2012 Theme Camps

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2022 Archive

S'mores N Amour

S’mores @ Sunset. Kids of all ages welcome.

Toast by Toastmates.

The Pandorica and TARDIS for those Who know.

Hometown: North Hollywood

Sacbe Camp

Since the dawn of time, human kind has always lived close to the earth, in harmony with the magic and mysteries of this little blue planet. Only in recent years have we separated ourselves with walls and highways, buildings that block the sun, shoes that keep our feet from touching the soil. Take us back to our roots! The magic is still there, deep in the jungle and beneath the surface of the playa. We conjure it through ritual, art, music, dance, deep connection and wild celebration.
Sacbe Camp brings this philosophy to Burning Man, which is a ritual of its own. Created in good spirit, and in honor of all things “chido”, Sacbe is a celebration of human potential and a collective conjuring of everything that is magic in the world.

Hometown: Tulum

Sacred Cow

Sacred Cow, based out of New York, is an ever-evolving, always surprising camp. In the past, we have fed you (and many artists including the Temple), moooooved you around on the beloved Hajj. Most recently we have made our Sacred Cow Saloon the camp stable and wlil now be adding some tasty beats to the mix. We have always loved you and will provide you with a safe space
to meet kind cowfolk. This year we bring you SHADED DOMES WITH FIRE for your pleasure.

All day erry day and erry night you will have access to a friendly ‘chill’, partially shaded space with Cowpokes there creating a vibe and fire at night. There will be hosted curated Afternoon Saloons on Wed, Thurs, and Sat with Djs and Prosecco on pour. As always, come hang at our pits of fire, have a drank at our Saloon, enjoy popup treats (Princess pizza if you’re lucky!) and music.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sacredcow/about/ Hometown: New York City x Los Angeles + multi-national*

Sacred Hare

Welcome to the Sacred Hare, home of Gladys Bright, our pink bunny art car who poops out butterfinger ice cream at sunrise. Come hop in our chill space and take a load off from the hot sun. Enjoy a mister while you’re at it. Welcome to our Sacred Home.

Hometown: San Francisco

Sacred Song Teahouse

The Sacred Song Teahouse is a temple for devotional singing on the playa.

There are many traditions of devotional singing, sometimes known as bhajans or kirtan, which help to quiet the mind so that the heart can open to the divine, allowing us to taste the blissful reality that is our true nature. Rather than being a performance in which the audience listens to musicians, it is a participatory spiritual practice in which everyone is encouraged to sing and express their inner joy.

The Sacred Song Teahouse is a Burning Man camp dedicated to creating and maintaining a serene temple oasis for joining our voices and diving into the Divine… together. We welcome the keepers of tea wisdom to join us in our temple space to sooth our throats with their mystical infusions. Together we create Magic!

URL: http://www.sacredsongteahouse.com/Welcome.html Hometown: San Luis Obispo

Sacrificial Harem

Do you trust what you see, or is it just a mirage? Find us and escape into a space of refuge and whimsy, get misted in the oasis, or receive your judgment in an IRL version of Am I the Asshole? and be featured on the Wall of Disillusionment.

Hometown: San Francisco

Safari Social Club

The Safari Social Club invites you to swing by and stay a while at our tropical jungle themed bar. We’re into Brendan Frasier and funk music so come give our wheel of chance a spin and let the good times roll. But there’s always a chance of rain in the jungle so don’t be surprised when our misting system brings the tropics to life!

URL: https://www.safarisocialclub.com/ Hometown: Santa Clarita

Sage Camp

Sage Camp is an inclusive collective of feral academics.

Hometown: Reno

Saigon Soul

Our camp members are all Vietnamese-American and comprise mainly of 65+ Vietnam war refugees and some of our 2nd-generation children who were born in the US.

The older members of our camp grew up in Saigon, South VN, during the VN War 1955-1975, when we experienced deaths of relatives, friends, neighbors daily from constant rocket bombings, slept in make-shift at-home bomb shelters nightly, or ran straight into the closest shelters every time we heard warning sirens. The recent horror of war images from Ukraine has brought back painful memories from our past.

In light of the recent world events, we would like to share our culture, survival stories, experiences growing up during the war, life as war refugees, and our harrowing escapes to freedom.

Come hang out with us!

Hometown: Orange County, San Francisco, Minneapolis

Saint Molly's Academy

Saint Molly Academy is the center for BRC citizens to bring out their inner child. We offer wholesome fun with an adult twist. Stop by for naptime, recess, PE classes, prom and graduation.

URL: https://www.saintmolly.com/ Hometown: San Francisco

Saints & Sinners

Friendly easy-going camp within Silicon Village.  Kid- and family-friendly button making most mornings.  Various workshops most afternoons. These range from “Tips for Training Your Dog, Your Child, or …”, to Cougars with Cookies (probably Friday), to a presentation on increasing enjoyment of fellatio for both givers and receivers (probably Wednesday).  Hippy Catcher chill space every evening.  Someone friendly is hanging out in the shade structure ‘most all the time. Stop by and say “hi!”

Hometown: Saints & Sinners is worldwide.  Most of us are from  the US - California Bay area, southern California, and Florida.  A few hardy travelers are from Australia, Germany, France - the list goes on!



Hometown: Sonoma County / The Bay

Salon Soleil

Salon Soleil is a welcoming space for personal exploration, self-expression, wacky antics, and profound interaction with other beings. We invite the Black Rock City community to visit our friendly, comfy quadruple Do-Me Domes, shake your body at our Tuesday night funk dance party, participate in a screen test audition, be transformed by our life-changing Healing Faire, engage in interactive workshops, try on a new look, or gather around our burn barrel on a cold night and make new friends. We also welcome power hungry devices and depleted batteries that can be filled at our solar charging station!

Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Salty Jacks

Camp Salty Jacks: Day and night we are the local deep dive bar of the 9:00 neighborhood. Nautical, underwater themed, we are your safe haven from the fervor of the playa playing Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Blues, Electro-swing, and Disco.

URL: https://saltyjacks.wordpress.com/ Hometown: San Francisco

Salute Your Jorts

Salute Your Jorts is your local BRC summer camp. In the distance you’ll see jorts flags flying in the wind, and as you approach you’ll be met with decorative light up signs that let you know you’ve arrived. Come on down to get some fly jorts, sip some late night tea with strangers, and boogie down to some fly beats you won’t find anywhere else on playa.

URL: https://saluteyour-jorts.squarespace.com/config/ Hometown: San Francisco

Savage Kingdom

Savage Kingdom is more than just a Burning Man Camp – we are a family of veteran and virgin burners who love to create and participate without limitation. This year we will be focused on a brand new art piece for the Playa, making our badass ArtCar (Savage Island II) even more party friendly, and upgrading our In-Camp experience.

