2002 Theme Camps

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Camp Oaktown, home of Vulcan Free Radio 87.9 FM. 24/7 audio broadcast, nightly talent show and drive-in movie theater.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

OCF Embassy

Our unique of brand of quality festing inspired by the Oregon Country Fair.

URL: http://eugeneweb.com/~bmHometown: Eugene, OR

Octopus' Garden

Hometown: San Francsico, CA

Octopussy's Garden

Inside Moby’s Dick (a 15′ ft tall, 30′ long whale) we’ll have a TV lounge showing a variety of films, old TV shows and progressive videos. We also will have an 8′ high metal Burning Man holding up our windmill (power source) and a large treasure chest for take something, leave something. Come by to see the schedule of films and when our Moulin Rouge (Can-Can) theme party will be. Come by during the day to have your costume rated and a chance to make Moby’s Dick spout. Also watch for us driving around in our Sun Bug-Es – solar powered bicycle carriages.

Hometown: Chico, CA


The Odeon bar. Terrible entertainment. Lousy drinks. Poor service. Chicken John. Just like home…

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Om Bayou

Om Bayou–purge the inner demons that keep you clinging to the banks of the floating world–stick it to a voodoo doll, attend a debutante ball and come out as you are–keep your juju pure with yoga and refill your hex remover prescriptions.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Opera Arkipelago

Opera Arkipelago invites musicians and singers to our SINGING CAMP. Join us for our guerilla performances on board of our flag sheep, the Ark of the Nereids.

URL: http://www.burningmanopera.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

Oracular Ghosts of Lahontan

Poetic and musical invocations of plant allies by Oracular Madness and the Poison Path Travelers.

Hometown: Oakland, CA