2012 Theme Camps

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2022 Archive

Habitat for Insanity

Habitat for Insanity creates and uses novel burner technology. We produce hand-tossed, wood fired pizza in an oven of our own design. We run Live Karaoke, make new and classic drinks on shave-ice form and run daytime talks.

Hometown: Pittsburgh


A visit to Hack-a-Cola is a reprieve from the heat empowered by a sampling of 10 unique, handcrafted flavors of soda. Hand us a cup and we’ll mix cold carbonated water with one or more of our syrups to make a refreshing soda on the spot. Inquisitive visitors can learn how to fulfill their own soda making dreams with the guidance of our knowledgeable, helpful soda jerks. We aim to provide a welcoming space where everyone will feel comfortable to stay a while and enjoy the company under our plentiful shade.

URL: https://hack-a-cola.org/ Hometown: Gerlach

Hair of the Dog (HOTD)

HOTD is the first and longest-running bar at Burning Man. We hold a little piece of the original fire. We have free flowing opinions, poorly made cold drinks, sometimes painful music, and a magic, home town bar vibe. Awesomely placed on Rod’s Road, when you find us, you’ll be glad you did. http://thehotd.com

URL: https://thehotd.com Hometown: San Francisco

Half Baked

Black Rock City residents are encouraged to join us Tuesday through Saturday from noon – 2pm to create solar oven jewelry. All art supplies and solar ovens are provided by our camp. We also encourage fellow campers to cook their own food using our solar ovens and to join us in our lounge area to relax, to visit and to play boardgames.

Hometown: Loomis, CA

Half No Sphere

We will create an immersive audio lounge inside of a geodesic dome, and will host a broad variety of performances, workshops, and events throughout the week that will utilize this technology to provide visitors with a new sensory experience beyond anything they may have felt before.

There will be live musicians and bands performing, with their instruments being panned in full 360 degrees around the listeners. DJ’s will be spinning tunes that fully envelop the audience, with live instruments spatialized around the room. There will be immersive sound baths, where you can wander into the dome during the day and lay down and relax while the soothing sounds transport you to another dimension. There will be workshops that invite you to learn a new skill, or be playful and silly.

Hometown: San Diego


Camp Half-Ass is a group of fun loving individuals that has been bringing Peace, Love, and Laughter to the Playa since 2006. Come enjoy our infamous Bike Bar, Art Installations, and Beer Garden Parties.

URL: http://www.camphalfass.com Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Hall of Game

The playa’s premire gaming lounge! Come play all kinds of games with us, from board games, to party games, to… mind games?

Hometown: San Francisco

Halloween Camp

We seek to bring out the inner child in all and take you back to the place where dressing up and interacting with strangers felt not only safe but joyful. It’s been a few long years of isolation, so let’s come back together and put smiles on our faces…until you scream out in terror when a zombie pops out of our graveyard!

Hometown: San Francisco

Hammered and Sickled

An international camp compromised of members from 30 plus countries of origins. We run a flavored Vodka bar as well as other libations and our mantra is “No one leaves our bar thirsty or walking in a straight line”. We offer the weary desert travelers an oasis where they can take a break, relax and kick their shoes off. Our campers come from different corners of the world, backgrounds and offer a variety of insights and opinions to liven up any conversation. We have our in house DJ’s spinning lounge and mashups through out the day.

Hometown: Walnut Creek

Handlovers Lounge

A soft landing space for hands, lovers, lovers of hands, and everything in between!

Hometown: Phoenix

Hang-Out, the

Daytime on the playa is a hot affair, and finding a spot for a few comfortable moments can be a bit of a challenge. There is no better way to sail the dusty seas than nestled in one of the swaying hanging hugs that are the hammocks at the Hang Out. Strung elegantly from the support structure of the camp’s sizeable shade structure, anchored to the mighty girth of the pre-apocalyptic Beast, our hammocks will provide you with the reset you need. Relaxing to the sounds of one of the best playlists on the playa (on the planet? Maybe?!), rejuvenate your soul in the company of the hardy and amiable souls that make the Hang Out one of the most quality, albeit perfectly simple experiences at Black Rock City.