URL: https://www.savagekingdom.org/ Hometown: Mojave, CA

Scar Bar

Temporary Rewards for Permanent Damages. Show us your scars, we’ll give you a drink! Stop by our bar for some iced green tea and whiskey and tell us your scar tales. We take scars big and small, external and internal, we will even give you a scar if you want (a fake one, we aren’t monsters). While our Happy Hours are set, stop by our camp for some late night bar service, subject to playa time.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Scarbutts cafe

The Breakfast Club Village Houses,
Scarbutts Cafe-serving brisk Spankings 9am-12noon

Pancake Playhouse- serving hot pancakes 9am-12noon

Objectification Station 1pm-3pm Monday through Friday. Come get objectified or get compliments and get rewarded with a delicious quenching drink.

Text for What Where When
Monday-Friday 9-12 Stop by for Pancakes,Spankings and Soft Rock.1pm-3pm Objectification stat

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/197703440296483 Hometown: oakland

School of Black Rock

School of Black Rock is a comical, self-deprecating school house where we teach a variety of random subjects, or learn from our students!

Examples include, but are not limited to:
– 10 Principles of Burning man
– Black Rock Geography
– Fairy shrimp
– Swearing and “I love you with” bad accents or in another language
– Jousting/Horse Racing-general PE
– Learn The Hustle
– Learn a School of Black Rock Cheer
– Moop, don’t be Trashy
– Consent
– Geography – Explain this map
– Arts and crafts
– Short history of Burning Man
– English: Innuendo
– Safety Third

We also activities like stick-pony riding/racing/jousting or making a corsage for our prom.

If students are lucky they might even get a visit from our Faerie Shrimp School Mascot!

Behave (or don’t) or you will get a detention stamp!

URL: http://www.schoolofblackrock.com Hometown: San Jose

SeaWeed Joy

Play the Burning Piano , get massaged and learn at our presentations. Chill in our pillow filled “Comfort” tent. Be entertained or dance in our Joy venue. Make a Tutu on Tuesday.

Hometown: Seattle

Second Rodeo

Howdy, y’all! Second Rodeo welcomes participants to enjoy fun and cheeky rodeo themed activities and offerings while specializing in providing self care to those seeking respite. With many talented DJs in our camp we also strive to get y’all rootin’ and tootin’ around on our vibey dancefloor. This ain’t our first rodeo… yeeeeehaw!

Hometown: Reno

Second Wind Pirate Cafe

Our café gifts a Second Wind to weary burners to keep them alert and awake for their nightly adventures.
Shortly after dinner, the Second Wind Pirate Cafe offers strong black coffee the pirate way— no sugar, no milk, no fuss.
We offer games including the world-famous Jam or Lube? and Guess That Sea Shanty! as well as immersive theater experiences such as Megaphone 5 Minute Battle, Sex With Ghosts, and “Don’t Slip” Interactive Art played.
Find the warm, inviting glow of a pirate-themed hexagonal-shaped coffee bar with the Jolly Roger flying high above it. Follow the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the sound of distant sea shanties!

URL: https://llama.franklinreport.com/public-portfolio/NYC/Second-Wind-Pirate-Cafe Hometown: New York City

Secret Garden

A chill space with the feel of a Zen Garden where you can have a drink at the ground level bar while visiting with friends, new and old. A DJ set-up will be playing music that’s fun, but not too loud to have a conversation over- want to spin the Ones and Twos, go right ahead. And, when you aren’t socializing or getting your groove on, you can stop in for a drag contest, games night, or a workshop/ seminar.

Hometown: Sacramento

Secret Passage

A surrealist, cloud-scape CAFE of your waking dreams, with:
24 hour self-serve iced coffee, tea, and lemonade,
Plus DAILY SPECIALS of fluffy treats: either edible, visual, audio, or performance

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Secretly Abandoned Spaces

At Art Predator’s Support Camp for Secretly Abandoned Spaces, an honorarium funded art installation by Oakland artist Valerie Mallory, stop by for conversations about this artwork, discuss Valerie’s previous playa projects (Genie in the Bottle, The Bridge and the Cage, WomanTree), and color in the 10 Principles– we have coloring books and crayons! You can also get a fresh mouth and we will teach you how to make your own mouthwash!

URL: http://artpredator.com Hometown: Greater Bay Area, Ventura

Self Times

Come at dusk for a communal and personal journey of the self. Each day our camp explores a new facet of our “selves” and opens to the entire playa to come and explore with us. Visitors will reflect internally and externally on the self and may choose to share their ideas or sit quietly with them. We hope each visitor leaves buzzing with curiosity about a new facet of their self.

Hometown: San Francisco

Semper Ardens

Semper Ardens welcomes new Burners to immerse into the culture of Burning Man. Our mission is to extend the ethos of the playa to everyone, but especially into the hearts and minds of those who are leaders in businesses and creative communities around the world.

Lessons learned here are priceless gifts: inspiration, creative vision, endless possibility, self-realization, and awareness of how the world can work from a completely unique perspective.

The Semper Ardens Liquid Lab will feature a variety of plant-based elixirs and concoctions to create an uplifting wellness-oriented experience for discerning visitors.

Join us 2-4 pm daily for programming based around the 10 Principles. Yes, you can integrate what you’ve learned here into your regular life!

Hometown: Earth

Send Noods

Come send a Noodle Gram to your friends on playa! We have a chill space to rest your weary noodle, rituals to join our squad, and oodles of noodley fun.

Hometown: Santa Cruz


“Seraphim” Art Support Camp

Hometown: Reno


We focus on celebration & transformational experiences, combining playful parties with heart-opening workshops & activities. Bringing awareness to the exploration, discovery and integration process of the burning man experience. Come visit us anytime, under the shade, into the oasis, and enjoy some rejuvenating tea elixirs or a refreshing cocktail! Tuesday and Thursday we host big celebrations for all to enjoy!

URL: http://www.serendipitea.camp/ Hometown: London

Serenity Now

Serenity Now is the most welcoming coffee house on the playa! We serve delicious cold brew, and offer a respite for weary travelers to refuel and continue their Burn. Cold drinks, a place to rest, and the best friends you haven’t met.

Hometown: South Lake Tahoe

Serpent Moon

Serpent Moon is a well rounded camp with diverse membership across many cultural backgrounds – we love Radical Inclusion, Diversity & Equity! While our history of lovin’ the wild time proceeds us, we also lean into wellness and spirituality. Come see us for a fun cocktail or yoga. You want your butt moving to cool tunes or your mind blown with breathwork, come see us. We host a tea house and wellness space for the more calm in you and a cute bar with no-dupstep for when the groove in you needs to cut the dust. Our Serpent Moon will call you powerful into alignment or giddily to our bar, you decide!

Hometown: Denver

Servants of the Secret Fire

Servants of the Secret Fire have been bringing dazzling LED and fire art to playa while hosting fire spinning jams and flow workshops since 2015. Come check out our library, dance to our DJ sets, or cuddle in our puddles – look for the burgundy/red/orange/yellow dome!

