2012 Theme Camps

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2022 Archive

A Confederacy of Dunces

A New Orleans based theme camp with global participants

Hometown: New Orleans

A Playa Home Companion

A Playa Home Companion is the place you didn’t know you’ve been looking for. Rest your boots, share a story, come back sometime!

Hometown: Sacramento

A Shack of Sit

A place to sit and watch the world go by while playing games, getting pampered, cooling off, and meeting your friends. We always have a warm welcome for everyone regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, mobility, or language, you will always be welcome at the Shack. We also have free wi-fi from time to time. So come on by and sit with us! If you are looking for the Mensa camp on Playa you’ve found us. What are you waiting for?

Hometown: San Jose

A Transformation Station

An art school, new camp incubator, a cultural exchange hub, a place of learning, transformation and sharing … & Gifting Galore!

Hometown: New York

A Transformation Sub-Station

A Transformation Sub-Station … a global camp of ideators and mindful innovators that share a common purpose to be of service for all of humanity … all while practicing the importance of connection, play, mindfulness, and love.

Hometown: New York, San Francisco, London, Los Angeles

A Trip Of Goats

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope- it’s A Trip Of Goats! A Trip Of Goats is an art car collective of 20 tricycles that look like goats. We ride as a group bumping music from our 20 connected speakers. If you’re lucky enough to be at the right time and the right place then you’ll see us connect our speakers to larger art cars or sound camp’s sound system to create a true 360 degree musical experience.

Hometown: San Francisco


Breath easy with the Maskman’s quality N-95 dusk masks with their non toxic psychedelic Burning Man logo. And don’t forget our Breath Easy nose plugs, BM stickers, and pins.

Hometown: Santa Monica


Abstininthe is the friendly bar on the playa, providing our special drink to the thirsty of BRC since the last millennium. Come try our many flavors and enjoy the music, ambiance and conversation of our neighborhood bar.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/abstininthe/ Hometown: Oakland

Academy of Arts and Sciences

We’re the scientists who are artists. And the artists with a passion for science. We can show you how a crystal is born, and then teach you to make wearable art with it. Want to look at the sun? Want to look at the sun and NOT go blind? We got you, and we’ll even paint you up once you’re done. Want to learn more about Black Rock Desert geology, or have a question for an OB/GYN? Stop on by for our lively and interesting debate and educational sessions. You can also just kick back in the shade, trade a bad idea for a bad drink, and relax at the Bad Idea Bar – worst bar on the Playa (since 2010!).

URL: https://www.facebook.com/brcbismuthcrystals/ Hometown: Seattle

ACatemy Ltd

The aCATemy Ltd, Burning Man’s most prestigious cat university, engages students exploring art, science and philosophy in service of forging a deeper connection with their feline spirit animals. Come take your first step towards feline metamorphosis and prepare yourself for some graduate-level nocturnal prowling.

Hometown: Perth


The rolling dirt circus of the apocalypse, the Acavallo Carousel – a
pirate pony boat, an inclusive rolling stage for radical self
expression, a fairy-tail fantasy on wheels.

URL: https://acavallocarousel.com Hometown: Tonasket

Access Signers Service Hub

We are a Hub that provides a space for deaf burners, signers, and those who want to learn.

Hometown: Petaluma, CA

Access to Elysium

Bring your tired body and soul to our relaxation destination to regroup, recharge, and rejuvenate. First you will be offered dust-free spa water, as you soak your feet in one of our oiled footbaths. Revitalize your cracking hands at our lotion station, and relax to the sound of our curated playlist. We’ll invite you to explore the stars through a cosmic astrological birth chart reading. Then, comes what you’ve been waiting for – our signature pure bliss back massage with our special lavender nooky massage oil to complete your Elysium Transformation. Let us work your kinks out so that you can get your kink back on! Finally, cool yourself with an ice water towel to wash away our sins and you will be sent on your way knowing you have made new friends on your Burning Man journey.

Hometown: Los Angeles


AdramaNation is an all inclusive and diverse camp focusing on a drama free and fun filled burn. Engaging workshops, delicious delicacies, hydration, art, weddings, burnercise, and good company are to be found with us. Whether you need a safe space to escape your drama or a place to meet new friends, you’re always welcome here.

Hometown: New Orleans, California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Belgium, Sweden, Colombia

Adult Novelty Shoppe

The Adult Novelty Shoppe is the place to come and grab a bite to eat, drink and some fun toys!

