2002 Theme Camps

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Fairyland (on the Isle of Avalon)

Come to Fairyland and make a set of fairy wings for your playa excursions – materials and helper fairies provided. Additional workshops to be announced – check our website for more details.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Fandango: Acid Cabaret

San Francisco, CA

Filthy Rich Camp

Come and visit the highest concentration of wealth north of Gerlach!

Hometown: Ventura, CA

Fire Camp

Fire Camp is a place for fire performers from everywhere to meet and share ideas. Our burn circle is open to all, please come and burn with us.

Hometown: Reno, NV

Fire Conclave Camp

Convergent traffic for all members of the Fire Conclave as well as an outreach to other fire performers that have an interest in becoming connected to the Fire Community. Show Me Salon — sign ups, meeting schedule, safety information and a meeting place for all those fiery ones.

URL: http://on_the_playa/performance/fire_conclave.htmlHometown: Oakland, CA

Fire Fabulon & BurningMime

Join us nightly, just after dark, as we co-host fire spin jams in Snowflake Village with the Space Vikings. We will thrill you Thursday evening with fire performance, glass walking, bed of nails, feats of human endurance, odd body part tricks, plate spinning and more. Visit BurningMime’s Clownfessional anytime to confess your sins and earn redemption.

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Fire Freaks

Come to the fire freaks during the day for lessons on playing with fire and come at night to be amazed by our fire tricks.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Fire Island

We invite you to experience the oasis of Fire Island. You will be attracted from all over the playa by flames emanating from Fire Island. As you approach, discover a world surrounded by white sea foam clouds, vegetated with flaming flowers, cactus and trees. Float into the bay of Fire Island, dock on our pier, and play with fire. Operate a variety of propane and kerosene flower flamethrowers, and create fire that shoots, 5, 10, 50 feet into the air. Women are invited to join the cult of the Flaming Lotus Girls.

URL: http://burningart.com/lotusHometown: San Francisco, CA

FIREDANCE Drum & Dance Sacred Fire Circle

FIREDANCE is a magical drum and dance celebration. We join together in community and we create a sacred place for deep play. We drum and dance the fire circle, connecting nature, our bodies, our voices and our selves with the magic of the fire and the spirit in each of us — join us for the FIREDANCE Drum & Dance Sacred Fire Circle at our Fire Circle out on the Playa, at about 60 degrees, between The Man and The Esplanade. Look for our banners. Wednesday at 10 PM. Thursday at 11:30 PM. Friday at 1 AM. Saturday after the burn until sunrise! Bring your drums and shakers and other percussion toys, bring your dancing feet.

URL: http://www.firedance.orgHometown: Santa Cruz, CA


Come explore Firetown, featuring the Firewater Pub and the Color Grid – where your steps control our illuminated floor! Laugh with us in Giggleland’s Island and then cool off in the mists of the Mermaid’s Grotto before climbing into an alternate reality in the original and historic Dream Machine. Enjoy!

Hometown: Avondale, AZ


Everyone loves a fire! It was the cohesive element of tribal communities; Where rituals, legends and traditions were shared and passed on from one generation to another, we will offer a space for all to gather and celebrate our favorite element–FIRE! Drummers, musicians, and fire enthusiasts are welcomed every evening after darkness has fallen to welcome in the night with flame. So bring your drums, guitars and singing voices to accompany the dancers and discover your passion for fire. All fire dancers are welcome to dance within the flaming fire arena.

Hometown: Reseda, CA

Fish Bait

Fish Bait: Spend an afternoon on our raft people fishing.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Fl'oasis Marine Mammal Sanctuary

Fl’oasis Marine Mammal Sanctuary is a place of refuge from the turbulent seas of the Floating World. It is a calm port in any storm, a space to chill in, where you can bask in fun and sun and be pleasured and pampered. Let us take care of you…

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Flight to Mars

Journey to the Red Planet, experience the magic and mystery of the unexpected at this ultimate vacation wonder-land. Get caught-up in our spin at the sensuous Orbital Lounge, Navigate through the dazzlingly Gland Canyon, Penetrate our inner sanctum, Float high above stunning vistas of endless Martian desert, and struggle for air in our thrilling Sandstorm show.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Flower of Life Camp

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Foot Garden

Put your best foot forward at foot garden. Come walk the paths of play, danger, repose, mystery, man-made and nature, and you may just find your own path to enlightenment…

Hometown: Victoria, BC


Do you have what it takes to Spank the Wine? 2001 had you fighting for your soul on the court, in the mudpit and at the alter/bar. Now the sin smorgasboard just got itself a first class upgrade. Looking for: the Church of Naismith Basketball Camp? the Eden is Burning Wedding Bar? Netherworld Ranch? Look no further. Your one-stop dose of fear, loathing and cheap box wine just got easier to find.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Free Photography Zone

Free Photography Zone (aka Polaroid Camp) for 6 years, 5,000 portraits and 1,200 prints (given to the Participants) of BM continues the tradition of a large scale photographic studio on the Playa. Come, be photographed, and take home what may be the best photograph you have ever had made.

Hometown: Santa Clara, CA


The home of the infamous Mr.Freeze. BEWARE!!!

Hometown: Burlingame, CA

Frogstone Island

Frogstone Island w/F.A.R.T… A mystical island full of forest creatures that await you and invite to feel the cool mists and stay for some gaming.

Hometown: Marina, CA

Frutti di Mare

A starfish of glowing pink; a chill space where you can come and get a smoothie and hang out when the dust and the party gets to be too much. Relax and replenish your electrolytes enmeshed in the loving arms of a friendly jellyfish.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Funky People. Funky music. Funky good times. Funkcamp: Keeping it on the one since 1999.

URL: http://www.funkcamp.comHometown: San Francisco, CA


FusionValley, home of the 3 headed cow, and home of PlayaNet!

Hometown: Los Gatos, CA