Hometown: Chico

Hanging Gardens

an open space to get away from the sun. Rest from peddling around. or just somewhere to hang out and meet lovely people

Hometown: San Diego

Hangry Bishop

We formed a camp with one common goal — to end hanger, on playa and beyond, once and for all! After five years serving Lard and Savior, Grilled Cheeses, and two year hiatus, we have decided to come back with something even better! Join us for Playa Pizza Pop-Ups (PPPP) at Midnight and random times throughout the week. If you are lucky, maybe your camp will get a random delivery from our errant delivery boy. This year we also have a stage to showcase talent of campmates and visitors alike. Bring your secrets or private convos to the Unvoncventional Confessional. Remember, EAT, Drink, and Ne’er Be Hangry!!!!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/thehangrybishop Hometown: Sf, Santa Rosa, NYC. Seeking Reno friends for local fun when we have storage unit weekends!

Happy Acidents

There are no mistakes, only Happy Accidents. We are a group of Happy Little Acidents who want to share the Joy of Painting (and everything else) with YOU!

Hometown: San Diego

Happy Hanuman

Welcomes all our fellow burners. We will be manifesting several art carts that will make appearances on the Playa along with a large Bloom of Jellyfish to dance along with. We will also have a large calligraphy water wall and sporadic body painting available upon request. Come check us out!

Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand

Happy Hour

Hard day on the playa? Unwind at Happy Hour, where you’ll be greeted by one of a kind refreshing spirits served with smiles! Enjoy our lounge, bar, and dance floor! Start your day with Happy Hour!

Hometown: Sacramento


Hardly Theme Camp runs a 24/7 whiskey western themed saloon known as “Hardly’s”.

Hometown: Mountain View


Harmonic is a Synthwave themed bar and restaurant featuring synthwave music, lighting displays, a unique bar, and a boutique restaurant.

Hometown: San Francisco

Harmonic Convergence Camp

Harmonic Convergence is an intimate, spiritually-focused, Burning Man camp. We will host the Harmonic Cafe…open 9 am – 1 pm Monday thru Friday…8 pm – 10 pm Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. The Harmonic Healing Center will be open various hours during the day, Monday – Friday.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/HarmonicConvergenceCamp/ Hometown: Santa Monica


Perpetual, Sultry Latin Dance Party with a laid-back Miami feel. Palm trees surround the perimeter of a large shaded, dance floor. Comfortable, elevated chill pads and hammocks invite guests to relax. World-class DJs will spin rhythmic Cuban and energetic Latin beats in the background, while you sip bottomless, hand-muddled frozen mojitos served by camp attendants wearing guayabera shirts. Dance lessons throughout the week. Free cotton candy daily. Cigars and fedoras available upon request. THURSDAY 10PM to 4AM: we will offer the 5TH ANNUAL HAVANA NIGHTS Ultimate Dance Party!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/HavanaNightsParty/ Hometown: Dallas

Healing Foot Wash Life Truth Love

Come sit under our magnificent shade canopy and get your feet washed, dried and moisturized in a tranquil and calming environment. After you have received this gift, you are invited to wash another’s feet. We are actively building world peace and community.

URL: https://healingfootwash.org Hometown: Castro Valley

Heart Beats

Heart Beats is a small playa family offering a cuddle dome with ambient and downtempo tunes aimed at opening the heart, mind, and soul. We’re offering a consensual safe space to relax and get real with music, open mics, runs, unicycling, yoga, mocktails, and 24 hour good vibes. Lift your spirits, lift your neighbor’s spirits, elevate the collective, and chill. Come by any morning after the event opens for some cold brew coffee.

