2012 Theme Camps

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2022 Archive


Safe space for you in the desert to chill and get new experiences.

URL: http://www.dachacamp.com Hometown: Seattle

Dancing Burn

Philosophy Mother Fuckers! – RaveCovery Zone

The Crew: techno dance instructors, keep the sound running 7 days straight.

The Guest: a dance alien, seeking refuge and comfort.

The Gifts:

No internet on the playa: exotic DANCE info at RaveCovery.

Stuck in the desert, dirty, thirsty and hungry: all your basic needs, fucking dancer!

Armpits smelling like aged french sweat: You stink! (showers in the back)

Sunrise magic is over, and now light is annoying: non-stop, stimulus-free dancing

Mayan Warrior lasers triggers your Psychosis: touchy feely weirdos ready to hug you for way-too-long.

Blissing with ecstasy, wishing to share the love: a dying corpse is always happy for a massage.

Techno be played for 7 days straight at the dancing-burn RaveCovery dance floor.

IG: @dancing_burn / FB: @dancingburn

Hometown: San Diego / Tijuana


Hometown: hollywood

Dare to be Rare

Dare to be Rare is a day camp that loves to fuck with you and your religious values! Come Dare to be Rare with us. Where will it take you…and get father’s wiener on the Meat Alter(Thurs 1pm-4pm).

We are a meat & Alcohol inspired participatory day camp with daily events scheduled Monday through Friday. WeinerFest (aka Meat Communion) is going to a new naughty level with our Naughty Nunn and Meat Priest and the group of naughty Alter boys/girls. Even the Pope will be joining again this year. “NOW” you know you want father’s meat in your mouth, be a good boy/girl and get on your knees.

URL: http://www.daretoberare.rocks/ Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Dark Heart

We facilitate full integration of the dark and light, feminine and masculine, upper and lower chakras through a physical and energetic temple that we build on playa. We offer rituals, programs and events from the temple that support and celebrate that integration. Our focus is to create an impeccable, inclusive, and diverse energetic camp container that supports doing these things in a sacred manner using shamanic and tantric practices led by accomplished practitioners.

Hometown: Laramie

Dark Side of OZsome

Wizard of Oz meets Dark Side of the Moon. Daily Psy-chill shade lounge – hot & cold apple cider, chill music. Outdoor game area – Giant twister, Corn hole, Broom croquet. Witches Ball, Movie night, Toto and Twisted Sister day. Photo ops with OZ props.

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Dark Sparkle

Dark Sparkle is your call to the mysterious, your insatiable drive of self-expression, your community for body positivity and possibility. Through full-sensory burlesque, music, and ecstatic dance events, Dark Sparkle promotes body-positivity and self-expression.

Hometown: Davis


Hometown: London

Darkwad Patrol

The mission of our theme camp is to increase nighttime safety in BRC by reducing the number of injuries and damage caused by collisions with inadequately lit burners, bikes and structures. To accomplish this mission we gift lights to dark burners and their bikes and engage in community outreach efforts to promote the importance of remaining visible at night.

Darkwad Patrols hosts lighting workshops about the many ways to accessorize your bike and body with lights. We also provide a 24-hour Light-Share Drop Box where burners can gift lights to fellow burners and dark burners can take the lights they need.

Hometown: Tucson


Daruma art installation support camp. Have an intention to set or need some accountability partners to accomplish an existing goal? Come find us!

URL: http://www.darumaproject.org Hometown: Los Angeles


What a day (or night) for a Daydream! Come and create, express, relax, renew, revive, and be inspired. By day, we are an art participatory camp where you can help create a community collaborative mural in our from yard. Come to our lounge and check out our Daydream Museum. At night, come and ROAR! to the sounds of our incredible musical lineup while you dance in our auditorium of sounds and lights.

What is a Waking Dream if not a Daydream? Come and be a part of the magic!

URL: http://www.daydream.family Hometown: Global Community including Lebanon, UAE, Israel, USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Shanghai, Australia, New Zealand and BEYOND!

