2002 Theme Camps

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Z-Axis TV

Have you ever wanted to act out your favorite movie, play, or television show scenes? Got a good improvisation? C’mon down to Z-Axis TV and do it all!

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Ze Arc

You can fly! Please come visit Ze Arc of Hawaii, a tetrahedral pyramid of spatialized audio. Be vibrated with your friends by the wet rhythm of ambient water vibrators mounted in the pyramid’s stage. Experience an audio aquarium of marine mammals of the world swimming through the air around you in tetrahedral audio. Join us at Ze Arc on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to create a shrine to Hawaii, the Pacific Ocean, and Pacific Rim ring of fire with a raised playa earth 80 foot diameter earth ring encircling the pyramid with scaled volcano and crater mounds of the Pacific Rim volcanoes. Sunday night after the burn come to the black light temple Ze Arc for the DANCE OF THE LUMINOUS at midnight. We love space!

Hometown: Seatac, WA

Zenplicity Camp

A place to reflect, pull up an ass pillow, tend the Zen garden, drink some tea, and escape the sun.

Hometown: Seattle, WA