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Afterglow Lounge & Spa

Afterglow is a communal space of nurturement where wandering burners can rejuvenate, relax and recharge. A caring place where burners can restore and reignite their radiant glow. We will host a purifying spa, deep cleansing sauna, and dance parties to show off that new sexy glow!

Hometown: Los Angeles


Hometown: Oakland

Agave Lounge

Kick off your dusty boots, shake your tassels, and let us knock your socks off as you enter a realm of geometric architecture with a xerophytic mentality. Featuring a 70ft geodesic dome and a Void Sound System pumping the latest and greatest in disco beats. We invite all to dance, and lounge in the squish with friends, new and old. For those 21 and over stop by our featured bar to sip delicious agave tequila and premium craft cocktails, kombucha, and other spirits. Never get bored again -join us for extracurriculars including twerk and jazzercise classes, tequila and mezcal tastings, and weather permitting, a tethered hot air balloon ride for the best view of our hometown, Black Rock City.

URL: http://agave.camp Hometown: San Francisco


Come enjoy an iced Morning Matcha latte (plant milk, of course). Hang, chit-chat, talk animal welfare, go as deep as you want to, and get your morning buzzzz on.

Hometown: Boulder

Air Phoenix

We have been gifting tandem skydives into burning man, this year we intend to get more people involved by helping to teach them how to overcome fear within our camp.

Hometown: Moab

Airpusher Collective

Airpusher Collective: We celebrate love, art and music. This collective of visionaries believes in the power of community and creativity, of collaboration and inclusion, of fun and silliness.

URL: http://www.airpushercollective.com/ Hometown: San Francisco

Airstreameri and What Not

Home to Playa’s Best PostCards & Dusty Scientific Talks! Because ‘nothing to write home about’ doesn’t apply here & ignorance is not bliss. Bring your address book & send some love back to the default world! Special libations + yard games every evening!

Hometown: Genoa

Al-Bukake - DIY HQ

Al-Bukake: DIY HQ brings interactive workshops for experiential learnings.

Hometown: Austin


Hometown: New York

Alchemy Stop

Alchemy Stop is a dusty sanctuary for anyone to enjoy a quiet musical retreat with a cold limoncello or a steamy Italian coffee in hand. Look for our old timey piano, bar and block printing stations – we will be welcoming you with open arms.

Hometown: San Francisco

Alice in Slumberland

Known for intricate cocktails and zany decor, this year the bar returns with an extra tall and an extra short sections, just in case you suddenly change in height after consuming a drink.
We also offer the caterpillar lounge, a hookah bar with a relaxing gathering space for our guests, open every afternoon (relaxing space open always). Also open always is our LED croquet court — use some flamingos to hit some balls! Hit them at your friends!
And this year, we have much more fire. Flaming croquet one evening, flaming juggling another. Come do them all, with hot drinks too.

But careful, you might get trapped in the Queen of Heart’s Bunny Cage, if you don’t pass our arbitrary DUI checks.

Hometown: Santa Rosa

Alight Market

Alight Market Village is a majority POC village hosting our night market style offerings, steaming hot tea, live and electronic music (together!), fire side coziness, and epic mischief making. Recalibrate Tea, Sloth Dance Society Cuddle Jungle, Honey Nut Curious, and Arising come together to invite you to our little alley of delights.

Hometown: Oakland


Camp Alittle! Where there’s alittle something for everyone!

Hometown: San Francisco

Alkalita: Alkaline + Margarita

No matter what you do and where you go over the nine days of Burning Man, you have to visit Alkalita. No it’s not a country. It’s a very cool theme camp run by people who LOve people.

The name ALKAL-ITA, is the “blended outcome” of giving away fresh ALKALine batteries and the best margarITAs at BRC in a fun and loving way. Alkalita provides a funky, social cantina environment where people can mingle and dance to 80’s Yacht Rock music while sipping a cold margarita. Alkalita also provides a valuable service to all Burners by providing fresh alkaline batteries that we all so depend on.

That’s Alkalita…engaging, inviting, and in servitude to our fellow Burners.

We will be open Monday through Thursday from 11:00am – 12:30pm and from 4:30pm – 6:30pm

We so hope you’ll drop by and see us!

Hometown: San Francisco

All In Reflektion

All In Reflektion is a place to reflect and be your best self.

Hometown: London and Sydney

Alter Ego

Camp Alter Ego wants to create experiences through art that challenge and expand one’s sense of self.

