2012 Theme Camps

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2022 Archive

F.U.Ego Stage Bar & Lounge

Hosts the F.U.EGO Bar, No Mercy Stage & Backstage A/C Lounge, serving daily the playa’s only ORGANIC SNOW CONES and hosting No Mercy karaoke parties, an open mic, and DJ’d dance parties. DJs and musicians welcomed to our stage! Choose any mixed drink, spiked cone, cold craft beer or hard cider. No Mercy karaoke singers agree to be cut off at any time, for any reason, or no reason at all! A gong is standing by. Only truly amazing singers get to the end of a song. ALL PARTICIPANTS, gonged or not, gain access to Fuego’s Backstage A/C Lounge! There you will sip top shelf booze in cool luxury.
Look for Camp Fuego’s namesake Art Installation, “Fuego”, a life-sized stretched barbed-wire prancing HORSE with flame effects coming from her eyes and mane. And Eff Your Ego!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/campfuegoburningman/ Hometown: Oakland

Fabulous Disaster

Hometown: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, New York, Durham, Wellington, Vancouver, etc. We're spread all over.


Stop by FAFA Camp, and you may very well meet a new friend who will offer you a cozy refuge, some libations, and a warm welcome. Our Campers come from all over the world and U.S., and this international and national diversity drives the ambience of our camp and our interactivities. We sing; we dance; we offer interesting interactivities that often change from year to year; we participate in our neighborhood. We look forward to meeting you all!

Hometown: San Francisco

Fairy Wood

Replica BRC street signs, tech charging, clothing boutique, and swag swap.

URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GptkDNDAxq8 Hometown: Junction City

Familiar Spirits

Everyone is a Familiar Spirit. We just haven’t met you yet.

This is what happens when Wolves, Giants, Gnomes and sexy mechanics join forces. Familiar Spirits brings together Raised by Wolves, Giant’s Workshop, The Body Shop, and the Snugz garden gnome art car. We marvel in our individual weirdness and collective genius.

You know those people you see out having the best time? That’s us, or people that just were visiting us.

We have the best iced cold brew on playa, non-electronic dance parties for butt shaking, delicious cocktails and artisanal iced tea, a full body mechanic-style tune-up, yoga + massage for your bodies and so much more.

Home of the famous Hip-Hop/Reggae Dark n’ Stormy Party, AND the Non-Erotic Butt Massage Workshop.

You’re welcome for being your favorite memory on playa.

URL: https://raisedxwolves.wordpress.com/ Hometown: Brooklyn

Famous In Japan

At “Barbie’s Closet” we’re here to help you level up your Playa outfit. We offer 24 hour access to our closet of clothes, which is updated twice a day with new clothing. Our skilled campers in sewing and clothing design will be available to help you fix, repair, and alter your Playa wear during our scheduled clinics.

Hometown: Sacramento

Fancy Flamingo Society (FFS)

Hometown: New York City


Once upon a time, a group of friends decided to go to this Cacaphony Society-sponsored event out in Black Rock Desert. Over next few years they convinced many of their friends to join them out in the desert. Much merriment was had, and in 1994 Fandango proper was born. Over the years our Village has grown to at times include the SLO-Orbitals, MoTown, Butterzone, Haiku-for-Beer, The Blight, Campoline, Temple of Fluff, Ministry of Special Permits, Town-Town, and manynother sub camps.
So now we are a big ole village with members spread all over. Nothing has changed, and everything has changed. These are our people. We are our people. Welcome to Fandango. Be sure to say hello when you stop by for a beer!

Hometown: San Luis Obispo

Fantastic Sams

Camp Fantastic Sams is the playa’s diner and dive. We serve breakfast during the week (check the schedule) and drinks when we feel like it. We are LGBTQIA+ friendly, and look forward to seeing you at our camp.

Hometown: Denver

Farfalle Gustose / Juke Joint

A BIPOC/LGBTQ-friendly Mutant Vehicle Camp

Please come ride with us.

