2017 Theme Camps

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This is NOT a list of officially accepted or placed Theme Camps. It’s a preview of what you’ll find when you get to Black Rock City.

This is the list of Theme Camps who submitted a Placed Camp Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City’s reserved sections for this year and want to be listed publicly.

Placement is announced in Early July. These are the camps Placement is reviewing. To find out what camps did receive placement look through the Playa Info Directory in Center Camp.

To find camps not included on the BRC Map or to find camps that chose not to be listed, you’ll just have to get lucky.

2017 Camps

Habitat for Insanity

Habitat for Insanity embraces the creation of novel burner technology and events. We’re a do-ocracy, meaning that although we do not assign tasks, we manage to accomplish a lot!

Hometown: Pittsburgh


Black Rock City’s only Hand-Cafted Soda Fountain.
Serving fizz since 2014

Hometown: San Francisco

Hair of the Dog HOTD

The longest continuous full service bar and live music venue on the playa.
You bring the booze and music and we provide the drinks and fun.

URL: http://thehotd.com Hometown: San Francisco

Hall of Just Us

The Hall of Just Us: We will offer various levels of exploring your super hero persona. The fictional super hero characters have become a radical ritual in the lives of not only Americans but all cultures. The heroes in our lives take on many forms, come from many walks of life, and express themselves in unique and individual means. The Hall of Just Us camp members are experienced with finding individual’s unique meaning and more importantly, how you can express that.

Hometown: Boulder

Hammer And Cyclery

HammerAndCyclery.com is a resource for Playa-prep related to the bicycle you should bring, how to keep it moving on the Playa, and what to do with a dusty bike after Burning Man (Give it to us. We’ll send it to Africa!). Connect with our camp any time of year, see a list of our on-Playa events, read about out our camp history and mission, or support us by renting a bike.

URL: http://hammerandcyclery.com Hometown: Minneapolis

Hammered and Sickled

Hometown: SF Bay Area

Hammock Hangout

Hammock Hangout Karaoke Bar and Lounge. Giant cool passive solar structure for daytime relaxing. Cool drinks. Daytime party every day. The Hammock Hangout is open 24/7, so come hang out with us!

URL: http://thehammockhangout.com Hometown: San Francisco, LA, Portland


Tired of spinning your wheels in the default world? HamsterCamp! Celebrating, booze, boobs, paint, clouds, mischief, and debauchery.

URL: http://www.hamstercamp.com Hometown: New York

Hanging Gardens of BRC

Hanging Gardens of BRC is an all-inclusive space – male, female, gay and straight – that celebrates the beauty of our interconnectedness, serendipity and of their intersection. Visiting The Hanging Gardens means opening yourself up to the possibilities of chance meetings and unexpected adventures.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/HangingGardensBRC Hometown: San Diego

Hangry Bishop

Eat, Drink and ne’eer be Hangry!

Voted best Medieval Diner on playa, The Hangry Bishop is the spot to visit when you absolutely need to end hanger with delicious grilled cheeses. We offer top shelf cheddar, a pickle bar and Virgin Mary’s (byob). Our shaded lounge is always open for rest during your playa pilgrimage. It’s our pleasure to serve you, so come by and say hello!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/thehangrybishop/ Hometown: San Francisco

Happy Accidents

Happy Accidents 2017 –
Come open your mind and explore your creative side! Help us create a shared art experience and contribute to a group art project while watching Bob Ross episodes and drinking Bob Ross themed cocktails. No painting skill or experience necessary because after all, “We don’t make mistakes; we just have happy accidents.”

Hometown: Pacifica

Happy Acidents

There are no mistakes, only happy acidents. Stop by! We can Bob Ross and chill.

Hometown: San Francisco

Happy Hour

Hard day on the playa? Unwind at Happy Hour, where you’ll be greeted by one of a kind refreshing spirits served with smiles! Enjoy our lounge, bar, and gigantic jungle gym! Climb, dance on our Kaleidoshade structure or groove on tallest rotating “exotic dancing” pole! Start your evening with Happy Hour!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Camp-Happy-Hour/350219491736402 Hometown: We are global!


Hardly, home of the Hardly’s Saloon, a “we never close” western style whiskey bar. Always open, always fun, and always friendly!