De Tinklesteinz

A multi-generational, international group of passionate Burners dedicated to Planetary Health both Environmental and Humanitarian promoting Green Peace across the globe Regional Burn by Regional Burn – Imagine Peace then join us at the Green Peas Corp, climb aboard and let’s RIDE the Peace Train – you can’t have Peace without RIDE

Hometown: Nueva Tierra, Pecos

Dead Dave's Blacklight Lounge

9am-9pm: the lounge offers an inviting public area to relax, talk, or play games. 9-11pm: the lounge comes alive with a disco soundtrack complementing the blacklight glow. Using 3D glasses, visitors are transported into a surreal dreamscape where everyone has the power to add their mark by using neon pens to add their own creativity to the furniture, coloring pages, or themselves. The centerpiece is a large interactive art piece, which will hold approx. 800 hand-painted UV reactive rocks on the exterior, while the interior will feature a small, mirrored space lit with a blacklight. Visitors are encouraged to wear 3D glasses and draw on the mirrors with neon pens, creating their own small world of floating art. Wed. 9:30am-1:30pm: Join Mitra for Taro & Tea!

Hometown: Santa Barbara

Dead Hand Path

Dead Hand Path is founded on the idea that now is a pivotal time for humanity, where we stand on the precipice of an incredible future or total annihilation. The decisions we make today have consequences for the world in a pay that people of the past or future may not even be able to image; that this is a sort of “dream time” for the world. Confronting this is a difficult thing and we need to put effort to maintaining our essential humanity as systems around us shape our lives more and more. The name comes from the Soviet “Dead Hand” system, which was set to automatically respond to a nuclear attack with a second strike, ensuring total annihilation with the decision ultimately placed in the hands of machines.

Hometown: Bridgeport

Deaf Granny's Kitchen

Meet Deaf Granny, a little old lady inhabiting a vintage 1950s kitchen. She’s serving up goodies (and some baddies) within a semi-improvisational interactive performance art project. Sit in her kitchen and interact with her and the satirical stereotype characters that surround her. Together, we will humorously confront and break down your preconceived notions and lovingly draw you in as a participant actively engaged in your own awakening to concepts and forms of visual communication and particular ways of being exemplified by Deaf peoples. Oh, just come. We’ll mess with your head and everyone will have a grand time!

URL: https://deafgrannyskitchen.org Hometown: Winchester

Dear Mom

Dear Mom is a camp centered on celebrating the strong women & role models in your life. We provide a relaxing and inclusive space on playa to have a cup of tea, reflect on those who helped make you who you are, and write a letter on custom Goddess stationary to the important figures in your life.

Hometown: San Francisco

Death Guild Thunderdome

Bring your mask (and, preferably, vaccinated and boosted) ass on over to the dome for our nightly shenanigans.
No advance signups.
Show starts when the sign lights up, so head on over when you see it light.
Bring your own partner.
Underwear REQUIRED. You must WEAR IT. Over your genitals.

URL: http://www.deathguildthunderdome.com/ Hometown: Oakland


Decadance is a community trumpeting the power of being YOU TO THE MAX. Join us for the Decadance Dinner Club. It’s time to dance the dance only you can dance #onlyyou

URL: decadance.camp Hometown: New York

Decadent Oasis

A windswept grove of white palm trees by day, with fun activities abound; an iridescent oasis in the dark of night. Welcome to the magical playground of Decadent Oasis, where we invite you to dance, play, perform, and chill. Fun experiences and games, performance stage, dance parties, and friendly folks imbue within an eco-conscious camp made from mostly reclaimed/reused materials. Stop by for a warm welcome and find shelter from the storm.

URL: https://dcdnt.art Hometown: Oakland


Join DECENTRAL in Anahasana Village to learn more about the Decentralized Revolution that is happening. New tools are empowering communities and individuals to build a new way to live, govern, connect, and exchange with each other. Joining us at our interactive panels and talks, and please teach us more about the experiments of your communities. Where we’re going, we don’t need governments, just governance.

URL: https://campdecentral.org/ Hometown: Seattle


Declusterfuqerization is your place to get sendy, gnarly, and tickled up, over, and on top of our climbing wall and bar. We have Not Piss and plastic grips; climb up and get down.

Hometown: Reno

Deep Orbit

Deep Orbit is an Art Support Camp. Talk to us about Art!