URL: http://www.heartbeatscamp.com/ Hometown: Seattle

Heart of Now

Hometown: Eugene

Heart Tribe

This camp is a safe heart filled space that wants to promote and encourage you to take exquisite care of your mind, body, heart, and spirit, so that you can experience the burn from a place of wholeness and bring more of your own talents and gifts to the playa. It is our great honor to provide healing services at our sanctuary, squish in our consensual cuddle lounge, hydrate with superb elixirs at our nourishment lab, serve tea in our lotus lounge and most of all, love you up the heartist way we know how to. Work Heart. Play Heart. Rest Heart.

URL: http://hearttribefamily.weebly.com/ Hometown: Oakland

Heavy Petting Zoo

Heavy Petting Zoo’s main purpose is to create commUnity while providing spontaneous opportunities for fun and inclusion for all species of party animals.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/heavypettingzooartcar/ Hometown: Livermore, CA


Do you love ranting, raving, heckling, and being obnoxious? Do you love fresh organic berries? How about both… The HeckleBerry Camp is a place where you can get some fresh berry cocktails, roast your bartender with our megaphones, and have constructive educational conversations on consent! Join us for workshops, heckle competitions, movement, and…. BERRIES!

Hometown: Portland

HeeBeeGeeBee Healers

We are an oasis for nurturing, grounding and healing. Stop by to hang out and chill, take a class, or to receive bodywork and healing of all sorts.

URL: http://www.heebeegeebeehealers.org Hometown: Boston, Boulder, New York, San Francisco


At Helioz, we worship the Sun god. To honor our god, we roast delicious animals and share them with all guests. Come by in the late afternoon and evening for some tasty treats, and drink a sun-god libation.

Cruise on our Roman Galley–the first dry-land rowing cruise line. We’ll toast the gods as we row the Playa from shore to shore. Take a turn at the oar to become a Patrician and enjoy the finer things.

Arachne stalks the Playa at night. Watch out! But not all nighttime prowlers are malevolent: keep a lookout for our mobile fountain-of-youth tea cart too.

Late-night, watch us destroy an effigy of the Sun god’s mortal enemy–the hated Moon!

URL: http://www.helioz.xyz Hometown: San Francisco

Hello Mom!

Miss your mom? Borrow one of ours! Our camp can provide some delicious home-cooked advice, support, guidance and maybe a little scolding from real-life moms (and dads and brothers and sisters) on playa. Let us help you send a letter home to mom to tell her how much you miss her.

Hometown: Seattle

Herding Cats

Herding Cats camp is a cozy spot that welcomes any and everyone to come and hang out. Cats are known to be independent, lazy, shy, spontaneous and playful. We as humans are no different so we invite you to come to our lounge where you can embrace you being you without judgment.
We offer a comfy lounge cat zone where you can enjoy a cocktail, play on our aerial silks or if you’re feeling less social, just hang out with your awesome self and listen to some good tunes and people watch.

Hometown: Los Angeles


A rambunctious gathering of ridiculous souls with lounging, entertainment, refreshments, music, and the most satisfactory grilling on playa.

Wherever you are you can always find yourself Here.

Hometown: New York

Heroes & Super Villains

The Brighter the Light,
The Deeper the Shadow…
Heroes & Super Villains (HSV) invites members of the Burning Man community on an interactive, multi-sensory journey of personal discovery. HSV invites YOU to explore the inner workings of experiences that have shaped your life, your views and your perspectives. We utilize the framework of the Hero’s Journey created by Joseph Campbell in his study of myth, culture and society. Come by for a taste of our SOULFUL hospitality.

URL: http://www.heroesandsupervillains.org Hometown: New York City


Hometown: Denver

HEX Collective

We are artists. Adventurers. Consciousness engineers. Life hackers. Flowstate facilitators. A dynamic international network comprised of creative and talented entrepreneurs, leaders, authors, speakers. We are a tribe impacting humanity in large and small ways – all year round.

We gather on the playa to connect, laugh, grow, dance and share! To give back. To exceed the scope and impact of our offerings and gift each year we return home. To expand as a force for change, positivity, and love.