URL: https://www.alteregocamp.com Hometown: Los Angeles

Alternative Energy Zone

The AEZ is a generator free zone. If you like alternative energy, then welcome, you are invited to join our village of friendly folks. You will see and learn about solar panels, wind generators, solar ovens, solar showers, water cleaning, and meet people who can show YOU how to do this.

URL: http://www.aez.green Hometown: Reno

Altitude Lounge

Come lounge on our tower overlooking the playa and see what you helped create, listen to our down-tempo beats at sunset, and jump in our art car as we cruise in style

URL: https://www.facebook.com/loungeluv Hometown: Boise


Aluminaughty is the base camp for AutoDiscoDance Bot the giant robot mutant vehicle as well as LilDustUp the visual representation of the intersection of every opposing view ever had.

Hometown: Tulsa

Always Closed

Camp Always Closed (Formally known as Spank Bank)

Just another playa dive bar

Hometown: Portland


Get Lost! In our super neat logic maze. Spend your time walking around in circles trying to solve a puzzle instead of any of that other stuff.

Hometown: San Diego


AmaZONE Camp is inspired by the power of the largest river in the world. We started out as a Brazilian camp and, in that way, we honor our South American heritage. We see each of the 10 principles of Burning Man reflected and encapsulated in every water molecule: inclusive, self-reliant, participative, immediate… Like water, like life. We are a hub of people who get together to reinforce our beliefs and share our studies.We like to provide experiences so people can contemplate water and the natural forces that rule existence. We are a tool for awakening. We bring up practices to heal our body and soul and by doing that we heal the whole. Be water, my friend.

URL: https://www.brazilianburners.com/ Hometown: Porto Alegre

Amber Dust

One of the most diverse camps with lots of amber love to share: Amber, Amber Dust, Amber people, Amber drinks. And home of THE Sausage party! Two of them!

Hometown: Los Angeles


Welcome to Amulet- Where a highly skilled team of Amulet Counselors will guide you in crafting a stunning brass token which will certainly bring you fortune, fame and additional amazingness. When you enter our shady dome, you are gifted a brass dog tag upon which the Burning Man symbol is stamped. You then join a table of other would-be artisans using hammers and metal stamps to customize each of your own Amulet into a meaningful token of your burn. When you’re finished, we attach your Amulet onto a necklace or keychain for you.

Hometown: Oakland

Anahasana Village

Anahasana Village brings awareness to a fully embodied knowing of the power and the wisdom of our own hearts.

Our constituent camps gift workshops that are immersive, experiential, edgy, somatic and designed to take you into a direct experience of a new you.

Camp Contact
Naked Heart
Goddess Temple
Tantra Mantra
Sacred Song Teahouse
Cold Yogis

We also a host a 3 hour Contact Improv Jam in Center Camp each morning.

URL: http://anahasanavillage.org Hometown: Eugene, OR

Ancient Cult of the Alligators

Welcome to the Cult where anything goes and all are welcome! Grab a drink at our INSTI-GATOR BAR, play some games, dance to music that actually has LYRICS and get your geek on with our themed parties! If you’re queer, straight, geeky, nerdy, slutty, silly, goofy, dopey, bashful or just weirdly you, we want to see you! Come visit and if we like you we may never let you leave!

Hometown: Los Angeles

And Other Droll Activities

Our camp is a place of fun, self-expression, and absolute silliness. We host mimosa parties and have all different kinds of droll activities to provide laughter and a great time. We are a small and diverse group of misfits who are here to enjoy the company of anyone who pops by!

Hometown: Reno

And Then There's Only Love

Home of the world famous Orgy Dome – where couples & moresomes of all orientations are invited to come and play. We welcome the combination of love in all forms.

We’re a sex-positive, inclusionary, and exploratory space that’s been a place of fire, fun, and passion since 2003.

Everyone wishing to enter the Orgy Dome receives a detailed talk about Informed Enthusiastic Consent. Remember, anything other than an enthusiastic YES means NO!

Our (relatively) dust free and air conditioned space is designed for people to experience social sexuality in a safe and respectful way. We have a ‘Just Us’ and an ‘Open to More’ section – so monogamous & non-monogamous folks are all welcome.

And check out our workshops on many different sex-positive topics, hosted by some of the world’s preeminent sex-educators

URL: https://andthentheresonlylove.com/ Hometown: San Fransisco / Bay Area

Angel and Dragon

Angel and Dragon is an art fabrication camp. We specialize in large steel art fabrication. Our group has certified welders and artists who produce mild steel and stainless steel works.