URL: https://thedeeporbit.com Hometown: TUCSON

Deep Playa Surprise

Deep Playa Surprise brings the magic of the Deep Playa to the citizens of Black Rock City by offering daily gifts of culinary and artistic delight. Home to the art installation Docenting Adults, offered to those who wish to take a transformational and artistic journey into Deep Playa.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/deepplayasurprise/ Hometown: Los Angeles


Mojitos, mist & dancing served up with a warm welcome.

URL: http://www.dementha.com Hometown: San Francisco


dEOxidized Camp is about creating community no matter where you are – even on the far reaches of the playa. Our camp is comprised hard working, loving, global influencers. Together, we will co-create an unforgettable experience with our community of friends old and new. Come join us every day in the Deoxidized Oasis, our lounge-type chill space featuring a 60′ parachute shade structure, an open bar, live DJs, informative and vulnerable talks, breath work, yoga, and much more. We’ll be hosting talks and classes in the mornings and daily happy hours from 4PM to sunset. Come meet our international crew from across the U.S. and more than a half dozen other countries. We are a diverse group of Burners with much to share and look forward to meeting you! “

Hometown: Reno

Desert Healers

We bring our healing sanctuary to the playa. A quiet place to relax, receive healing & bodywork, aromatherapy, an occasional workshop, yoga, and other mystically centered healing modalities. Come to rest and get out of the hot sun to refresh your body, your mind, and your spirit!

Hometown: Walnut Creek

Desert Propaganda Collective

Desert Propaganda Collective Camp is the support camp for Consumption, a sculpture in the shape of a dollar sign made of used household appliances. We welcome campers who are willing to volunteer to help build and support this art piece!

URL: https://www.consumption2022.com/blog-1 Hometown: "Reno"


A hitching post for forlorn outlaws and seductive renegades. Begun in 2011 with a dollar and a dream and a bunch of stuff we found at the dump, Desperados has blossomed / decayed into an opulent shantytown, a depraved palace full of freaky desert creatures. Come by, take a load off, have a drink, duel someone, exchange bodily fluids! Lie to yourself about who you are as a person, and make those lies come true!

Hometown: Oakland


Destindipity is an inviting and restful neighborhood camp that welcomes all weary Black Rock City citizens with its afternoon teas, comfy shaded spaces, and dreamy events. Our campers are the consummate hosts, welcoming anyone in for a hot or cold tea and a friendly conversation. Destindipity feels like a break from the intensity of the day, like a comforting hug from a close friend or neighbor. Our experiences make you pause for a moment to reflect on your secret dreams, and then spin you off in a new direction for your next playa adventure.

Hometown: San Francisco

Destiny Lounge 3D

Destiny Lounge 3D invites you to enjoy our astounding 3D lounge completely surrounded by amazing 3D UV artwork! Have your mind completely blown by our incredible artistry, and get the best sloppy wet Free Blowjobs available on the playa: all ages, genders, and species welcome!!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/destinylounge Hometown: Pasadena


Burners. Badasses. Michigangsters.
If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you!
Find out what makes the Great Lake State so Great and Get Down with Detroit!


Deus Ex Detective Agency

Need some assistance, sweetheart? Been tipped off to some suspicious activity? Stop by the Deus Ex Detective Agency to crack a case or bask in the gritty noir ambience. We’ve been serving Black Rock City hard-boiled truth since 1937.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/deusexdetectives/ Hometown: Oakland

Devachan Lounge

Resting place of the gods/goddesses, a comfortable lounge space with cushioned floor, lounge chairs, cushions, and cozy blankets. Come by to relax, join our fun workshops, or even spontaneously host your own!

Hometown: San Diego

Dickhead Camp

suburban bar catering to the neighborhood and passer byers. including fun shenanigans all around.

Hometown: Incline village

Dickstracted Camp

The Dickstracted Camp is and adult-gay oriented camp emphasized on bringing exhibitionism and voyeurism to the playa.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Dill Mary's Den of Iniquity

We can’t wait to welcome you back to playa with an elevated experience. Come on by for good food, great music, even better drinks, playa fashion boutique. We promise to deliver a sometimes sexy and always salty vibe.

Hometown: Las Vegas


DinerTown is the home of a 1950’s style, full service Diner with a burner-twist, run by a bunch of eclectic Canadians. We’re open at a 1/4 too, with a full breakfast & lunch menu served with a side of love.

