2017 Theme Camps

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This is NOT a list of officially accepted or placed Theme Camps. It’s a preview of what you’ll find when you get to Black Rock City.

This is the list of Theme Camps who submitted a Placed Camp Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City’s reserved sections for this year and want to be listed publicly.

Placement is announced in Early July. These are the camps Placement is reviewing. To find out what camps did receive placement look through the Playa Info Directory in Center Camp.

To find camps not included on the BRC Map or to find camps that chose not to be listed, you’ll just have to get lucky.

2017 Camps

Yabba Dabba Do Me

Every action has a reaction; every motion has an emotion. Move and laugh in our bizarre playland.

Hometown: Reno

Yacht Klub

We are an all-inclusive resort community located on the beautiful shores of Black Rock City, NV.

Hometown: Northern California, Nevada, and seas beyond

Yeah Man!

Have you ever exclaimed “Yeah Man!”? Come share your story or experience a new one at Camp Yeah Man! Grab a drink and enjoy an eclectic music selection.

URL: https://facebook.com/campyeahman/ Hometown: Los Angeles

Yellow Bike Shop

Black Rock City’s Yellow Bike Shop

Yellowstone Burners

The Yellowstone Burners come from Northwest Wyoming and specifically Park County which is home to 90% of Yellowstone National Park. Our base is in Cody, Wyoming where we gather to build the Saddle Up! art car. Stop by our camp, when we’re not out prowling the playa on our giant saddle, and join us at our campfire for s’mores, drinks, and stories.

URL: http://www.yellowstoneburners.org Hometown: Cody

Yes Please

Yes: adv – Used to express affirmation, agreement, positive affirmation, or consent. Please: adv – Give pleasure to or to be pleasing to; give satisfaction. Yes Please is the answer to every question. Come chill in our calm and revitalizing sanctuary, dance with new friends and experience our inclusive oasis of sex-positivity, queer empowerment and love. Learn to focus on whatever is positive in your life and your surroundings. Be sure to visit our infamous Non-Monogamy Advice Booth, and experience the Apparent Horizon art installation.

Hometown: San Francisco

Yes, And

Come celebrate the ritual of craft cocktail making at Yes, And!

Hometown: Seattle

Yes. Now. Please.

We believe in the power of saying YES. Doing it NOW. And PLEASE is just being nice while doing it! Is it a bar, is it a game? It’s a GameBar!! Come by for happy hour nuttiness and climb all over the GameBar with your friends and go away with new ones!

Hometown: Reno

You Are Healer

We offer to the playa our healing sanctuary. A quiet place to relax, receive healing, body work, aromatherapy, ceremony, an occasional workshop, yoga and other mystically centered healing modalities. Come to rest and get out of the hot sun to refresh your body and your mind

URL: http://youarehealer.com/ Hometown: San Francisco


YOUniversal will offer a Persian Tea House, with desert-friendly drinks, hot and cold, along with exotic sweets and treats, and some parlor games and poetry / fortune telling all based on the Persian culture.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Yummy RUMInations

Playfully-mindful camp uniting burners through laughter, curiosity, and consciousness. Daily experiments in vulnerability, intimacy, self-discovery, storytelling, workshops and home of The Yum Cart…people leave with a smile and often come back for seconds.

Hometown: SF Bay Area, LA, Seattle, Vancouver B.C., NY, Miami