Hometown: Mountain View

Harmonic Convergence Camp

Harmonic Convergence is an intimate Burning Man service camp. We take on a special endeavor because we believe in improving (or “sharpening”) ourselves via a physical challenge, while making the world a better place. Our public venue is the Harmonic Cafe, where we share love, light & good coffee in a loving, playful, and creative manner.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/HarmonicConvergenceCamp/ Hometown: Santa Monica


Hosting a perpetual Cuban-themed sultry Havana Nights party, with a laid-back Miami feel. Palm trees will surround the perimeter of a large shaded, dance floor; comfortable, elevated chill pads available for guest to relax. Rhythmic Cuban and energetic Latin beats will play in the background. Bottomless, hand-muddled frozen mojitos served by camp attendants wearing guayabera shirts. Dance lessons hosted twice per day.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/HavanaNightsParty Hometown: Miami

Head Space

Come on by Head Space for our 4th annual Case-of Ideas Night so we can feed your mouth and your mind! Serving quesadillas and hot tasty pizza from our wood-fired oven – clear your Head Space and fill your belly! Swap your sunnies, masks or hats at our Head Stuff Exchange! Space out in our shade and Star Plate hammocks, or take part in our 2nd Annual Rainbow Dildo Run / Art Tour!

Hometown: Vancouver

Healing Foot Wash

Come experience a new level of relaxation and conversation in Healing Foot Wash at one of our 20 comfortable foot wash stations. Come back every day and participate once you’ve had your feet washed!

URL: http://healingfootwash.org Hometown: Orinda

Heart Beats

Heart Beats is a small playa family offering a cuddle dome with ambient and downtempo tunes aimed at opening the heart, mind, and soul. We’re offering a safe space to relax and get real with nightly music, daytime activities, and 24 hour good vibes. Lift your spirits, lift your neighbor’s spirits, elevate the collective, and chill.

Hometown: We are based out of the Seattle area in Washington State

Heart Tribe

Come chill out in our Squish Lounge while you wait for your Healing Session. Heart Tribe has many healing modalities and tons of squish! Come unwind! Get a massage, chiropractic adjustment, reiki healing or other healing session and get “buffed” or buff someone and drop in with other heart-centered peeps. You will leave feeling rejuvenated and alive! Tue-Sat 2-6pm

URL: http://hearttribefamily.weebly.com Hometown: SF Bay Area


Camp Heart-On! is giving away our hearts to YOU! Come and join us for painted body art or one of several fun heart related gifts. We also supply friendly conversation and a comfortable place to relax in the shade for a while. All Black Rock CItians are welcome at our little corner of Home!

Hometown: Redwood City

Heaven's Ghetto

Come and ride the original Teeter Totter of Death, back again for your spinning pleasure. Also, you can paint on our graffiti walls and in the evenings there will be fires performing of various types.

Hometown: San Diego

Heavy Meta

Heavy Meta Camp is the support camp for the Heavy Meta fire-breathing dragon mutant vehicle. During the day we will feature live and recorded music, and at night we will rove around the playa giving the gift of music and ecstatic dance.

URL: http://heavymeta.ca Hometown: Toronto

HeeBeeGeeBee Healers

HeeBeeGeeBee Healers is an oasis for nurturing, grounding and healing. Stop by to hang out and chill, take a class, or to receive bodywork and healing of all sorts.

URL: http://www.heebeegeebeehealers.org/ Hometown: Boston, Boulder, New York, San Francisco


Running our light painting wall every night. Come by, bring lights, and use your lights to paint. How can one paint using only lights? It’s a secret magic.

Hometown: San Francisco

Hellfire Society

Hellfire Society Fire Artists Camp

URL: http://www.hellfireshow.com Hometown: Orange County

Hello we Love you

Camp hello we Love you is All about YOU! Why? Because HELLO!! We Love you! Come play on our magical tongue drums, Get a psychedelic long exposure portrait, get your body healed by our healers or taken on a magical sound bath by our sound healers, jam out, make new friends, Hang in our hammocks and don’t forget to say HELLO!! 🙂

URL: http://www.fb.com/helloweloveyou Hometown: Los Angeles

Hen House

Hometown: Reno

Heroes & Super Villains

Heroes & Super Villains is an exploration of Light & Shadow in individual, group & societal settings. We offer hospitality for those on their Hero’s Journey & henchmen for aspiring Super Villains with visions of taking over the world.

URL: http://www.heroesandsupervillains.com Hometown: New York City

HEX Collective

HEXcollective is a community comprised of creative and talented global entrepreneurs, leaders, authors, artists, consciousness engineers and life hackers. We are a global camp. We are a tribe. A family – impacting humanity together.