Hometown: Whistler


Diptown is the art support camp for the DIPTOWN art object, a whole town buried in the dust to the roofs.

URL: https://diptown.design/

Disciples of Absentia (Camp DOA)

We of our Lady Absentia, patron of that which is lost and those who are absent, will be setting up shop to drink our cares away with the citizens of Black Rock City. HamJam And Periwinkle’s our home on playa where we will host guests in the afternoon and evening. With us you will find fun folk, good drinks and a reason to forget about the absences you face, if only for a bit.

Text for What Where When
Sun Eve – Red Wine Tasting
Mon-Sat Afternoon – Wine Tasting
Mon-Sat Evening – Good Evening Mimosas

Hometown: San Francisco

Disciples of the Dust

The Disciples have been bringing art to the playa for 8/10ths of a decade. We are back this year with 3 pieces placed on the playa. We pride ourselves in being a small camp with a big friendly atmosphere. We will also gift necklaces to the citizens of BRC.

Hometown: Port Townsend

Disco Ballz

Disco Ballz camp is where you can find all the old disco played with original videos on huge wall. Our over 30 disco balls hanging from ceiling, multiple disco lights & Saturday Night Fever dancefloor come by starting on Weds night and hang out with us. Look for our Mutant Vehicles and come take a ride (Boogie Bug & Purple People Eater).

Hometown: Irvine

Disco Deserters

Hometown: Austin

Disco Fuck Yourself

We are a day and night camp that is here to celebrate being alive and being part of a community! By day we host yoga, meditation, flow workshops, and games that include cold beer or silly antics. By night, we host fire spinning, fire performances, cocktails, an interactive flame effect, and dance parties! Stop by at any time to enjoy our Discome Lounge and – if the power is on – our inflatable bouncy castle!

Hometown: Chemult

Disco Monkeys

The Disco Monkeys are here for the Disco! Come hang with us, try yoga, make some pasties, and enjoy a libation.

Hometown: Phoenix

Disco Space Shuttle

The Disco Space Shuttle (DSS) LaunchPad will assist camps and art projects that need extra hands/support to realize their vision.

The LaunchPad space will be a place for our camp to play matchmaker; matching people who need build support with people who can volunteer to help them realize their dreams. It will also act as the home base and meeting point for our DSS team of volunteers, a minimum of 10 daily, that are dedicating service hours to help other camps and art projects to launch! The LaunchPad will include a LaunchPad Book to write help requests or sign up as a volunteer with availability to help support others.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/discospaceshuttle/ Hometown: San Francisco


Inclusive. Playful. Magical. Discow is a community and art car that sparks magical moments through radical creativity and play. Debuting at )'( 2022!

URL: https://discow.org/ Hometown: San Francisco


Too Much Is Rarely Enough

URL: http://www.disorient.info Hometown: we don't think of our camp in those terms


DISTRIKT is a 501c3 Non-Profit music and arts organization, supporting an inclusive and diverse community of performers and artists through events, partnerships, community involvement, mentorship and relationship building. DISTRIKT was founded in 2010 based on the ethos of the Ten Principles of Burning Man, and over the past decade has evolved into globally recognized philanthropic organization.

DISTRIKT is an ever-evolving organization with a core believe that it is important for us to have a strong connection and experience with the community that we celebrate.

Our mission is to leverage our wide community reach to support efforts focused on helping our community, our country and our planet.

URL: http://www.distrikt.org Hometown: San Francisco

DISTRIKT - Bike Battalion

Designated bike parking area across the street from DISTRIKT.

URL: http://www.distrikt.org Hometown: San Francisco

Diver UP Camp

She rises from the desert floor like the feminine goddess she is. Be sure to check out the 21 foot tall Diver UP sculpture on The Playa. We are simply her keepers. Diver UP Camp is an Art Support

URL: http://www.diverup.com Hometown: Ibiza, Spain

Divine Consciousness

A place to discover and celebrate the interconnectedness of our shared consciousness, learn and develop psi abilities, and work together to raise the collective projection of unconditional love.

Hometown: Hollywood

Do More Now

The Firehouse bar at Do More Now is the best little hangout in the neighborhood. We have parties, events, workshops, and performances happening every day. Come and introduce yourself!

