2010 Theme Camps

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Machine Control Compound

Stop thinking for yourself and let machines do it for you! We are conducting erotic mind control experiments on male and female subjects–possibly you.

URL: http://machinecontrolnow.com/Hometown: Seattle, WA

Mai Tai Dye

Sip a Mai Tai while you tie dye! Bright colors in spray bottles – get crazy and add some color to your underwear. But the fun doesn’t stop there…body art! hula hoops! stop by for a creation of your imagination, stay for the after party! DJs, visuals, glow and fireworks glasses (Dome party time TBA)

URL: http://maitaidye.tumblr.comHometown: San Francisco , CA

Major Space Commanding Yogis

Commanding inner and outer space, elucidating the pearls of wisdom from masters Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and Yoda and occasionally serving coffee and bringing a nice yoga space to the playa. Come join us for evening conference, take a ride on our super tech house-y rickshaw and maybe a yoga class.

URL: http://www.lookingglassproject.wordpress.comHometown: Garberville, CA

Mal-Mart Mega Store

Mal-Mart is an exploration into America’s consumer driven society where the shopping mall reigns supreme. Mal-Mart will deconstruct the shopping experience by offering Burning Man residents their first multi-level shopping mall where nothing is for sale and ideas are more valuable than “valuables.

URL: http://www.mal-mart.orgHometown: Los Angeles, CA

Mansonian Inst. of Urban Studies

The Mansonian Institute of Urban Studies presents a study on the infrastructure of Black Rock City. Why is it laid out in a circle? When the Port-o-Lets are emptied, where does it go? Find the answers to these questions and much more through our interactive displays.

URL: http://www.mansonianinstitute.comHometown: Las Vegas, NV

Marching Band Camp

This is the place for HOT MARCHING BAND ACTION!

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Martini Village

Join Martini Village and enjoy frosty refreshments, relaxation and, entertainment! Stop by for a Martini Lunch, interactive games of Monopolis, a relaxing pit-stop at blue agave, some real F.U.N or the night time thrilling ElectriCITY with interactive parade of lights! Explore the Martini Wonderland.

Hometown: Reno, NV

MASH 4207th

MASH 4207th is a theme camp celebrating the Korean War era television show MASH. We are dedicated to creating a camp with the infrastructure and social organization that reflects the character of MASH.

Hometown: Eugene, OR


Because everyone in Metropolis is entitled to a secret identity…Stop by and decorate a mask, or create your own one of a kind masterpiece. Then, join us for the Masquerade Ball, Thursday at 8 P.M. until we run out of age appropriate libations (or somebody makes a beer run).

Hometown: Reno, NV

Math Camp @ Group W

Math Camp, A Safe Place for Mathematics. A small, social camp, we offer a place to drink and derive! Home of the Fabulous Electric Cupcakes. Purveyors of crunchy snacks & The Best Friday Morning Sunrise Cocktail Party on the Playa. Don’t miss this year’s DorkBot lectures series!

URL: http://www.mathcamp.usHometown: Berkeley, CA

McMassage Camp

For the weary dusted traveler, no Metropolis would be complete without big golden arches shining up high in the desert sky. Please come seek comfort & joy inside our McOasis! We’re ready to serve any Metrosexual who desires a fresh espresso, or even our Quarter-Pressure Massage. Fries with that baby?

URL: http://www.mcmassage.webs.comHometown: Huntington Beach, CA

Meadful Things

Although mead was the first alcohol produced by every civilization it is no longer a common beverage. The goal of Meadful Things is to share traditional mead with those who have never tried it and educate those interested in it.

URL: http://dev.etreedb.org.test.ibiblio.org/events/meadful%20things_bman.pdfHometown: Slc, UT


Come run the Metropstacle Course; Battle your way through 8 different obstacles, collecting your disguise to become the SuperMeanderMan (phone booth included). Also back again this year is everyone’ favorite past time, bludgeoning your opponent with a giant turkey leg in THE TURKEY CLUB JOUST.

URL: http://www.hillelsmith.com/BurningMan2010.htmlHometown: Los Angeles, CA

Media Mecca

Media Mecca is the Press Room on the playa, welcoming and helping to acculturate the registered members of the media who come to cover the event.