Hometown: Fort Collins

aNice camp

Looking for a nice time? aNice Camp is a place where you go to a have a nice time, a nice game of chess with one-of-a-kind sets, perhaps a nice cocktail or even a nice party. Stay tuned for a bulletin for all sorts of nice happenings and be sure to try our homemade pickles… they’re nice.

Hometown: Brooklyn

Anonymous Tea House

Tea house serving hot, iced, and decaf tea daily. Come hang out 🙂

Hometown: Phoenix

Anonymous Village

Anonymous Village provides safe, sheltered, shaded venues for 12-step groups to hold meetings and to gather and help one another. It is also a drug and alcohol-free space for participants to camp during the event (please pre-register at www.anonymousvillage.org ). If you are feeling unsafe in your camp because of drug or alcohol use, please consider staying with us for the night or for the event.

URL: https://www.anonymousvillage.org Hometown: Gerlach


Antevasin, a Sanskrit word referring to a border dweller, is a person who has left the bustling center of worldly life to go live at the edge of the forest where the spiritual masters reside. No longer apart of traditional society, the Antevasin are somewhere between the conventional and transcendental. They live in sight of both worlds, joining the cultures together through embracing the unknown and seeking truth. Come join us!

Hometown: Reno

Anti M's Home for Wayward Art

Since 2005, Anti M’s Home for Wayward Art has helped thousands of pieces of bad, ill-mannered, disruptive, and—above all—wayward art find new homes with participants. Our art comes from a multitude of sources: thrift stores, yard sales, donations from visitors, and many are painted by our camp Matron, Anti M. All week long, small portable pieces of art are displayed and awaiting adoption from any Burners who visit us, with the only thing we ask of them being that they promise to love the art.

Hometown: Ogden

Anti-Billionaire Space Cantina

In the near-distant future when billionaires and the ultra-wealthy have all lost their money in the great banking server collapse, we are all equally dusty. Come gather together to remember the sunny days where the radiation didn’t melt your skin and enjoy drinks that are never cold due to environmental destruction and consume rare and freshly harvested treats from alien worlds. The Anti-Billionaire Space Cantina (ABC) reminds it’s patrons to get weird, have fun and hold anyone still holding vast amounts of wealth accountable by serving shots as hot as a meteor and gorging on falic-like alien delicacies. It’s a strange world… join us!

Hometown: Seattle

Aphrodite Amour Inn

Hometown: San Francisco, London

Apocalypse Wow

American by birth; Black Rock City Citizen by the grace of the gods! Come see us at Apocalypse WOW, the place to be for all the things you love about the Apocalypse (and don’t): Vietnamese iced coffee, jousting in patriotic spandex, non sensical awards, cold beer and the famous spaghetti burrito… We’re here to quash those vibes of impending world doom and give you a chance to prove you’re not a Narc while doing a naked handstand. We love you already, we look forward to giving you a high five and shaving your eyebrows.

Hometown: San Francisco


We are proud to be an eco conscious kamp that strives to re-envision waste materials into art. Come chill out with us and have a beverage in our post Apokalpytikally themed sunset bar and 24 hr lounge, or play with our eclectic collection of installations and games.

URL: https://www.kampapokalyptika.com/ Hometown: SAN FRANCISCO


Apotheosis’ mission is supporting burners integrating playa, peak, and psychedelic experiences into their daily life. People may experience more love, compassion, joy, immediacy, acceptance, self-reliance, self-expression, and community at Burning Man then they may have experienced over the past 5 years, yet if they believe this is only available on the playa, they may be leaving one of the biggest gifts of Burning Man in the dust.

Our camp offers experiential workshops, community connections, and nourishment that support explicitly identifying the strengths and truths discovered about one’s self and supporting in integrating these new awarenesses into the daily process. Many people wake up at Burning Man, we want to support the waking down process of living it in daily practice.

Hometown: Albany


Come join us for some cool water fun and erotic readings.

Hometown: Europe

AquaZone Love Water Bar

Do you have a thirst that cannot be quenched by drinking plain water? Come to the AquaZone and try our love infused waters. Care for a shot of Fabulous with a splash of Moxie? How about a cocktail of Faith, Clarity, and Vast? Come by to hydrate your soul and top off your canteen. Our water bar is open mid-day and late night. Our hydration station is open 24 hours. Bring your cup.