URL: http://www.do-more-now.com/ Hometown: Seattle

Dodgeball Addiction

soul waking dodgeball

URL: https://www.facebook.com/DodgeballAddiction/ Hometown: san diego

Doggenheim Gallery

An interactive art gallery; come discover your fursona & share your dreams

Come by in the late morning to early afternoon and let our gallery guides help you find your fursona, or just come and paint in the gallery! Need help to determine what to add to our walls? Let our prompts guide you on how to share your dreams.

Join us for our gallery opening party on Thursday from 6pm-9pm to celebrate the artwork that you and your fellow burners have created.

Hometown: Durham


Hometown: San Francisco

Dolly Llamas

Bringing southern charm, hospitality, and wit to the playa since 2022. Y’all come back now, ya hear?

Hometown: Seattle

Dome on the Range

Yeehaw! We’re your Dome away from Home! Slingin’ mystery drinks and curious cures for all that ails ya. We’re the weird neighborhood waterin’ hole you keep comin’ back to. Whether just starting your night or wandering your weary way home, come saddle up to the bar; we’ve got a cure for all that ails ya.

Hometown: San Francisco

Don't Krill My VIbe

A sardine’s day dream to get groovy with nauti narwals.

Hometown: Oakland


Doña authentic Mexican street food cart

Hometown: Mexico city

Double Down

A crazy casino where all the prizes are grand and the drinks keep your whistle wet. Blackjack, strip poker, “horse” race betting, and EXCLUSIVE game nights will indulge your gambling desires.

Hometown: Reno

Down Low Club

The social/residential side of camp hosts the annual LGBTQQ Meet & Greet on opening Monday night for the entire LGBTQQ community and their friends. NEW IN 2022: We’re hosting a “Moira Rose, Playa Fashionista” party on Thursday in honor of that fabulous camp maven from Netflix’s Schitt’s Creek!

The recreational side of camp is the Down Low Club tent, adhering to the tenet “what happens at Burning Man, stays at Burning Man”. Exclusively for 18+ yr old male-identified adults–Gay, Bi, Trans, Curious, Straight–it’s a discreet & enclosed play space for men to play freely and erotically with other adult men.

We are dedicated to the 10 Principles and offer a safe haven, shelter, meals, water, etc for those who find themselves in situations caused by camp dysfunction, lack of preparedness, etc.

Hometown: Palm Springs

Dr. Carl's Collection of Depts.

Dr. Carl’s Collection of Departments returns! We’ll be dusting off a few of the old departments while senselessly adding a few more to the collection. The Department of Collections, our ongoing, sensibly-sized, big-board of stuff will, of course, return asking the city to do, find, or be something. The Theater Department, Department of Strategy, Department of Dispute Resolution, Department of Talks and Discussions, and Department of Boudoir Photography are all ready and waiting to make your participation at the very least, a little more interesting.

URL: http://www.drcarlscamp.com Hometown: Los Angeles


Come to see Dr. Playa to have your ears, nose, and throat refreshed by our complete package of spa-like treatments- no appointment necessary! We offer cotton swabs to clean dusty ears, essential oils for for your mask, and an ‘injection’ of infused vodka (or plain juice) to soothe your throat. ‘Cat’ scans are included! Yes, we will use our handy, silly stuffed cat to scan your body from head to toe. All ages welcome and encouraged to visit!

Hometown: Reno

Dr.Baron von Realz, Esq. Sideshow

Come join our circus of freaks
Burning man will be here before you know it and “Dr. Baron von Realz Esq. most spectacular Steampunk Sideshow of altered reality and debauchery” needs you. Come join our circus of freaks and be a part of the shenanigans of our camp. Flaming girls, tattoos, body modifications, piercings, carnies, performers, artists, suicide girls, freaks, geeks, and other oddities are welcome to fill our ranks. Besides filling our ranks we are always looking for dedicated minions to help us set up and tear down the camp, we might be able to get you an early entry pass, couch taters need not apply. If you are really gung ho we might even have a spare ticket we can sell you. We are looking for people who want to be Burning Man, not people who want go to Burning Man.

Hometown: Newark

Draft Punk

In the future, Daft Punk steals OUR name, “dRaft Punk”.
We’re here to steal it back.
And we brought A LOT of ice-cold beer with us.
Grab a cold one on the go, or hang out with us for the day.
Get there early for Baby Huey’s famous cocktails.