URL: https://se.cretfi.re Hometown: San Francisco

Settle This Like Men

Slap, Bump, Roll – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at 11am daily, stick around for Muay Thai, Boozy Yoga, and Meditation classes.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SettleThisLikeMen Hometown: Reno


Join us at Ernest Shackleton’s 1915 Antarctic Base Camp! The icebergs and freezing cold temperatures will be warmed by the hot beats our DJs will be dropping, and the hot toddies on offer.

Shady Hoops & Kaleidoscope Kafe

Stop by all day, M-Th, and let our Shady techs fit you with the coolest in UV 400 shades we can find! Grab a parasol to protect your head and a fan to cool those hard to reach places.
Come back for the workshops – hat making, bracelet making & DIY kaleidoscopes.
NEW – NIGHT TIME java jolt – specialty coffees (NO DECAF), tea & cocoa AND (virgin) COFFEE JELLO SHOTS served from 8-? to get you revved up and ready to ride the playa!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Shady Lady Roach Hotel

Shady Lady Roach Hotel! The local watering hole for daily bike parking (water, sunscreen, and hand-sani included), and hilarious and lighthearted happy hours including jokes (aka SHADE), gun fights (aka compliment roasting battles), roach races (in modified sumo suits) and more! Come through our saloon doors if you think you can handle the witty banter and wild fun of the WEST:)

Hometown: Antarctica

Shady Melting Pot

The Shady Melting Pot village welcomes you for relaxation, musical expression, and libations.

We provide an open mic stage that hosts guest live music performances. Our stage includes a shared keyboard, drum kit, guitar, and a few other instruments. Bands are welcome!

Meet us under the giant hammock dome where you can hear the performers and relax under the shade.

Come experience our traditional spa facial attraction, feel that cool touch and that smooth texture on your skin.

Hometown: San Francisco

Shady Village

You Look Thirsty! Take refuge from the sun and frolic with our trained Camels. Recharge your soul and fill your vessel with premium unleaded H20. Our attendants serve artisanal organic water while you browse our Inconvenience store. Saturday-Friday 10AM-46PM Playa Standard Time.

URL: https://cameltopia.org Hometown: San Francisco

Shady Waffle

Shady Waffle is a full-service breakfast restaurant in a brilliantly colored, unique, forty foot tall, elliptical dome. A machine that converts cranky hippies into happy hippies. Come eat, cool off, relax, and make a stranger even stranger.

Hometown: San Francisco

Shaman's Dream Journey

Our Plan objective involves the following:
Learning the Art of “The Shamanic Journey” (an Altered State of Awareness) through traditional drumming, guided meditations, visualizations, medicinal teas, and ecstatic body movements.
Participants will be guided in a Dream Journey to the Spirits of the Desert Plants and Minerals to learn their wisdom and ask for their guidance to become better stewards of the land.

Hometown: Rockingham


Shamandome is a service camp, offering workshops in shamanic journeying, healing, and more.

Meet Your Power Animal
Tue-Sat at 11am, we lead shamanic journeys, using drumming and intention to alter consciousness; 1-on-1 Healings; Extractions/Soul Retrievals/Right Relations… serving 1000-plus burners each year.

Shaman’s Death and Rebirth Ritual
Near the temple, one evening at dusk, a few hundred burners will ritualistically die and be reborn from the dust.

First-time burners often recognize the potential for deep self-discovery in BRC. We teach people to heal themselves through their original connection with spirit, their truest nature. “Shamanista” is our belief that the shamanic healer is in everyone.

If you’re a shamanic practitioner, Shamandome will welcome you as a guest healer. Contact us!

URL: http://www.shamandome.org/ Hometown: New York City

Shangri La

Shangri-La – A Wine camp with a Yoga problem! Come by our Weinkeller nightly and sample wines of the world. Mornings we offer daily Yoga from certified instructors, and during the day we have a chill-spot , misting, ice water, and phone charging. Tschuss!

URL: http://heavenlyyoga.us/shangrila/ Hometown: Denver


A forgotten paradise to soothe the wary adventurer, or a lawless land of risk & reward? We are both. A yin and ayang. An amalgamation of two elements, each playing off the other.
Come and enjoy our beautiful bar-lounge replete with delicious concoctions and hookah or meet the love of your lifegetting nasty on the dance floor. We are here for you!

URL: https://shangri-lawless.com/ Hometown: San Diego

Sharkey's Bar and Lounge

Originally known “The Preferable Party Past the Porta-Potties”, we’ve morphed into Sharkey’s Bar and Lounge and have been a fixture in the 7:30 corridor since 2008. We serve up a unique cocktail every day from Sunday through Saturday, and are host to several established events such as the Naked Pub Crawl and the White Wedding Party. Stop by with a cup and ID for ice cold beverage, a temporary tattoo and great vibes…all between 11AM to 6PM (ish).

Hometown: Los Angeles

Sheep Thrills

Sheep Thrills is your homo-licious home on the range, co-located with Pink Ponies and TomorrowLamb. We’re a group of booty rams here to give you no-frills Sheep Thrills! Come to our pleasure pasture for daily talks and workshops related to queer issues, knock hooves with us during the annual Black Rock City Naked Pub Crawl on Wednesday, and join us for the first annual FRITES & BEATS party — we’re shear delight!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SheepThrillsBurningMan Hometown: San Francisco


Hey there, stranger.

Did you miss me?
My cool touch?
My smooth texture on your skin?

I’m moist.
Ready to be opened.
Placed on your face.

To hear you moan in delight.
Have our 15 minutes of heaven.

Meet me on the Playa, the traditional spa facial attraction from camp Shenanigans.

Green tea brightening face mask.

Hometown: San Francisco

Shine Town

You’ve tried axe throwing. You’ve tried Axe body spray. Wait til we teach you to throw a dildo and stick it to a glorious Burner target with that feeling of sweet, ejaculatory climax. This is a hands-on, interactive, life-changing event where our M.C. (Master of Cocks) will teach you the tips & tricks for flinging an ersatz penis with abandon and joy for life. You’ll need to be prepared for merciless snark and possible interrogation about your past history with dicks. Combine this cum-one, cum-all experience with smooth libations from our distillery, sweet tunes from DJ Deathboy, and questionable henna art on any body part you can fit through the glory hole, and you are certain to have a good time, unless of course you’re a darkwad. In that case, fuck yer burn.

Hometown: Boulder

Shipwreck Tiki Lounge

Visit Shipwreck Tiki Lounge’s spectacular new outdoor lounge and pirate bar. Open afternoons. Early evenings and late late nights. Burn night after the man burn. Beware of cannibals!

