2000 Theme Camps

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Vena Cava Inn

Come on by to hear music by bands and djs, see the play, dance and get the blood pumping.

The Vena Cava Inn, flow to the heart of the matter.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Violet Hour Studio and Gallery

We in the developed world are losing contact with the very essence of that which makes us human, that which makes us feel and think, want and need. Using Infrared Film, we attempt to visually describe the relationship between all of the seven senses as they interact in different planes of the same reality.

Hometown: Fullerton, CA


German trance camp, come space out, dance, chill…

URL: http://www.vision34.deHometown: Munich, Bay

Viva Lost Wages

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Vorpal Lounge

Come dance to the techno beats of Vorpal Lounge or barter for a spin on “The Wheel of Miss-Fortune”. You could win a cocktail or dance an irish jig…

URL: http://www.geocities.com/vorpallounge/Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Vortices of the Body

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

VW Bus Camp

VW Bus Camp is back for our 3rd consecutive year. Celebrate your nomadic spirit, bring your bus and good vibes. Create, share, emulate, and “Burn” with us. Enjoy the all new Bus Camp lounge and Massage tent.

Hometown: Costa Mesa, CA