Hometown: San Diego

Dragon Clan

Members are enthusiasts of fire performance arts and ultralite human flight, and will be hosting various workshops around the theme of fire, flight, dragons, and knights. We also have a bar!

Hometown: San Francisco (creator) and Denver (me)

Dragon Heights

Dragon themed shady canvas yurt with comfortable couches, cold nonalcoholic drinks, and a hookah lounge. We have puzzles, games, picture books, and of course, DRAGONS! Come do some dragon themed art with us, play weird instruments, or tell us about your cats. A quieter place among the chaos of Black Rock City.

Hometown: Seattle

DragonCamp Armory

DragonCamp Armory teaches women to hand-make their own sexy cyber armor bikini. Participants will trace, cut, pound, and decorate thin sheet aluminum into a cool and amazing custom fitting metal bikini costume (think Game of Thrones). Photo-ops against our castle dungeon set, or climb astride one of our animatronic dinosaurs or Dragons to share a waking dream!

Hometown: Orange County, California

Dream Inn

On Monday thru Saturday come to a scheduled event at EBB & Glow Village and enter the raffle for that night’s stay (for 1-2) at The Dream Inn, a luxury bed and breakfast. Upon winning, you’ll be checked-in by the Concierge who will orient you to the Inn’s amenities and house rules. You’ll be treated to welcome snacks and beverages, shown toiletries with which to refresh yourself and plush loungewear to relax in while listening to the soothing music of your choice. You’ll spend the night on freshly laundered 100% cotton sheets with a cozy duvet for warmth. A Continental Breakfast basket will be delivered to your door in the morning. Before 10am checkout, select an item or two from the jewelry chest to keep as permanent mementos of your LNT stay at The Dream Inn.

Dream Makers

We are dream makers. Man plus machine. We create futuristic and enhanced experiences through our artist showcases coupled with our innovative build and creations. We make and revive art cars and share it with the Playa. Drop by, at our camp for an immersive sunrise gathering, enjoy a Turkish Coffee, or ride in our art car drifting through Playa sunsets.

Hometown: Ukraine, Turkey

DREAM with Me Forest

Dream with Me Forest art support camp. This camp houses the crew of the Dream with Me Forest.

Hometown: San Francisco

Dreamers Complex

Based out of Las Vegas, Dreamers Complex is a utility camp designed to inspire Burners to live their dreams by creating multiple structures that accomplish important tasks that directly help improve a Burner’s time on the playa. Come by to see farther (Dream Big), sleep harder (Sweet DreamZZZ), get hitched (Dream Wedding), or to see the most epic laser show you have ever seen (Laser Dream).

Hometown: Las Vegas


Dreamery is a camp to discover, share and experience dreams. It is an interactive space to read and write dreams and fantasies, happy or scary, random and crazy, sensual or sad.
If you could request a dream what would you ask for?
If you could control your dream, where would you go?
Do you have nightmares you want to let go and release into the fire?
Do you have happy dreams and fantasies you want to gift to others?

URL: https://dreamery.cc Hometown: Laguna Niguel


We value open mindset and sexuality – swing by to experience unique DreamHOLE.

Hometown: Seattle

Duane's Whirld

DuanesWhirld is enjoying our 16th consecutive year en Playa, with most of our campers trekking from Vermont. We enjoy mass-gifting our fellow Burners with Deep Playa Beer Delivery (quenching the late afternoon thirst in the heat) and ‘Smores (late nights in deep playa to ease the chill with warm gooey treats.) Each of those gatherings generates micro-community among those Burners brought together.

This year, we’ll field another mutant vehicle — having launched TimeCycle ourselves while other years supporting and camping with The Bleachers, Rabid Transit and El Pulpo Mechanico. Our new ride, Fluffy the Dream Machine, is accessible public transit masquerading as a cloud wafting across the playa. A wheelchair lift and Braille rails accommodate Burners into the artcar experience.

URL: http://duaneswhirld.com Hometown: Waterbury Center

Duck Pond

The Duck Pond is the best dive bar on the Playa. Since 2006! Bring your ID and your cup to enjoy an ice cold drink. Dance to the sounds of our Duck Pond DJs and special guests. Ride the Bucking Duck or enjoy the view from our lifeguard tower.

