2017 Theme Camps

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This is NOT a list of officially accepted or placed Theme Camps. It’s a preview of what you’ll find when you get to Black Rock City.

This is the list of Theme Camps who submitted a Placed Camp Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City’s reserved sections for this year and want to be listed publicly.

Placement is announced in Early July. These are the camps Placement is reviewing. To find out what camps did receive placement look through the Playa Info Directory in Center Camp.

To find camps not included on the BRC Map or to find camps that chose not to be listed, you’ll just have to get lucky.

2017 Camps

La Cabana Comfort STOP

Comfort STOP Shrine to Sun Safety and Hydration.

Hometown: Santa Barbara & So Lake Tahoe

La Calaca Village

La Calaca Village is comprised of three sister theme camps: Piñatas Revenge (founding camp), Camp La Calaca (2013-present) and our newest addition ‘Maqinas de Ideas’. La Calaca Village offers both theme camps and artist support on the playa. We pride ourselves on being makers and healers. — Come for the healing, stay for the hedonism — We love our community in the 3:00 sector, and our interactivity is aimed at making new friends each year in our neighborhood and throughout the playa. Experience the ultimate relaxation of the ‘Safety Net’ or the extravagant, weightless jumps on the ‘Safety Swing’. Spiritual healers, yogis and massage artists await you in our Healing Plaza. Come visit out back at 3:00!

URL: https://www.youcaring.com/pinata-s-revenge-theme-camp-530050 Hometown: Reno

La Catrina Tequilera

¡Bienvenidos! Come join us for a traditional Mexican game of Loteria, while sipping tequila and munching on refreshing jicamas, or join us for a meditative experience with a morning Tai Chi class.


Please join us at la Grange for daily tacos and strew and arts and crafts work shops. 2pm to 11pm daily.

La Victrola

La Victrola is a 35-foot tall wood and steel sculpture celebrating the music of a bygone era, built by a community of volunteer artists at American Steel Studios in Oakland California. Its period details, musical curation, and live performances stand as organic counterpoints to the digital saturation of modern culture. After debuting phase 1 of the build at Burning Man 2016, La Victrola phase II will appear at Burning Man 2017 and other festivals and events.

URL: https://lavictrola.org/ Hometown: Oakland


Labracadabratory (formerly Geisha House) brings you the Dusty Gaijin Ramen for the third year!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

LAFer Camp

The Lazy Ass Fuckers are out of lazy retirement for the year and back to the playa. Come to chill in our neon dome, relaxation station or drum circle. Or just stop and say hi!

Hometown: Sacramento, Buffalo, Yellowknife, LA, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Germany, Lake Tahoe, Salt Lake City

Lakes on the Playa

Lakes on the Playa – the best of the Great Lakes bringing Midwest love to the Playa with Camp SPF, Syncytium and SGC!

Hometown: Great Lakes

Lamplighter Chapel

The Lamplighters begin EVERY EVENING of the event in their center camp workspace, Lamplighter Chapel, at 5pm to prepare lanterns to light the streets of Black Rock City. The parade and ceremony begins around 6PM. No experience is required. We welcome virgin and seasoned burners alike. One thing is certain though. We can’t do it without YOU.

URL: http://burningman.org/event/volunteering/teams/lamplighters/

Lamplighter Village

Illuminate! Navigate! Celebrate!

The Lamplighters light the city every night without fail. Come join our pre-lighting daily parties from 3-5 PM before volunteering to help light the city with kerosene lanterns.

We’re located at 5:45 and Rod’s Road.

URL: http://burningman.org/event/volunteering/teams/lamplighters/

Larynx Lounge

You’ve ridden your bike from 10 to 2, from Center Camp, to the trash fence too. You’re loving life, but your throat feels ew. Your voice has bid a dusty adieu. But you have things to say, so what can you do?! The Larynx Lounge is here for you. When dust, deep conversations, and occasional screams of rapture have done a number on your vocal cords, we have what you need. An assortment of electrolarynx machines are available for use in our comfy, shady lounge. Bring your friends and have a monotone robot voice singalong. We also offer smart device technology called The Whisper App. Whisper a soliloquy into our devices with the app, and it’s repeated out loud for all to hear. We offer refreshing iced tea, chai and kombucha, (bring your own cup!), snacks, cough drops, throat sprays, plenty o’ popsicles, chill music and good vibes. Losing your voice is fun.

Hometown: Denver

Last Camp

A working staff camp.

Hometown: San Francisco

Last Resort Country Club (LRC)

At the darkest edge of the Outer Ring, The Last Resort Country Club Camp aka LRC is a vision to weary adventurers brave enough to explore Black Rock City’s limits and newcomers approaching its distant lights. An oasis of comfort and civilization before the barren wilds open up behind us, The Last Resort is a place you can have a seat in the shade, sip a mai thai, take some tennis lessons and make some friends before you rocket away across the dust.

