2000 Theme Camps

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Sacred and Propane

With the merger of the Sacred Church of the Holy Flame Inc. and Consolidated Agglomerated Propane LLC. we are now able to offer to you, our valued customers, both the Sacred and Propane. Please join us each evening during our customer appreciation week (August 29th through September 4) for displays both hot and holy.

Hometown: Petaluma, CA

Sacred Heart Oasis

Make your pilgrimage to the “Shrine of the Sacred Heart”, Feel the Love where “Love is the Law”. Share and expand your experience of the Heart thru chanting, movement, and ritual at 11am and 4pm every day.

Hometown: Dearborn, MI

Safer Sex Camp

Safer Sex Camp promotes safer sex practices, primarily by distributing free safer sex supplies. We are located in Tower Camp (Opera area). Look for a white parachute tent with a 4 foot red band around the bottom. Come by and help yourself – all are free. Volunteer distributers are needed – all orientations and ethnic groups. Safer Sex Kits – Never Leave Camp Without One!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Same Same But Different Camp

Come check out our typically unique tribute to the extraplanetary retro-future camp to get bindi’d by the sari sisters. Don’t forget to bring your working TV – we’ll turn it on before we let you bash it to bits with a variety of destructive tools!

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Sanctum of the Erotic Goddess

Interactive body ritual space.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Sand Box

(Maybe, name may be revised… Still making a few decisions)
SAND BOX: Non-restrictive play in sandbox with lots of curious and surprising things… your imagination is welcome, bring your toys or share ours come play in the sand box.

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT


A theme park for geeks – featuring: Life size foozball field, bowling for Jesus, fire dancing, body painting, a loungy area with misters (and the secret tunnel to the Sacred Kitsch Mosque and Bar), music, interactive games, and more.

Hometown: Seattle, WA


A savannah of complete comfort awaits. Welcome to shockabuku: a swift, spiritual kick to the head that alters your reality forever.

Hometown: Tempe, AZ

Shrine of the Oracles of Boobfoot

Shrine of the Oracles of Boobfoot is a place where visitors immediate or long term futures will devined. You may pay your respects with an offering (optional) or have your photo (you supply the camera) taken with Boobfoot, a sacred relic of an ancient or alien culture.

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Six Degrees of Lucy and Molly

Lucy and Molly are mapping out all their friends and loved ones – come and see if you made it!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Skiing Man Camp

(In Black Light Village)
Snow skis on playa soil, pulled by a water ski boat with an outboard motorcycle! Hmm – perhaps we had too many margaritas from the gasblender on the Toe Boat.

Hometown: Fremont, CA

Sleizure presents: The Disorient Lounge

Disorient Lounge (aka Sleizure) is a hypnotic installation that provides stimulation from dusk to dawn. Features BMVR, a virtual reality simulation of Burning Man + other custom made video + light displays.

Hometown: New York, NY

Slip and Slide camp

This will be the first every Naked Slip and Slide Olympics held at Burningman with preliminarys leading up to the finals. Awards will be given to those showing the most style and form, looking forward to seeing you all in your slide suits.

Hometown: Fresno, CA

Slo Motion Living

Slooooooo Motion Living. Like sloths in the trees, our camp will please you while you relax for a bit and shake off the ringing in your ears between raves. Bored of the way you look? Came out to the playa unprepared? Check out our costumes and toys. We will also be ready to barter with things so needed in the desert. Cigarettes, lotion, toilet paper, body painting, sunblock, chapstick… Come check us out! And don’t miss our roving sloth mobile…

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Snowflake Village

Snowflake Confederacy features Art from the Midwest/flyover regions of the country. We will serve as a primary early-evening warmup spot for those anticipating the night’s pleasures.

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Space Cowboy World

The cowgirls and cowboys are back yet again with their version of the wild west. Travel the playa on the chariot train to the edge of the playa map. Put on your best duds and enjoy your experience at the Space Cowboy Lounge where we barter, trade, howl, laugh, dance and share liquid libations, music and much, much more. Bring a bottle, a twelve-pack or a bag or two of ice to make your lounge hours cool and comfortable. Be sure to join us for the Black Rock hoe down on Friday night, a party that will be out of this world.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Space Vikings

Hell bent on galactic supremecy the Space Viking horde travels the far flung reaches of space searching for worlds to conquer. They are mightily ineffective, but terrible weapons stand ready to crush all who oppose them. drunkeness, total lack of organization, and general lazyness.

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Space Vikings

Hometown: Modesto, CA


Imagine George Jetson crashing his hovercar onto the set of Barbarella as Napoleon Solo saunters past and Emma Peal stands on the sidelines tossing off witty one-liners. Imagine a world of endless TANG and robot weavers that churn out limitless bolts of Sabre-tooth cat fur to tinny lounge muzac piped through cheeep speakers. It’s a collision of cheesy 60’s Bondesquery and 50’s soooper-future. It’s Spacelounge!!!

URL: http://www.spacelounge.comHometown: San Francisco, CA


Regain your virginity thru ritual purification.

URL: http://thunder.prohosting.com/~svirgin/Hometown: Bellevue, WA


“The good hands people” Safe sex through exessive masturbation is our aim, safe spankin’ kits and “playa fires” are our game. Listen for the air raid siren as we cruise the playa in “Jizzabelle” our lincoln playa car… and if you’re brave, try a playa fire and earn your nut!!!

Hometown: Fair Oaks, CA

Spiral Oasis Ultra Lux

S.O.U.L is a collective of theme camps for your enjoyment.

URL: http://www.spiraloasis.orgHometown: Santa Cruz, CA


Hometown: North Hollywood, CA

Spock Mountain Research Labs

Cyberbilly genius Jed Sanders and his band of backwoods hyperscientists at Spock Mountain Research Labs return to the Playa for the third year running! Robots, home-made hyperwhiskey, cool porch, hillbilly jug band, rocking chairs, and of course SPOCK.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Spooterland, a union of self owning ones. Your body is the least mediated Media!

Hometown: Redmond, WA

Spore/Body Cartography Camp

Our camp will transform you, from a ritual body painting to the performance space where your true colors will emerge.

URL: http://www.bodycartography.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

StarLust Lounge

The StarLust Lounge an alien beach barter bar. Come by and make a free choice creating your reality.

Hometown: San Anselmo, CA

Stealth Bombing Camp

For a non monitary fee (ie a song and dance, or something of entertainment value to us) you can set up a contract hit on a loved one, enemy, or object of your affection. The contracted “assassination” will vary in severity depending upon a number of factors, but may range from being subject to public humiliation, having to perform bizzare or ludicrous antics and we are always open to any idea that would otherwise be considered “unusual” punishment. You will not know how or when we will come, and all “assassinations” are surprise attacks. ** This is for entertainment only, and we will not bring unwanted harm or discomfort to anyone who is “marked” for “assasination”. ** Come see us!

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

Sun Valley DMX

(No, not Sun Valley Idaho or some other weak ass town.)
We at Sun Valley DMX have no plan, no objective no guiding principals that distinguish our camp from other mindless camps. However, we are familiar. Like your home town that banned you for life, or the gently embrace of your Mom, who thinks you’re a lazy, disrespectful waste of good genes. Think of us as home… Your home (until you piss us off and we throw your worthless ass out into the street). A place to come home to, a place of safety, a place you’d better love, or we’ll hunt you down and gut you like a fish. Sounds nice doesn’t it? Welcome home. (Bartering available)

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Superheroes of Atlantis

Hometown: Oakland, CA