Hometown: San Francisco

dust & stars

this is dust & star’s ninth year as a placed theme cult.

that’s right: we’re a cult. for years, we’ve donned black robes and warned other burners the endless night was coming. in 2022, we’ll return with an even more important message to black rock city:


well… kind of. we got some stuff right. but while the endless night has been doomy, gloomy, and long (so long!), we’re starting to think it might not actually be endless. in fact, the horizon is getting brighter — and from what we’ve glimpsed, there’s a breathtaking new dawn on the other side.
literally breathtaking, and shiny.
blinding, even.

we welcome all who dare.

URL: https://dust-and-stars.com Hometown: Los Angeles

Dust 2 Dawn

A dusty end of the trail bastion, possibly on earth but probably not, to enjoy the last vestiges of earthly pleasures. Asylum Glowskull brings all things metal to BRC. Stop by their Skullushery bar for drinks and Black Metal yoga. Space Punks bring you Be Your Own Band the daily free jam spot on playa…we provide everything you need to rock out. Evenings will feature scheduled performances on stage and films in our theater. High noon to 4 pm the Sonic boom Saloon is open for drinks and whip cracking lessons or a game of poker. Pop up Fancy Pants Project happening to punk up those pants or any clothing for that matter. Baby Behead & Breakfast will be serving up the most important meal of the day in a severed baby head. Evenings join them for tea service in their hookah lounge.

Dust Circus

Welcome to Dust Circus! A place of magic, aerial acrobatics, and dance-y shenanigans, come learn acroyoga, contact flow, or shibari outfit tying. If you’re feeling particularly devious you might bring a friend – or foe – and challenge them to a duel with waterguns (seconds and waterguns provided at your convenience).

URL: https://www.facebook.com/dustcircus/ Hometown: Santa Clara

Dust Menagerie

The Dust Menagerie is a collection of performers, chefs, artists and makers who have gathered together to welcome you in to our camp. we have several large interactive art pieces and we also serve food, host movie nights, and have some of the most banging dance parties on the playa. We hope you come by and visit!

Hometown: San Francisco

Dust Monkeys

Swing by the Dust Monkeys for great views, chill hangs, fabulous music, and creatively blended hydrating refreshments! If you hear laughter and bad improv, look for the shadow puppets dancing in the light and join in!

Hometown: Oakland


Our aim is to be a sanctuary on the playa. We wish to nourish passerby’s, radiate love, and create a comfortable environment that would make anyone feel welcome. We are intimacy and connection amidst the chaos of the beautiful and exciting playa. Join us for a cup of warm/cold tea, daily yoga, or at the daily OcTeapus bar.

Hometown: South Lake Tahoe

DusTEA Pickles

A painterly pop of of color contained a giant terrarium packed with colossal Colorado-inspired wildflowers. Within the flush foliage burners, and their special someones, can find refuge from the bump-bumping beat of Black Rock City.

Stop by to get hot or cold tea, re-hydrate with some electrolytes, enjoy a cheesy date night, be serenaded, or just sit down and enjoy a nice show or learn something new.

Hometown: Fort Collins


DUSTFISH, a legacy camp providing live performances, Pho and Fire.

URL: http://dustfish.org Hometown: West Coast

Dusty Beavers

We are the Dusty Beavers. We are a camp at Burning Man. We are from Québec, Canada, France, and the US. We bring love, joy and maple goodies to Burning Man!

Hometown: Montréal

Dusty Booty Ranch

An outpost where misfits fit.

URL: http://www.dustybootyranch.com Hometown: Seattle

Dusty Dreams

We’re a network of volunteers inspired by the 10 Principles of burning man, united in the pursuit of a more creative & connected world. We’re on a mission to extend Burning Man’s culture to our everyday lives.

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Dusty Frogz

Welcome to the Dusty Frogz camp! We’ve built a French guinguette in traditional Parisian style where we provide daily entertainment and typical French beverages. Think about Champagne, Cognac and our famous Ricard. On top of this, we have two petanque courts available 24/7 and a great selection of music played by our DJs. You can easily find us on the playa, just look out for the 25 feet Eiffel Tower and get inside its legs to experience a 360° cooling mist.