URL: http://www.aquazonewaterbar.com/ Hometown: Berkeley

Arabella's Lair

Arabella is a beautiful art nouveau phoenix with stunning lighting and dramatic flame effects as well as a luxurious bar and lounge area inside.
When she isn’t up to shenanigans at the trash fences or disrupting “circle” over at yum camp, she lives here, in her dusty lair.

URL: http://fromtheash.es Hometown: San Francisco


Hometown: Reno

Arctica Ice Sales

Arctica Ice Sales is your downtown resource for ice.
During the event, ice sales hours (at this location) are Mon-Sat
9am-6pm, Sun Noon-6pm and 10am-Noon on Labor Day.

URL: http://arctica.burningman.org/ Hometown: Iceland

Arctica Ice Sales - Ice Cubed

Ice Cubed is the ice sales igloo located on the 3 o’clock side of the
city. Ice Cubed sales hours are Event Week: Mon-Sat 9am-6pm and Sun Noon-6pm.

URL: http://www.arctica.burningman.org Hometown: Iceland

Arctica Ice Sales - Ice Nine

Ice Nine is located at the 9 and G plaza. Ice Nine sales hours
are pre-event Sat and Sun 12pm-6pm, Event Week Mon-Sat 9am-6pm and Temple Burn Sun Noon-6pm

URL: http://www.arctica.burningman.org Hometown: Iceland


Cherish the uncertain, challenge fear, welcome the odd, and seek thyself! The Argonauts bring a unique and infectious spirit which we share across the playa and in conjunction with reenergizing camp activities including our ArgoShine-enhanced induction ceremonies and high-noon ArgoDogs. Besides our Argonaut spirit, our gifts include Argonaut dust, sun & fashion bandanas, temporary Argonaut tattoos, and spiritually-assigned individual Quests for each newly inducted Argonaut for the coming year.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/argonautsunited Hometown: Los Altos Hills


Arising invites you to our Sky Lounge, a gentle landing space filled with collectively made indigo textiles and open to the sky. We are an art support camp building the owl-formed Arising sculpture.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/arisingsculpture/ Hometown: Oakland


Beached on a scorched desert, Arkane is an opportunity to unlock the teachings encoded in an ancient allegory. We will voyage through movement, connection, reflection, and play as we await the Great Flood that will wash away the old ways. Our Ark home will offer a dusty & crusty poetry nook, a hypnotizing science cranny, a seawashed disco lounge, art made from up-cycled materials celebrating biodiversity (both non-human & human), and other hidden treasures. We will flow through animal-essence yoga and dance to ecstatic soundscapes. Arkane is a vessel that will offer a sanctuary to share Burners’ unique and diverse stories as we move onwards into the beautiful mystery, where the waves splash against the stars.

URL: https://arkane.voyage Hometown: San Francisco

Armageddon Bike Camp

Armageddon Bike Camp – it’s not the end of the world, it’s the safe word! Think Armageddon for all your bike needs. We offer professional bike repair daily. We’ve been providing bike-love to the 3:00 sector for over 10 years! We also host a couple of great parties: a Tuesday night-time party and a Thursday afternoon Alley Cat bike race/scavenger hunt, Funny Bike Demo and Disco dance party, at our awesome Prism dance floor. Get a ride, or take a slide on our art car, the Classic Slide, and enjoy classic rock (and renditions) in camp or on the playa. Our 28ft dome ‘living room’ and outdoor shade structure provide options for the perfect hang-out space, no matter the weather open to visitors 24×7. Drop in any time!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/armageddonBRC/ Hometown: Salt Lake City

Arrow Dynamic

Look for the Arrow in the sky
Arrow Bar is open M – F 2 pm – 6 pm
Camp Arrow Dynamic Party Wed, 9pm – 12 am. Live DJs

Hometown: Grass Valley

Art Car Camp

Art Car Camp – On Playa since 1994 – Home of the Oh My God VW bug and the Mighty Zenith Come meet The Mingo Jeep and Kraken Attackin and view the beautiful Madonna car- follow us home to 4:30 sector or catch a ride when you hear the cowbell. Meet our artists, have some laughs – come see us when you’ve got a automobile dilemma.

Hometown: Douglas

Art Haus

Art Haus is a collective of musicians and dancers dedicated to creating classical and contemporary productions on playa and sharing their art with the citizens of Black Rock City. We are a mix of professional and recreational artists and their supporters from all over the world.

