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2022 Archive

Rabbit Hole

It is what you want it to be

Hometown: Concord

Radiant Seed

Radiant Seed is a temple devoted to radical ritual and reimagining our relationship to the wild. Radiant Seed is specifically attuned to elemental sacred expression and the cultivation of primal instinct through embodied devotional practices.

Our offering to the playa is the Temple of the Black Sun. Here, you will encounter interactive ceremonies and radical rituals that promote aliveness at all levels, as well as alignment with the energetics and body of the Earth. Ceremonies and activations will be offered twice daily at sunrise and sunset to explore the energies of the threshold and what that space might hold.

Come experience and explore your true nature with us.

Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Radio Electra

Radio Electra 89.9 FM.
Out on the playa once again for our 22nd year! Bringing you our usual eclectic array of music, mayhem and critical commentary! We welcome Theme Camp representatives and artists to stop in and tell our listeners about your projects and camp events live on the air. Or you can give us a prerecorded PSA. We are here to help make your project a success.

URL: Hometown: Avra Valley

Raditude (Formerly Fer Sherbert)

We bring positive reinforcement and frosty organic, plant-based superfood treats to hundreds of dedicated artists, volunteers, and citizens in Black Rock City who build on the playa! New this year, a tea lounge to serve treats at camp! Nearing closer to a decade of serving the community, we can’t wait to spontaneously run into your and activate your fun frosty treat kid self again 🙂

Hometown: Fallbrook


Come meditate on bass weight. Experience everything sound system culture has to offer…

Hometown: Lake Tahoe


Ragnarok is the End and the Beginning. It tells a story where destruction is necessary for creation to flourish. It is rebirth, it is recovery, it is rejuvenation, it is a renaissance, it’s renewal, restoration, and resurrection. It is what we are experiencing in our lives right now. It is Burning Man. And now, it’s us. We are camp Ragnarokk!

Hometown: Denver

Rainbow Lightning

Rainbow Lightning stands for lasting systemic change in alignment with the Ancient Future. We invite all co-creators of evolutionary relationship, community, technology, economy, spirituality, and culture to join us in the Great Work of building a more beautiful world together. We come to Playa to drum, dance, sing, pray and celebrate on our journey to find the heartbeat of unity among Humanity, the Earth, and the Universe that’s rooted in the teachings of our ancestors. In our mission fulfilled, ancestral wisdom has awakened!

URL: Hometown: Los Angeles

Rainbow OASIS

A calming, relaxing, refreshing Oasis where Burners of every sexual proclivity can enjoy a cold drink, a snack, and a deep conversation stoked by intrusive (yet illuminating!) personal question cards.

Hometown: San Francisco

Raised by Wolves

A real wolf pack is primarily composed of brothers and sisters. We’re not related—or wolves—but we do yell at the moon a lot. Raised by Wolves is a community of artists and doers who gather together in the desert to create epic fun, howl at the moon together, and invite everyone in to share our space and run with the wolves.

We serve iced cold brew coffee EVERY morning, have the playa’s most banging hip-hop/reggae dance party—complete with Dark ‘n Stormys—and lots of opportunities to move your body in our dome.

You’re welcome for being your favorite memory on playa.

URL: Hometown: Brooklyn


Rampart medical clinic

Hometown: NYC

Ramshackle Bait & Tackle

One stop shop for all your on-playa fishing needs. We offer official “Black Rock City Fishing Licenses”, general bait and tackle, daily fishing reports, and workshops for anglers of all skill levels. Come for the fishing stories and stay for our signature fishing themed cocktails. Gone fishing not catching.
Tight lines!

Hometown: San Francisco

Rancho Sparkle Pony X

10 Years in! The best honky-tonk on the Rainbow Family Side of BRC. Come join us and discover your gift to the playa.

Hometown: Black Rock

Ranger Headquarters

Black Rock Ranger Headquarters – the center of Black Rock Ranger Operations. Located on the Esplanade at 5:45.

URL: Hometown: Black Rock City

Ranger Outpost Berlin

Ranger Outpost Berlin – the Black Rock Ranger Station in the 3:00 Sector where participants in need of assistance can seek out the help of a friendly Black Rock Ranger. Located at 3:00 and C.

URL: Hometown: Blasck Rock City

Ranger Outpost Tokyo

Ranger Outpost Tokyo – the Black Rock Ranger Station in the 9:00 Sector where participants in need of assistance can seek out the help of a friendly Black Rock Ranger. Located at 9:00 and C.

URL: Hometown: Black Rock City


“Oh I’d never do that,” is a line we often think to ourselves when we are introduced with something new or that pushes our boundaries.

Camp Rascal replies with a simple, “You won’t!”

Come be encouraged.

