2012 Theme Camps

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2022 Archive

La Cabaña Comfort STOP

Streetside in Hushville. where I offer a “Comfort STOP Station” for passersby to Stop, Think, Observe and Proceed. I provide the resources to observe one’s current condition and needs, regroup, hydrate, snack, freshen up, apply provided sunscreen, as well as to connect, receive support and encouragement, and exchange hugs and good humor.

Hometown: Santa Barbara

La Calaca Village

La Calaca Village is comprised of three sister theme camps: Camp Axolotl (founding camp), Curanderx (2013-present) and our newest addition ‘Friendly Society’ (2022). La Calaca Village offers theme camps, art car support and artist support on playa. We pride ourselves on being makers, teachers and healers . Come for the healing, stay for the hedonism! — We love our community in the 3:00 sector and making new friends! Spiritual healers, yogis and massage artists await you in our Healing Plaza. Wanna help build and work on a big art car? Visit the “Imagination Station Piazza” featuring different activities and gatherings daily! Seek our oasis at 3:00 and the end!

URL: http://www.lacalacavillage.com Hometown: San Miguel de Allende

La Catrina Tequilera

¡Bienvenidos! Come stop by for some quesadillas, café de olla and agua de jamaica to start you day! We will also be hosting a Fiesta Latina. We would love for you to come and dance with us.

Hometown: Mexico City

La Grange

La Grange is a space open for every burner were we celebrate art, culture, music and spirituality.

Hometown: Mexico

La Palma Borracha

As burners bike up to our colorful camp, they will be welcomed by energetic beats, heckles from a megaphone, and a number of ways to enjoy our camp. Come play cornhole, relax in our shady hammocks, or join us Monday / Wednesday / Friday afternoon for some drinks, dancing, and fun beats! We’ll be hosting our very own DJs who will be spinning funky jams, house, and some old school hip hop. We are the perfect lil’ oasis you didn’t know you were looking for.

Hometown: San Francisco


A magical mad science soup lab with a daily menu Monday through Friday evenings
Before venturing out on your nightly playa prowling, our mad science soup masters will get you powered up with a cup of hot soup and other goodies, but first you must prove yourself by completing a mad science challenge.
Can you survive the Electrotron or tame the ravenous playadon?
The menu changes daily, and only by trying every soup and meeting every challenge can you hope to attain the level of mad science soup wizard.
Bring your cup to slurp some science soup, your courage to climb the tower of outer perception, your concentration to meditate in the pyramid of inner contemplation, your wits to warm up at the barrel of bygone Burns, and your charm to chill out in the luscious lab of lounging.

Hometown: San Francisco

LAFer Camp

Come to the Museum of Playa Artifacts to wonder at the creative works of Burning Man art and make your own swag.
The Neon Chill Dome will be open 24/7 for your relaxation and fluorescent body painting.
Good Clean Sox will be available for your dusty playa feet.
Join the evening drum circle, we will have instruments to share.
Dance and sing your waking dreams on Wednesday to Early Vinyl.

Hometown: Sacramento

Lakes on the Playa

Lakes on the Playa is our Village and we are all camps that call the Great Lakes regional burn, Lakes of Fire our home at home. We want to bring a taste of the fun, warmth and hard work that we all come from back home and share some moments with Black Rock City. Come for some touch-less sunscreen & friends , stay for the music, dancing and fire art! We are an all day / all night village that has something for everyone. We are a BED Safe Camp and strive to start conversations about consent and boundaries with the community. Take a ride on Tarna the flaming Jackalope Mutant Vehicle during her debut year on playa. On the outside, it’s a metallic art car with a DJ sound stage, complete with lighting and flame effects. On the inside, it’s a plush lounge and cozy gallery space.

URL: http://campspf.org Hometown: Chicago, IL (Great Lakes actually more accurate)

Lamplighters Chapel/Lounge

Come volunteer any or every day at 5pm with The Lamplighters and help light the city! We also have a party every day at 3pm.

URL: https://burningman.org/event/participate/volunteering/teams/lamplighters/ Hometown: Black Rock City

Land of Monkey

We call ourselves monkeys not only to identify members of the camp, but to highlight that we are not yet fully human. Humanity is a process of becoming, one that we all practice throughout our lives. Learning to listen, to be patient, to understand, to forgive and to be more merciful: these are among the skills we practice in becoming more human.

