2010 Theme Camps

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Paddy Mirage

The Paddy Mirage is an experiment in bar culture. No matter where you roam in the world there is an Irish bar to be found. From the Americas to the opposite side of the world it is a place of welcome for all nationalities and is heralded as a social cohesive and musically inspiring place to be.

URL: http://www.burntheirishbar.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Pan's Garden

A playa oasis with fun information on organic gardening, energy healing, witty banter, and brilliant hospitality. Pop on by our local neighborhood nexus!

Hometown: Citrus Heights, CA

Pancake Playhouse

When soft rock is heard, pancakes are served!

URL: http://www.pancakeplayhouse.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

Pandora Dust

Amidst the theme of Metropolis we offer dip into a natural world, creating a piece of Avatar’s Pandora world. A place to relax in a misted rain forest environment with a magic glowing tree, under which costume experts will transform participants into Avatars through body paint and accessories.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Pandora's Fix It Shoppe & Lounge

Let’s face it: stuff breaks at Burning Man. A lot. When it does, don’t cry or curse the dust, swing by Pandora’s Fix-It Shoppe! We have tools and gear available for you to make repairs to bikes, costumes, fire gear, hair-dos and even a bar & lounge to help nurse the occasional broken heart.

URL: http://sites.google.com/site/pandorascamp/Hometown: Saint Louis, MO

Papa Legba

Papa Legba will allow burners to send short messages to each other and to the default world via wireless telegraph. Our wireless telegraph system is compatible with the “text messaging” feature of most cellphones and will work in most parts of BRC. Stop by the camp for a tour of the system.

URL: http://pagalegba2010.wikispaces.com/PublicInformationHometown: Fairfield, CA

Paradise Motel

What Metropolis would be complete without a kitchy hotel off of a highway? Weary travelers are invited to stop in for a snow cone, enjoy some progressive beats and relax by the “pool”. This year we will have ongoing body panting throughout the day. Look for the pink flamingoes.

URL: http://www.desertparadise.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

Party Naked Tiki Bar

Serving morning Bloody Mary’s and cold Tiki Punch for ages 21 and over. Enjoy the sounds of classic rock in a cool, relaxing clothing optional environment. You never have to get naked to enjoy but if you do, you may get “leid”. Come party with us & please bring your own cup to be LNT friendly.

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Pee Funnel Camp

We are a full service Pee Funnel Camp, dispensing Pee Funnels to ladies (or gentlemen) at any time of day or night! Pee Funnels allow ladies to easily stand and pee or aim into a jug.

URL: http://www.peefunnelcamp.org/Hometown: Sebastopol, CA

Pegasus Palace

A place for mythical flying beasts to gather.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Pentonic Solace

Peace, harmony and improvisation. This minor oasis on the playa features acoustic instruments that sound great no matter your ear for music. Walk up and start playing, or come chill in the gazebo and listen to the wind.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

People's Art Congress

People’s Art Congress, where the People and the Art are One. All fellow Black Rock artists are invited to participate in creating the Presidential Portraits, an interactive art project that requires your participation to make it a success. Paint and brushes are provided. Just bring your imagination.

Hometown: Muscatine, IA

Perpetual virgins

It’s our first time to Burningman this year!

Hometown: Tucson, AZ

Persian Excursion

Kick up your feet and recharge your adventurous spirit in our cozy & cool ambient oasis by lounging in our hammocks, receiving a soothing henna tattoo, enjoying the belly dancers, sipping refreshing Moroccan mint tea, misting a new friend, and sharing fine Turkish tobacco from our hookahs.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Petting ZOO

It’s a full service daytime bar. Sun rises, bar opens. Sun sets, bar closes. Donations always welcome.

URL: http://carmonious.com/PettingZOO/index.htmlHometown: Wenham, MA

Philthy Sanchez/Camp ... in Bed

Come by the Philthy Sanchez Booth! It may not be the best hot sauce in the world, but it is the best hot sauce you can get on the Playa!

URL: http://philthysanchez.com/cib/Hometown: Seattle, WA

Pickle Joint

Serving up fresh, cold, crisp, brisk pickles and spicy pickle-tinis – the essential and legendary playa treat. This year with room service, except you’re doing the deliveries.