URL: http://www.thelastresortcamp.com/ Hometown: Toronto

Lavender Lounge

Lavender Lounge provides a cool, quiet bed for relaxation and head message. Ten minutes to recharge your day!

Hometown: Sebastopol


Wandering lazertag + bubbles mashup catalyzing radical spontaneous sillyness (40 players). Also, art walks.

URL: http://lazybub.com Hometown: San Francisco

Lazy Skool Daze

Lazy Skool Daze brings back your school days– with an adult twist. Come join us for Drunk 90s Singalong, Recess, and Show N Tell!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/LazySkoolDaze/ Hometown: New York

Le Lapin

Come relax under the rabbit-dome, get your morning coffee while practicing yoga, discover unique art pieces or make your own. All bunnies welcome!

Hometown: Menlo Park

LED Dinosaur

LED Dinosaur is Burning Man’s best preparty destination. Come by at sunset to grab some LEDs & drinks while you dance in our giant dinosaur.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/LEDDinosaur Hometown: San Francisco

Leopard Martini Lounge

Leopard Martini Lounge, Palo Alto, CA, US, http://www.upwarp.com/lml/index.htm

URL: http://www.upwarp.com/lml/index.htm Hometown: Palo Alto

Let It Go

At “Let it Go” we would like to provide a space where people can feel comfortable to let go regardless of their cultural background or spiritual beliefs. Come to our tea lounge and let go of that which does not serve you. We offer a variety of meditation, martial arts, dance, reiki, arts & crafts, and flow classes, come visit our camp for an up to date schedule of our workshops. Need a place to reconnect with the infinite? Come visit our lotus dome.

URL: http://www.campletitgo.com Hometown: Oakland

License To Chill

Center for people who can’t chill good and want to chill better.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CampLTC/ Hometown: Seattle

Light Faire

Come to Light Faire for some quick and flashy fun with nature’s favorite particle, the photon. See what they can do when they fly through holes and bend and bounce around.

URL: http://www.instagram.com/lightfaire/ Hometown: Berkeley

Lights Music Extravaganza

Come enjoy a cool glass of whiskey and the funky dancing made famous by our interactive extravaganza dance dome! And when the dancing gets old, join us for a night exploring the playa.

Hometown: Campbell

Liminal Labs Lustration Station

Liminal Labs Lustration Station invites you to stop by Pharmakon, our daily hangover recovery station. At night come behold the glory of the Consecration Cinema, where our 50′ movie screen plays a broad choice of films to delight and dement all comers. www.liminallabs/2017/

URL: http://www.liminallabs.com/2017/ Hometown: San Francisco, Ca

Lingerie Lounge

The Lingerie Lounge will adorn you, adore you, and make you even more fabulous than you are already! We cater to all individuals regardless of shape, size, age, gender, gender preference, gender identity, race, religion, creed or color.

Hometown: Portland

Lip Bomb

Lip Bomb is all things TANK GIRL! A naughty post-apocalyptic theme camp. We are free spirited women and men with a desire to bring about an environment of “anything goes” party and fun. As such, our gift to the playa is to provide a fun and relatively safe place for those who visit to express themselves in a many manner of ways, to include live music and performances. Our bar boasts 6 ice cold beers on tap, margaritas, cherry lip bomb and the only camp to offer VAPORIZED ALCOHOL SHOTS!

URL: http://www.lipbomb.org Hometown: Temecula


Listen. Where we invite fellow participants to experience to be listened to or to listen. We believe to listen is to love and that this exercise of radical intimacy creates beautiful connections. We as camp members hold the space for everybody who wants to share this experience with us. We also organize workshops which are meant to inspire more active listening.

Hometown: Amsterdam

Lithic Altars support camp

Lithic Altars Sculpture Camp is the team behind the three outdoor rooms with stone alters at the center of the ritual space. Come by to meet the artists and craftsman behind this complex set of sculptural environments.

Hometown: Seattle

Little Pointy Red Hat Society

Grab your towel and dont panic.

Lituanica Birds

Lituanica Birds is the camp whose members fly over the ocean every year to burn the Man since 2011.

URL: http://www.degantiszmogus.lt/ Hometown: Vilnius

Logical Phallusy Headquarters

We are the Support Camp for Logical Phallusy’s ‘Standing Army’. Stop by with ideas for tomorrow’s configuration!

Hometown: Berkeley


Lola is the place for spontaneity and serendipity. Come Monday through Friday from 11am – 1pm for couples healing touch instruction.

Hometown: Las Vegas, Reno, Menlo Park


Come celebrate your Birthday, every day! Located within the Yard, Lootbaggers is a space to let your inner child roam free and join in on an adult-only spin on kids classic party games. Come by for some giant jenga, musical chairs, pin the dick on the donkey, and more. Need a time out? Take a quiet moment to collect yourself in our BYOF (Bring Your Own Feelings) corner. Just remember: “It’s YOUR birthday, you can ______ if you want to!”