URL: https://www.dustyfrogz.fr Hometown: Montpellier

Dusty Hearts

Welcome to Dusty Hearts, – a melange of spiritual healers, yogis, reiki masters, dreamers, photographers, athletes, adventurers, craftsman, and simply great people, who will dust off your hearts and offer solace for your body and soul.
A welcoming sanctuary in the village center will provide a great refuge for those seeking to rest, meditate, decompress or rejuvenate.
Experience Reiki Sessions with Desert Healers, dream reading with Dreamery, compete with burning athletes during All-IMPics, object transformation/jewelry making with Pennies Elongators, and a unique world view through the lens of Camera Obscura Tribe.

Hometown: San Francisco

Dusty Inner Child

We’re a fun spiritual camp / higher consciousness

Hometown: Seattle

Dusty Mule Saloon and Playground

We have a large colorful dome with a welcoming bar and refreshment offerings every morning and through out daylight hours with a daily music theme. We serve boozy beverages and a few iced non-alcoholic ones. Interior games include Yard Yahtzee, Pin the Man on the Ass, Truth or Jenga. We have an -ation dome to serve any and all -ations. Examples might include hesitation, disintoxicaton, meditation, transformation, rejuvenation or claymation. Our playground boasts a wide variety of interactive games to entertain the masses and bring forth maximum laughter. We have large scale Connect 4, Rubber Ring Toss Your Cookies, Shut Your Cornhole, LED Tetherball, Pinko Drinko, What Goes Up Must Come Down (hydraulic teeter totters) and other carnival games. Laughter is the universal love language.

Hometown: Denver

Dusty Pineapple

The Dusty Pineapple is a tropical oasis with a bicycle drawn Tiki Bar that ventures out at sunset to the farthest corners of the deep playa to provide wandering burners the joy of discovering a tiny oasis of light, music, fun, & camaraderie where it’s least expected.

Come join us in camp for tropical themed block parties, Apre-Ski BRC Ski Patrol events, workshops & talks, & our moop pick-up game- Pick It Up With Your Butt!

The Dusty Pineapple does not disclose its location in the deep playa. Rather, we prefer to be that moment burners find by chance. Creating an intersection of serendipity, intimacy and great times that form the most enduring connections and memories. The Dusty Pineapple serves tropical drinks with groovy jams. We look forward to you stumbling upon us along your journey!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/dusty.pineapple Hometown: Portland

Dusty Rhino Camp

The Dusty Rhino art car is a fire breathing, thumping, mobile party that brings people together through art, fire and electronic music. We provide enthusiastic participants with a unique interactive experience that alters their notions of what is possible.

URL: http://www.dustyrhino.com Hometown: Oakland

Dusty Taint

Born in the style of a 1940’s “Negro Juke Joint” featuring music, games, and drinking. The Dusty Taint is primarily a nexus where people passing by and from the area can relax and socialize following a hard day in the fields (Playa) in a multi-cultural and sensual adult space.
Planned activities will foster opening of viewpoints, perspectives and sexual immersion. When the sun is just above the mountains, we will toast the sunset and welcome the coming night, all the while sharing stories with friends new and old.

Hometown: Kernersville

Dusty Vestibule

Live and die at the Dusty Vestibule, a two-part camp where you can go from Hoochie Coochie, an interactive bar, to Love You to Death, a funeral experience. At Hoochie Coochie you can explore the vessel of birth and drink from a voluptuous vulva, if you can find the right button. Then wander towards Love You to Death, your living wake. From birth to earth, slip into the silky sanctum of your very own coffin and be ravished with words by the ones who’d rather have their love for you fall on living ears. From woody box to wooden box, from vag to urn, from the first vestibule we experience at birth, to the final vestibule at death. Celebrating the birth and death of transformation.

URL: http://dustyvestibule.com Hometown: Grass Valley


Come cool off from the desert heat at DustyDelight’s Chill Out Spa & Ice Cream Stand! Scientifically proven to un-fuck your burn, improve dusty complexion, treat burner feet, enhance eyesight in dust storms, and soothe your throat – but only if taken daily.

URL: http://www.dustydelight.com Hometown: New York

Dye With Dignity

Create your own work of functional art! Come dye silk, have a snow cone, play in our shade.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/dyewithdignity Hometown: Fredericksburg


Hometown: Sacramento