URL: http://facebook.com/shipwrecktikilounge Hometown: Oakland


White Toyota Matrix and Little White Fiberglas Burro Trailer.
A large insect made of recycled materials will be on top of a pole on the streetside.

Hometown: Sebastopol

Shitty Glitter

Restore. Nourish. Rejuvenate. Welcome to Shitty Glitter, a boutique Bed and Breakfast here to provide Black Rock City with the ultimate luxury hospitality experience. Stop by for a rest in the clean white linens on one of our freshly made canopy beds, changed twice daily during a performance by our team of French Canadian Maids and be sure to stick around for our continental breakfast, complete with baked goods, bacon, coffee/tea and juice. If you’re in need of more, check out our in-house spa, SPAcate, where we will be providing cold Tecate, face masks, massage chairs and other relaxation gadgetry to put you in the ultimate state of relaxation.

Hometown: New York City


We (sometimes) have wood. We burn. Established 2007, so clearly we’re doing something wrong. Come destroy things with us.

URL: https://linktr.ee/shittywood

Shrubble 'n' Glymbrr

Shrubble ‘n’ Glymbrr brings you The Grandmother Tree art installation and hosts large format printmaking workshops. All under the shiny, glymbrry glow of a lunar arch while sipping on on some good shrubble. Stop on in to chillax in our Sensory Space or take advice from the Joy Generator!

URL: https://drewannew.wixsite.com Hometown: Jacksonville

Silicon Village

Silicon Village is home to 9 Theme Camps. Theme Camps offer interactive fun, including workshops, classes, Mother Prism’s Mad House of Horrors, M.U.S.E.’s Santa Meet and Greet, Saints & Sinners button-making, Bad Idea Temp Tattoos, and Jam Sessions, Joyism Morning Coffee Service, and Climbing Wall, Bad Boy Discover Your Kinks interview, Dungeon Tours, Suspension Bondage Rides, and Cool Mist Experience. Mindwerk: Make a sound with your Brain, Dometop Platform View. Mindwerk & NoDrama Bars serve cold beverages to quench your thirst. We’re particularly proud of Wheel on Meals, a service team that provides much-appreciated food to Art Project workers Playa-wide! Come visit! You trick, we treat!

URL: http://www.siliconvillageburners.com Hometown: Silicon Valley

Silver City

A western parlor with games for everyone.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012029221863 Hometown: Reno

Silver Spoon

We at silver spoon cafe will feed you. When you sit down at one of our tables you get to be spoon fed a small but delicious meal by one of our servers. You can also get involved to feed other guests if you wish. All we ask is that you consider leaving us a life tip on our life tip board. It can be about relationships, loss, technology or just food; anything goes. We can also serve you a tasty drink in case you’re not hungry.

Hometown: San Francisco

Simian Akademy

Flat bicycle tire and nowhere to turn? Well, you may be ‘all thumbs’ but if at least two are opposable, we can help you fix it! Drag that squeaky chain or flat tire to Simian Akademy and our dedicated team of trained monkeys will help you fix it. If a monkey can do it, you can too!

Looking for a truly unique interactive experience? Come visit the Olfactorium where our Mistress of Scent will concoct a custom perfume just for you, based on your unique, personal preferences.

Feeling cranky from the heat? Your new best friend getting on your nerves already? You need to CHILL THE FUCK OUT AND COLOR! Come visit our shaded dome to relax and color your frustrations away. Choose your favorite, beautifully embellished swear word, or perhaps a picture of unicorns being total assholes!

URL: http://SimianAkademy.com Hometown: Boulder

Sin City

There is always something happening here. It’s a place where freedom of expression is embraced and “What happens in Sin City stays in Sin City.”

Join us for cold Tiki Punch at our clothing optional Party Naked Tiki Bar starting at 11am daily. Nudity is never required but if you do get naked, you may get lei’d. Shots served during special happy hours.

Get painted at Black Rock City Airbrush where “You say it and we spray it” daily at noon. Have a pamper service at our Sin City Day Spa. Get a souvenir photo or schedule a photo shoot outing at the Sin City Photography Studio. Enjoy a movie night at the RedNeck Regal Theatre at 9pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Bring your own lawn chair or blanket. Come see what’s happening in the Sin City Art Center. We have photo opportunities and much more.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/sincityvillage/ Hometown: Las Vegas

Sin City Art Center

Come by any time to enjoy our collection of Burner Art created by camp members and local Burners. See what creative minds have made for you to enjoy. If you have art that you created and to have displayed you can bring it by to add to the collection. Please, be respectful of the artists that have contributed to create this display and do not vandalize or steal from the art center. Thank you.
You may be surprised by a camp artist willing to talk about their work or a face painter ready to create some art for you.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/sincityvillage/ Hometown: Las Vegas

Sin City Day Spa

Have a mini “MIRACLE SHOWER” and learn how you can “shower” on playa with two glasses of water and feel squeaky clean. All you need to do is bring your own towel. Once you have learned the secret you can stay super clean with a minimum amount of water in your own camp if you have white vinegar and baking soda. Other services include foot massage/moisturizing, sun screen or aloe vera application, manicures and more. Come by and check for hours of operation and full services list.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/sincityvillage/

Sin City Photo Studio

Come by for a truly unique and fun photo session where we create your unique photo souvenir. Dress up in your favorite playa outfit or come as you are. Using our custom backdrops and props our talented photographers will make you look amazing in your images. Personal treasured mementos will be created just for you and your tastes. This is a photo session where you can have fun and express yourself. Your photos will be made available only to you online with a unique code. Ask about our group playa outings where we do photo sessions at various art features and playa locations.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/sincityvillage/

Sirens Salon

We offer body rejuvenating treatments while you relax in our zero gravity chairs with cooling towels and cucumber eye treatments.

Hometown: Sarasota


6s & 7s is a sound camp that invites the curious to come and play, and is sure to confuse anyone that steps inside. 6s & 7s means in a state of complete disarray and confusion, in a complete mess. If you couldn’t tell, we like Austin Powers. A lot. We aim to confuse and entertain with many hours of house & techno, an interactive bar, and shade to provide dusty explorers with some reprieve. We are a camp of about 30 members who are passionate about art and music.

If you’re biking by our camp during one of our parties, you’ll likely be pulled in by one of our enthusiastic camp members. You will find it hard to leave. Otherwise we let the sound and music speak, and those meant to stop by, ultimately will.

Hometown: San Francisco


We are a small but mighty crew from Reno. Come visit and shadow dance with us for a warm up. Then we’ll rope you into running or biking a 1/2 marathon around the trash fence! And if you need a mom’s advice, we come with references.