Hometown: Vancouver

Loquacious and Lovely

Loquacious and Lovely camp has tea and puppets!

Hometown: Kingston

Lost Boys

The Lost Boys are a group of misfits adventuring around the playa and having all the fun.

Hometown: Eugene, OR

Lost Oasis

Come to Lost Oasis any time but especially on Monday, Wednesday or Friday for our afternoon Feast & Beats at [location]. Bring a bottle:-)

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LostOasis Hometown: Reno

Lotus Ranch

A Texas based Entertainment Camp featuring Texas Artists and Entertainers making the long journey to the Playa.

URL: https://www.gypsyandrocket.com/lotus-ranch Hometown: Dallas

Love Bubble

Love Bubble – A safe haven for human connection and self-discovery with a focus on the healing power of love and compassion.

Hometown: San Carlos

Love Cow

Love Cow is a Healing Arts & Sound Experience camp that will relax you with yoga, reiki, meditation and massage, and then elevate you with world class DJs and Instrumentalists.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/Love-Cow-1499174600135467/ Hometown: New York City & Toronto

Love Drippins

Love Drippins is a fresh and playful take on the “alternative lifestyle” scene. Our play space is small and intimate and inclusive of all genders and sexual orientations provided all participants are consenting adults.

Hometown: Chicago

Love Me Gender

Love Me Gender: you come for the ice shaken espresso and the hula hoops and you stay for our loving environment with weak gender boundaries and no suspicious minds – except those of Elvis the (drag) King!

URL: http://www.lovemegender.camp Hometown: Stockholm

Love Puddle

A neighborhood bar, playground and lounge open every afternoon that serves the most refreshing punch on the playa, to enjoy before or after playing foursquare or swinging on the swings. Ask nicely and we might give you a Love Puddle or whip out Dildo Jousting. We make sure passerby are assaulted with friendly invitations to join in the fun whenever we are open. Check out our events in the What Where When or just come by and look at our calendar to see when we’re having Strip Rock Paper Scissors, sing alongs, and other ridiculous fun!

Hometown: Bay Area

Love Tribe

Love Tribe are a family of burners from across the World who share a common vision of creating and holding space for hearts and souls to connect. We are a camp whose interactivity-designs invite transformation, epiphanies and life-changing moments through a lens of love. Our goal is to enrich and deepen love and connection between ourselves, and our visitors. Play, Magic and Taking Chances are the main touchpoints of our camp.

URL: http://love-tribe.us Hometown: Los Angeles



URL: https://www.facebook.com/loveland.brc/ Hometown: Los Angeles

Lovin' Oven @ Desert Morning

Lovin’ Oven @ Desert Morning: Greet the morning, and let the smell of our freshly baked bread draw you into our oasis, where we will will soothe your soul and nourish your body. Since 2011 we’ve been serving hungry, dusty, lovely Burners hot Tuscan Flatbread, organic jams and fresh mint tea and entertainment with funky DJs and fabulous eclectic performances. Our bread is lovingly baked by our campmates in our beautiful wood-fired Lovin’ Oven. In the middle of the desert: hot, dry and dusty, we bake bread. Every morning. Just for you! Performers needing a space or anyone wanting to use the oven, please drop by and see us or email us in advance.

URL: http://www.desertmorning.org Hometown: Encinitas

Ludus Symposium

Ludus (playful love) Symposium (Meeting for music, drinking and intellectual discussion) is a place to hang out on our friendly deck/bar above the playa.

URL: http://www.ludussymposium.com Hometown: Sacramento

Lunar Disco

Lunacy with a Pinch of Disco. Follow the sound, follow the moon.
For all intergalactic Burners on the dark side of the moon: Daily Sunset Discos – gyrate while you howl at the setting sun! Disco Mac(& Cheese) Tues/Sun! Zero Gravity. Disco Nap. Time, Space & Heart Exploration. Teleport your body & mind with Art, Dance & Music. & Get your moon all shined up with a moon massage!

Hometown: San Francisco

Lustre Village

Tazii will provide Moroccan chill space and top-shelf bar. Glittercamp will make the masses shiny and glittery, as nature intended, with our special glitter-slather concoction. The Pulsefield returns with nighttime interactive video fun, and our house band returns to perform Talking Heads!

Hometown: San Francisco


LuvClub, an ensemble of heart-centered, mostly queer folks who are seeking to make the world a more beautiful, loving, and fun place together through magic, ritual, partying and play.

Hometown: San Francisco

Luxurious Vagrants

Lux Vag is where sandy bodies come to get fancy! Enter our parlor to try on tattoos, bedazzle your bodies, and leave feeling special. Stop by the adjacent Lux Cafe for coffee and yoga during the day + dancing and interactive visualizations in the evening.

Hometown: San Francisco

Lyra Crux

Lyra Crux art support camp.