2002 Theme Camps

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N-Gon's Bay of Pigs

Join us for beach games and beach art performed by you.

Hometown: Martinez, CA


Narcosis – a state of happy delirium – albeit with the dangerous side effect of impaired judgment. A deep sea chill space.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Necklace Factory

Join the citizens of Black Rock City in a pleasant workshop environment, which will supply the materials and technical assistance necessary to create your own Burning Man jewelry. Meet people from around the world and hide from the dust and heat while your hands have fun, your eyes meet fellow travelers, and a quiet moment of conversation and music will refresh your spirit.

Hometown: Houston, TX

New Bardo Motel

Welcome to the Playa branch of the famed New Bardo Hotel, complete with low-rent rooms, Sangria Sunset Service every night, and a full host of drunks and ne’erdowells stumbling about the grounds at all types. Also Starring: THE CYNJADOME.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

New World

The New World is a series of three canvas and bamboo structures which open up on the playa like nautilus shells. They are islands. They are ships. They are for meditation and screaming. They are dedicated to the great explorers of our generation: the Burners. Come explore.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

No Tanline Camp

Imagine the joy & freedom of swimming in the buff without a soggy swim suit that you have to keep pulling up. Get started at Lake Lahontan now, and get info about your local nude beach to continue this at home.

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Nomadic Nutria Hunters

Nutria: innocent herbivorous aquatic rodent, or vicious boot-eating creature which deserves to be roasted in casserole?

Hometown: Portland, OR


A wandering tribe of performers, fused together by numerous styles of music, have created a mysterious sound for the future. Combining an explosive blend of visual arts and culture, Nomadix brings the diversity of the world to the stage!

Hometown: McDonough, GA

Nuclear Family

Burningman’s favorite dysfuntional family is back and, with the benefit of intermarriages and inbreeding, has doubled in size. Join us to dance to the groovy tunes playing in our lounge, meditate with our zen leader, get some good advice, pay homage to the Sultan (all forms of Jihad are strictly forbidden!!!), drop in for a duct tape service call, get a new bracket to close off your conjunction or a semi-colon cleansing if you feel you are in the wrong state of tense, play with the naughty nuns and sinners, come by for your very own serving of the sacred cow and surrender to the rhythms of the DEA (Drum Enforcement Agency). Vote SNORTLE FOR MAYOR! Do your civic duty this year. Snortle the Mole believes that life is fun. And that oranges are good. And smiling. He likes to run and laugh and play. He will be 2 in October, and this is his third Burningman. However you do the math, that’s experience you can trust.

Hometown: Tarzana, CA