2000 Theme Camps

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Facility 463/Scavenger Hunt 2000

Join Facility 463 during the day for the first annual Scavenger Hunt 2000! Bring back the most unusual items from our list and win prizes. At night, if you’re feeling strange or have any unusual desires or fantasies, you might have been genetically effected by Aliens. Have our professional Lab Technicians examine you in our Lab and get a certification badge. Special treatments and group therapy sessions available for the more serious cases.

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV


Come to Fallopia and experience life in the womb – be a fetus, eat a fetus, you’ll be glad to meet us! Chill in the womb with comfort & music, or warm up (at night) in our ovarian sweat lodge with yummy bevs to rehydrate you afterwards!

Hometown: Seattle, WA


Fandango, in association with Meat Locker, Earth Orbit, Motown, and the Blue Box Collective, invite you to come by and sample tasty morsels of the Body of Christ, at the Fandango Transubstantiation-Station Bar. Booze and Crackers will magically transform into the blood and Body of the lord, if you only have faith.

URL: http://www.fandango.netHometown: San Francisco, CA


We’re not techno, were a go-go
groove in, turn on and psyche out…
Get hip, dress to trip… blow your mind not your cool.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Fern Grotto

Escape from the desert heat to a wondurfully cool relaxing atmosphere amidst waterfalls, mist, ferns, and friends.

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Fire Thistle

“Round-up”TM ain’t gonna touch this noxious weed! The Fire Thistle is back and acting as your beacon to the “Mason Jar”.

Hometown: Idaho City, ID


Hometown: Pt. Richmond, CA

FlaMe WoMan

Zoomie presents to you FlaMe WoMan, the awsome candle woman, who will glow for 4 days on the Playa at Burning Man 99. FlaMe WoMan is made of candles only, and 2000 of them!

She apppeared to me in a moment of darkness, flashing her many flames, saying “burn it! woman! burn it!”. Gifted with a great mane of amber hair, FlaMe WoMan looks out of one blue eye with an iris in the shape of a spiral, and sheds a tear from the other. Her very voluptous hair curle in spirals invites many burning people to meander through them. Her mouth is in the shape of an O. She wears a long blue & green flickering skirt. The core of FlaMe WoMan is a fire pit which receives messages from visitors. Around the core, altars are built by participants, creating a sacred space for rituals.


Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Florida Oasis Camp

The Florida based members of the Burning Man community help to create an Oasis in the cultural desert of our state. Anyone from our area is invited to join us in celebrating our brief escape!

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Foreplay Lounge

Wander through a nine-hole miniture golf course while attempting to conceive a child. Of course, there’s a myriad of obstacles to maneuver around first!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Found Funk Family

Lost? Come funk it up with the Found Funk Family, grooving to weirdness and hot love, from the pineal gland to the peritoneum.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Free Photography Zone

Free Photography Zone, John Brennan’s mad attempt to photograph the PARTICIPANTS of BM in a studio type setting. Each participant is given a Polaroid print for their participation. This is our 5 th year and the photographic archive is steadily growing. Come and possibly find your print from last year but come, participate and be photographed.

Hometown: Santa Clara, CA


Carnevil of Sin
Weights hanging from body peircings, fecal juggling, glass eating, we will have none of that (maybe). Freeks and friends hanging.

URL: http://www.freek.netHometown: San Francisco, CA

Full Exposure: The Genital Portrait Studio

A full service portrait studio for the more private side of you, offering many ways to capture your most intimate details in the picture of a lifetime. Polaroids or digital imagery (recommended for the Internet-fearless), props to maximize your moment on film, couples sittings, and the opportunity for photos to be displayed (at the discretion of the photographee) in our gallery for the pleasure of all.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Funk Camp

FUNK CAMP is the place for the booty-shakin’ sounds of The Funkmobile, SF’s premier live funk band. Combine the sound and sensibility of James Brown with the outrageous costumes of 70s Parliament/Funkadelic and you’ve got the Funkmobile, baby. Unh!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Fusion Valley

Fusion Valley, Home of PlayaNet, Computer Man, 95.7 Radio, all with tons of EL Wire stuff. Stop by and chill with us!

Hometown: Los Gatos, CA