2000 Theme Camps

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Camp Aargh!

Welcome me hearties to Camp Aargh! Be ye with us, or be ye against us? If ye be against us, ye’ll be dead! Join the Pirates of Camp Aargh! to quaff rum in the Corsair’s Cave and scheme some looting across the Playa. Prepare to be robbed bli… ahem receive the gift of a Treasure Map. But don’t come looking fer our legendary treasure, or we’ll run yer through!

URL: http://thecan.org/bm2000/Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Camp ACME 2000

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Camp Biscuit

Don’t believe the hype. Come relax with the biscuits.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Camp BO

Camp BO will rejoice in the smell of the human body. Come stinky and ready to open your mind!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Camp Boiled

(In Gigsville)
Camp Boiled! You never know what might boil up…

Hometown: Mountain View, CA

Camp Camp

Camp Camp is all about family camping, military/militia encampments, concentration camps, Girl and Boy Scout camps, and bikers camping in the woods with cases of Budweiser.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Camp Carp

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Camp Chaos Presents

The Church of Chaos Tent Revival, Please join in some bible thmpin’ and general miracles, we will have resident preachers, guest preachers are welcome.

Hometown: Richmond, CA

Camp Coup D'etat II, Electric Boogaloo

Science has officially joined art… the revolution continues.
Resistance is not only futile, but is also a VERY useful Electrical Phenomena.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Camp DeNile

Camp DeNile raises the amazing 5000 year-old spirit of Ancient Egypt anew in Black Rock City 2000! Camp DeNile is the reborn body of all Ancient Egypt’s lore, traditions and mysteries — hearken Nu-Nile! Experience the life-giving energies of snake, jackal, and scarab spirits! Behold the wonders of the pyramids! Worship and mingle with the Sun-Goddess and her retinue. Dance to the rhythms of the drums of the upper Nile.


Last year Camp DILLIGAF helped you find your way home at night, and this year is no different. Look for our neon sign to help you on your quest for “home”. But wait… thats not all… we are also taking our special blend of humor and art to the poeple on a mobile level. Look for our 60ft boom lift to be making an apperance near you… expect the un-expected. And to top it all off there will be a stage with an authentic brass pole and music for your entertainment. So drop on by and say hi… who knows by the end of BM 2000 you too may be saying DILLIGAF.

Hometown: Gardnerville, NV

Camp Dung

We are building a huge mobile art installation. We will have a info booth, film shows, and sound system.
“Camp Dung”- The sinister Dung Beetle Brigade… Keepers of the filth!

Hometown: Marina, CA

Camp F2K - Camp FUCK 2000

Someone once said, “Build it and they will, uh… cum.” Well, we did. At Camp FUCK 2000 we’ve “erected” the world’s biggest f-word as our homage to the absolute “King of Cuss Words!” We’re back from hiatus (’98), and bigger & badder than before. So, stop on by… but bring your momma, cuz you’ll need her to wash your mouth out with soap.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Camp Fink

A gated community of concerned citizens ensuring your safety, security, and peace of mind through the free dissemination of information. (Surveillance)

URL: http://www.houseness.org/goatrodeo/Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Camp HO HO 2000

Will be handing out xmas cards redeemable for a gift on the Playa at our site. Naughty and nice is irrelevant, only your presence is required.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Camp Hypnomagick/Orgasmotron

For the 3rd year, Camp Hypnomagick/Orgasmotron will provide the BM community with stage hypnosis shows as well as one-on-one hypnosis for both entertainment and changework purposes. On the menu is the full spectrum of hypnotic phenomena: the ever-popular Orgasmotron ™ climax-on-command induction, Drug of Choice, Phobia Cures, pleasure anchors, as well as standard stage shenanigans (quacking, barking, drooling humans etc).

Hometown: Cambridge, MA

Camp Icarus

Our nest is the home of the amazing flying paramotor that flys through the skys of Black Rock City in the evening, conditions permitting. Come join our nest, making music, dancing and general hilarity, always keeping our heads in the clouds!

Hometown: Sausalito, CA

Camp Idiot

Camp Idiot: Celebrate your stupidity… Duhhh…

Hometown: Richfield, MN

Camp Ishkabibble

Smoke our video and hang out.

URL: http://goldbergs.com/bm/2k/public.htmlHometown: New York, NY

Camp Itldo

A 30′ Day-Glo half dome with 80 triangular panels of gessoed canvas waiting to receive your art. Panel(s) (five feet at base, four feet high) will be sent to you ASAP if you want to work on art at home and bring it with you to diplay for everyone. Otherwise, stencils, airbrush, paint supplied at Burning Man.

Hometown: Carmichael, CA

Camp Landshark

Booze, Bocce, Barter & oh so much more! Look for the inflatable shark mascot and join us for a daily Happy Hour!

URL: http://www.thatchshack.com/landshark/Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Camp Lazy Slut

At Camp Lazy Slut, we really lay around… if our boys and girls are awake, come by for a massage, a misting, a cigarette, a drink, or just to lay around with your slutty self! Stick around long enough and we might actually DO something.

Hometown: New York, NY


Come to Camp LOOPOOL to make your own film loops and slides in the afternoon. Lounge in a projected environment at night!

Hometown: Solvang, CA

Camp Miata - Home of the Cafe Resque Squad

We’re the supplimental, optional, occational and refusable help the cafe sometimes needs (and wants) to get it’s lines under controle. Last year, camp Miata found working at the cafe a blast, and this ‘theme camp’ was dreamed up for a group of people who hate actually be scheduled, but wanted to really be a part and help out.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Description here

URL: url

Camp Obscura

Hometown: Milpitas, CA

Camp OSF in GigsVille

Camp OSF come visit us if you dare.

