2010 Theme Camps

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W*H*O*R*E's Oral Moistening Clinic

World Health Organization’s Response to Epidemics team of clinicians will soothe the rancid pie-holes of Black Rock City. Epidemiological statistics show a sharp rise of “Playa-Mouth” occurs every August in the Black Rock Desert, brought on by too much alcohol, energy drinks, dust and dirty oral sex.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


WANT IT! understands more than anything what it is to desire. We are a camp that celebrates wanting and the importance of desire as a driving force in life. Push it further! Want it harder! WANT IT!

URL: http://www.live365.com/profiles/campwantitHometown: San Francisco, CA

Warp Zone

Doot doot doot do-doot doot! Hop to The Warp Zone — your premier destination for castles, gold coins, stars, hammer-throwing turtles, mystery boxes, and surly princesses. Don’t forget your plunger!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

We're Ped-I-Culous

We’re Ped-I-Culous is a place to come and rest your weary, dry and cracked playa feet. We clean off the dust, do the best in reflexology on your paws, then apply lotion and clean socks so you can walk another 5 miles around the Playa!

Hometown: North Hollywood, CA

Wet Dreams

Camp Wet Dreams will offer respite to overworked, underslept, busy urban playa dwellers by offering them the one thing that’s hard to get on the hardpan metropolis: Sleep. Catch a few Zees in one of our sustainably powered, air-conditioned SnoozePods during operational hours.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Wheelie Camp

We are back and ready to Pop Some Wheelies in Black Rock City! You don’t even need a bike to wheelie, we will show you how! Come by for a cold beer or beverage and have some fun with some wheelie cool people!

Hometown: Los Gatos, CA

Where's Waldo? Camp

Howdy all you Playa Goers!!! Join your old pal Waldo as he adventures through the wacky wonderland of Black Rock City. The search is on! Have YOU found Waldo yet?

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Whiskey & Whores Saloon

We got Whiskey, we got Whores, what else do you F-ing need??!! World-famous striptease contest, stage-hogging troubadours, the wheel of retardation, East Coast Party, and a lil something for art cars: Calling all whores…stop in for a shot of the best rot gut this side of the Mississippi!

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Whiskey and Dust

We are a Whiskey (and wine) camp with a small yoga problem. We capitalize on what the Burning Man community desires more of (Yoga, Healing, and amazing hand Jobs). At the same time be challenging and creative to show the community something, anything, new and different.

URL: http://www.site.whiskyanddust.com/Hometown: Denver , CO

White Dragon Noodle Bar

If you sumo, you get in the VIP line for vegan shiitake mushroom noodles. We also serve the lovely leg opener and the disturbing concentrated liquid evil. Every day at sundown. Daytime workshops and discussions.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

White Trash Superstars

Join us for our 2nd year as the White Trash Superstars! We’re bringing back our community stage & stripper pole, pink lemonade stand, w/lots of shade, couches & Music. Plan on WT wrestling and get a camp stamp airbrush tattoo. Find us by our Redneck Battle Truck or white picket fence w/Astro turf )*(

Hometown: Reno, NV

Wine Man & Brew Cat Camp

Many of you already know the Wine Man. He’s been serving wine on various playas since 2004. This year, he’s getting hitched to the Amira, the Brew Cat at Burning Man. They’ll be serving home brews of fresh fruit wines and beer with all their dear friends of the playa.

Hometown: Harpers Ferry, WV

Wishing Star

Wish upon a Star! Come to Wishing Star Camp and make a Wish that will burn in the Temple to join the Stars in the heavens. Will you Wish for something for yourself? A friend? Money/Fame/Power? Health/Love/Knowledge/Peace? That special friend? A long hot shower? We Wish you positive intentions.

Hometown: Bishop, CA

World Peace

Hometown: Sun Valley, NV

World Wild Wall

The World Wild Wall will bring a piece of our city world into the desert. Using the most common human object to communicate even in the middle of nowhere. Pass by to build those wall’s and leave your most burning feelings to the community !!!

Hometown: Bruxelles, N/A