Hometown: RENO

Sk8 Kamp

Every city needs a skate park. We’re the 24/7 skatepark of Black Rock City!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/sk8kamp/ Hometown: Hayward

Sketchy Camp

Sketchy Camp a place to come and try your skills as an artist. Lost your bike and want a chance of getting it back? Come and make a custom license plate showing the location of your camp. Mug shot keepsakes done here.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/sketchycamp Hometown: Toronto

Ski Patrol

We make art

Hometown: Chicago


Born from confusion and tempered by mild incompetence, reaching beyond our limits since 2012!

Skull Pony

A desert goddess lead band of outlaws cast asunder from other theme camps and located at the iconic big red horse trailer, we are the preppers of the playa with an oasis of emergency party supplies and a THERMOSTAT. Is the heat of the day or chill of the night killing your buzz? We have MIST and HEAT, bitches!! Dance under the shade and mist of the Silly Filly Lounge or under the stars next to our burn barrels and heaters! We are not a sound camp, but deliver legit tunes and hard drinks at our custom airstream bar, Embers. Get your buzz and groove on in swankadelic comfort during drunk yoga or emergency blacklight neon paint dance parties. Consider us the Eagles of Death Metal of the playa and the place you would want to be if this was your last day of cheating death on Earth.

URL: http://www.skullpony.com Hometown: Bombay Beach

Slippery Tentacles

Peter “Hoochie” Hazel and his Artsy Fartsy crew bringing you the Shark and Sunflowers for 2022.

URL: https://www.peterhazel.com/ Hometown: Reno

Sloth Dance Society

Where Crazy, mystical sloths live, play and create mischief. Come experience nourishing workshops, elixirs, tinctures, play, gifting, global music and mischief with our Alight Night Market stalls, Living Library Talks, Fairy Grotto, Sloth Care Unit (harm reduction) Slo Mode Marathon and the most fun party on the playa on Friday where celebrate Gifting.

Hometown: San Francisco

Slow, Adults @ Play

Bringing Playacuda, our socially interactive mutant vehichle out to the playa to share adventures with you.

Hometown: Colfax

Slutt Putt

Mini-Golf with a Slutty Twist. Get strokes off your game for committing various ‘slutty’ acts posted at each of 9 holes. After your game, swing by the clubhouse for an Arnold Palmer or John Daly during our bar hours, or just relax and enjoy the music any time. Innuendo, phallic symbols, and juvenile genitalia-themed obstacles and decor abound.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/Slutt-Putt-Burning-Man-Theme-Camp-1830138493881867/ Hometown: Tucson

Slutty Microphone

Slutty Microphone provides an open mic stage that hosts guest live music performances 24/7. Our stage includes a shared keyboard, drum kit, guitar, and a few other instruments. Bands are welcome!

URL: https://sluttymic.camp Hometown: Oakland

Snack Shack

Hot food and cold women

Hometown: Comptche

Snap n' Chap

Snap n’ Chap: attachment and abrasion therapy craft camp

Hometown: Oakland

Snark Bar

A Snarky experience awaits day or night, take a spin on the prize wheel if you dare! Our Dick n Ball pit awaits those that would prefer a cozy lightshow with a touch of nostalgia. Snark, shade, couches, and excellent drinks await dusty hot travelers of the day. WIFI Available – intermittently!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/TheSnarkBar Hometown: Reno

Snarky Marquee

Have something you want to say, stop by the Snarky Marquee and get your snark on. Put it on one of our 3 reader boards.

Hometown: La Pine

Snow Cone Zone

snow cones Mon-Fri 12-2. Cherry Blueberry. Bring your OWN CUP! 24/7 free no password wifi

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/467553770668899 Hometown: Menlo Park Ca

Snowflake Village

Snowflake Village has been a haven for long-distance travelers, and small-scale direct interactivity, since 2000.

Hometown: milwaukee


URL: http://snowkoansolar.org Hometown: San Francisco

So Far So Good

Try your skill at BRC’s best mini golf course. Come as your are or round up a team to compete!

URL: https://paulkarpenko.com/pages/bm/ Hometown: Los Angeles

Society for Temporal Preservation

The Society for Temporal Preservation is a collection of time travelers dedicated to introducing Black Rock City to time travel and vice versa. Not to say we told you so, but we told you so.

We have been tasked with preserving the fabric of space time. Space time tends to take care of itself though, giving us the opportunity to misuse our technology to visit historical Black Rock City. In this role we serve as ambassadors of the temporally free, working to introduce Black Rock City to the magic (science) of time travel.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/267817396884607/ Hometown: Reno


“where all socks are found, except the one you were looking for”

URL: https://sockdrawerevents.com/ Hometown: San Francisco


We’re a community of creatives and applied technologists who are harnessing the power of renewable energy to fuel our festivities. SOLARPUNKS is an exploration into what society will look like when humanity learns to wield technology to create in harmony with nature—rather than destroy it.

We’re constructing a decentralized grid of batteries and inverters to be supplied by solar PV arrays to power our camp functions. With renewable energy surpassing the cost efficiencies of fossil fuel, we’re excited to energize systems-level solutions to and for fellow burners.

Inspired by our many years of participation in Burning Man, we’re here to prototype and prove the viability of renewable-energy based solutions that can be expediently deployed at scale, to contribute to 2030 Sustainability Goals.

URL: https://solarpunks.club Hometown: Los Angeles

Solo Solos camp

We are pleased to present Motohiko Kamimura’s work “DIVIDED FACE”.
Also, each member is doing Self-expression.

Hometown: Tokyo

SomeDay Isle ...

Tiki Bar Inspiration Desination and Late Night Orientation Staytion. We encourage you to find your dreams.

In our community we are working to establish positive connections. We identify mentors who are willing to be cheerleaders and advisors to those in need. The mentors help others overcome obstacles and clarify and achieve their dreams.

On the playa we are the home of the Wishing Willow Dream Tree and the Pineapple of DUSTiny. We are a fun, creative, engaging band of responsible hooligans.

Hometown: Auburn

Sonder and Spice

Serving premium teas 24/7 in a warm, wholesome environment.

Hometown: Boulder

Sonic Soul Tribe

Our Soul is (sonic) SOUND!
Sound is our passion – our reason for being…

Sonic Soul Tribe offers the gift of art, music and dance to our community (everyone). Radically inclusive, we seek to create a magical space for each one of us to connect, plug in and find our way. We deliver the best in world class electronic music, the most amazing sound system on the playa, and art to open your minds and evoke the spirit of imagination and love.

We bring you an interactive visual delight of art, lasers, video and lighting, dancers, fire performers and other surprises.

Find us at camp during the day for workshops, live music & a safe space for meditation and reflection. Join the TRIBE!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SonicSoulTribes/ Hometown: Texas

Soon to be Infamous

Soon to be Infamous is your friendly, neighborhood, kinky bike-focused LNT camp. Stop on by for an LED bike flag, stay for a flogging.