We believe in exponential impact of empowerment, the momentum of meaningful movements, the cathartic creative power of conscious community.

URL: http://www.hexcollective.org Hometown: Los Angeles


HexMix will be open 1pm to 4pm M-F for spa time and meditative activities. Come join us for facemasks, hair care, drawing kolams, singing chants, and the occasional sound bath.

Hometown: Laguna Beach


The Hibernaculum is a bat and cave-themed workshop space and a set of fun, interactive installations. The Hibernaculum provides physical activity and outdoor-themed workshops; a photo booth; and other fun cave-themed experiences.

Hometown: Vancouver island; Colorado; California; the UK; Alberta; Mexico

High Desert Cinema

A place to kick back and relax at the end of a hot day to watch an awesome classic movie with friends. Hot Buttered Popcorn and theater candy… sit down a spell before you take on BRC for the night! We’d love to have you!

Hometown: El Dorado Hills


Hippocampus invites you to play with us at our Hippodrome packed with interactive workshops, dance and a healing hut to connect and take a break from the playa. Enjoy fresh squeezed lemonade in the shade! We serve it sexy and helpful, icey and fresh.

Hometown: Minneapolis


Support Camp for the art piece, No Flash Photography. Stop by for a chat about art or to meet Billy Bones the skeleton.

Hometown: La Honda

Ho Chateau

Founded by a fierce group of eight men from the Rocky Mountains, the Ho Chateau combines the rustic comfort of a Colorado ski lodge with the beauty and luxury of a French country house. Inspired by traditional chateaus, the camp has strong architectural symmetry and includes details such as ornate lanterns, a formal garden of holiday trees, and draperies fit for us queens. Our style is Psychedelic Rocky Mountain Chic and we invite the people of Black Rock City to join us at the bar, on the dance floor, or in the lounge. It’s a place to talk, meet new people, enjoy a s’more or a drink, relax, and be yourself, including open and accepting expressions of identity and sexuality.

URL: http://hochateau.com/ Hometown: Denver


Moist, wet, drippy, dank, damp, soggy, sloppy, sluggy, slippery, squishy rainforest. And a tree.

Hometown: Olympia

Holi High Camp

Holi High Camp brings body paint and water blasting cannons to the playa, with a side of deliciously cold beverages and excellent tunes to get colorful and dance the afternoon away. Do you like neon paint? Or a cold blast pf water? Do you like fun? Do you want some pure joy? Stop by!

Hometown: San Francisco

Holon Village

Holon Village is building an interactive, multi-module sensory experience for Burning Man. We believe in creating systems that empower radical self-reliance while taking advantage of the utility of communal effort. We are a mix of veteran and new Burners, all of whom share an excitement to build an amazing experience for ourselves, each other, and other Burners.

URL: https://dleybz.medium.com/holon-village-2022-2c389bc6457b Hometown: San Francisco


Hōme (Camp) is an intimate canvas, a place to which friends, old and new, return.
Hōme “Sunset Spa at Hōme” Lounge is filled with vibey music, spontaneous treats and even treatments (from fish foot baths and cold towels, to ‘quick fix’ neck and shoulder massages that will be offered by one of the many ‘Homies’ who hang out there). From 3pm – 6pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday friends (everyone obviously) will be able to pop in and enjoy a sunset spa treatment of their choice.

Hometown: New York

Home Sweet Dome

At the heart of Hushville, Home Sweet Dome offers shade in the daytime, a lighted area at night, for social interaction and chill. No music, this is Hushville, unless it’s home made hand made with acoustic instruments. We host events in the Hushville Events Calendar with our space, and offer battery charging for your phones, cameras, computers, etc. We also can provide light bike repair, and have some supplies to get your bike back up and running.