URL: http://www.gamesandtheory.com/pickles.htmlHometown: Los Angeles, CA

Pigmalions:Bright Lights, Pig City

The Pigmalions’ Camp serves up a delicious batch of hot bacon and bloody mary’s with a good kick around 11am-ish. We promise you a relaxed atmosphere and good-natured servers who might make you squeal for your bacon.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Pillow Punch

Come try the Ambrosia known as PlayaPunch and step in the ring with your fluffy weapon of doom. Pillow Punch is a Pillow Fighting ring where all participants are invited to drink heavily of our specially brewed punch then do battle with pillows in an all out melee. Like Thunderdome only softer!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=10150109558235113&ref=mfHometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL


eco friendly little-green-men-and-women will assist with continuous cleanup with golfcarts and dispensing green garbage bags. persons attending media and music events at the camp will be encouraged to pimpitgreen, learn it, live it, love it.

URL: http://www.pimpitgreen.comHometown: Venice, CA

Pink Heart

Pink Heart brings to you shade, shelter and a water bar in the Pink Lounge & Esplanade Viewing Station while you sit in soft furry pink comfort and look through our super hi-def portal looking towards the active Playa. We only get one channel… but it is AWESOME.

URL: http://www.pinkheartcamp.comHometown: Clearlake Oaks, CA


Art, Music, Performance, Yoga, Bunnies, Quesadillas…

Hometown: Seattle, WA


Behold! The Piρata Strikes Back–and Revenge has never been sweeter! Look for the world’s only ‘Living Piρata’, roving the Playa. Find it swinging freely and fearlessly over the incredible PiρataMobile. And if you dare to face it, choose your weapon carefully–because this Piρata fights back!

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hf7TRIX201UHometown: San Miguel De Allende, Gto

Planet Earth

Planet Earth is Black Rock Cities 80s dance camp. Every evening we’ll have a different musical theme along with classic music videos; New Wave, 80s Pop Hits, Goth/Industrial, Glam Rock and more. Come join us starting at sunset each night to dance to your favorite 80s tunes from Sunset to 3am.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Planetarium Camp

The Planetarium’s star speckled outer walls surround low seats inside to give the participant a view of the night sky, free of the light glare from Black Rock City. Additionally, “artificial” constellations, meteors, UFOs and other celestial events are superimposed over the real night sky in real time, constantly changing and filling the viewer with the awe of the Universe while providing some interesting celestial treats to make it fun and inspiring. Ever changing audio environments gently accompany the experience.

Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA

Play it Forward

Camp Play it Forward is a mixed group of yogis, fire dancers, artists, and over-sized children who play with over-sized toys. Come play giant twister, attend poi workshops, jam out with your hoop out, or go totally zen with our yoga teachers. We are awesome and so are you. Fact.

Hometown: Portland, OR

Play Practice Poi Camp

We gift sets of practice poi & teach basic moves of spinning poi (no fire.)

Hometown: Westminster, CO

Playa del Fuego Country Club

Come relax at our shady cabana bar, if the sun’s up we are probably serving.

Hometown: Portland, OR

Playa Go Round

Come to Playa Go Round. With every rotation you spin into your Dreams & your future flashes before you while beats fill the ether. We are always open and you are always welcome!

URL: http://www.PlayaGoRound.comHometown: Denver, CO

Playa Goddess Retreat

A retreat for Playa goddesses to come and get pampered by dedicated and loving goddess admirers. Playa goddesses can pick from a variety of items off of the pamper menu, sit back and relax, feel at home and enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow goddesses within Playa Goddess Retreat.

Hometown: Concord, CA

Playa Info

We’ve combined many of the information services into one, easy-to-find, location in Center Camp: Directory computer system for posting or finding your campsite, theme camp, events, art, and rideshare, as well as messaging. Oracles, who will help answer your questions. Lost & Found. Bulletin Board.

URL: http://www.burningman.com/on_the_playa/infrastructure/info_services.htmlHometown: San Francisco, CA

Playa Jazz Cafe

The Playa Jazz Cafe is back for it’s 7th year a with live nightly jazz performances and our signature Irish coffee. The Jazz Cafe is a musical sanctuary for the weary playa traveler lost in a sea of electronica. Musicians are encouraged to bring their instruments and help spread the magic of jazz!

URL: http://groups.google.com/group/playajazzHometown: San Francisco, CA

Playa Pete's Plaza

Home of the famous Playa Pete, yes he does really exist.

Hometown: Alameda, CA

Playa Prayer Flag Camp

Come to our Playa Prayer Flag camp to create your own unique prayer flag with your own special message & design. We will string these on the playa and then burn them at the end of the week thus releasing all of your prayers of honor to the spiritual hemispheres. Cold drinks and chill tunes provided!

URL: http://playaprayerflagHometown: San Francisco, CA

Playa Surfers

Once again, surf will be up at BRC !! Come and join the Playa Surfers for a dawn patrol or glass offs surf session! If you have never surfed , thats ok, cause we do give surf lessons! Look for Our Lifeguard tower #33!!