URL: https://soontobeinfamous.weebly.com/ Hometown: San Francisco


Soulshakers is working together to support and nourish one another is at the heart of who we are as a community. Whether we are living together in Thailand where this camp was born or supporting each other remotely as we enhance our Nomadic lives, we are solid as a community and feel that the space we hold between us can inspire other Burners to live courageously and less conventionally, as we all aim to do as a community together

Hometown: Christchurch, Queenstown, Koh Phangan, Bali, Bend, London, Malin New York

Sound Cabin

The Sound Cabin Art Car

Hometown: San Diego

Southern Discomfort

We all come from the South of something. Best Kentucky Lemonades on the Playa. Stop by to disconnect to reconnect.

Hometown: San Francisco

Space Camp

Space Camp is here for your campy-est movie experience. We’ll be screening campy movies nightly on the playa and serving movie eats for dinner – popcorn, root beer floats, and movie candy!

Come down at sunset for food and a movie!

URL: https://thepeachcrew.org/ Hometown: Oakland

Space Cowboys

Shakin Yo Business again on the Playa!

The cowgirls and cowboys are back yet again with their version of the wild west.

Travel the playa on the Martha – An Art Car with a personality. Martha < 3's you! An experience to the edge of the playa. Put on your best duds and enjoy your experience at the Space Cowboy Lounge where we barter, trade, howl, laugh, dance and share liquid libations, music and much, much more. Bring a bottle, a twelve-pack or a bag or two of ice to make your lounge hours cool and comfortable. Be sure to join us for the Black Rock Hoe Down, a hidden party gem. SOMEWHERE! A party that will be out of this world.

URL: https://www.spacecowboys.org/ Hometown: Sacramento & San Francisco, California / Kelowna & Edmonton, Canada

Space Hole: Mist Opportunity

Visit Space Hole: Mist Opportunity. Get misted and see some cool no-RV Burning Man camping tech!

Hometown: San Francisco


fun loving folks from around the world- open minded and a place for bike repairs and great pickle back shots

Hometown: Santa Rosa

Space Paladin

We are public artists from CO who have been brining art to burning man as a group since 2014. Look for our art, Tremolo, a field of humming windmills, out in the playa. Feel free to stop by and say hello.

Hometown: Denver

Space Potatoes

Overwhelmed? Feeling like a potato floating in space? Stop by to relax and reawaken your inner child with some low-key crafting. No skill required, all ages welcome!

Hometown: Boulder

Space Punks

Live Music, YOU make it happen! full backline stage, Day and night.
Sonic Boom Saloon, Daytime drinking and whip cracking!

Hometown: Janesville

Space Racers

Have a burning question about deep space exploration? Or a sketchy story you’re eager to get off your chest? Come get blasted out of this world with the Space Racers!

Hometown: Seattle

Space Virgins

Space Virgins have been on Playa continuously since 1994. We have presented Esplanade camps for a decade or more, and have hosted burners from all over the world for the last 18 yrs! We have spawned many successful camps from the Northwest, since the 8 Seattleites who came in ’96! We come from Seattle, and this year we once again bring Water, fresh and flavored ice water, H2o22, which we share in the heat of every day! We also provide a 40’x10′ shade and lounge structure, with music and laughter, history, and a place for fascinating conversations with our members from France, Spain, Switzerland, and the Middle East!

Hometown: Seattle

Spaghetti Burritos

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget that you made them a spaghetti burrito.” -Maya Angelou

Hometown: Los Angeles

Spanky's Wine Bar (and Village)

Spanky’s Wine Bar… the infamous crown-jewel of Burning Man bars. We take a tongue-in-cheek approach to wine, and a paddle-to-cheek approach to your butt 😉

URL: https://www.spankys.org Hometown: Denver

Sparkle Camels Costume Bazaar

Stop by Sparkle Camels Costume Bazaar to pimp your playa look!

Hometown: San Francisco

Sparkle Donkey Village

Good ol sparkly work horse style fun! Lectures! Events! Tea! Miso! Sake! Tunes!

Hometown: Oakland

Sparkle Love Oasis

A nonstop LOVING, immersive and all inclusive, Oasis environment chill lounge under a sky blue and white cumulus nimbus big top tent we call the Sky Lodge. Every afternoon will be flowing with our scrumptious sweet and tangy special lemonade in a collectable 2022 Burning Man cup ready to satiate your gullet. And then sashay right through a florescent fabric hallway and enter TALLY’S DINER where mythical beasts and trouble makers indulge in surprise treats at the tiki bar. Basically come for a naked hug or a nap, a slap and a tickle, a breakdown or a breakthrough, whatever, we will be there for you SPARKLING with LOVE!

Hometown: Cave Junction

Spartan Martians

Spartan Martians! Crew of the mighty Robot Warrior. One part Robot, One part Warrior, all Heart! No, not that artcar. No, not that one either. Seldom in port, we can often be found sailing the high seas of BlackRock.
On this episode: Will General Disarray finally lose his mind? Did Captain Space Kitten pack their Magic Underwear? Why is Major Bastard so damned grumpy this morning? Corporal Punishment claims she’s sorry….but is she reaaally sorry? With special guest appearances by the entire Gay Lightning Crew.

Hometown: the Metaverse

Spice N Vice

Spice N Vice offers Bedouin hospitality every day from 12-4 p.m. Visit us for some hot or cold chai tea. Our comfortable oasis is also the perfect place to take a break from the sun and talk to one of our travel sages for stories about life abroad and travel advice.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SpiceNVice Hometown: Shanghai/Bahrain/Norfolk

Spoonful of Friends

We are food and people lovers, so we’ve prepared delicious 3 courses diner that we will serve to 80 lucky campers Mon-Fri.
It definitely not a grab’n’go experience but a time to relax, share food and stories with new friends.
You will come for the food and leave with new friends.

Hometown: San Francisco, Paris


Spritzerland is home to the iconic Dragomi art car that has been touring the playa for years in an effort to bring music, dancing, laughter, and good vibes everywhere we go. We are primarily from Denver, CO and encourage anyone to stop by our camp for a variety of refreshing spritzers served throughout the week!

URL: https://dragomi.org/ Hometown: Denver

Square One

A diverse group, coming together in an efficient & sustainable design that inspires individuals and camps to be better, and allows us to give back more.
Involvement: Creating sustainable containers for everything Burning man, Sparky (hot sauce) art car, Playa art projects, BBQ & Beats daily event at camp, The hammock Tower,

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SquareOneCamp/ Hometown: Los Angeles

Squeebee's Yacht Club

Hometown: Sacramento

Stag Camp

At Stag Camp, we invite anyone and everyone (drama free) including singles, couples and small groups from all walks of life. We have no strict regiment of things to do or fees to pay. We all just come and hang out, creating a community among ourselves that is unique, fun and will be whatever you make of it!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/stagcamp/ Hometown: San Diego

Star Whores Cantina

Star Whores Cantina (SWC) is part of the desert hive of scum and villainy that makes up the Mos Eisley village. Together with our sister-camps, we subvert the Star Wars brand in ways Disney would never approve. Come by and visit our Tatooine dome and land speeder and enjoy our many events, including hand-made silk screen printing, hungry human hippo games, Magic (MTG) draft tournaments, hot dog give-aways and happy hours. We encourage campers and visitors alike to indulge in all forms of personal Star Wars creativity, particularly those that might shock and appall the Disney Corporation – we’re taking Star Wars back!