Hometown: Sacramento

Homebrew 4A Homebrew

We are a daytime bar with cold home brewed beverages, games and a friendly welcoming atmosphere. Enjoy a cold beer, cider, mead or soda served daily from 10am until after dark. We have a pool table and daily events including our Playa famous pickle party! Bring your keg and we will refrigerate and tap it, or bring a bottle to share.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/476024835926123 Hometown: Reno


Drop in for a cheerful “Slice of Home”—Playa-style. Participate in our Experimental Grilled Cheese Theatre, climb the sky-high HomeSlice Tower’s inverted pyramids, or re-engineer your Playa duds and gear at our Radical Alteration clinics.

URL: http://www.camphomeslice.org Hometown: Los Angeles

Honest MiSteak

Honest MiSteak is a participatory day camp that loves to feed people and have fun! We eat meat! We run events from Monday through Friday, including our Bison BBQ on Monday, TuTu Taco Tuesday, and signature Tri-Tip BBQ on Wednesday! Or just stop by to chill under our large, public shade structure with sofa and chairs. Share some time with our friends at the Petting Zoo bar!

Hometown: Denver, CO San Francisco, CA Boston, MA Jacksonville, FL Kansas City, MO

Honey Nut Curios

The Honey Nut Curios are a delightful band of weirdos camping with the Alight Market Village. We’re a tight knit, year round community of seasoned Burners who love to gift interactive experiences that put smiles on the faces of others. We strive to be the highlight of someone’s evening by offering strange and delightful experiences that are exactly what you didn’t know you needed. Our offerings include: Playa Shoe Shine, Costume Kintsugi, a Warming Hut, Cacao ceremonies and of course, the Honey Nut Curios Serial Cereal Bar Bar.

Hometown: Oakland

Honey Puddle

Honey Puddle gives you that warm, sweet, exhilarating feeling of being enveloped by love and friendship. And music and mead and dancing and light. We’re not a quiet camp, we’re not a not-quiet camp. We’re just right…and we’ll be here when you want us. We fit like warm pajamas.

URL: http://honeypuddle.info Hometown: Los Angeles

Hookers & Makers

Hookers & Makers is a camp dedicated to turning spectators into participants via crochet, crafting, casting and general shenanigans.

Hometown: Montclair


We bring H.O.P.E. to the playa by Heping Others Party Effectively! Come join our international family for a refreshing iced coffee cocktail, group meditation, live music, or cinema rum experience! Stop by Thursday to marry yourself!

URL: http://www.camphope.rocks Hometown: Brooklyn, Boulder, Hamburg, Brisbane, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Auckland, LA, SF, Berlin, Bogata, Byron Bay


HORIZON is a camp of community, celebration, curiosity and creativity. Enjoy the stunning views from atop our 16′ viewing decks, lounge under our stretch tents, and get weird at our corner Carnival Bar. Show us your moves at our variety of dance parties, recenter during a yoga or meditation session, or help solve the mystery of our latest camp murder.

Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale

Horny Camp

Horny Camp is an arts & crafts camp with a cheeky, sexy twist. Our crafts can be appropriate for everybody, from children to the childish (but pervy) at heart. Our main craft is horn making; we teach our guests to mold polymer clay to create little horns to wear on their heads. We also offer spicy vodka tasting, dirty pornogami, & creating little crotch critters to wear around your waist. Visit the camp at hornycamp.com for activities list and photos of prior year’s activities.

URL: http://www.hornycamp.com Hometown: San Francisco


For The Curious

Hometown: Fallon

Hot Ass Trash

Do you like trash as much as we do? At The Dump! you will find a black hole of treasures, smells, and science. Organized by a team dedicated to direct action, mutual aid and community education. Come take a dump with us!

Hometown: Oakland

Hot Noodz

Stop by for some Hot Noodles, Ink Stamps, Leather Branding and more.

Hometown: PNW

Hot Stuff

Drinks served from dawn onward for the thirsty traveler crossing the desert sands. All manner of chilli hot and ice cool refreshments will be on offer accompanied by music from storied DJs from across the savage sands.