Feel free to stop by and chat about what it takes to build mutant vehicles and keep them running during Burning Man!

URL: http://lbhsound.com/wp/the-juke-joint-burning-man-submission/ Hometown: Richmond

Fat Panda

Welcome home my dusty little panda. We would love to introduce you to our flame menagerie. Come push our buttons and see what happens! While you’re there, maybe grab some food and settle in to watch a movie. We can’t wait to meet you.


Come to drink a lots of caipirinhas, Brazilian music, house music, carnaval, art, gifts from Brazil and good vibes. Also we have an amazing schedule of Ecstatic Dance, Cocoa Ceremony and Theta Healing time. Adults and kids are welcome!

URL: https://www.instagram.com/favela_camp Hometown: Brazil & Israel

Feed tHE ARTists

Started in 2007 with Larry Harvey’s blessing and support, FTA has fed 10s of 1000s of artists, musicians, dancers, builders, makers, dabblers, and generally curious wandering travelers. FTA actively models the concept of creating community through the sharing of delicious meals at BRC and all over the world. We are striving to elevate food to an ART FORM, serving as a primary resource for playa food safety, kitchen design, and unforgettable cooking. You never know what we’ll be cooking up next – but, whatever it may be, you are invited to prepare it with us and share a meal of some of the finest food ever gifted on the playa!

URL: http://feedtheartists.org/ Hometown: Atlanta

Femme Fontaine

Centering leisure, pleasure, and play, Femme Fontaine celebrates our unique gifts and the sensuous, expansive beauty of our inner and outer worlds. We are an oasis in the desert, a welcoming, womb-like environment designed to spark human connection.

Hometown: San Francisco

Fermented Reality

Fermented Reality celebrates fermentation in all its forms – of foods, drinks, the mind, and the body! This year, we’re hosting events to ferment the SELF, ONE ANOTHER and the COMMUNITY. In the mornings, join our healing and energizing sessions, including yoga, latin HIIT, or a mindful cacao ceremony. Swing by our happy hours for fermented food, drinks, funky house tunes and laughs. Participate in games we can guarantee you’ve never seen before: Can you prevail in our Dickle Fencing ring? Or give our pickle glory hole wall a try–you never know what you might get! Participate in the inaugural Kimchi Circus and don your gowns for an evening at the Preserved Prom. We hail from 10 countries and 6 US states and would love to meet you and share stories on the playa!

Hometown: San Francisco

Fever Dream Theater

Don’t turn the page, we have a stage! A seductive home to a troupe of vaudeville and cabaret acts, bringing live entertainment to the Playa nightly. Have a talent or act you’d like to share with the city? Our stage is open and welcome to performers seeking the spotlight. Come see performances great and small, planned and spontaneous, sexy and hilarious. The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to laugh and be laughed at in return!

Hometown: Los Angeles


Fingerlights represent a rainbow of diversity ranging across every possible spectrum you can imagine. Our souls sparkle as much as the lights on our fingers in deep playa at night.

Hometown: Dallas Texas

Fire Bender Academy

Here to inspire the whole world to dance, especially with fire props! We focus on beginner classes in prop manipulation dance, fire safety, and fire dancing. We love teaching and sharing this art and want people who are curious to start their fire prop manipulation / dance journey to have all of the resources they need so that every one can express to their fullest potential.

Hometown: San Francisco

Fire Conclave Convergence

All fire performers accepted into Fire Conclave must check in to Fire Conclave Convergence in the 6:00 portal. Check in hours are Monday-Friday 10 AM- 6 PM.

URL: https://fireconclave.org Hometown: Reno

Firm Globe

Kroger, Saab, Virgin Orbit, Virgin Galactic, Virgin Sagitarious, Virgin Black Holes, Chipotle, and Nalgene. What do they all have in common?


We’re leveraging neural networks, distributed ledgers, influencers, Myers Briggs, and Omega-6 to create experiences you don’t even know you had.

What if you could wake up, click a button, and be done with the day? It’s not hard or even that expensive really to program a robot to live a less shitty life than you.