Hometown: Lake Forest , CA

Camp Pepperland

A sky of blue and sea of green, come chill out with Captian Jimbo and his Yellow Machine.

Hometown: Muscatine, IA

Camp Purina Flying Monkey Chow

Hometown: Los Angles, CA

Camp Sillywet

Hometown: Hercules, CA

Camp Skynyrd

An oasis of ignorance in a sea of enlightment.

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA


Climb aboard the Hurl-A-Tron for fun and exercise – if you can soar high enough to yank the Cord of Mystery, what may happen?… A trip to another dimension?… pyrotechnic ecstasy? Find out while enjoying the view from our 24-hour elevated boing-o-nator.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Camp SQB

Hometown: Montara, CA

Camp Stilt Bar & Body Paint 'n' Peel

Feeling blue? Green? Red? We’ll look under your hood for that special symbolic color that expresses the inner you and we’ll paint it on the outer you. Full body painting done by the crew; detailing done by body paintmeister Chris. Come by, get painted, have a drink at the stilt bar.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Camp Sunscreen

(A Big Camp or Small Village – approx 250 people) Camp Sunscreen is dedicated to the prevention of sunburn thru the proper and complete application of sunscreen. Give a little love, get a little love.

Hometown: Oakland , CA

Camp Synaesthesia

Hometown: San Mateo, CA

Camp Texture

The Burningbabes would like to entice you into our den of tactile sensations, Camp Texture. Exotic treasures and treats, all provided for your pleasure… or pain…

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Camp Theremin Karaoke

Camp Theremin Karaoke is an interactive celebration of early electronic music, featuring a working Theremin, mad mad laboratory and oh so huge radio tower.

URL: http://www.JohnKane.com/BurningMan/Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Camp Videogasm

Come to Camp Videogasm’s Playa Theatre after dark. Trip out to video art from artists from around the country. All this and free popcorn too! Playing Nightly at Snowflake Village.

URL: http://www.videogasm.com/burningman/Hometown: Woodhaven, MI


We are building a life sized, artistically licensed version of the board game Candyland. Players follow a chromatic path of treats and trials across interactive lands on their way to the Grand Jujubee’s castle.

Hometown: Woodacre, CA

cARcass canTina

The anticipation of the hunt, the smell of the kill, the beer to wash it all down with. Bring your body into ours and join us for spirits and merriment in the belly of the beast.

Hometown: Boulder, CO

Carve Your Own Voodoo Master Camp

Carve your own Voodoo Master! Come on down and shrink some heads. Chant, do a little dance, whatever it takes to lift your curse.

Hometown: Brisbane, CA

Casa del Pueblo

Free Library. Come in out of the sun, relax, if you find a book you like or interests you take it with you. If you REALLY like it, take it home with you. ENJOY!

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Cashigan Spice Traders

The Cashigan Spice Traders are here to add the excitement to your food that burningman adds to all of our lives. So please stop by and barter your way to better food.

Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA

Chakra Energy Goddess

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Hometown: Pacifica, CA

Cheerleader Camp

(In Gigsville)

Hometown: La Mirada, CA

Christmas Camp

Welcome to Christmas on the playa, where we will try to convince you to buy as much as you can. It’s not that you or the recipient will actually like or need the item, just that you spend the money. Remember, It’s better to give than to receive!

Hometown: Boulder, CO

Church of the Holy Electron

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Cloud Camp

Cloud Camp: Drop in for refreshments & conversation amidst irreverent sculpture and art.

Hometown: Petaluma, CA

Club Seal

(in Gigsville)
Club Seal is a Canadian themed Night Club that will be located on Gigsville’s Village Center. Drop on by and club some baby seals into oblivion, view the Northern Lights above your head, groove to non-techno music, munch some beaver, or just sit back and sip some Canadian Club on the Rocks while enjoying your new found Canadianization!

Hometown: Markham, ON

Club Suburbia

The heart of society.

Hometown: Hollister, CA

Color Camp

Color Camp @ Kids Camp 2000. Come on in to rest your weary feet and experience the pleasure of coloring or take home a Limited Edition Coloring Book of your own. No artistic experience necessary.

Hometown: El Sobrante, CA

Coney Island of the Mindless

This year we will turn thought to mindlessness by sending willing seekers on a treasure hunt throughout the city searching for clues hidden in rhyme.

Hometown: Denver, CO

Constructive Hedonism

Hometown: Boise, ID

Cookie Camp

By day, judges recruited from prior performers will award fresh-baked gourmet cookies in exchange for song, dance, juggling, grovelling, or Stupid Human Tricks. By night, join us in the Chakra Temple around the fire pit for song, stories, and conversation.

Hometown: Fair Oaks, CA


Breakout those spaghetti straps girls and See the Man melt! Burning Man Ice Sculpture- 6:30 pm Thursday at the Melting Man Cocktail Party: Hip tunes, Passed Hors- Doeuvres, and Cosmopolitans, by Chef Tony. He’s really awesome. Come see the sunset, and we’ll even provide the proper cocktail attire.

Hometown: Denver, CO

Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet

The Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet will offer quality name brand and private-label soulmates at substantially lower prices than can be found through conventional wholesale sources.

URL: http://www.thespoon.com/costcoHometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Cracked Earth Munecos

Come one, come all to play with the Cracked Earth Munecos, a group of large scale puppet designers. Displays of raw drama will be sudden and ecstatic; design your own puppet for your own project or join ours.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA