2010 Theme Camps

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S'mores N Amour

S’MORES…we provide this camping favorite. Not just a treat, but a marshmallow roasting experience. You bring the campfire songs and we provide the rest. Every night at sunset. Campfire singers and entertainers get more than a chocolate surprise! Warning: your marshmallows may get burned.

URL: http://tribes.tribe.net/b1e2bf96-a3bf-4a91-b145-9a9b0fdff718Hometown: North Hollywood, CA

Sacred Cow Grille

The Sacred Cow Grille is the reincarnation of a long-forgotten 1940s Mooombai restaurant known for its exotic servers and the invention of electro-Bollywood. Our nightly dinners will offer weary travelers the chance to dine on our special Curry in a Hurry with Burning Naan, and don’t forget to ask for the “Cold Chai” (wink wink).

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Sacred Spaces Village

We are a diverse inter-faith spiritual community of artists, activists, and mystics seeking to improve the collective intelligence of humanity. We provide grounded, heart-centered sacred spaces for individuals to heal, learn/teach, create art, and transform themselves and the world. Water the Roots!

URL: http://www.sacredspacesvillage.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

Safer Sex Camp

Source of all your playa safer sex needs: condoms, lube, gloves, and plastic wrap for dams. All kits are free, not for sale, not for barter. Look for Outpost Bags. Erotic Fetish Wear from Rubber Inner Tubes (See What When Where) & Women’s Only Liquid Latex Body Painting (Fri. 11:00am – 3:40pm.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Sake To Me

Sake To Me is your neighborhood sake bar. Stop by for a comfortable shady pitstop, some great chilled sake, and test your skills at a giant version of Jenga.

Hometown: Irvine, CA

Sake Watering Hole

Come fill your parched throats from 5 to 8 on wed and fri with our neverending ice cold sake bubbling up from the earth in towering 8 foot tall clear tubes blowing frosty mist. Dance to the beats surging from our multicolored spaceship or lay on our pillows inside our golden authentic Moroccan tent.

URL: http://bit.ly/9tJmU0Hometown: Mill Valley, CA


Sakenoma, Black Rock City’s nearly famous sake bar, invites you to visit them during the hottest part of the day for the coldest sake on the playa. Kanpai!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Black-Rock-City/Sakenoma/110650969763?ref=tsHometown: Santa Barbara, CA

Salon Soleil

Salon Soleil is a welcoming space for personal exploration, self-expression, and interaction with other beings. We invite the Burning Man community to visit our quiet, reflective quadruple Do-Me Dome for a visit, or for one of our healing fairs offering massage, readings, or relationship counseling.

URL: http://www.salonsoleil.netHometown: Oakland, CA

Samba Stilt Circus

Samba Stilt Circus Bringing you Shaking Booties, Stilt Bar! and Samba from the west Coast!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Samba-Stilt-Circus/111428852200687?ref=tsHometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Sat Chitti City Ananda Bang Bang!

An inspiring, uplifting, artistic experience of yoga to explore our existence (Sat) of consciousness (Chit) and bliss (Ananda). Please check the WhatWhereWhen Guide for pre-scheduled class times, and stop by the camp to check our ever-expanding schedule board for spontaneous additions daily!

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Saturday Morning Cartoon Camp

Did you have late night? Roasted out of your sleeping chamber? Do you miss the glory days of your childhood vegetating in front of the television set with a bowl full of sugary cereal goodness? Well, then head on over to Saturday Morning Cartoon Camp! Bring your own bowl!

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Scarbutts Cafe

Wake Your Ass Up! Come on by at the crack of Playa dawn (10am-11:30am) to get your daily spanking and hot coffee. Yes, from Tuesday through Friday your friendly semi-corporate pawns will be serving up piping hot solar-brewed coffee and brisk spankings! Bring your own cup.

URL: http://www.scarbuttscafe.comHometown: Tiburon, CA

Science Boudoir Cabaret

Exploring the intertwined relationships that exist between Science and Art, the Science Boudoir Cabaret melds dance, the culinary, aural explorations, science, steel and good times into an intoxicating brew for passers-by.

URL: http://sbc.sness.netHometown: Victoria, BRITISH COLUMBIA

Science of Churchology

Come visit our chapel, funeral home, and graveyard. The preachers of the gospel of the Science of Churchology will perform exorcisms, funerals, weddings, and play Russian Roulette (with a toy gun). We have thumbderdome and karaoke too.

URL: http://www.scienceofchurchology.com/Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Scotch & Hop

Too long has “hop” been in front of “scotch”! Come and Enjoy some “Scotch” with your hop! A playground for adults featuring, what else but hopscotch, and maybe a couple of other games. A relatively simple child’s game kicked up a notch! Prizes include, Scotch!

URL: http://groups.google.com/group/scotch--hopHometown: New York, NY

Second Star to the Right

We have created this camp out of the dreams that we have had and this camp intern is here not only to encourage others to fufill their dreams but to show by example that all dreams are possible.

Hometown: Beaverton, OR

Secret Kitty

Hometown: Willits, CA

Serenity Giant Game Camp

Giant Game Camp is back this year and in a BIG way. Hang out and enjoy the games you played as a kid. Picture a giant size Connect four or a Checker Board you have to walk on and move your pieces. No more searching for people who aren’t embarrassed to play kids games. Check calendar for other events.

URL: http://mysite.verizon.net/jack39/Hometown: New York, NY

Serotonin Rejuvenation Camp (SRC)

Sometimes you need a shady place to collect yourself after a night of sensory overload. That’s where our highly trained serotonin rejuvenation advisors come in. We will review each case and prescribe a treatment of pillows, faux fur, bacon and orange juice followed by natural serotonin supplements.

URL: http://src4.me/Hometown: Seattle, WA

Sex Filth Avenue Boutique

SEX FILTH AVENUE Boutique 24/7 self service. Donations desperately needed. Recycle your old naughty sexy playa wear. Bring a big bag of costumes. Cleanup & Restocking daily 9:30AM volunteers clean up and put out new costumes. They get first pick of the new costumes. Don’t miss out. 3:15 on “A”

URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/S_e_x_Filth_AveHometown: Carson City, NV

Sexagon City

Stop by our unique carpeted and shaded sexagonal home where you may relax on the couch with the natives, Hoopdance in a lighted carpeted streetside hoop-a-gon, or ascend 20 ft. to our crow’s nest to see the BRC panorama. Enjoy the affectionaltely depraved, interactive Barbie Love Zone if you dare.

Hometown: Portland, OR

Shady Asylum

Please come enjoy our grass – we will have a large, live lawn underneath a well-shaded canopy.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Shady Waffle

Burning Man can be pretty intense: the people, the music, the motion, the heat… our goal is to provide an escape from all of that. A shady, cozy nook on the playa where you can take a yoga class, meditate, or enjoy a peaceful breakfast.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Welcome to Shadyvil. A place that some call home; others shake their heads with wonder. Nevertheless, Shadyvil is high class livin’ and down home comfy with a discerning palate for beer, bourbon and bacon. We have Shade. Swarms. Nurses. Yogis. Meat Lovin’ Vegetarians & an Urban Safari Club.

URL: http://www.shadyvil.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Shamandome Camp

ShamanDome Join us in a journey to find your power animal; to recover that lost soul you left with your ex: to clear the door to your great cosmic dance: and we protect you from most everything:::: but yourself: if you want transformation from your mountain, come to Shamandome.

Hometown: Emmaus, PA


SHIFT is a large, friendly camp serving the international community at Burning Man. We believe the mind and body are One with the Metropolis. This year we present two attractions: “Eddie’s Downtown Bar” and the “The Uptown Church of Dreams” Yoga, cocktails, speakers, dancers and dreamers.

Hometown: Laguna Niguel, CA


Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Shipwreck Tiki Lounge

A vintage teak sailboat beached upon the rocks of a forbidden isle. Join the castaways for afternoon grog at their exotic tiki bar of handmade idols, gods, and flaming totems. Beware of cannibals!

URL: http://www.shipwrecktikilounge.comHometown: Woodland Hills, CA


Home of Sparky the Fire Truck and his crew.

URL: http://www.fernworks.net/SHoP/Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Siberian Electric Company

New for 2010, the siberian electric company is bringing power to the people. Someone always has to live next to the power plant so why not a soviet era nuclear reactor, come get contaminated with us.

URL: http://mesabear1967.tripod.comHometown: Salt Lake City , UT

Silicon Village

Have a drink at the Hair of the Dog bar and music stage, chill at Semuta Lounge dome, watch Tesla coil demos, refresh in the misting booth, windsurf, refill your bike tires, watch a Merkin fashion show and SO much more. We love to meet new people and are looking forward to seeing YOU on the Playa!

URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SiliconVillage/Hometown: San Jose, CA

Skid Row

Skid Row: Home to transients, alcoholics and addicts. Come join us at 2PM Tue-Fri at the Gin and Juice Bar. Have some beers, listen to classic 90s rap, get a tattoo at our seedy henna tattoo parlor and make your mark on our graffiti wall. For the hungry, Genesis Mission Soup Kitchen opens at 6:30.

URL: http://https://sites.google.com/site/uclaburncrew/Hometown: Santa Monica, CA

Skinny Kitty Teahouse

Regroup and Relax at our teahouse with Skinny and friends; serving tea 24/7. We offer a refuge from the unse, unse, unse, by providing a piano and space for performance, music, conversation, funk, art, and copeira. We are reliquarians.

