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2022 Archive

qt pies

The qt pies are an adorable, eclectic collective of souls inviting you to explore non-normative interpretations of time. We are on a mission to queerify the cosmos by deconstructing our shared understanding of time – our most ubiquitous, yet most precious, finite resource. Traverse the 4th dimension with us. Embrace pie-in-the-sky ideas. Our doors are open to all who dare to question, who might be questioning, or who simply have questions. Come fetch that QT with us: Queer Time, Question Time, Quality Time through multi-level participatory activities that engage the six senses, and the seventh – our sense of time.

Hometown: San Francisco

Quarks and Recreation

Games for Progress! Play! Scientists vs. Zombies! Discover! Nuclear Fusion Bocce-Golf! Learn! The modern wonders of the Atomic Age! Your local Quarks and Recreation department invites you to experience our comprehensive catalog of nuclear-inspired games, physics trivia, labyrinthian bureaucracy, and definitely-not-radioactive “drinks” at the elusive h-bar. (Void where the strong nuclear force is inhibited; the electromagnetic force may apply).

Hometown: Berkeley

Que Viva!

Que Viva! is a Burning Man camp of activists, artists and allies celebrating diversity, justice, and enlightenment through the power of interactive art and joyful action. We are dedicated to social justice and radical inclusion, bringing issues like racial justice and immigrant inclusion to the playa in a celebratory, magical, Burning Man way. Our camp leads hands on art workshops for Burners of all ages, hosts compelling art installations about human rights issues, facilitates workshops and group discussions about race and inclusion, and serves as a relaxing chill space for Burners.

URL: Hometown: Oakland

Queen Dick

Like your hydration with a side of dick? Find oasis at The Queen Dick, the playa’s most progressive old school pub. Come for the disco and drag shows, stay for shots at the bar, gorgeous humans and red hot vibes.

URL: Hometown: London

Questionable Pyros?

Questionable Behavior PyroTex is a combination crew of principal-oriented burners who unite around creating immersive experiences that inspire participation and inquiry. We share art in the forms of interactive installations, dance parties, workshops, and fire! Check out the weird and find a different view than the one you came with.

Hometown: Austin

Quick Dip

Quick Dip – come jump on in with us!

Hometown: San Francisco