Hometown: London, Istanbul, NYC


Houpla is Houston’s largest burner theme camp and part of the Burning Man Houston regional burner community.

We burn year-round with weekly gatherings called Thermal Thursdays, our own warehouse space for build projects and events, an annual regional burn called Heartburn, an ongoing mutant vehicle project, and a community truck effort each year to playa and back.

We’re always looking to meet new people, and we hope you’ll join us online or in-person. Learn more about us by visiting: https://www.burningmanhouston.org/houpla

URL: https://www.burningmanhouston.org/houpla Hometown: Houston

Hour Kava

Swing by and bask in warm tropical vibes at our Florida-style kava bar. Enjoy a shell of kava or our variety of relaxing teas while hanging in our lounge or at the bar!

We’ll be slingin’ shells from noon to midnight Monday-Saturday.
We’ll be bula’ing (Fijiian toast) every hour on the hour
Everyone’s welcome! It’s not just our kava bar, it’s *our* kava bar

Hometown: Palo Alto

House of Maslow

House of Maslow: Because you have needs. Come get out of the heat, rest your feet, and relax in our decadent lounge. Dance your pants off at the Downtempo Mimosa Situation. Stick around and enjoy one of our eclectic events!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/houseofmaslow/ Hometown: San Francisco

House of Sammich

We serve gourmet, gluten-free, cinnamon-buttered toasted, peanut-butter and jelly sammiches. All that we ask is for you to provide us with a taste of YOUR flavor. Sing us a song…, tell us a joke…, confess a sin.., the dirtier the better. We also provide a moving cuddle puddle which is all about conscious conversations: opening up, connecting, and sharing what’s going on inside oneself.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/thegreatsammichride Hometown: Eden


A place for riders of the Burner Express Bus to land and call home. Located directly across the street from the BxB Depot, we are a camp for anyone that rides the bus and needs a home.

URL: http://www.burnerexpress.com Hometown: Black Rock City


Hunty is a camp of LGBTQ+, allies and people of color from across the landscape of California. Primarily consisting of veteran burners, most of whom are artists, Hunty is space for the creative minded to come together and flourish.

Hometown: Los Angeles


Hushville is a Burning Man village that is open to anyone who wants to camp with us, provided they abide by three simple rules:

1. No generators of any kind, of any size, at any time.
2. No amplified sound.
3. Leave No Trace! No trace of your presence or the presence of Hushville.

Who Camps With Hushville?

The village has a diverse population. While most of our campers come from the USA and Canada, we have many other countries represented as well. Some have been coming to Burning Man since the 90s; for others, it’s their first year. Hushville hosts a number of theme camps, artists, musicians, BRC volunteers, art installation volunteers and just plain good people. So if you’re single or with a group looking to meet some GREAT people, we would love to have you come join us in 2022!

URL: https://www.hushville.org/ Hometown: Hillsboro

Hushville Free Library

A curated collection of high quality books, especially on the topics of popular science, sci-fi, fantasy, and miscellaneous other topics. Do plan to browse.

Hometown: Santa Barbara


Part saucer, part sparkle pony trap, come lay in our UFOs and take a nap! A six-hole intergalactic mini golf course there will be, and an illuminated dance floor to shake your booty. Receive a gift from our far-out crane machine, and jump to lightspeed in our mural menagerie!

Hometown: Denver


We invite you to the mystical oasis of your dreams – the place where you can experience our legendary no-power air conditioner, kick back on cozy carpets and pillows, and connect with friends new and old. Restore your body, mind & spirit while listening to enchanting music from our camp DJ’s or being transported into the depths of your subconscious through guided dance meditation and yoga nidra. Our diverse mix of cultures that we represent will ensure you feel right at home, while also traveling to distant lands. Activate your creative life-force by contributing to our collaborative mural dedicated to HYPNAGOGIA – the transitional state of consciousness between wakefulness and dreamstate.

Hometown: San Francisco