Hometown: Boise

Stardust Lounge

Stardust Lounge is an eclectic pit stop for dusty travelers on their inter-playatary journeys. The three sections of the camp–the Casino, Spa, and Wedding Chapel–offer visitors a fun blend of rituals, games, and opportunities for self-care.

URL: https://stardustforever.org/ Hometown: San Francisco


StarFist proudly presents:

Our Fabulous International Tea Service!
Mon -Sat 2-5pm – serving a delightful selection of hot and cold infusions from around the world as we pamper and delight our guests. Offering a refuge from heat and dust and secret surprises for the lucky few.

Morning meditation/yoga sessions every day at 11.11am. And our fascinating StarFist Lecture Series, exploring a range of thought-provoking topics and stirring debate in our sumptuous StarFist Lounge.

And of course, home to the infamous
GO POSTAL! – independent message delivery service
(at your service!). Now in it’s 14th year on the playa!
Our streetfront booth is ready for you to send a message across the playa to the recipient of your choice. Please ring our bell!
Our international fleet of mystery is at your service!

Hometown: Black Rock City


StarPups welcomes all for a daily caffeine fix of cold-brew coffee in the morning and chill space to hang out at night! Enjoy our workshops and cuddle up with a friend while watching the psychedelic LED visuals of our LED dome.

Hometown: Golden

Stars And Bikes

Bike repair. Professional mechanics and tools. Learn to ride. Learn bike repair. Propaganda swag. Join us! No experience necessary!

And if you’re in Minneapolis, join us for year-round events. We are motivated by the belief that access to practical transportation equalizes opportunity and improves connection to the communities around us. Also, bikes are awesome!

Hometown: Minneapolis

Starship Aquarius

In August 2022, Starship Aquarius spotted the lights of the Playa from space and landed. It had been traveling intergalactically, seeking living beings prepared to ascend. The Starship’s crew of Mood Boosters set up camp with a mission: to elevate the vibrations of the denizens of Black Rock City.
The idea with Starship Aquarius is to be a part of the journey, not a destination itself — we don’t try to keep people in, but rather give them what they need to have their vibrations elevated and then return to the rest of their day or night. For some, this is just a 5 minute dance session. For others, it might be an hour-long series starting with arts and crafts and ending with journaling. Whatever you need to get a boost, the Starship supports.

Hometown: Miami

Start to Finish

Camp Start to Finish is an all-inclusive interactive zero distance endurance racing camp where participants, spectators, and passers-by give in to our fun spirited peer-pressure and take place in a made up NO distance running, walking, or cycling race that begins and ends on the same Start/Finish line. Warm-ups, pre-race preparation, event participation and post-race cooldowns are all celebrated and encouraged by cheering fans, libations, and music from little know Dj’s. “Winners” are presented with a super cool Start-to-Finish metal as they stand a top our podium and bask in the glory of the victory in their heads!!! You don’t want to miss it!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Stay Golden

Oldies bar and lounge straight out of a retirement community in Florida. Come relax, play games, banter with Betty White behind the bar. Leave with a new jewelry item and a smile on your face.

Hometown: San Francisco

Stay the Fuck at Home

Biggest Little Bar on Playa

Hometown: Long Beach

Steam 16

In Kurt Vonnegut’s ‘Cat’s Cradle’, written after the crisis there is a substance called Ice-nine: a form of ice that can turn all water it comes in contact with into ice, a metaphor of weapons of mass destruction and broader of existential dangers of technology misapplied.

So we come up artistically with a new substance called ‘Steam-16’, which is a touch of free spirit, a liberating experience, a message contained in itself – of the human and communal rebirth. Steam-16 is what we can come in contact with, what we can catalyze within ourselves and propagate into expanding communal circles. It’s precious, elusive, and only available once the danger is imminent – an antithesis to the Ice-9, of a sorts. As much as Ice-9 freezes – Steam-16 elevates, cleans and connects.

Hometown: San Francisco


Camp STEEP! is a chill space where you can come and enjoy a custom made cup of tea from our massive apothecary of over 50 different teas and herbs. Come have a seat and let some of the stimulation of the playa roll away as you Drink in the Love!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/campsteep Hometown: Los Angeles

Stellar Dusty Moon

Stellar Dusty Moon is an out of this world experience with a 30′ gliterring rainbow KaleidASScope, and gorgeous illuminated geometric Shade structures. We blend fun and silliness, artistic expression, live music, dancing, performances, and a wide variety of interactive workshops, fun game events, all with the accompaniment of delicious craft cocktails from our Full Moon Saloon and our Pour Decisions SqueakEasy! Our mission is to provide a comfortable environment to get silly, get sexy, and get fun with our galactic visitors, so come get Squeaky and cheeky with us!!

URL: https://www.instagram.com/stellardustymoon/ Hometown: Ventura County


Airline-themed lounge celebrating the high Jet Age, and how it opened new possibilities for connection to so many.

Join us for a drink and a dance in our flight cabin, make new friends at our 16-foot long Chart Bar, which features an air navigation map of the entire continental United States, and a crew waiting to serve you the ‘beverage of your choice!’

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight!

Hometown: San Francisco

Street Justice

Our Strip Mall will lure you in; our Saloon and Lounge will keep you hydrated and comfortable. Visit one of our many stores out front–the fortune teller, the boutique, or the adult fantasy store–and then make your way back to The Relaxomatic Lounge, perfect for those looking to decompress and unwind in a comfortable setting. Just outside the main lounge, find Osmos, Glome, and Pandora’s Dome. Once you find your way inside, lights, colors, and fluff will lure you into peak relaxation. Need a refreshment? The Champagne & Propane Saloon serves coffee in the morning and cocktails…well…all the time, set to the smooth sounds of 70’s easy listening and–of course–fire poofers.

Hometown: New York City

Street Life Hip Hop on the Playa

If Hip Hop went to Sesame Street, the sunny day’s would be filled with droppin beats. Where everyone sweeps the clouds away on the dance floor. Follow the old-school sounds that make your heart pound. And you’ll be on your way to where the vibes are bright. This is how you get to Street Life.

Hometown: New York

Strong Magic

We are the artist support camp for “Strong Magic”, a large scale flame throwing lioness sculpture made of metal. Come by our camp to see more art!

Hometown: South Lake Tahoe

Strong Tonic Center for Vitality

Seeking the remedy for your malady? Step right up! Our incontrovertible methods are proven(ish).