This is the future. We’re just the words. Firm Globe. Just those, the words only. the Firm Globe words. Firm Globe, like I said.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Fish out of Water camp

“Good Dog Stir Fry” brought to you by Fish Out of Water Camp. Serving daily at high noon. Bring your cup/bowl/plate, and a fork or spoon. Eat lovely fried rice with stuff that your Uncle Roger would not approve of. We can make a veggie bowl, but the rice is made with chicken broth for more flavor.
This is not dog meat! This is food for your soul. You are the good dog! Wag your tail and fest your palate.

Hometown: Texas

Flaming Flamingos DUI

Flaming Flamings Down Under International is a camp that brings Aussie Burners to the Burn to make fire art

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Flaming Ugly Cowboy Saloon

The Flaming Ugly Cowboy Saloon is the cowboy bar in a movie produced by John Ford and Frederico Fellini, but directed by Weird Al. We provide the finest adult beverages this side of the Quinn River, truly absurd bar games, and fitness instruction.

Hometown: Reno

Flamingo Camp

Hometown: Reno

Flash and Burn

Fire, photography and Food. our village has it all

Hometown: Canada, Russia, New York

Flat Tire Cafe

Flat Tire Cafe serves cold brew coffee every morning from 10AM to 2PM and fixes bicycles in our bike shop during the same time! We offer an interactive game lounge and community gathering space in a beautiful shady environment. Host to community happenings and pop-up performances, our vibe is very daytime and welcoming to everyone.

Come by and enjoy a cold brew while we get your bicycle going!

URL: http://flattirecafe.com Hometown: Bi-coastal and international.

Flirt Camp

BRC Supreme Court is now in session! Visit our Court Room to participate how ever you would like! Stay for the absurd and hilarious games, and chill in the lounge. The Glorious Holes may even have what you need! Join us for the absurd, the flirty, and the mellow.

Hometown: Alameda


Our mission is to spread joy and help people find their flow. To us, this means helping people uncover and embrace their true selves, and from that place of self-love, experience joy and harmony with their community and be in service to the world around them.

Hometown: Brooklyn


Floristonia – Offering a daily Margarita Bar, non-alcoholic and ice cold water, under a relaxing, soothing, shady space. Stop by and say hello.

Hometown: Floriston, CA

Fluffer Camp

360-degree sound, lights, and… ramen? Sure, why not? At our camp we host a variety of immersive sound and light experiences ranging from wellness practices to passive art shows to full on dance parties under 60,000 watts of custom sound and light from our mobile art installation, The Fluffy Cloud.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Flying Falafels

Flying Falafel is an Los Angeles based theme camp, ran by a group of burners from different backgrounds. We are happy to bring to the playa unique Mediterranean culinary experiences every year with some great beats and vibes.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/flyingfalafelsburn Hometown: Los Angeles

Foam Home

Visit Foam Home presents Bubble Entendre, where you can blast off into a dreamy foam bubble liberating body and soul, getting sparkly clean and dancing it all out Wednesday through Saturday from 1-4:20pm.

Hometown: San Diego


FOMO Victims, you are looking for the best experience to live at BRC and you want to be sure to not miss anything ?
You’re looking on a way to get rid of that fear to miss something ?
Come to discover and contribute to the wall of best activities of BM.
Better than that : come and meet our team who will maybe tell you the secret to never get the FOMO anymore…

URL: https://fomocamp.com Hometown: Lille

Found It

A place for seekers of truth, love, community, sick beats, dirty bass, and self-expression to breathe that sweet sigh of relief- “I’ve Found It!” We are DJs that care about the musical journey and the vibe we put out there into the world. Come for a musical journey, sound baths, one of our self-love and empowerment workshops, beautiful art, or just stop by for a drink and some hugs in our LED Cloud Forest dome.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/camp_foundit Hometown: San Diego

Fractal Mountain

Fractal Mountain Village is a first-time collaboration between Fractal Regeneration and Camp Neverest, marking the return of the Fractal community to the playa for the first time in nine years.

