2002 Theme Camps

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Yellow Solar Seed Station

The mission of The Yellow Solar Seed Station is to invite others to join our community in playing with energy in all of its forms, infusing our conscious use of solar and wind power, our broadcast of a diverse spectrum of sound expression, and our shared lust for existence.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Yellow Submarine

In the town where I was born, there lived a man who sailed the seas, and he told us of his life in the yellow submarine. We all live in a yellow submarine…

Hometown: New York City, NY

Yes Camp

Hometown: Winnetka, CA

You Are My Zooplankton - Come Closer

Become absorbed into the jelly world, three 12 feet in diameter jelly rooms. Where you can listen to enchanting sounds patched together from floating debris – picked up from various playa ports, watch performances and puppetshows, and pretend you’re dead and float through the night. Let us whisk you away, you little zooplankton, in our jelly mobile and deliver you to our medusas of the sea.

Hometown: Seattle, WA