Hometown: Pacific Palisades, CA


The PlayaGon is an infinite-dimensional hyper-inclusive object containing futurists, scientists, artists, ‘free-range synergists’, and more. In this object you’ll find minds looking forward, listening inward, and reaching out. Join us for mind expanding memes, rigorous debate, and good margaritas.

URL: http://playagon.pbworks.com/Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Playaneer Emporium

Ladies & Gentlemen, lads & lasses, aunts, uncles & other household pests…Have you experienced chafing of the inner thigh? Dryness of the wenis? Wish you could find true love? Well step on into the Playaneer Emporium & find lotions & potions, goops & elixirs to make your every playa dream come true.

Hometown: Marina Del Rey, CA

Playasophy Camp

Playasophy Camp is a place for thought-play in Black Rock City. Come by and join us for some brain candy as we seek the “Wisdom of the Sand.”

URL: http://playasophers.orgHometown: Seattle, WA

Playawaste Raiders

Playawaste Raiders is an oasis and refuge from the happiness and organization of the surrounding tranquility of the Playa. An island of chaos and mayhem festooned with the grisly remains and effects of those that have bored us, body parts, midway games, quests and maybe a little Rad-Away.

URL: http://www.playawasteraiders.com/Hometown: Mountain View, CA


PLEASair is a 125′ airplane shaped shade structure. Hosting a pole dance contest Monday thru Friday. Finalists will compete on Friday for a “Mile High” flight over BRC. Serving our signiture “Orange Alert Jet Fuel” to keep you cool.

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

Pleasure Island

Oldsters and youngsters Unite! No, Not the Bohemian Grove, but still Wicked Pleasure for all conspiracists! Debauch at our Donkey Bar; find you’re turning into an ass (ears and tails provided).

Hometown: Trabuco Canyon, CA

Pleasures of the Flesh University

PoFU is BRC’s Pleasure Spa and Institution of Higher Learning for hedonists! Get pampered with a bath-by-hand or groomed at the Pampered Pussy Lounge, take pleasure classes in Eroticademics and get a BOINK (B-achelor O-f k-INK) degree, compete in Athlustics, or come to our Sybarite’s Soiree!


poetry - cosmic & spoken word atelier

WRITE, REALISE YOUR DREAMS & FEED THE WRITING MACHINE. Workshop & spoken word for 1 hour at noon every day. Tuesday “past & future”, Wesnesday “present & space”, Thursday “incarne your 5 elements,” Friday”create your Planet”, Saturday “Sex & Love”, Sunday “Dream & see burn the writing machine and the paper with the man".

Hometown: Paris, France

Polaris Tribe

Polaris Tribe is a collective of fire//glow//gogo performers seeking extensualism in the technique of visual dance. First attendence 2010 we want to super nova ourselfs into the burning man embrace, so if your lost this year look for the Polaris Star to extend your burn and create visuals… <(^o^)>

URL: http://www.myspace.com/491456628Hometown: Austin, TX


PolyParadise has been influencing the Hearts & Minds and Washing the Bodies of Playa Citizens from ‘2:00 – 10:00’ for the past 11 years. Polyamory involves openness to multiple loving relationships. Join us in a variety of events – Come in from the sun….take a load off your feet…

URL: http://www.polyparadise.comHometown: Phoenix, AZ


PopUp is a blank canvas of parties, experiences and imagery that occurs in a metropolis. Throughout our days, things PopUp – a random encounter, a spontaneous dance party, a last-minute invitation to the most fabulous experience of your life. Beyond the chance PopUps, there are also things that come up for us that we explore, and we will bring this imagery to life using highly interactive art cars as well as on-camp installations such as PopUp books, toys and interactive pieces and experiences.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Pornchinko Parlor

The Metropolis never sleeps so venture down that dark alley to the Pornchinko Parlor they were whispering about in center camp. Look for the red light and the Yakuza out front if you’ve got the balls. Play well and you may end up with a tattoo. Play poorly and you may end up in the sewers of Black Rock. The days of organized crime, smokey back rooms and illegal erotica are back, so come cast off your inner Victorian and revel in the gaming at Pornchinko Parlor.

URL: http://www.pornchinko.comHometown: El Cerrito, CA

Pornj Star

We are all Pornj Stars!

URL: http://www.pornjstar.comHometown: Bronx, NY

Portal Patch

A camp dedicated to exploring consciousness. Ceremonies, parties and cocreated ruckus will abound! We come correct with interactive domes, aerial rigs and a bumping sound system. If you love amazing DJs, musical & visionary artists & performers, then come take the cosmic leap into the PORTAL PATCH!

