2017 Theme Camps

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This is NOT a list of officially accepted or placed Theme Camps. It’s a preview of what you’ll find when you get to Black Rock City.

This is the list of Theme Camps who submitted a Placed Camp Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City’s reserved sections for this year and want to be listed publicly.

Placement is announced in Early July. These are the camps Placement is reviewing. To find out what camps did receive placement look through the Playa Info Directory in Center Camp.

To find camps not included on the BRC Map or to find camps that chose not to be listed, you’ll just have to get lucky.

2017 Camps

Waggle Lounge Meadery

Our busy bees have spent the last year brewing an ancient, 8,000 year-old libation called mead (“honey wine”). The Waggle Lounge, home to the honeycombed Infinity Bar, is a gifted sweet-space for rowdy and fun interactions, or simply partaking in an ancient chilled ritual with our Milo’s Mead. Daily happy hours and specials!

Hometown: San Diego

Walk over

Come visit camp Walkover and see what we have to offer including map stamps and iron on man logos.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/walkover.camp Hometown: Cave Junction

Wanderer's Camp

Our Camp is an oasis on the playa for the Wandering Burner who happens upon our camp and finds HUGS, ice cold Gin/Tonic’s, and Hot Dogs, Come by every afternoon from 4 to 6 for a hot dog or veggie dog, a gin/tonic and enjoy the shade, great company and music.

URL: http://thewandererscamp.com/ Hometown: Reno

Wasabi Kisses

Wasabi Kisses aims to provide a safer space for queer and trans burners and their allies. We provide group workshops around the intersections of sexuality, gender expression, consent as well as social events / mixers.

Hometown: Oakland


Help us make liquid nitrogen ice cream! Come by to enjoy some cold ice cream made by YOU in the heat of the hot summer day.

Hometown: Boulder and Denver


The WetSpot Bar & Faceplant Lounge: Welcome to the best place on the playa to enjoy a craft brew or SNG while relaxing in our unique lounge. WetSpot is about making new friends in an open to all setting while engaging in musings around one of our favorite pastimes: consuming libations. Our crew includes homebrewers and non-homebrewers alike and provides an inviting atmosphere to sample one of our concoctions as well as just having fun.

Hometown: Reno

What Would You Do For A Pickle?

What Would You Do For a Pickle?

Hometown: San Francisco

Whisker Biscuit

Swing on by Whisker Biscuit for some aerial fun and entertainment! Love 1/2 naked circus freaks spinning around and flipping upside down? Feeling rambunctious and want to take a whirl on the tire swing? Or just thirsty and in need of shade and entertainment? We’ve got it all. Stop by Mon-Fri from 3pm-5pm for the happiest of happy hours to check out all the action the Whisker Biscuit has to offer. Can’t make happy hour? No problem. Stop by Tues night for our Gratitude party, a communal thank you to all the builders and organizers of BRC. Or simply stop by anytime, there’s sure to be someone awesome here. You might get snark…you might get a hot dot…the sky’s the limit. But we’d love to see you all!!!

URL: http://www.campwhiskerbiscuit.com Hometown: Denver

Whiskey and Dust

We are a Whiskey camp with a small habitual yoga problem.
Our concept is simple. Capitalize on what the Burning Man community desires more of (Yoga, Lyra performances, Juggling, Dance classes and Hooping). At the same time, be challenging and creative to show the community something; anything that is new and different.

URL: http://www.whiskeyanddust.com/ Hometown: Denver

Whiskey Division

Whiskey Division: Whiskey is a solution. We are the problem

Hometown: Seattle

White Bronco

Welcome to White Bronco! We will host daily DJ events, performances, and the first annual 7:30 sector Bronco Chase. If you are a performer or a musician we encourage you to perform at our camp!

We are also looking for potential members who are willing to pay dues, carry out daily camp responsibilities, and help with breakdown. This is not a catered camp and we expect all members to do their part.

We look forward to hearing from you….CONNECT!