EXPLORE the Regenaissance Gallery, CONNECT at the Regenerators Salon, CELEBRATE with us at our Fractal Mountain stage. Join real-time community forums, popup magical performances, attend salons/ workshops around topics of community, regeneration, climate, sustainability, social justice, and more with leading global speakers/community leaders.

Please join us on Sunday for a grand offering and celebration of life on behalf of our beloved James Oroc, Fractal’s former Deputy Mayor and Captain of the Lady Sassafrass.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/FractalPlanet Hometown: San Francisco

Fractal Regeneration

Fractal Regeneration : the Fractal community returns with an inclusive, diverse and welcoming hub of art, conversation and community connection – focused on nurturing and propagating regenerative culture.

EXPLORE the Regenaissance Gallery: art/immersive experiences and interactive art workshops/talks featuring artists from around the world, MAKE art, attend futuristic mad hatter tea parties

CONNECT at the Regenerators Salon: join real-time community forums, popup magical performances, attend salons/ workshops around topics of community, regeneration, activism, climate, sustainability, social justice, and more with leading global speakers/community leaders

CELEBRATE at the Fractal Mountain stage with some of the finest musicians & performers on Playa, including a night of Fractal delight!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/FractalPlanet Hometown: San Francisco

Fractoids Garden

Fractoids Garden is the fruits of the “Fractal Droid” Art Installation featuring one of the highest-fidelity sound systems at Burning Man! Come experience a plethora of bass and deep-house artists. Vibe in our chill-out spaces when your not on the dance floor. We offer an elixir bar with ceremonial grade cacao and herbal tonics to keep you galactivated and hydrated on playa. For those interested in performance arts workshops, sound healing, meditation and relaxation workshops – stop by our dome and level-up with the diverse workshops at our camp!

URL: https://www.fractoidsgarden.com/ Hometown: Austin


Do pickle backs tickle your fancy? C’mon down to pickle town for our hotdog happy hour and quench your thirst with some pickle back goodness.


Franny Pak Presents: &camp

&Camp is a queer affirming, sex-positive theme camp that celebrates the unity underneath what, on the surface, appears to be duality. Day/night, pleasure/pain, life/death. &Camp is also home to the “This L’il Piggy” mutant vehicle, the lovable piggy who poops freshly-baked cookies!

URL: http://www.andcamp.family/ Hometown: Los Angeles

Freaks United Karma Collective

Come learn how to fly your freak flag at camp FUKC! Freaks United Karma Collective is your spot for learning, with focus on kink education, yoga & mindfulness, playa survival, COVID education, and Arts & Crafts.

Did I mention we have the irrefutably best Bloody Marys in town? Yup. The best.

Hometown: Davis


A space to explore the beginning and future of Tech & Art, where luminaries, experts, and big dreamers in these worlds share their creations and the imaginations that led to them, inspiring us to think outside of the boundaries we may have put onto ourselves.

Hometown: Germany

Free Photography Zone

Free Photography Zone, for over 2 decades at Burning Man, has been photographing the participants in a professional studio setting and gifting each person with their individual print. No waiting for emails get you print on the spot.

Hometown: santa Clara

FreeStyle Palace

FreeStyle Palace 2022: Playa Talent Incubator. Now in its second decade, a collaborative music space and performance stage featuring open jams, hip hop, nightly DJ sets and live performance shows from sunset to about 2:00 am. Our stage and our microphones are open to all comers. Part alchemy and part black magic, FreeStyle Palace is an amalgam of sophisticated and authentic Urban Underground music and culture forged by the heat of the Black Rock Desert and polished by the collective talent of the Burning Man Community.

URL: http://freestylepalace.com Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

French Manila

Our name is inspired by the melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds of our camp members. We love trolls, costume dance parties, and occasionally meditating to techno!

Hometown: San Francisco

Fresh Squeezed!

Art & Lemonade since 2006. Come join us for ice cold lemonade and group painting.

