2009 Theme Camps

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Floating through a field of glowing coral, you are drawn to the pulsing blue-green bioluminescence of the belly of the jellyfish. Climb up its tentacles, become enmeshed in its tangled digestive webs, and leave as a transgenic human, tagged with fluorescent genes of the jelly and the corals.

URL: http://campjellybelly.wordpress.comHometown: Arlington, VA

Jerk Camp

This way there be Jerks.

Hometown: Denver, CO


Jingleheimer invites you to join us in the celebration of dance & sound. Daily jam sessions open to all musicians, and nightly performances from live bands, visual artists, DJ’s.

URL: http://www.kittyblunts.com/jingleheimerHometown: Campbell, CA

JOBI Playground Games

JOBI: Playground Games Evolve! Find your inner schoolyard superstar! Recess is in! Enjoy playground classics like tetherball, foursquare, hopscotch, volleyball, leapfrog, kiss chase, duck duck goose, and many more. Bring a team or come play alone. Rules will be evaluated on a second-by-second basis.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA


Spiritual journeys, readings, healings and dream interpretations are what you can experience when you visit our theme camp. Let’s not forget about the sno-cones! Sno-Cones offered daily! Come cool off and be refreshed in spirit and body!

URL: http://www.destinyjourneys.comHometown: Las Vegas, NV

Jub Jub's Plastic Circus

aMonkey’srEvolution. Does what seems to have changed only a rePresentation of the familiar? Is the mud on the stone rolling down the hill changing the course of the universe or only a reassignment of location for a continued oeuvre? No matter how far the poo gets flung is anything really different for the monkey? Jub Jub, one of your favoritely familiar of monkeys wonders perhaps that the more things change the more they stay the same.

Hometown: Reno, NV

Just Show Up Camp

Traveling solo and tired of being far from the action? Want to camp closer to the esplanade or are you loner who wants to make new friends? “Just Show Up Camp!” is for individuals traveling solo who would like to “Just Show Up” and camp together without the usual formalities of a theme camp.

Hometown: Citrus Heights, CA