URL: http://www.burningman.com/pressHometown: San Francisco, CA

Metro Mart

Your source for “playa necessities”. Were there for you when you’ve forgotten a little of your “radical self reliance” at home.

Hometown: Reno, NV

Metro Tea Station

Join the San Diego Art Divas at the Metro Tea Station for a more sophisticated side of Burning Man — chill out with a cool, refreshing cup of tea, listen to some soft music and relax before venturing out into the wilds of the Playa.

URL: http://metroteastation.weebly.com/Hometown: San Diego, CA

Metropolis Museum of Art

The worlds masterpieces redone and miniaturized with a twist that reflects the members of our camp.(self portraits, painting/sculpture) A fine collection of pre-historic to contemporary art that has been altered to express what the original artist really wanted to express but was too afraid to do.

Hometown: Tucson, AZ


Miajuana is a dream of a Mexican outpost on the border of your mind. Come test your boundaries at Spanko Pelligroso’s Wrestling Ring, pray with the Sisters of the Nasty Habits, straddle Juana the Vibrating Burro, and tipple in the Titty Tequila Tent. Who wants to run for the border? Miajuana!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Midnight Poutine

Bonsoir nos amis! Come and sample Quebec’s favourite late night snack at Midnight Poutine. Learn the awesome power of french fries, cheese curds and hot gravy. Embrace the joie de vivre of our bilingual Canadian camp. A bientot! Lβche pas la patate!

Hometown: Montreal, QUEBEC

Midnight Ridazz

Roll into the Midnight Ridazz camp for bike blessings from our Ordained Ministers, maintain your motive self sufficiency with mentored DIY bicycle repair, join us on organized cycle tours and stick around for some sexy, sexy bike talk. It’s a Metropolis of Bicycle Babylon here!

URL: http://midnightridazz.comHometown: Topanga, CA

MidNite Popcorn Palace

Popcorn to the People!!! The Popcorn Palace is back this year with our mobile popcorn kitchen & plush theme camp. Look for our armored car that will pull the Goddess Of Popcorn and her precious cargo through the streets of Black Rock City. As usual, strict dental hygiene will be enforced…

Hometown: Reno, NV


Not downtown, not surbubia…. MidTown. Bringing small town charm to Black Rock City. MidTown includes members that originate from the towns of Auburn, Colfax and Weimar in Northern California and a few other random people from small towns in Japan and Kentucky.

URL: http://ajpn.com/midtown/Hometown: Auburn, CA

Mike's Garage and Karaoke

Bring your mechanical or electrical problems to Mike’s Garage. I will gladly drill, grind, glue, weld, solder or whatever it takes. All I ask is your favorite karaoke rendition.

URL: http://www.mrmusty.com/mikesgarage/Hometown: Silvis, IL

Mind Shaft Society

The Mind Shaft Society is a group of artistic scientists who collaborate on a theme and present the findings at Burning Man. On sabbatical for 2010, the Mind Shaft Society will sponsor the Metropolis Bureau of Artistic Development where Black Rock Citizens can apply for Creative License.

URL: http://www.mindshaftsociety.comHometown: San Francisco, CA


Both the support camp for the Megatropolis project, & the wildly interactive offering of a large group of burners from both Reno/Sparks & all over the world. Drop by for laughs & a drink in The Rising Arms pub, many exciting activities, or friendly refuge & mist under our large shade structures!

URL: http://www.megatropolisproject.com/minitropolis/Hometown: Dublin, N/A

Mission Country Club

San Francisco’s Mission district outpost on the playa. Pretentious coffees served daily! Find our bike-mobile CURRY KART for fresh authentic Mission street-food. Come by Thursday at 4:20 for our 6th Annual Sangria SoundClash Party: dance to Cumbia/Salsa/Merengue while devouring 50 gallons of Sangria.

URL: http://www.missioncountryclub.comHometown: San Francisco, CA


A flash-mob of buildings will battle a vicious group of disasters to show the citizens of BRC that justice can come in unexpected shapes & sizes (and that its really fun to battle while dressed up in fun costumes) and then gift lemonade to said thirsty citizens from our Golden Showers lemonade stand!

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Mohammeds Mini Martini and Erotica

When the sun reaches its zenith and is beating down on the citizens of Black Rock City, head over to the coolest Bedouin Palace on the playa and relax with an ice cold martini while lounging on pillows and poufs. Peruse our book of true erotic stories and if the spirit moves you write one yourself.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA


Get plastered at MOIST!