URL: http://www.whitebronco.life Hometown: San Francisco

White Ocean

White Ocean is an immense, immersive sound and art experience, created through the collaboration and passion of many brilliant and dedicated artists. We celebrate the creation of community through music, ideas, and free expression, and are grateful for the opportunity to once again bring our dreams to life.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/WhiteOceanCamp/ Hometown: San Francisco

White Trash Superstars

We are your BRC Neighborhood Dive Bar. Join us for drinks, bring your own cup, we have the supplies to pimp it out if you want! You might even get some of our awesome White Trash Swag, or make your own with a 12″x14″ item. We have shade, drinks, games, music and a whole lot more. Besides drinks, we serve anything from love to snarky attitude, so you never know what you are going to get!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/White-Trash-Superstars-174384205941598/ Hometown: Reno for most the core people, Hawaii, New York, California, Australia

Whomp Den

The Whomp Wagon and The Lions Den will have DJs and dancing at camp and provide art tours on the playa day and night. An ‘Open Closet’ gifting playa gear and attire will provide selections to help amp up your style.

Hometown: Reno/ San Diego

Why Knot?

Why Knot?
Life is short. Experiences are precious. Come by and take a ride on the magical side with our CA art car “Relax-a-taxi”.

Hometown: Tel Aviv


WICKEDLAND has been turning the world of fairytales upside down from its inception in 2014. We believe each and every Playa Dweller has a fairytale hidden inside of them, and our camp helps these stories (especially the most wicked ones) emerge and see the light of day… or night!

Do you think you need to speak to tell your story? Do you think you need words to understand somebody you just met? The Wicked Mash Machine will free you of these perceptions. It’s part-game, part-performance, part-experience and YOU are at the very centre of it. Use the cube in the centre of the dome to create patterns of lights and sounds, collaborate with others and see what wickedness emerges!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Wide Open

“Wide Open Camp”
Who are you really?! we would love to know! come get your portrait taken before and post burn to immortalize how burning man changed your soul! Monday 1-4pm and Saturday 1-4pm if you can’t make those hours, then just drop by for games, tatoo or fire spinning! we’re wide open!

Hometown: los angeles

Wish Maker

We invite you to come share your wishes, stories, spirit and style in the comfort of our lounge and crafting area every day, 3-6pm. We share with you the space and materials to create your own burnable tribute for the temple, to add your wishes to our wall, or to have your body adorned with an image of one of the ten principles.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/BMwishmaker/ Hometown: Austin

With Dust or Against Dust

You can hate dust or love dust, but either way, you can’t beat dust.

Hometown: Los Angeles

witness relocation camp

Witness relocation Camp; We silkscreen the ticket or poster (whichever we find cooler) on your white cotton t-shirt. One print per person. Let others get one too. Tues.-Thurs.10;00 -5:00. Warning, there can be a 3 hour line so bring some patience.

Hometown: Cayucos

WMICC- Organic Fruit & Veggie Bar

Keeping the people of Black Rock sweet and juicy since 2011. Come nourish yourself with good food and good people.

URL: https://curiousadventure.com/wmicc/ Hometown: LA / San Diego

Wolf Pack

Wolf Pack

We’re Wolf Pack, and we’re the camp destination if you want to learn about body bead work from our accomplished artist Shine or eat some pippin’ hot traditional ramen at night by our resident master water boiler, Tyme.

Hometown: Seattle

Wonder Camp

Wonder Camp is a place to bring your broken bicycle, art project, mutant vehicle, etc. Come with a tee shirt for a silkscreen print and a worn body for a massage.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/departmentofwonder/ Hometown: Lakebay, WA.

Woop Woop

Woop Woop means distant, remote even, from the daily default world.

Hometown: Boulder


Wrongtown is an international reunion. Our primary landmark is a 40′ tower that supports an LED beacon and sail shade structure, which serves as our living area and daytime public chill space.

URL: http://wrongtown.xyz Hometown: Oakland, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Melbourne, Perth, Berlin.