In 2022, we will be inviting others to join us in this practice through a series of interactive experiences that explore ourselves, our connection to each other, and how the 10 Principles help guide that discovery. By sharing these experiences with the Black Rock Community, we hope it will help all of the monkeys of this city to fulfill their ontological vocation of becoming more fully human.

URL: http://www.landofmonkey.org Hometown: San Francisco

Lazy Skool Daze

Lazy Skool Daze brings back your school days– with an adult twist! Come join us for Drunk 90s Singalong, Recess, face painting, guidance counseling, Burner 101, field trips, and sunset cuddles and drinks! Look for the giant alphabet blocks and trampoline.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/LazySkoolDaze/ Hometown: New York City

Le Café Gaulois

Hometown: Paris

Le Kafe

Enjoy one of the most loving and comfy landing spots on Playa! Monday – Friday mornings we offer one of the best cups of coffee on playa, tea, and baked treats. Bring your coffee mug! Shaded seating and a large covered futon lounge, our “Flounge” offers guests 24 hour comfort, with futons and cushions, shade, tasteful music, board games, and kind hosts. At night also enjoy our lighted labyrinth of discovery, and warm fire after rolling in late! Howl with us on top of our container! We are relationship driven, and can’t wait to meet you!

Hometown: Eugene

Le Lapin

Come relax under the rabbit-dome, get your morning coffee/kava/yerba mate or your afternoon exotic liquors from around the world, and enjoy our intimate music sessions. All bunnies welcome!

Hometown: Santa Cruz

LED Dinosaur

L.E.Dead Dinosaur – where it’s Halloween (and Dinosaurs) every night!

Come by in the evening to grab some LEDs & cold beer while you listen to music, dance at our nightly Halloween party, or play a spoooooky game.

During the day we’ll have bar specials, more lectures, and many workshops. Our petting zoo is open 24/7 if you want to see some dinos.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/leddinosaur Hometown: San Francisco

LEGENDARY Playground of the Gods

Legendary is a playground for learning, sharing and authentic human connection. This is a place to remember your divinity and to share your genius and unique voice and learn from others. Come and find an oasis from the desert, find rest in the shade, get frozen treats and feast on a week of inspired offerings in workshops, classes, music and entertainment designed to feed your soul. Welcome to the playground of the Gods.

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Legends of the Hidden Playa

We run an obstacle course/escape room that is loosely based off an old 90’s game show and its recent reboot. With 11 separate rooms, each with their own puzzle, we will truly test your Burning Man preparedness! We have daily timed trials to earn a spot on our leader board and see if you can solve the Shrine of the Silver Monkey-Man!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Leopard Martini Lounge

Palo Alto, CA, US

Hometown: Palo Alto

Level 3

Deep playa express (Mutant Vehicle) and our Depot camp are designed to help people travel from one experience to another through playa dust with comfort/safety and have fun doing that. Join our R.I.D.E. events!

Hometown: San Francisco

Level Up +

We are a nerdy themed camp bringing cosplay, roleplay, nerdy conversation, and fun interactivity to playa. Are you feeling lost in this vast desert, do you struggle to find meaning in the dust? Our NPC’s are here to guide you in your quest to obtain the 10 principles and discover your best playa self. Come take a long rest in our shade, enjoy a potion at the stinky wizard alchemy bar, and renew your strength. Watch out for goblins and raiders tho.

Hometown: Victoria

License To Chill

Join us for snow cones and complete challenges at the Department of Chill to earn your official License To Chill, afternoons Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CampLTC/ Hometown: Seattle

Lil Crack Whores

A dusty little whorehouse, we’re here to serve you… drinks, day spa services, a space to lounge and booties bouncing! Play our games and maybe we’ll play yours — ouh la la! When the sun goes down, the red lights come up at the best little whorehouse on playa. Oh, but to us, it’s a whorehome!

Hometown: Portland

Liminal Labs

Need to settle an argument with your campmate? Playa hookup gone wrong? Come resolve your differences the civilized way and pummel them with a pillow!