Hometown: Venice, CA

Post Apocalyptic Saloon

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Post Nuclear Family

This is the reunion site for the post nuclear family. Mutants are welcome!

URL: http://www.magiclamp.tv/postnuclearfamilyHometown: Los Angeles, CA

PPC @ The Glitterbox

We are a music based camp. Our large focus is to share the positive vibes of a new day by celebrating the sunrise with music and dance.

Hometown: New York, NY

Prescription Burn

Prescription Burn is dedicated to spreading a prescription for happiness, based upon the Healing Power of Touch. We aim to create a respectful atmosphere to expand / recharge Burners’ batteries, expand comfort zones and embrace one another and the healing power of touch, sharing positive energy.

Hometown: Altadena, CA


Capture your playa memories only to rediscover them in years to come. Or stash something away forever that needs forgetting. The cans are air tight so anything goes! Then stick a label on it and do with it what you will.

URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Perseveredintime/sfupld?path=/Hometown: Rio Linda, CA

Primate Playground

Join the monkey business @ the Primate Playground. Chill on our astro-grass under a parachute shade. Enjoy some playground games- beanbag toss, tetherball, teeter totter, banana swing, gymnastic rings and entertaining events.

Hometown: Cupertino, CA

Pro Leisure Tour

Pro Leisure Tour , Where we celebrate and perfect that loftiest of all goals pursued by mature civilizations through out history ” Leisure”. This year we offer our “Turkish Tent” replete w/wall to wall cushions,hooka’s and appropriate libation, hareem welcome but not guaranteed .

URL: http://proleisuretouronline.wordpress.com/Hometown: Mill Valley, CA

PROD Pump & Rest - Cafι Au Lait

Eccentric? Unsociable? Can’t make friends easily? We have the solution for you! Motor on over to the Cave of the Echo People’s Power of Positive Real Estate seminar and have an eye-opening cup of Cafe Au Lait., mornings until about 11:00 playa time. Come back in the evenings for a special dance and music experience. You’ll soon be asking yourself “Who Am I?” “Who Am I, really?” …You really need this seminar!

URL: http://archnevada.com/echopeopleHometown: Vc Highlands, NV


Bringing the Gift of Fire to Humankind since the Dawn of Time! Come experience the fully immersive Tesseract Mirror Box (Lasers, Blinkies and Pool Toys, oh my!), enjoy edifying Flow Temple workshops during the day and join us for nightly fire shows as we liberate the Spirit of Flame!

URL: http://www.prometheatrics.comHometown: Topanga, CA

Psychic Taxi

Psychic Taxi is the home of “Random Service” Rickshaws. Our home base is a 40 foot pavilion filled with hammocks in deep shade. Luxurious bicycle-drawn carriages operate on a random 24 hour basis to ease the travails of the foot sore and weary. A tiki-cafe pulled by bikes caffeinate the needy.

URL: http://www.pyschictaxi.comHometown: Oakland, CA

Purple Palace Camp

You’ve found the theme camp of the Purple Palace art car and the Purple Parasites! We leave here at apprx. 8:30pm every evening (xcept thurs), if you want to guarantee your spot on the Palace this is the place to be! If you want to take a art tour on the Palace sign up at the Artery 1 day in advance.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Black-Rock-City-NV/Purple-Palace/135676401725?ref=ts, or, www.purplepalace.orgHometown: Leadville, CO

Pussycat Meownge

Got something to say, a song to sing, a story to tell? Need a forum to express yourself? Come and Caterwaul at the Pussycat Meownge! Step up to the mike and let the fur fly! Nothing to yowl about? Play with our cat toys until you’re sleepy, then curl up in Catnap Corner. Evenings 6-7pm.

Hometown: Sherman Oaks, CA

Pyramid - The Fire Within

Come experience the power of the pyramid, with your whole being.

URL: http://igmax.com/innerfireHometown: Harpster, ID

Pyramid Park Place

Here’s the opportunity to experience the freedom of childhood again.Our 40′ pendulum swing allows you the ability to free your mind & heart & return to a time when your life was much simpler.Remember jumping on a swing & pushing the limits, if you closed your eyes, you WERE flying! Come FlY w/ us!

Hometown: Reno, NV

Pyronauts Camp

Pyronauts Camp is a magical environment dedicated to the progression of various dynamic art-forms including Poi, Staff and Hula-Hoop. Pyronauts Camp is home to our international all-star Fire Conclave troupe and a hot spot for anyone interested in these rapidly expanding forms of dance and movement.

URL: http://pyroanuts.netHometown: San Francisco, CA