Hometown: Willits, CA


Remember those guys who treated you like shit just because you wanted their crappy vodka drink? Fuck those guys. Slutgarden will dress you, drink you and dance you into perfection.

Hometown: Vancouver, WA

Snow Koan Solar

Snow Koan Solar is camp dedicated to providing clean power and good times. We operate a solar-based power grid for the entire Nectar Village. We host a recharging station where Burners can come to recharge electrical devices. We also serve snow cones daily and host entertainment in our dome.

Hometown: Fairfax, CA

Snowflake Village

We compress 8 interactive camps into one small space. See a movie, get body painted, do Speed Dating, take a vacation, rant on a mic, have a conversation, get rubbed with sunscreen, write in a book, try a vegemite sandwich— At Snowflake!

URL: http://www.clevian.com/snowflake2010Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

sober Free society

Impromptu sober Free meetings available when people are present. Get proper sober Free therapy from the sober Free society. New this year, sober Free faux tattooing!

URL: http://www.soberfree.comHometown: Seattle, WA

Soft Long Pants

Soft Long Pants Camp is a glamorous look at what is vogue and sheik in the utter confines of pure relaxation. We Offer a tender way of saying, ‘lets kick back in style’, while getting to know our city friends in a long soft pant pillow dome, while being served wonderful, healthy elixers of Chai tea.

Hometown: Paia, HI

Sore Nipple Camp

Come by and spin the Wheel of Enjoyment (maybe), have a drink and play some games. Ladies see how many C.D’s you can stack on your nipples (record 15), ride the Sybian, have a jello shot or get blasted with the Long Island ice tea squirt guns. Come see why we are the World Famous Sore Nipple Camp!

URL: http://SoreNipple Camp on facebookHometown: Sparks, NV

Soul Vacation & Jah Jah Day Spa

Soul Vacation and Jah Jah Day spa is your funked up reggae and roots rock all-day stop for an infused foot wash, various body work and tropical fruit drinks. Want a chilled out rub down with good conversation and smooth grooves; we’re here. We’ll bring the JUICE and you bring the smiles!

Hometown: Pocatello, ID

Space Bass

Space Bass is a camp within Disorient that brings the sounds of solar wind and interstellar journeys. We invite you to visit our lunar party and have a Mint Julep.

URL: http://www.disorient.comHometown: Ottawa, ONTARIO

Space Cats!

Space Cats & The Roarax Rounge Present BOBO JENKITOWN’S All-Day Karaoke Lounge at the World Famous Hammock Hangout featuring The Roar Shack and Tiny Tea Party.

URL: http://thehammockhangout.com/Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Space Cowboys

Wrangling the cosmos for well over a decade, the Space Cowboys are proud to provide the hitching post for the playa’s finest dancers, discos, djs, dreamers, and sugar daddys. but please don’t follow us, we’re only following the Mog…

URL: http://www.spacecowboys.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

Space Lounge

Space Loung is home of the Space Wench and crew.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Space Nutz

You’ve bent time and space before… right?!?! Float on in and dock your booty to our dance floor. We’re gonna open up a black hole portal and transcend to another dimension. Take your protein pills and put your helmet on!

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Space Virgins

No Fear, No Shame, No Guilt, No Judgement. The Space Virgins are all about love, interactive art, and providing a comforting oasis in a sea of stimulation.

URL: http://www.spacevirgin.org/metropolisHometown: Seattle, WA

Spanky's Wine Bar

The camp that takes a humorous approach to wine, bondage and bdsm

URL: http://www.jimhillas.org/spankyswinebar.htmlHometown: El Dorado Hills, CA

Spin Art Camp + Del Fuego Art Wall

Spin Art Camp + Del Fuego Art Wall- Remember Spin Art? We built a 4 foot diameter version! Come and make your own one-of-a-kind art work on a core board that we supply, or feel free to take off your shirt and make an awesome Burning Man Souvenir! This year we are also Hosting the Del Fuego Art Wall!

Hometown: Steamboat Springs, CO

Spirit Dream Interpretation Cafι

Perhaps it’s your thirst, the smell of espresso and mocha, or the drum circle that draws you in, but as you enter the atmosphere you realize that there’s more here than you first thought. Make your way to the encounter tent to unlock the secrets of your spirit and transform your journey.

URL: http://www.spiritdream.orgHometown: Orlando, FL

Spock Mountain Research Labs

SMRL returns for it’s 13th straight year on-playa as world leaders in beverage science and leisure technology. We drink lots of hyperwhiskey, write the Spock Science Monitor (BRC’s newspaper of record), hit people on the head with boards, and eat sandwiches. Bring us sandwiches.

