2002 Theme Camps

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Jack Webb Lives @ BliNkiNGmaN cAmp

bliNkiNGmaN CaMP returns with the lovable JACK WEBB (from the old cop show DRAGNET) there for your interrogating pleasure, questioning, intimidating, lecturing, in his classic hard-hitting, terse style… and of course we will have our unique suits at night filled with over one hundred quickly blinking LEDs, pulsars of power, one and a half million blinks every hour.

URL: http://blinkingmancamp.comHometown: Manhattan Beach, CA

Jellyfish Fields

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Jiffy Lube at Penetration Village

Jiffy Lube is back! This year we’re at Port Penetration at Penetration Village. Join us for our famous Gentlemen’s Club and come see our Performance piece “Billy Blueballs versus the Catholic Priests!” Friday night is the Commodore’s Welcome Aboard Cocktail Party. Visit our website for more details or to join our camp.

URL: http://www.getingetoffgetout.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Johnny & The Playa Cruizers

Johnny and the Playa Cruizer’s Chassis Lube and Body Shop Home of Pro wrenching, bitchen flame jobs, pin stripes and lube jobs. Get your shaft cranked, headers blown, chassis lubed, and have your bike, body, OR essence striped, flamed, and detailed by the best wrench jockeys in Black Rock City (BRC). Twelve-point body inspections and personnel auctions may be conducted. Caution: Spectators may be sold to volunteer in BRC organizations.

Hometown: Kent, WA