2002 Theme Camps

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K-Svert 106.5 FM Radio

K-SVERT 106.5FM the 10 watt flame-thrower on the playa. K-Svert FM radio is your source for music, information, dis-information, rants, and grooves as well as YOUR public forum. Musicians, poets, pundits, priests and pornographers are invited to share our airwaves.

Hometown: Milpitas, CA


Experience the colorful, suspended spheres of The Kaleidosphere, or climb up to the observation deck and view the city as the Kaleidosphere rotates around you.

Hometown: Klamath Falls, OR

Karaoke Palace

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Kathanika Cafe

Join us for some mouth-watering shisha and keen narrations! Poets, writers, CHARACTER VOICES, singers, song writers, philosophers, theologians, anyone and everyone are welcome to speak, listen, trade, and shoot the shit.

Hometown: Riverside, CA

Kelp Ranch

Hometown: Eugene, OR


KidsVille is the Village for today’s burning families. Feel free to bring the kids and camp with us, OR just stop by and see Burning Man through a child’s eyes.

URL: http://www.blackrockkids.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

Kolizion Desert Crew

commuinque is vital, electronic is evolution

Hometown: Burnsville, MN

Kostume Kult

Bow to the Goddess of Kostuming and prepare for your elevation. Creative assistance and costume supplies may be offered to those who show the proper deference.

URL: http://www.CostumeNetwork.comHometown: New York City, NY