2010 Theme Camps

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N-Gon Tomorrow 2010

Here today, N-Gon Tomorrow! Join us for a round of golf and a drink at the tenth hole, then decorate our canvas with your art!

URL: http://www.n-gon.net/Hometown: Oakland, CA

naughty karoke

Come by and join us for Naughty, Sexy, Freakin’ Karoke FUN and Sensual Burning Man Cocktails….you’ll love what you see – be sure to ask for Heather…our “Super Naughty Karoke STAR” !

Hometown: Citrus Heights, CA

Nectar Village

Nectar Village is about you. It is about what you need… to survive, refuel, and revitalize. Mind, body and spirit are all served, and you’ll find the nectar you seek for any of them, in the camps at our oasis. Offerings continuously from 8am to 10pm.

URL: http://www.nectarvillage.comHometown: Novato, CA

Neon Monkey

Where the concrete jungle of metropolis meets the prismatic nature of the hominid family, Neon Monkey is formed, an evolutionary experiment of buffoonery and rapturous indulgence. Let your animal side (de)evolve with us!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=156844159861&ref=tsHometown: Chico, CA

New Jersey

HEY go F%?& yourself! Jersey’s known for it’s unique style of hospitality, and we welcome all travelers. Stop by, hang out in our pyramids, tell us a story – just don’t ask us what exit we’re from. Fuggeddaboutit!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

New Reno

New Reno is the finest 1920’s gangster town, this side of the apocalypse. Bring your tuxedo.

URL: http://web.mac.com/coyotenova/iWeb/Site%2017/NEW%20RENO.htmlHometown: Brooklyn, NY


Nexus is an experimental community, within an experimental city. We live, sleep, work, eat, drink and party like rockstars together. Epic music every night, and friendly sarcastic bartenders keep you coming back for more all week long.

URL: http://nexusorg.orgHometown: Lakeport, CA

Nice Nice Camp

Daily musical jam sessions around specially crafted interactive 8 foot long chimes (tubular bells) & adjoining swing set. Investigate our new neon & concrete triptych in which glowing plasma flows in response to the human touch. Contemplate our murals and answer timeless questions about Metropolis.

Hometown: Stanford, CA

Nimbus Construction

Massive gravity, scale, sound and height draws you to multistory monolith to play with interactive lighting, bring the skyline of Black Rock City to life and observe and experience the metropolis from the clouds. Come pay tribute to the primal need to rise above and create at the monument.

URL: http://nimbusconstruction.blogspot.com/Hometown: Washington, DC

Ninja Burger

Enjoy the best ancient warrior-made fast food on the playa! Our burgers are vegetarian friendly, and available with Original Sauce, as well as Mild and Hot! Come get a burger while fighting for your life against trained assassins! Ninja Burger: Delivery in 30 minutes or less or we commit seppuku!

Hometown: Oakland, CA

No Influence

We’re here to enjoy the wonders of Burning Man without the influence of drugs and booze, and to help others do the same. No hangovers, no 12 steps, no attitude… not under the influence.

URL: http://www.subversively.com/BM/NoInfluence/index.htmlHometown: South San Francisco, CA


No glow sticks, furry boots, or trance music required. NORMALVILLE is a place where you can just kick back, relax, and be your normal self!

Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA

Northwest Mist

Providing a soothing Northwest atmosphere to escape the mid-day heat, step through the Northwest Mist portal and transcend the heat of the day for a momentary refreshening. We are also the home of the ghost of The Lady Washington residing in the Redirection Connection Village.

URL: http://home.teleport.com/~northwestmist/index.htmlHometown: Lake Oswego, OR

Nose Fish

Camp Nose Fish returns in 2010 to support the Ein Hammer project and to present our “Un Hammer Coffee Shop,” serving coffee and cookies every morning to help the citizens of our metropolis get “Un Hammered.” Also returning in 2010 is our MEZ Interactive Video Screen!

URL: http://www.timefold.com/nosefishHometown: Emeryville, CA

Nun'ya Pink Pirate Lounge

Sometimes in a thriving metropolis you need to kick back with some cool folks, grab a drink and dance to some great tunes. The Nun’ya Pink Playa Lounge will strive to provide a friendly, welcoming atmosphere where the stress of the big city can fade away… Welcome home!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=113953671949878Hometown: Lakewood, CO

NYC Container Camp

NYC Container Camp is the New York container filled with all the love, joy, art and creativity shipped from the other side of the country! Come get your goods and sit awhile for our evening drinks while putting together your bikes and art and connect with other New Yorkers!

URL: http://www.nyccontainer.comHometown: Jersey City, NJ

NYrvana Village

Honoring Metropolis with New York attitude. Home of Kostume Kult, RoofTop camp, Animus, Horny Camp, PRED and the True Mirror Palace, come by for some Brooklyn edge, Kostume giveaway Dome, Lady Liberty Lounge, roof-top Water Tower, Bad Advice and the infamous “Horned Ball” on Wednesday.

URL: http://www.kostumekult.com/Hometown: Brooklyn, NY