URL: http://www.arthausonplaya.com Hometown: San Francisco

Art Mazal

Come get dry-cleaned by our turbocharged air compressor. We’ll get the dust out your hair and anywhere else.

Hometown: Venice

Art Model Camp

Come do figure drawing in a shade structure in the AEZ village (likely on the “G” side) from noon to 3, with male and female models (2-20 minute poses). Anyone can draw or pose, sign up on the whiteboard to pose in a 30-minute session if you’re curious, no experience necessary, and clothing level is your choice. Some drawing supplies, paper, pencils and pens, will be available.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/Art-Model-Camp-at-Burning-Man-235987613086327 Hometown: Los Angeles

Art of Steam

Home of guided steam ceremonies. Community of practitioners. Bringing Steam healing practices to the world.

Hometown: San Francisco

Art Wall for All

YOU are invited to EXPRESS yourself on canvas and paint on the Wall! All materials are provided for this community art project, all we need is you! Get creative, set your imagination free and help your fellow citizens create a public art masterpiece!
After the Burn, the art panels that make up the wall will be gifted to participants from around the world.

Hometown: Portland OR

Artech Camp

Art Support Camp based out of Reno, NV. Artech places Burning Man art throughout Reno and as a non-profit art organization is community driven.

URL: https://artechreno.com/ Hometown: Reno


ASAP is a San Diego based Arts Collective. Our camp also hosts the mutant vehicle, The Punkin Project.

Hometown: San Diego


Welcome to Ascension, the hospitable manifestation of your personal journey. Revisit your past, be one with your present, and explore your possible futures. Together.

After The Multiverse that was 2020 we’re ready to Ascend from the default to the world of our waking dreams with a performance-based theme camp open to all who are ready to live in the dream. The Intention of our camp is to provide an oasis for the mind, body and spirit. Our offerings are broken into the categories of shared space, tangible offerings and creative programming under the SOUL PALACE where we are offering a blend of scheduled and audience interactive programming along with open mic’s and ways for the community to participate in our main stage shows.

Hometown: San Francisco

Ashram Galactica

Ashram Galactica – The Grand Hotel | Your Home Away From Home Away From Home

Located Directly Above the Center of the Earth

URL: https://ashramgalactica.com/ Hometown: Venice / Los Angeles

Asian Fetish Camp

We have a fetish for all things Asian and would love to share it with you!

Hometown: Seattle


The Enchanted Booty Forest is the gathering point for a worldwide collection of artists, thinkers, media creators, scientists, healers, teachers, jokers, professionals, and other amazing and humble humans. Our aim is to cultivate our community, and through collective creation and engagement, share our values of growth, connection, and learning.

Hometown: los angeles


Asterix offers chaos, uncertainty, and a very safe brand of fear. We are a rowdy but loveable bunch of fuckos known for our signature drink, Turbo Juice – a radioactive concoction made from the greatest spirits available at the last liquor store before the playa. Test your mettle in our TURBO 500, a no-holds-barred pedal-car race that brighter minds have said is probably a bad idea. Come say hi, play some truth-or-dare Jenga, bare your bottom in our spanking booth or share your talent from our open-mic stage.

Hometown: Victoria

Astral Headwash

Back in the saddle again.
Washing your dusty heads for the 21st time.
Missed you and can’t wait to hug you again!

Hometown: Denver, CO

Astral Outpost

Astral Outpost is a refueling station for space travelers, celestial beings, and wayward aliens. Every afternoon we serve non-alcoholic refreshments, entertainment, and charm to all denizens of the desert.

Hometown: Nevada City, CA

Astro Cats

We invite all burners to chill at the Flying Saucer Lounge with special drinks during the day, and hot or cold sake at the Dragon Sake Lounge at night. You can enjoy acrobatic performance and workshops at scheduled times, and a place to practice and spin fire and Cyr Wheel with us. If you want to join our kitties for morning yoga, bring your mat to stretch and pose with us. Or, you would like to learn Capoiera in the afternoon with us. You can chill on our chairs and watch people pass by while sipping our special drinks. You can learn to be a puppet master and perform at our Improv Puppet Theatre. You can challenge yourself to manipulate the LED Matrix, walk the plank, or play the game of Giant Jenga or Simon Says while enjoying your sake.