URL: http://www.hexcollective.org Hometown: Planet Earth


The Hibernaculum is a bat and cave-themed workshop space and a set of fun, interactive installations. The Hibernaculum provides physical activity and outdoor-themed workshops; a photo booth; and other fun cave-themed experiences.

Hometown: Victoria, British Columbia; with team members staged in Calgary, Alberta; Grand Junction, Colorado; Austin, Texas; North of San Francisco, California


Hippocampus serves you hot and fresh, sexy and helpful. We invite you to play with us at our moving café, which appears by magic along with the sun, and at our mid-day communion through dance at Hippocampus Dance Church.

Hometown: Minneapolis and Seattle

Holi High Camp

Holi High Camp brings the madness and color kaleidoscope of the Indian festival of Holi to the boisterous masses of the playa through body-paint blasting cannons.

Hometown: San Francisco


HoloDreamers is here to help you realize your lifelong dream of Making your Own Poi! If you get in a bit of a scuffle with rebar or what have you, repair and amend your costumes at our Stitchin’ Station. And if the sun takes you for a harsh ride, relax in the shade in our soft, pillowed Cuddle Puddle Pool.

Hometown: Seattle

Home Rule Village

Now in our seventh year on playa, Home Rule Village is committed to engaging BRC denizens in novel forms of expression, exploration, relaxation and connection. Three unique camps combine to offer a wildly diverse experience, including an array of workshops, seminars, dance parties, vaudeville shows, improv comedy classes, holistic healing, diversity-awareness events, yoga practice, body painting classes, fire spinning and more!

URL: http://www.itsallmadeup.org Hometown: Washington

Home Sweet Dome

A chill space located on the Town Round in the heart of Hushville, we offer shade in the daytime, and a warm lighted conversation space in the evening hours. We offer power to charge phones etc.

Hometown: Redding

Homebrew 4A Homebrew

A Home Brewers community hub where brewers of the Playa come to meet and share. Enjoy a cold home brewed beer, mead or soda served daily from noon into the dark. We have a pool table, games and daily events including our world famous pickle party! Bring your keg and we will refrigerate and tap it.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/476024835926123/ Hometown: Sparks


Drop in for a cheerful “Slice of Home”—Playa-style. Participate in our comfort-food cook-offs, climb the sky-high HomeSlice Tower’s inverted pyramids, or re-engineer your Playa duds and gear at our Radical Alteration clinics.

URL: http://www.camphomeslice.org/ Hometown: Altadena


Amidst the dust, and in from the blind, a caravan begins to arrive. Their color is FULL, and their energy BRIGHT! Thank heavens it’s the Homos coming into sight! They bring with them drink, the most refreshing to be found; a Homojito they call it, better than ANY around! Its succulent tartness with freshly pulled mint, you’re sure to enjoy each and every sip. Come with us and clown! We’ll be all around town! You’ll see the fur coming while sweet music abounds!
Aside from outside, come into our lair, where homos and heteros combine with flare! We laugh and we chat, and befriend without flak; we’re homos of course and have NOTHING but tact!
So hurry, come quick, Homojitoville’s ready! We’ll greet you and sweet you, take hold and be steady. Oh just you wait, it’s like nothing you’ll find. An experience like no other, so come stimulate your mind!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/HomojitoVille-146746548673607/ Hometown: Santa Monica

Honey Puddle

Slide and shimmer and shine, drinking Queen’s Honey-wine.
Our colossal illuminated Honey Altar will serve as an entrance to your experience. A coronation stage to those who choose to be offered up to the hallowed, ethereal queen of amber sweetness.
Participate in enchanting rituals to add a rush of life’s amber liquid to your life. The magic infused honey seeps in, adding sweetness where it is needed most.

Enjoy enlightenment from the tea leaf, the brewer, and the honeybee. We offer hydration and libation in the sweet amber viscous of honey, tea and mead. Our camp exists to educate and serve curious spirits who drift across the playa.
We feature:
| Tea blending workshops | Mead Tastings | Honey Tastings | Bee-keeping Expertise |
Most of all, we offer honey laden hospitality to all dusty nomads seeking community.

URL: http://www.honeypuddle.info/

Hometown: Los Angeles

URL: http://www.honeypuddle.info/ Hometown: Los Angeles

Hookers & Makers

The Royal Guild of Hookers & Makers is here give burners a chance to make their own mementos of Black Rock City. Whether it’s crafting your own swag or simply making special memories with our Bug Zapper Glory Hole, there’s something here for everyone.

Hometown: East Coast USA


Hometown: San Francisco


Stop by Hooville at Sunset for all you can eat hummus. Drive by on your bike for a quick bite, or hop off and join our dance party. Come inside and relax with some Hookah!

