2012 Theme Camps

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2022 Archive

Y Knot Saloon

A late 1800s western town with its saloon, apothecary, and old water tower. Come for a wellness check, stay for a refreshing beverage and fire-side story.

Hometown: San Francisco


Taking you back to then end of the last Millennium and into the New with all the Nostalgia one could ask for, and introducing you to do the idea that maybe Millennials aren’t so bad!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Yabba Dabba Do Me

A multi generational camp that brings a variety of offerings to BRC. Our featured attraction is the Jellonator, a trampoline suspended from a giant net of bungee cords. Do you think you’re a stable person? Then come and enter our “Last Burner Standing” contests. They happen periodically during the week. We also feature the Brodega. An inconvenience store that carries everything you didn’t know that you don’t need. Come in and be a part of the street theatre as burners experience some extraordinarily bazaar moments.

Hometown: Reno

Yeah Man!

Come hang out, grab a drink, enjoy an eclectic music selection and shout “Yeah Man!”. Interactivity includes dance workshops, yoga, fire spinning, themed playlist parties, live music, karaoke, and more.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/campyeahman Hometown: Los Angeles

Yellowstone Burners

Come explore the Healing Power of Ritual and Placebo at our apothecary lounge, Playacebo. Our Life-Tenders will guide you through a healing ritual based on what you’re seeking out of life in the moment. As a bonus, we’ll also top off your water bottle before we send you on your way. You’ll leave rejuvenated, hydrated, and ready to go explore, connect, and play.

URL: http://www.yellowstoneburners.org Hometown: Cody

Yes Please

Yes: adv – Used to express affirmation, agreement, positive affirmation, or consent.
Please: adv – Give pleasure to or to be pleasing to; give satisfaction.

Yes Please is the answer to every question. Come chill in our calm and revitalizing sanctuary, dance with new friends, and experience our inclusive oasis of sex-positivity, queer empowerment, and love. Be sure to visit our infamous Non-Monogamy Advice Booth.

Hometown: San Francisco

Yes. Now. Please.

We believe in the power of saying YES. Doing it NOW. And PLEASE is just being nice while doing it! Is it a bar, is it a game? It’s a GameBar with floating Ball Shade!! Come by for happy hour nuttiness, theme parties and climb all over the Monkey Rocker with your friends and go away with new ones!

Hometown: Reno

You Are Not Well

Our camp theme is based on the idea that we are all Not Well, physically, emotionally, mentally, at times and by acknowledging this reality we open ourselves up to the possibility of growing into our full potential and becoming Whole and WELL as a result. The Principle of Radical Self Reliance does not imply that we are alone in our journey, but that achieving a state of Wellness for ourselves is a daily effort so that we can support others in their wellness journey.

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale

You Can't Camp Here

Hometown: Tahoe City

You Light Up My Ride

Disappointed by a poorly lit bike last night on the playa? Never fear! You Light Up My Bike is here to help and inspire you to fabulously light up your rig! Come visit us to get you bike better lit up and stay for a while and share a deep laugh or two.

Hometown: Marin County


YOUniversal offers an Iranian / Persian Tea House – designed by Gregg Fleishman (Temple of Whollyness 2013). We serve desert-friendly non-alcoholic teas and sherbets, along with exotic sweets and treats tried and true favorites from thousands of years of Iranian / Persian desert living and culture.

Since our camp consists of mostly veteran burners of Iranian / Persian descent, we are really good at two things, hospitality and food.

On Wednesday night we have an open Iranian / Persian dinner, with hot food! We serve until we run out of food…

So come hang with us… Feel the hospitality and taste how delicious diversity can be… Claim your “Persianity” for a little while on the Playa!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Yummy RUMInations

Playfully-mindful camp uniting burners through laughter, curiosity, and consciousness. Daily experiments in vulnerability, intimacy, self-discovery, storytelling, and emotionally engaging workshops.

Come enjoy a taste at the Yum Cart or at the Kava Bar!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/yummyruminations/ Hometown: San Francisco, Los Angeles

Yummy yummy

Scumptous build camp

Hometown: Emeryville

Yurt Cafe

Afternoon tea, cold brew coffee, and quick-play tabletop games inside a beautiful Mongolian style yurt!

Hometown: Portland