Hometown: Portland, OR


“Camp Moloch” is named after the monstrous deity of Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” to whom hapless workers are sacrificed in the interest of the upper-world regime. The camp will be set up as a miniature version of the modern city.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Monkey D's - spank the monkey

What metropolis is complete without your favorite familiar drive thru? Swing by Monkey D’s – over one billion spanked, to order one of our specialty drinks like the Big Monk or the McMuff, dine in or drive thru!

URL: http://spankthemonkeylounge.comHometown: Salt Lake City, UT


Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


A jungle oasis with hammocks, mist, monkey chants and all the monkey love you can handle!

URL: http://groups.google.com/group/campmonkeyloveHometown: Boulder, CO

Moonbow Camp

When the full Moon shines upon Yosemite falls, the Moonbow there, creates a special gathering place of natural reflection that represents America’s great parks. We’re campers and activists that will bring artistic events, crystal singing bowls, and Gay pride parade for todays “Gays in the city”.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=85705083600Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


Moonrock brings you a public park on the playa with arborealis: an interactive, reactive, glowing monkey habitat for your climbing delight. Relax with fireflies in our treeopolis, then look out over the modern city from the canopy. Welcome to the Jungle, we’ve got fun and games.

URL: http://moonrock.me/Hometown: Seattle, WA

More Carrot

More Carrot is here to help ensure that the citizens of Black Rock City get their vegetables. We are the hosts of the Black Rock Farmer’s Market and the people behind several roving events including the Countless Carrots March (can’t let the bunnies have all the fun!).

URL: http://www.facebook.com/BRCfarmersMarketHometown: Washington, DC

Mountain Mayhem Camp

High altitude love from the mountains of Colorado! Walk through our aspen and pine tree snow covered forest to the base of “Mt. Tropolis.” Come sledding, enjoy cold/refreshing drinks and dance yo ass off!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=9617451#!/group.php?gid=176902002909Hometown: Durango, CO

Mr. Fixit

Mr. Fixit We offer minor repairs to most things electrical and mechanical. Including but not limited to Espresso Machines, Generators, and EL Wire.

Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA

Musement Heights

Musement Heights is dedicated to evoking wonder, playfulness, celebration & community. Join us for happy-hour theme parties & stilt parades at UPtown Lounge, relax on our shady Stoop. Warm your bones at Fire Dept; Feast your eyes, minds? At MUSE, a stunning pagoda that will enchant and inspire you.

URL: http://happenstanceclan.comHometown: Carson, WA

Mustache Camp

Mustache camp is a celebration of the ultimate facial adornment. Tools abound to fashion or fake your nasal underbrethren. From the glowing mustache visible across playa in the center of our camp to the nightly mustache competitions, you will immerse yourself in that most glorious triumph of hair.

URL: http://www.mustachecamp.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Mutant Audio Outpost

A haven for audio experimentation and those seeking out non-traditional and unorthodox music and sound. Stop by and play our experimental instruments, listen to unusual musical performances, and take part in sound creation workshops.

URL: http://www.mutantaudio.net/outpost/Hometown: Austin, TX

Mutinous Picnic

We have been called to weird for Burning Man. Enough said.

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Mystikal Mysfits Waldorf Mystoria

The Mystikal Mysfits Waldorf Mystoria is a full service hotel with a premiere lounge that is a common meeting place for those wishing to get in out of the hussle and bustle of the truly metropolitan Black Rock City.

Hometown: Granada Hills, CA


Camp Mystopia offers many mysts: the Magical Mystery Vans and Mobile Mystery Science Theater will rove the playa sharing gifts, popcorn and film, while our camp itself will host a Mystery Fruit Stand, a Cooling Myst Tent, and of course the 2010 Mystery Masqued Ball. Come visit our MYSTerious utOPIA!

URL: http://www.mystopia.netHometown: San Francisco, CA


Camp Mytropolis is an interactive lounge featuring Music, Dance and a Workshop to support the MyTropolis Art Installation. Participants can find out about how they can create and install their own buildings to add to the interactive sculpture garden. Donate Your Building at mytropolisproject.com

URL: http://mytropolisproject.comHometown: Los Angeles, CA