URL: http://CampTonic.com Hometown: Atlanta

Strung Cheese

Shibari and Grilled Cheese

Hometown: Chapel Hill


Here at Suburbia, we are putting our efforts into bringing that same tacky suburban culture to Black Rock City. New and old burners will be able to see one of the most disgusting/ugly parts of society in the urban sprawl of the ‘default world’ displayed in a beautiful and enjoyable way. From the moment someone spots Suburbia, they will see a typical suburban neighborhood, but the with Burning Man principles close to heart. We hope that through this subverted lens, participants will appreciate Black Rock City for more than an escapism from their daily lives, but also an opportunity to encompass the Burning Man principles into their everyday lives when they return to the ‘default world’

URL: http://www.facebook.com/CampSuburbia Hometown: Portland Oregon


‘Sundowners’ comes from a South African sunset friendship ritual. A safari-themed art car and joyous South African “shebeen” speakeasy are our experiential tentpoles. Our creative center is Afrofuturism, imagining a positive, inclusive future through speculative art and technology, representing the diverse background and skills of our community. We feel Burning Man, as the planet’s largest temporary city, is a fitting ecosystem to explore and express this unique Afrodiasporic ethnographic theme.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/sundownerssafari/ Hometown: Brooklyn


In carrying on The Solar Shrine’s ethos of self-reflection and self-healing, sunrAize will provide an oasis of wellness resources in a supportive community setting during two ‘sunrAize sessions’ (6am-10am) held at the ‘Lush Bush Lounge’ and ‘Reflection Pyramid’. Think sustenance, relaxation, and rejuvenation: we will nurture you back to life with juice shots, fresh fruit, tea, relaxing sunrise DJ sets, foot baths, frozen towels, and face masks, leaving you feeling empowered like the divine creatures you are. We will also support education on and conversation about Afrofuturism to Ancient Nubian and Egyptian histories, preparing guests for their visit to The Solar Shrine. Our aim is to promote Radical Inclusion Diversity & Equity by supporting and highlighting BIPOC voices on the playa.

URL: https://solarshrine.org/ Hometown: Chicago, IL

Sunrise Diner

The Sunrise Diner is a retro diner serving breakfast and coffee daily to help feed the hungry, the hungover, and the happy-to-be-here burners every morning. Come join us every morning to jam to throwback tunes while waking up right!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/SunriseDinerBRC Hometown: Seattle

Sunrise Tavern

Hometown: Reno

Sunset Lounge FrickFrackBlackJack

Sunset Lounge and Frick Frack Black, you know us, you love us and we’re all getting back together finally. Up to our usual shenanigans .. Come find us.

Sunset Portal

Celebrating the setting of the sun, we gather together each evening, old friends and new, to thank the day for all that it has provided and prepare ourselves for the night yet to come. Join us for Friendship Weddings at Sunset Tuesday and Friday.

Hometown: San Francisco

Super Nova

Super Nova is a space where all your space-aged dreams come true! Create art with us in our bedazzle station or repair your creations at our art repair station. Get sucked into our black hole of fun, love, and sparkles while you chill in our pyramid or sit around the fire. All are welcome in our intergalactic camp!

Hometown: Denver

Surly Camp

Surly Camp, talking shit is our art. Home of The Surly Bird mutant vehicle. Come out and find The Bird and shake a tail feather.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/thesurlybird/ Hometown: Reno

Survivor Man Camp

Come participate in physical, mental and fun challenges by yourself or with a team. We will host challenge events where the winner will be dubbed the “Survivor Man or Woman”.

Hometown: Reno

Swag of Burning Man

Visit the “Swag of Burning Man” camp at Black Rock City or on the web at http://swagofburningman.com. See thousands of pieces of swag collected gifted and preserved by burners year to year since 2008.

Day or night, make a commemorative necklace with us for yourself or someone else. Visit us in the evening for our Branding station, sealing your memory of Black Rock City 2022.

Swag can be preserved and documented by donating at the “Swag Of Burning Man” camp and you can also donate to our interactive shadow boxes on the wall in Center Camp or by visiting our website.

URL: http://swagofburningman.com Hometown: Auburn

Sweet Gnome Alabama

Sweet Gnomes – we love everybody – Really!

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama


A rowdy saloon setting where you are able to belly up to the bar for some swigs, cut a rug in the dust, or lounge around on our signature swings. Swig-N-Swing Bar/Craft Cocktails/DJs opens for “F Your Last Call” from W-F 4-8:00 AM. “You don’t have to go home, but you can come here”

Hometown: Denver

Swing City

Swing City is a camp that provides a playground for all to come and enjoy. We have 6 traveling rings, space for partner acro-yoga and other acro activities as well as silks and cyr wheel play. We encourage all who are interested to join us in whatever capacity they are able and comfortable with.

URL: http://scbrc.us/ Hometown: Santa Monica, California

Swiss Chalet

Purveyor of alpine fire and ice experiences in the black rock desert.

URL: https://swisschalet.404.ch/ Hometown: Zurich


Art support for Beam


We are a multicultural, multilingual, multidimensional community deeply rooted in the conscious ecology of Burning Man. A hive of change makers fueled by creative passion and love. Living in symbiosis with the earth as we learn to tune our bodies to the rhythms of the universe. Our efforts are to be in service of the earth and humankind as a whole. We invite you to dive in with a purpose to evolve our awareness based human flourishing and to live in symbiosis with all sentient beings.

Hometown: Miami


Camp Synaesthesia is a synaesthetic dreamworld where movement, light, and sound unite, empowering groups to create and experience multisensory, collaborative performances. Interact with our immersive spatially mapped light and sound installation or come jam with us. We will be hosting a variety of workshops and collaborative performances of all kinds! Contact us if you’d like to collaborate!

URL: https://www.synaesthesia.cool/ Hometown: Oakland

Synapse Conduit

Our ultimate objective is to bring people together to build a multi-generational camaraderie and friendships that extend beyond the playa, bringing/keeping the spirit of the 10 principles to the default world.

Our interactivity starts with the Synapse Conduit bar which has proven to be successful not because we pour strong drinks and play loud music but rather because it is intimate and interactive with music in the background where our love shines through with our number of activities.

From the bar you walk into our multi-media experiential portal into a parallel universe….

– Fortune Telling and Tarot Card Readings
– Body Groove with KareBear – Your neighborhood dance class!
– Hat Exchange Bar
– Ted Talk Wednesday

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1632000867016177 Hometown: Oakland


Syncytium consists of people who Do: Creators, Scientists, Engineers, Artists, Flow Artists, Builders, Makers, Musicians, Healers, Seekers and Circus performers. Syncytium is an incubator, open to all who want to play! We create beautiful experiences for others and ourselves.

URL: https://syncytium.org Hometown: Ann Arbor