URL: https://lemonadeart.com Hometown: Portland

Friend Manufacturing Cooperative

Who better to walk through the waking dream of life with than friends? In an age of increasing isolation and focus on realities, we’ve got your back in this surreal dream of life. We are Friend Manufacturing Cooperative: a worker-owned and -operated foundry configured for the custom production of good-old-fashioned bespoke friendships. Swing by to share stories, drink coffee/tea, meditate on or memorialize old and new friendships!

URL: https://antonjs.notion.site/FMC-72ca3052b18349ba85adfad5a06d4ebc Hometown: San Francisco


Friendgasms! Fweddings! Lucifer! Hamilton! Craft cocktails! We do it all, we do it randomly, and we do it for the glory of our Dark Lord! (And we also honor the Oxford comma because we’re not barbarians, even if our overuse of exclamation points is nigh-criminal.)

Hometown: Bay Area


We have many customs and traditions for celebrating and recognizing romantic relationships. However, friendships often last longer and prove more resilient than marriages. Why don’t we spend the time and effort to celebrate and honor those relationships?

What if Friends could get “Friendgaged”? What if they could commit to each other in ceremony? Wouldn’t it be a better world if Friends more often expressed their dedication and love to one another?

Friendlandia is a place to celebrate new and long-time Friendships in ceremony by sharing vows, exchanging Friendship Bracelets, and expressing love for the friends in your life. Come have a ceremony at our Temple of Friendgagement, exchange vows and Friendship Bracelets, and become BFFs–Burner Friends Forever.

Hometown: San Francisco

Friendly Village

If you’re looking for Friendly Village, you’re really looking for Shotski Wanderlust, Academy of Arts and Sciences (and the Bad Idea Bar), and Size Doesn’t Matter! Find us under those camp names! We have it all! Science! Art! Skiing! Snowboarding! Apres Ski! Bad Drinks! Running Naked Around the Entire Perimeter Fence! Exclamation points!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/brcbismuthcrystals/ Hometown: Seattle

Friki Diki

Come to the Friki Diki bar in Golden Guy alley for some non-culturally-appropriated, non-denominational, hand-crafted, grass-fed drinks and fun.

Hometown: San Francisco


Camp Frizz, a chill cafe & bar to come retire at!

Hometown: Chicago

Frog Prince Camp

Visit the Frog Prince Art Car Camp when the sun is hottest in the afternoon for a solar-powered sweat inside the Rain Bubble, a hydration therapy tent, where you will lose your playa dust and maybe even your heart. Clothing optional. Bring towel. No shampoo or soap.

Hometown: Park City


Frogma is the little theme camp that could, where everyone is your friend and neighbor! Hop on over to our lily pads Monday and Friday at 5:00pm for BRC’s one and only Hoppy Hour. Serving up ice cold slushy Frogaritas in our dome sweet dome. You’re guaranteed to make a rainbow of connections.

Hometown: San Francisco

From Mars With Love

Home of our eponymous ‘Mars Rover’ mutant vehicle

Hometown: Oakland

Frothin' Weirdos

A celebration of oddity! A frothin’ group of international misfits that bring eats, beats, and weird wild times to the playa. Our day parties force-feed you snacks, delectable drinks, and tunes from the finest Djs! Come chill under the purple shade for an experience that will leave you dubiously dusty!

URL: http://www.frothinweirdos.com Hometown: Santa fe

Frozen Oasis

Home of the Black Rock Philharmonic.
Shelter from the storm and relax under the misters with a yummy frozen slushy drink and a live classical music performance by the Black Rock Philharmonic. https://blackrockphilharmonic.org

URL: https://blackrockphilharmonic.org/ Hometown: Richmond


fruitPOP is a queer Burning Man theme camp (est. 2019). With events ranging from ridiculous to titillating, our playa family brings a safe, judgment-free space throughout the burn. We value creative expression and participation from our fruity members and on-playa guests.

