2009 Theme Camps

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H.M.S. Beagle

The H.M.S Beagle is a whimsical version of Darwin’s vessel meeing Charles Schulz’s imaginary character’s Snoopy (the world famous beagle) with his faithful sidekick Woodstock and their adventure/voyage they will take thru the black rock dessert.

Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA

H.M.S. Nautitickle

DAAAARRRRRWIN based his darrrrned theories on our hairrrrry arrrrrsses. Lookin Farrrward to farrhh raughrrr barghhh narr and drawrrr…. YAR!

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Hair of the Dog

The premier blue-collar dive bar in all of Black Rock City, coupled with an open-mic stage where (almost) anything goes.

URL: http://www.dmomusic.com/hotdHometown: San Jose, CA

Hammock Hangout & RV[IP} Lounge

The Hammock Hangout is a giant 12,000 square foot passive solar shade structure with dozens of hammocks and an all day karaoke lounge underneath.

URL: http://thehammockhangout.com/Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


Weary from trekking an unparalleled melange of earthly and heavenly beauty? The Hang-Out is the place to recharge. Hammocks. Shade. Good company. Open all day and all night. Just lay down! Maybe you can Cum join us for a morning of naked erotica readings from the Birdcage. We scratch itches!

Hometown: Chico, CA

Happy Camp

This is HAPPY CAMP! We like to help people be HAPPAY!!!

Hometown: Boulder, CO

Hardly Davidson Cafe

Hardly Davidson Cafe. Stop by and have your bike cut/welded and modified to chopper status. Have a drink and watch some classic biker flicks on the big screen.

Hometown: Mountain View, CA

Heaven's Ghetto

Heaven’s Ghetto, where working just good enough is a virtue. Come enjoy the spiritual Teeter Totter of Death, let your inner tagger out on our Graffitti walls or chill our dome and smoke a hookah.

Hometown: San Diego, CA

HeeBeeGeeBee Healers

HeeBeeGeeBee Healers is a grounded oasis providing nurturing healing services and education to the citizens of Black Rock City. Stop by for some hands on work, take a class, or just absorb the serenity of our chill space.

URL: http://www.heebeegeebeehealers.orgHometown: Boulder, CO


Come sit in the lap of luxury. The HiLux art car has now evolved into the ultimate advancement — HiLuxury and has upgraded its digs to the ultra luxurious Camp HiLuxury. Come for the glam and stay for the upscale real estate, Black Rock Michelin rated drinks and treats, and shark tank.

Hometown: Mountain View , CA


Hippocampus is a memory making machine in your brain and on the playa. Stop by and see what memories you can make.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Hokey Pokey Camp Man or Monkey

Hokey Pokey Camp Man or Monkey Dance The Hokey Pokey at noon daily-Friends of Bill W. meeting at 5 daily. Largest Take One Leave One north of the south pole. This is 24 hour Camp. Everyone welcome.

Hometown: Gardnerville, NV

Hollywood Death Squad, The

The American Wet Dream has evolved. This year’s gang of Canadian and American playa players are now a elite team of hardcore entertainment specialists who state with certainty that you will have fun, by force if need be. We offer real life non-stop reality TV style action centered around the 7 deadly sins for all to enjoy. Hollywood excess and TMI abound

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Home Brew 4A Home Brew

A Home Brewers Community where brewers of the Playa can meet and share. Hand crafted beer, mead soda and wine all celebrated cold in the shade. Bring your home brewed keg and we’ll refrigerate, tap, give credit,discuss it and enjoy W/BRC. RSVP please. We are old school B.M. Open, community, low tech

Hometown: Reno, NV

Home Free Dome

Home Free Dome is an experimental community of encounter designed to accelerate and amplify the transformative cultural forces at play in Black Rock City. Come enter our technoshamanic machine for turning spectators into participants, veterans into virgins, and virgins into virtuosos.

URL: http://steinbock.org/project/homefreedome/Hometown: Stanford, CA

Homeland InSecurity

Why evolve when you can regress? Thwart away those feelings of insecurity by getting your dose of complimentary compliments and affirmations.

Hometown: Oakland, CA


Homeslice – A slice of Home

Hometown: Hermosa Beach, CA

Honi Soit Croquet Club

Honi Soit is back on the playa to celebrate being banned from the Texas, Kansas, AND Arkansas school systems. Our method of natural selection (cogitating cold can choices) truly demonstrates survival of the fittest! Join the Order of the Garter for croquet, drinks, music, mist, and hat parties!

URL: http://www.myspace.com/honisoitHometown: Boise, ID

Hookah Homestead

Hookah Homestead is your place on the playa for an evening chill out and some puffs on the hookah. Come chill out with us every night from 5-8 and select sunrise sets. Unique flavors and good company!

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL


Hookahdome is your oasis in the desert — a friendly dome featuring shisha, conversation, exotic music, belly dancing and other live performances, and of course the magic you create with friends old and new.

URL: http://hookahdome.orgHometown: Sacramento, CA

Horny Camp!

Horny Camp: the fabulous interactive camp where you can make your own set of playa-horns. We provide the clay, the gas oven, chill house beats, and shade in the mid day sun. If you are already horny, that’s OK, we can help you with that too! Classes M-Th, 12PM-ish to 4PM-ish, unless we’re hangover in which case you never know…

Hometown: West Orange, NJ

Huevos Ranch Eros

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Flock to Huevos Ranch Eros to hatch your own answer to this evolutionary debate. Play the Poultraphone (a rubber chicken organ), get a massage or Vortex energy healing, hatch yourself, or be transported to an ovular dimension in our giant glowing egg

URL: http://camphuevosrancheros.blogspot.comHometown: Seattle, WA

Human Frolic Project

Human Frolic Project is all about kicking up your heels, forgetting the default world and embracing the freedom of Black Rock City. Our lounge will be hosting ‘Welcome Home’ parties, on Mon, Tues and Wed pm, with an open bar daily for playa sojourners needing a sip of strength. Corner of 6:00 & G

Hometown: Drums, PA

Humboldt Beauty Bar

Evolve into a Glamorous Being, adapted to feel good and look great on the Playa. Our services, if you are lucky enough for them to be rendered, include massage, playa-hair, anti-chaffing powder, spray-downs and makeup. Have a cocktail and beautify your playa evolution experience, Humboldt style…

Hometown: Arcata, CA


Hushville, an aural oasis in chaotic BRC, is open to any camper who pre-registers and can abide our three simple rules: 1) No generators; 2) no amplified sound; and 3) Leave No Trace. We are host to large, solo, theme, and non-theme camps, and residents from all parts of the US, Canada, and Europe.

URL: http://www.hushville.comHometown: Seattle, WA