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2022 Archive


UFO – home of Ur a Fabulous Organism spa day!

URL: Hometown: Oakland

Uli Baba & the Horny Thieves

O citizens of the desert! Amidst our wanderings, our caravan of Illustrious Thieves has come upon this pathetic place known as Black Rock City and has deemed it suitable to pitch our fine tent here. Even though you are lowly creatures made of dust, our glorious master–Uli Baba, he who is magnificent and just–permits your presence at his Used People Auction and other debauched events. Sell off your well-used flesh on our stage, bring your most talented belly dancers, and fight on our chicken beam as we celebrate in the name of the master!

URL: Hometown: San Diego

Ultimate Celebration

Our garden of shaded, LED-illuminated bungee couches is open for bouncing/relaxing all week long, day and night, but things really get going around 8pm/dark (Mon-Fri), when we celebrate the Waking Dreams theme by projecting immersive supercuts of dream sequences on our theater-sized projection screen, and serve our signature beverage Ultimate Celebration (one bottle of cheap champagne plus five hours of optional “energy”/caffeine) from our bar. Every champagne bottle will be opened by a guest, using a sabering sword. Join us at dusk, and stay for the show!


UnExPecTedSexEd Talks

UnExSpecTedSexEd Talks is a group of Holistic Sexuality Educators led by
G-Force to bring you deep into talks about unique, unusual, surprising and unexpected topics sprouting from the intersection of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual sexuality themes.

Dental health & sexuality – Why do I have herpes on my chin or on back of my leg? – How your energy centers affect your pleasure – What is this fluid coming out of me? & many more…

Come join us for informative only talks. There is no exchange of fluids nor physical demonstration during the talks.

Hometown: Seattle


Unicorner is a family-friendly haven for creativity, light-hearted fun, sharing, and magic! Come lounge in our stuffy pile and color in the UniDome or relax in the shade area full of fantastic art and get a prescription at the Unicorn Advice Booth interactive installation!
Unicorner is created by a crew of hearty shenaniganists who have several goals on the playa: having lots of FUN, spreading lots of LOVE, and championing the 10 Principles of Burning Man in the most positive and supportive manner possible. We host daily activities of all sorts at the Unicorner (many of which are kid- and family-friendly) and encourage art, music, radical self-expression, and community!

URL: Hometown: Dixon, CA

Unnecessarily High Five

Hometown: Puerto Rico

UnPlug & Play

The best place to Unplug & Play in Black Rock City.

Hometown: Los Angeles