

P³ Oasis

A place get some cool shade, good drinks, good music, and a great view!

Hometown: Arcata