2000 Theme Camps

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HA HA Tribe

Hometown: Valley Village, CA

Hair of the Dog

What happens when you cross Spanky’s Fantasy Island with Newt’s Slow Toxic Amphibian Lounge? I don’t know, just pass me a Bloody Mary. Last year’s famous BLD bars reform to create a flea-scratchin, fur-sheddin, cat-chasin, barter cocktail camp for wayward revelers who got, or wanna get, bit.

Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA

Hall of Justice

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Black Rock City Hall of Justice hereby summons you to appear in the highest court in the land. Have you recently been run over by a moving couch on the Playa? Injured by a giant burning duck? Is the statute of limitations on your virginity nearly up? We can help. Court held daily at high noon. Oh, we’ll judge you alright.

Hometown: Vancouver, WA

Happy Trails Camp

Happy Trails Camp–check the current temperature, visit our “shade tree”, see the weather forecasting rock and so much more, all in an unnatural environment.

Hometown: Wadsworth, NV

Hardly Davidson Cafe

Hardly Davidson Cafe. Come and relax and enjoy free drinks at the Hardly Davidson Cafe. If you’re not cool enough to own a chopper, then bring your bicycle along and our mechanics will transform it into something even Peter Fonda would be proud to ride. Each day at 6 PM all chopper owners are invited to ride with the Heaven’s Devils gang as we look for trouble.

Hometown: Menlo Park, CA

HeArt Burn Camp in Blacklight District Village

Heartbeats, Art & the BURN! Maybe you’ve just enjoyed a ride on the Roving Couch, or gotten a mobile massage–swing in to the Blacklight District and stop by camp. While there, shake the gently swaying maraca tree, join with the call of rhythm in ritual drum procession, bring the kids, be a kid, lounge… then, a refreshing tropical cocktail and merrily on your way. HeArtBurn: it’s a gas!

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Hearth Camp

Hometown: Hollywood, CA

HeeBeeGeeBee Healers Camp

We will sooth your soul and incite your spirit to riot with a melange of body workers, herbalists, energy workers ceremony and interactivity. Come to our camp and let us lay our hands on you and share our spirit with you.

Hometown: Boulder, CO

Hieronymus Max Camp

Hometown: Reno, NV

Hole Club

Hole Club exists to provide recreation for the elite of the Playa. Sip martinis while putting through the various orifices of the human body, or simply relax in the Club lounge.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Honey Camp

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Lounge in our palatial domes where you will be engulfed in opulence and tranquility. The honeyed smoke of the hookah pipe will fortify you, and you will be born anew upon entering the grand womb. Recline upon satin pillows, sup on fine figs, dates, and Moroccan mint tea, relinquish the ego to gentle rhythm and loving kinship.

URL: http://www.hookahdome.orgHometown: Fremont, CA

House of Indulgence

The House of Indulgence is a cathedral for the sinner, the would-be sinner, the wannabe sinner. Where ALL is forgiven and ALL is encouraged. For a price. And that’s what we offer. The wages of sin, Burnin’ Bucks. Also enjoy reflecting in our sculpture garden on the virtues of the indulgent lifestyle.

Hometown: New York, NY


A friendly Camp at moves on Hawaiian time. OH! Did we miss last year’s theme? No worry! No worry!
Drop by and sacrifice a rubber chicken to our god O Ke Kane Wela and we’ll talh stories. You no forget, yea?

Hometown: Concord, CA