Sunday Dusk: Virgin Sacrifices
Tuesday Dusk: Stockholm Syndrome
Thursday Afternoon: Pickleback Scratches
Everyday: Sculptures, Art, Lazer Dance Cage, Vibecycle, Frisbee wars, Lyra Performances, resident DJ’s, spanks and HUGS!

Hometown: Sacramento


Just a few Little Rascals living inside of Hushville. Come visit us.

Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Rat Trap

We are your dirty dirty dive bar open all hours, day and night. Come on in, drink our booze, ride our horse and practice radical self stupidity.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Raver Trash

We’re ravers, that are trashy in that cool Oscar the Grouch kind of way (minus the grouch part). We’re bringing P.L.U.R to the Playa and we don’t mean People Liberally Using Rebar, we’re all about that Peace, Love, Unity, Respect life (ok, and we also enjoy liberally using rebar).

Hometown: Seattle

Ray’s Fix It

Need something screwed, hammered, drilled, or pounded in the SFW sense? We have power tools! We have buckets of fix it materials and plenty of hand tools. Need duct tape? Rope? A widget for your RV? Fasteners? Glue? Bits? Clamps? Wood scraps? Come during office hours or we’re open 24/7 for the DIY shop. We don’t do bikes or mutant vehicles. (unless you need air, or something destroyed). Bring what you broke, and we’ll try not to make it worse.

Hometown: Bend

Re:Emergence Art Support Camp

Relax and mingle with the collective that brought the Re:Emergence sculpture to playa. Public shaded lounge area with fire pit at night. Come see our flame poofer too!

URL: Hometown: San Diego

Reared In Steel

Designer, Builder and Artist. Burning Man projects include Rhino Redemption art car, Medusa Madness art sculpture and more.

Hometown: Petaluma, CA


A place for like-minded individuals to come together to host incredible events, gatherings, fundraisers, themed parties, and campouts ..oh and we’re also a Burning Man Camp.

URL: Hometown: Oakland

Recycle Camp

Show Us Your Cans! We’re back Black Rock City! And we want all of your aluminum cans. Find us at Center Camp Circle and 6:15, between 9am-5pm Monday through Sunday. Ride the State-Of-The-Art can crusher, “The Blue-Duck”, and crush it!

Hometown: Oakland

Red Nose District

Red Nose District (RND) has been in existence, in one form or another since 1998. In 2013, we resolved to keep our hearts, minds, and noses RED from now until the end of time! RND has roots and participants in LA, SF, Santa Fe, DC, NYC, Oregon, Canada, Israel, France, & various states & countries around the world. Our members are involved in (or are lovers of) the circus arts, & work to bring our skills & talents to the playa in forms that allow for immersive & participatory experiences for citizens of Black Rock City. Notable past projects/activities include: High Chair Stilt Bar, PedalBump, Muse, Fire Wire, Wheel of Fortune, Zenobia Blanca stilt limo, Zeppelin art cars, stilt lessons, Whiskey Kickball, 30′ swings, & circus variety shows of all forms! Come find us on the playa!

URL: Hometown: Bend

RedNeck Regal Theatre

Total white trash movie nights; complete with our best white sheet hanging for a screen. BYOLC (Bring Your Own Lawn Chair) or blanket. What will be showing? WHO KNOWS? Maybe it’s a musical night? Maybe it’s a black and white version of Creature from the Black Lagoon? Maybe its cartoons! We make no promises. All we promise is that it’s an outdoor community movie screening at its best! If the alcohol kicks in, we may even pass around a microphone and do a BMST3K! Come join us!

URL: Hometown: Las Vegas


Hometown: Eugene


Our Strip Mall will lure you in; our Saloon and Lounge will keep you hydrated and comfortable. Visit one of our many stores out front–the fortune teller, the boutique, or the adult fantasy store–and then make your way back to The Relaxomatic Lounge, perfect for those looking to decompress and unwind in a comfortable setting. Just outside the main lounge, find Osmos, Glome, and Pandora’s Dome. Once you find your way inside, lights, colors, and fluff will lure you into peak relaxation. Need a refreshment?

Hometown: New York City

Religious As Fuck

We are a bunch of people that speak openly about our relationship with God. Some of whom simply have found Christianity as well as other faiths to be helpful in our own spiritual journeys. When we interact with people at Religious AF, we are there to welcome them, serve them and answer their questions. We aren’t recruiting them, or asking them to join anything. We practice Radical Inclusion, conversation, prayer, and ritual to all who seek it: gay, trans, straight, high, sober, clothed, naked, polyamorous, monogamous, celibate, gracious, and grumpy alike. We have welcomed people in all of those categories and more because we also identify as those folks. We want to participate and co-create experiences that open hearts and connect us with the Divine.

URL: Hometown: Sacramento

Remote Control

A functional, safe, and easily-identifiable bike is key to an enjoyable Burn. During two events early in the week, we help Burners individually decorate their bikes and light them for nighttime riding while listening to live Jazz. Midweek, we clean their chains at a mid-week event. We provide cyclists with MOOP bags to carry on their bikes, and make sure they have what they need for fun and safe rides all week.

URL: Hometown: Portland

Reno Housewives

Costuming BRC since 1998. Do you need bridesmaids for your playa wedding, or are looking for the perfect outfit for that party? ASK US — From frumpy to fabulous, we have you covered.

Hometown: Reno

Rest in Peace

You have been riding for what seems like days, impossible to decipher what time it is, the city has swallowed you and sent you deep into the suburbs. Your butt needs some reprieve from that skeleton bike seat that (accept it) looks way cooler than it feels. Then you see it in the distance: a shady oasis with comfy seats, tables, and liquid refreshment seats. Could this be heaven? Close, it is Rest in Peace where you get peace, love, and chill. Late afternoons: Chill games, D&D, Meditation, Unbirthdays, Body paint, and M&M drinks (Margaritas and Martinis). And at night: find your way home with a beautifully lit peace sign.

Hometown: Reno


Our camp will be offering a rooftop deck atop the Bombus Regius Steampunk Airship Art Car ( docked for the summer ) stationed on A in the rear of The Hive Village. Our upper deck event space will host a variety of events such as Karaoke, Dark and Stormy Story telling events, Tabletop and RPG daytime & a Tiki Bar plus some Fancy Festive and Fun pedal powered Rickshaws that will ferry guests from camp to the playa for adventures!

Hometown: Los Gatos


Retrofrolic is the destination camp for safe, sane, and consensual adventures in adult sexuality. We offer educational classes, discussions, and workshops, fun social events, skills and technique training, a Goddess temple honoring the sacred feminine, and a fully equipped adult playspace for all to enjoy.

With members aged 20 to 75+ years, across all gender identities, and from a dozen different states and countries, we are a bunch of happy misfits and sex-positive kinksters who practice open communication and radical inclusion, seek enthusiastic consent, and offer the most delicious answers to your most taboo questions.

Over the last decade, Retrofrolic has established itself as the must-visit source of responsible education and play for the larger BDSM and LGBTIQ+ communities in BRC.

Hometown: Carson City, Nevada


Reverbia is an All Live Music Camp with 4 stages, including: The Radiance Dome (LED interactive) The Jam and Teahouse, Embassy Shad Stage, and Reverbia Main Stage.
Reverbia also features the Art Installations of The Reubens Fires Tubes (Interactive fire) and the 9th Node (Interactive orchestral sound bath). Reverbia features Daily: Calm Inside (breathe, Stretch) ,Live Music Yoga in the Morning…Dance Workshops, Open Mic/ Songwriter Showcase, Concerts in the Shade, Reverbia Sunsets and Live Nights, The Reverbia Childrens’ Hour, and Late Night Radiance Dome and Jam and Teahouse. Reverbia also features Dance Performances, including our traditional Dance of the 7 Chakras and the Production Waking Dreams. Our Tribute to Lost Musicians honors musicians who passed away the previous year.

URL: Hometown: Eugene, Oregon, and Vancouver, BC


RhythmWave brings conscious dance and dance meditation to the Playa. Inspired by the teachings of the late Gabrielle Roth and the 5Rhythms movement meditation practice, our camp offers meaningful, inclusive, and ecstatic experience of individual bodies moving within community. Our offerings are made on a sprung beautiful bamboo wood floor beneath a shade structure, and are offered several times daily.

URL: Hometown: San Francisco

Ride I-Ching,-Ride

“Ride, I-Ching, Ride” theme camp will offer I-Ching readings at camp and pedicab rides from out on the Playa.

Hometown: Fairbanks and Ventura


RIPPERS ROW is an immersive and interactive camp that integrates creative design, visual arts, live music, games and costumes to host the wildest parties in our sector of the playa. We feature daily thematic events on playa with live DJs, interactive elements, surprise gifts, and delicious drinks to ensure everyone always has a ripping good time.

We welcome everyone to come meet us on playa, dance and party with us and we will show you exactly how hard we can rip.


Hometown: Austin


The Ripple Effect reflects on the very nature of affecting change: how one small stone tossed into a body of water causes a ripple effect with an almost never-ending forward motion. Camp Ripple is all about tossing those positive stones to impact your own life and those of others one small metaphorical pebble at a time!

Hometown: Issaquah


Risa is a resort planet, renowned for its breezes, clothing optional beaches and friendly atmosphere. In the afternoon you can enjoy one of our snow cones and lounge in our enclosed kooled area. In the evening come eat, drink, sing, dance, play your instrument and be merry around the fire and look at our art.

URL: Hometown: Redding

Rise Camp

Hometown: Amsterdam

Ritual of Victory (RoV)

Come and celebrate your individual victories with our frozen vodka slushie drinks! We’re open every day during Burn week from 1pm-5pm with fun and games for everyone!

Hometown: St. Petersburg

Roasted Breauxs & Coffee Heauxs

Roasted Breauxs & Coffee Heauxs provides year round meals and civic participation opportunities for local members of the homeless community. We also help promote and sustain third world coffee farmers. Our gift we supply at the burn and local civic events is freshly roasted, freshly ground, pour over coffee service featurng coffee grown on small farms in Uganda, Costa Rica, and El Salvador.
We are dedicated to supporting coffee growing communities in remote regions of the world.
Updates are being reported on the nonprofit Connected by our Humanity Website

URL: Hometown: Auburn


Hometown: Reno


Come reach higher places as you climb the Roca!

Hometown: Truckee

ROCK 'N' Mountains

This is where you lost yourself in an uncontrollable-body-shaking frenzy of ROCK ‘N’ ROLL, surrendering to your alter ego that loves to shred solos on broom sticks, belt into dildos on mic stands, slam out the keyboard section on ironing boards as you look over to see your drummer swallowed by the crowd, now surfing. WE WILL get you ROCK hard
performances by night, where YOUr crew are the stars of the show, potential winners of the Battle of the Prop Bands.
After waking up in our hammocks, and thinking it all must’ve been the best dream you’ve had in years, we take care of you the next day with a soft landing at our homey, grungy day-drinkin bar with lawn games, slacklines, and snow peaked shenanigans somehow in the middle of the desert.

It wasn’t all a dream.

Hometown: Durango

Rogue Nation

A Village of 5 camps of people from many nations and nationalities, based for years in the Pacific Northwest: SeaWeed, KonaZona, Krepe Burners, Crème Burners, & BRC Boat Rentals. Bringing Big art this year: “Burning Piano Man” and “The Dock for Art Cars” Our diverse village provides interactive events in four large spaces. “Comfort” for presentations, “Joy” for workshops, “Dance” and the “Dock”. Stage for Live music and DJ’s playing diverse genres. Hosting massage workshops, seminars and musical performances, with Bollywood day, White Weddings, TED type talks, famous TuTu tutorial seminars. Serving French CrĂŞpes FlambĂ©es, Crème Burlee , Peaches & Cream, BBQ, drinks & Kona coffee. Themed parties, our famous Tutu Tutorial, a Tiki Bar & a piano lounge. Come for fun and learning.

Hometown: Seattle

Rootist Lounge & Temple

#RootistLounge is a camp based on the love of celebrating life with beats of sound, the joy of #energy, the beauty of #spiritual connection with self, and others. A place to learn, grow, inspire, heal, and release. A safe haven away from all that is your everyday world, where everyone can connect, be themselves & do what makes them happy. One lounge, one vibe, one LOVE, one beautiful, and growing family that is all connected.
With a major focus on cutting-edge energy work, healing sound vibrational therapy incorporating live music, beautiful decor for the senses/art, artists, performers, #yoga, #workshops, #hughealing, and more. We are constantly striving to go above and beyond to create a truly magical experience for our participants.

URL: Hometown: Las Vegas


Rootpile is an established themecamp at Burning Man whose mission is to bring live Bluegrass music, Bluegrass musical instrument instruction, and Southern food and culture to the burns that we attend.

We offer musical instrument lessons on instruments that we provide from Noon to 1pm Monday through Friday of Burn week and live Bluegrass bands along with food and moonshine likker from 7pm to 9:30pm Tuesday–Friday of Burn week.

On Man Burn night we perform live Bluegrass music at the Man Burn at 6:00 on the Man at around 9pm, being plugged into several large art cars to create a live Bluegrass music wall of sound.

We are open to new members who embrace our mission and culture.

URL: Hometown: Boone

Royal Giraffic Cruiselines

Come set sail with Giraffic Cruiselines. Sample from our fine craft beers in the afternoon or keep warm by our roaring fire at night. Enjoy mimosas while watching sunrise or sunset from our large communal crow’s nest high over the playa, or just stop by to say hi. Don’t worry, we don’t bite.

Hometown: San Francisco


URL: Hometown: Salt Lake City

Rum Amok

Running Amok? Find your tropical oasis on the playa and stop by to chill, relax and enjoy with us coffees in the mornings or well crafted rum cocktails in the evenings!

Hometown: Noumea


There once was a camp they called Rumpus.
They would cheer even the severest of Grumpus.
The playground is fun, the people are neat, and the music rarely goes UNZ-UNZ.

Hometown: Boulder

Run Free Camp

Run Free is a clean and sober Burning Man camp for folks whose common goal is enlargement of spiritual life through new adventures in being human and living life to the fullest

URL: Hometown: Oakland