Hometown: Portland, OR


Camp Hope offers coffee, cocktails, cookies, and chill space. Join our Self-Commitment Ceremony on Thursday at dusk and commit to treating yourself with loving kindness.

URL: http://www.camphope.rocks Hometown: Brooklyn, San Francisco, Boulder, Sydney, Paris, Tel Aviv, Hamburg, Berlin, Moscow

Horny Camp

Horny People, release your inner devil, daemon, or unicorn and come make horns with us! We supply the clay, instructions, and gas fired oven. You supply your inner creativity and vision. Lounge in our shade structure while your masterpiece bakes (15 min) and when it’s done, we’ll help you fit them to your head, chest, nipples, or whatever body part you choose to adorn.
REMEMBER: Classes only run from MON.-THU; Noon to 4pm. so come while supplies last!

URL: http://www.hornycamp.com/ Hometown: San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York

Hot Box Yoga

The issues are in the tissues. Come join us to sweat them out, to wring your soul dry, and to put down some of that baggage you are carrying by moving your body with mindfulness, breath awareness and rocking good music.

Hometown: Reno

Hot Broads!

Come and visit some HotBroads!! and an even Hotter Dude! for surly advice and assorted sundries; tampons, sunscreen, sunglasses, sewing kits, etc. Monday through Friday 11am to 1pm. Relax on our Electric Loveseat if you dare!

Hometown: Seattle

Hot Mayo

We are a fun loving Camp that would love for you to stop by and have a cold beer and enjoy one of our daily drink special. Come play our giant jenga, shoot some hoops, bocce ball or corn hole. We will have daily theme parties so look in the directory for what we will have in store for our playa family! Our Camp Hot Mayo Clinic is still to be determined on what day it will be held. Our Irish Car Bombs on Thursday at 4:20 and Sangria at Noon on Friday. We are so excited to Be Home!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/Camphotmayo/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Hometown: SPARKS, Portland, & Boston

Hotel California

Hotel California is an oasis of generosity where all dusty playa visitors can come re-energize, rest and relax. All guests are welcome to experience our fabulous hospitality: our Day Spa is returning this year with new services – come enjoy a facial, a massage, meditation or temporary tattoos! We will offer Continental Breakfast in the morning, and host Happy Hour in the evening. Our new Pool and Cabanas area will be open anytime for napping and lounging. Our giant glowing steel fire bowl will be on fire every night – warm up with us! You can ask our Concierge advice about playa events and places to check out during the day, take a class in our Workshop Space, and even view panoramic sunsets and sunrises from our rooftop!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/HotelCaliforniaBM Hometown: San Francisco, CA


The purpose of Houphoria is to provide multiple spaces for unique interactions to explore all of our senses. We are a collective of Houston based makers, visual artists, musicians, and DJs coming together and creating a environment for participants to come and interact with us and our creations. By day, we’re a well shaded coffee lounge and bar, but at night is when our space really comes alive with vibrant lighting, sounds, and projections.

Hometown: Houston


Curious about the new competitive sport of hobbyhorsing that’s taking Scandinavia by storm? Come to Houpla and try out the equestrian jumps on our stickhorse course!

URL: http://www.houstonburners.org/houpla-burning-man-theme-camp/ Hometown: Houston

House of doG

Hometown: Denver

House of Maslow

House of Maslow: because everyone has needs

Stop by HoM for one of our daily events, or take refuge anytime in our well-appointed lounge.

Hometown: San Francisco


HOVerlandia is a community of burners that have a shared passion for mass transportation and have ridden the Burner Express into Black Rock City.


Unlocking human intimacy among people regardless of age, gender, or sexuality by using Hug therapy as a powerful way of healing, expression, and connection.

URL: http://www.huggzilla.com Hometown: Los Angeles


Humano is a place to connect with yourself and likeminded individuals, which use tools such as arts, culture and music to spark human progression.

Humano is an ideology, a place where you can free your mind, your soul can dance and your heart can flourish. A place where we connect in the pursuit of happiness. Happiness here is being free. Free to be yourself, to do any and all things possible.

URL: http://www.humanothetribe.com Hometown: New York

Hurricane Camp


Hometown: Newport Beach


Hushville is an aural oasis in the magnificent madness that is Black Rock City. We welcome individuals, small groups, and theme camps so long as you abide by our 3 rules – No amplified sound, no generators, and leave no trace.

URL: http://www.hushville.org