URL: http://astrocatscamp.org Hometown: San Francisco


Delicious coffee served in a cool space with extraordinary hospitality. Fresh ground French press dark roast brewed black as the depths of interstellar space itself (BYO creamer if you must adulterate). The hangout for quasi-legal alien beatniks, mutant cyborg gear heads, trans-solar scooter gangs, radical anarchist raypunks, neuroatypical geeks, freaked-out psychonauts, and caffeine fiends of every stripe.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/astroshack Hometown: Carina Nebula (Sagittarius Arm)


Astropups – Fun, Frisky, Fabulous! Exploring the Playa-verse one Open Heart at a time.

Hometown: San Francisco

At the Oasis

“At the Oasis” is an established Maker Camp, providing materials for Burning Man attendees to create personalized jewelry. Monday afternoon you can get your Burn on by dropping by our Pop-Up Boutique and picking out an outfit or Branding your leatherwear or wood pieces. Tuesday through Friday afternoon during the week we will offer Jewelry-Making and the ability to brand the Burning Man symbol on leather or wood items. Thursday evening we will celebrate our time together on the Playa with a Rockin’ Moroccan Disco Party, open to all.

We have long-time and Burgin Burners in our camp, and welcome all to join us in our 24/7 chill lounge.

Hometown: Palm Springs


ATARAXIA, it’s a camp with a lot to offer everyone. Come relax, laugh, and dance with us. We’ve got daytime wellness programs and night time fun for all. Please join us to escape the heat during the day and the cold at night.

Hometown: San Francisco


“dance” camp

URL: http://campatlantis.com/ Hometown: San Francisco '

Atom Cult

The Most Radiant Camp! Come over to taste our delicious Hot Fusion pancakes with Nuclear Winter Brew coffee in the morning and Cold Fission ice cream at noon. Fill yourself with Happiness and Joy while exploring the magnificent and inspiring Art Garden filled with surprising immersive experiences. Or relax and recharge both yourself and your portable electronics in our Reactor Dome.

URL: http://www.atomcult.com/ Hometown: San Diego

Atomic Pussy Photo Lounge

Come visit what is easily the 3rd best Bar/Lounge and Photo Booth on the playa. We serve ice-cold beverages every afternoon to fuel your Waking Dreams and propel you to a higher flow state. New this year is Weir(d) Wednesday, when we’ll be serving up a hero dose of the Grateful Dead all afternoon. Returning this year is our twin-tip, reverse camber Shot-Ski (for those playa face shots), The Elaine Benes Dance Experience (dance classes for dance-introverts) – and of course the photo booth, photo art, and photo gifts.

URL: https://atomicpussyphotolounge.com Hometown: Salt Lake City

Atypical Camp

Atypical Camp – As per unusual.

Come experience a psychedelic feast for the senses. Interesting during the day, but truly comes alive at night. Leaving Atypical Camp will feel like waking from a strange, yet pleasant dream.

Hometown: Seattle

Automatic Subconscious

Automatic Subconscious is back again with our 31 foot, fully climbable non geodesic diagrid gherkin complete with netting at the top. Come by and relax in the netting or catch a beer that we launch from the sky.

URL: https://www.automaticsubconscious.com/ Hometown: Boston

Avant Card

Avant Card is a “suitably” fun camp. Continuing the 1,000 year tradition of playing cards, this house of cards is built out of love and dust and never truly topples. Come on through and check out our big deck (like really, it’s almost 4ft tall).

URL: http://www.instagram.com/campavantcard/ Hometown: Oakland


Awesome!(ville) is the home of daily classes, fun spaces, and organized chaos. We’ll teach you a new skill, find your hidden artsy talent, move and grove your body, and pour you a tasty cocktail. Kick back and enjoy artwork, new friends, and lots of laughs. We’re here to celebrate just how AWESOME you can be!

Hometown: North Lake Tahoe


We believe in fun. And big inflatable balls. And having fun inside big inflatable balls. If this sounds like your jam, roll on over for Awesomeball and strap in for an exhilarating experience. Stop by the Unstable and we’ll even top you off with an ice cold cup of Unicorn Tears (may or may not be sourced from actual unicorns).

URL: http://www.campawesomesauce.org


Azul is a wellness camp made up of sustainable and natural materials, including moroccan cushions, rugs, and pillows, for a sense of being low to the earth and completely relaxed in the environment. Our wellness programming is about creating transformational experiences that allow people to try on a different way of living at one with themselves and the universe.

Hometown: Mexico