URL: http://www.smrl.orgHometown: San Francsico, CA

Squid Row

The denizens of the deep present Squid Row’s Atlantis, the aquatic civilization where new secrets will be uncovered and other things lost. Visit the 3D submarine, send a message-in-a-bottle, or spin the Wheel of Deadly Sins, savor our aquatic cocktails at the Atlantic Shipwreck lounge & bar.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Stalker Camp

Ever dreamed of having your very own stalker? Come to stalker camp and sign up for some consensual stalking on the playa.

URL: http://www.stalkercamp.comHometown: Campbell, CA

Stardust Lounge

When the Stardust Casino was reduced to a pile of ashes, dust, and memories, witnesses swore they saw a glittering swirl of purple smoke drifting Northwest. Pawn your jewelry and double down at the Stardust Lounge, where dirty martinis and dirtier cocktail waitresses rekindle the spirit of old Vegas.

URL: http://stardust.typepad.com/Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Stars by the Ton

Come live the experience of the sky! We transform a familiar playa dome into a planetarium where we can share the rhythm and symmetry of the heavens.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Steam Bath Project

The Steam Bath Project offers Black Rock City a public, wood-fired steam bath in which to cleanse and relax. The hot moist air contrasts incredibly with the dry heat of the playa. Constructed as a geodesic dome, the space is open to all!

Hometown: Charlotte, VT

Still Stings

Come take a nap in our hammocks, sit and chat, make a jellyfish hat or just float along with the jellyfish swarm for a spell. Still Stings is a little piece of quiet on the playa. (Also celebrating random acts of quesadillas 😀 .)

URL: http://www.stillstings.meHometown: San Jose, CA

Stilts by the Ton

We are living large and living tall! Our bar gives away delightful and intoxicating beverages to anyone tall enough to reach the counter. (Our counter is 8 feet high.)

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Storybooks in Alleyways

How do creative and collective spaces persistently arise in the Metropolis? Follow our alleyways to the library where you’ll find a wonderland of storybooks and a quiet haven for reflection, creation and sharing. And a very special wall of dream jars, waiting to be created and shared…

Hometown: Montreal, QUEBEC

Sukkat Shalom

The mission of Sukkat Shalom is to “restore faith to those who sleep in the dust.” For two years, Sukkat Shalom has gathered disparate sparks of the Divine contained in all persons, forming a space for interconnection and exchange between all religions and cultures present on the Playa.

URL: http://www.sukkatshalom.net/Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Summer Camp

Welcome to summer camp paradise! It’s time to revisit our youths for swim tests, arts & crafts, tug-o-wars, story time and scavenger hunts! Whether you loved or hated summer camp as a kid, we promise the playa version will be awesome, and a great escape from the busy Metropolis!

Hometown: Somerville, MA


SurlyCamp – Home to the SurlyBird, the one and only bio-diesel art car with beats so good, they break your face. SurlyCamp is still home to a bunch of assholes, great beats, going big and bacon. Sorry about your face, whore!

Hometown: Claremont, CA

Suspended Animation

Experience full-suspension erotic rope bondage: part kinetic art, part thrill ride, part endorphin rush. Our crew of expert riggers offers bondage rides, workshops for all levels, breathtaking performances, and night time play parties. We also rove the playa and build impromptu bondage sculpture!

URL: http://www.suspendedanimationcrew.com/Hometown: Seattle, WA


SwagMart is an Oasis of creativity located in the heart of Black Rock City. We provide Shade $ Music with FREE unusual materials to create SWAG necklaces,earrings,and noteworthy embellishments for your Playa Wear. Join us for a bit of shade, fun conversation and meet Burners from all over the Planet

Hometown: Nevada City, CA

Sweaty Betty's Misting Parlor &Spa

Rejuvenate, invigorate and experience an overall cooling sensation from head to foot as Sweaty Betty and the MonSalon combine forces for a unique spa experience. Our misting tunnel and hair washing will leave you refreshed and once again ready to plunder the playa. Open during the peak heat of day.

Hometown: Federal Way, WA

Swing City

Direct from the original Muscle Beach in Santa Monica California, Swing City is our home away from home. Complete with a full traveling ring set and rigging for aerial silks, chinese pole, slacklines, hooping, poi, acro, and other gymnastic beach fun.

URL: http://www.robertchapin.com/swingcity.htmlHometown: Marina Del Rey, CA

Syncytium Maze

The Syncytium Maze: Behold Syncytium! Seek dreams and dark secrets within. Will you find a way out?

URL: http://www.burningmaze.orgHometown: Ann Arbor, MI

Syzygryd Base Camp

Syzygryd Base Camp is a support camp for the on-playa construction, operation, & maintenance of Syzygryd. Our camp brings together an incredibly diverse, creative, & supportive group of individuals. Come by to learn how sculpture participants make music & how we created flame effects/fire tornadoes.

URL: http://wiki.interpretivearson.com/index.php?title=CampDDI:BM2010Hometown: San Francisco, CA