URL: https://www.campfruitpop.com/ Hometown: Los Angeles


Hometown: San Jose

Fuck Yeah!

Fuck Yeah is a fun interactive camp throwing an eclectic array of events from hair braiding, yoga, music and more!

Hometown: Lake Tahoe

Fuck You, I Love You

Where minimalist psychedelic circus meets sacred play and sensorial freedom. We are bringing a connected, loving, sacred space, to offer a compassionate container to physically and metaphorically hold a space for you to live fully embodied through safety, play, ceremony, immersive invitations, and magic.

Hometown: Seattle


We’re a mess of misfits, rotating through the fuck of life. We love sharing our passions, such as aerial arts, yoga, and of course, powdered donuts.

Hometown: Bozeman

Full Send

Hometown: Orem

Fun Yay Fun

By day, we provide fun, games, and interactive adventures.
By night, we’re a supernatural megachurch conjuring the spirit of Patrick Swayze.

Hometown: San Francisco

Funky Monkey Camp

Furthering the merriment of maniacal monkey everywhere! Music, PARTIES, fire, climbing structures, and a barrel of monkeys

Hometown: Tahoe

Funky Town

A welcoming, neighborhood corner of Black Rock City with funky, groovy, sexy beats; sensational cocktails; we invite you to bring over a chair and chill and connect with your fellow citizens of Black Rock.

URL: http://www.funkytownbrc.com Hometown: Billings


The place where hilarity will ensue. Whether you are coming by for a view of the playa from our sundeck or getting your genitals drawn into a work of art, laughs and fun are always to be had.

Hometown: Los Angeles


FUR is a theme camp of furries from all over, who come together to collaborate in the shared theme of Anthropomorphic Art, Costuming, and Culture.

URL: http://furryburners.com Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area


FURngully is a completely immersive night experience taking its explorers on a relaxing journey to another planet. To complete your quest of Fucking Unreal Relaxation (FUR) you must use all five senses to guide your way through the dense jungles of FURngully. Using your sense of touch, feel your way around the ground and the under layers of the jungle enjoying all things fur. An ambient glow of purple and blue lights illuminate artful creations that resemble plants found in the jungles on Earth but are strangely inspiring and different. During the day, relax and soothe your bodies in FURngully’s Foam Rolling Station in our community lounge.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/campfurngully/ Hometown: Sacramento

Furniture Car Rally Camp

Furniture Car Rally Camp is a welcoming place for all Furniture Car Owners, Operators and Enthusiasts.

URL: http://mobilesofa.com Hometown: San Francisco


Burning Man’s Misinformation Technology camp & home of the RatchetFish artist too! You are invited to swing by and hang out & play games with us in our public, carpeted shade. Join us for a card or tabletop game, use our internet-connected wi-fi, or try using our phone, if you dare. Speaking of dare: Fusion Valley is proud to be the home of Black Rock Ultra Safe, the finest danger prevention agency in the land! Black Rock Ultra Safe uses cutting edge danger prevention equipment and advanced safety theory such as Safe Relativity & Quantum Safety to “Prevent all danger immediately, 1 Cone at a time!” Tune into Fusion Valley Radio at 95.7 to hear whatever it is we’re playing. At night, feast your eyes on our drive-in theater of cinematic abortions. Take a load off & say hi!

URL: http://www.armory.com/~fv/ Hometown: Gerlach, NV

Future Turtles

The Future Turtles is your friendly gay-next-door camp. Join us for our sunset parties and hit on our adorkable bartenders. The Smut Lounge is open 24/7, as is Impossibility Space, an intimate interactive theatrical story experience slash cuddle space.

If you’re a little braver, we offer Desert HIIT every morning: a real HIIT workout that is accessible to people of all fitness levels and abilities, but also actually a good workout too.

Then come to the pillow fort at midnight, for socially sexual activities in a male, fully consent-based environment.

Either way we promise you’ll meet the nicest people and make lifelong friends!

URL: https://futureturtles.com Hometown: New York

Fuzzy purple

Hometown: Ubud