Come settle a score in the fluffiest way possible while being egged on by dainty hecklers. Lemon or Cream? Your Nightmare is OUR DREAM!

Nightly we present DREAMSCAPE CINEMA, providing a host of waking-dream themed tales across our giant 55-foot screen. As always each of our four nightly films is preceded by bizarre and hilarious short films and animations.


URL: http://www.liminallabs.com Hometown: San Francisco

Lingerie Lounge

We will adorn you and adore you, fulfilling all your lingerie and costume needs! We have a huge inventory of hand-picked, sewn and dyed items, and our attentive camp members will find just the right item for you. Come see us for lingerie and other fabulous and festive items! We serve all sizes, ages, genders, gender identities, gender preferences, race, creed, religion, and color! Our goal is to remind each Burner who visits us that they are beautiful. Open M-F, 10-2.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/Lingerie-Lounge-792471524242693/ Hometown: Portland

Lit AF

Lit AF’s mission is to save the darkwads and bring light to the darkside! What we provide to the Burning Man community:

– Fairy lights for those who need them along with AA or coin cell batteries
– Daily workshops on how to attach lights to bikes, backpacks, clothes, etc.
– Darkwad Patrol at night on the playa. When we find poor darkwad souls, we offer lights for them to see the way (with their consent).

URL: http://camplitaf.com/ Hometown: San Francisco

Little Tenderloin

A bunch of folks from San Francisco who want to honor the wonderful Tenderloin neighborhood.

Hometown: San Francisco

Lituanica Birds

Lituanica Birds will fly across the Atlantic and, as every year, will make their cosy nest in the Black Rock City desert. We will embark on such a long journey to share, experience, create and enter into the cosmic atmosphere of Burning Man. With open hearts, we spread the energy of love, kindness, peace, family, tolerance and Back to Nature. Come say “Hi” and let’s celebrate life together!

URL: http://www.lituanicabirds.lt/ Hometown: Vilnius

Live Elsewhere

Hometown: South Jersey


The lake lahontan semi historical society, beach club and ice cream bar is a semi-historical, sesquipedalian society celebrating the history of the playa by communing over ice cream, cold beverages and discussion of the fanciful beings that may or may not have once existed here. Come for our daily afternoon semi-historical trivia, look at our cabinet of curiosities, contribute to it with a piece of MOOP and receive special awards for who can say our camp acronym fastest, and who can spell sesquipedalian from memory.

Hometown: Sonora

Loca Colada Lounge

We are an afternoon camp providing a place to gather and enjoy refreshing blended beverages, homemade Neapolitan pizza, cool eclectic beats and fun conversation under our ample shaded cozy lounge and bar.

Our lounge provides a welcoming oasis for people to mingle, share stories and nourish their spirit with good vibes, fun tunes, delightful eats and cocktails. We love to foster community with wandering burners; encouraging interaction, community building and providing space for magic to happen as well as making new friends both on playa and for a life beyond.

Hometown: San Francisco

LolliCock Confessions

Sinners of all pronouns welcome to our camp where you can write your dreams, confess your sins and suck for salvation. Baptism Day, ASS Wednesday, Weddings and sweet absolutions.

Hometown: Sacramento


Missing some key supply or part of yourself? Come find it at lollypopolus. Relax or dance in our domes, rejuvenate with drinks and snacks, peruse our 24 hour pharmacy for anything you may have forgotten, discover a new friend in our welcoming space.

Hometown: Portland

Lost + Found

We are a family and community, a California-based collective of dreamers, artists, adventurers, and passionate doers, that loves throwing fun badass parties as much as we love connecting on deeper levels. We are professionals at being, playing, curating unique experiences, and faffing about – whether it’s flow, dance, music, magic, bubbles, movement, fire spinning, food, drinks, art, live jams, deep talks, tiny things or a whole lot of silly nonsense. We’re a diverse group of eclectic individuals that operates with love and respect for the 10 Principles of Burning Man. We create interactive and magical experiences together as we inspire others to flow, love, and be their free and fearless selves. We also take lost and found items, including people. 😉 Come play with us! Get lost with us!!

Hometown: Los Angeles and San Francisco

Lost Art

Lost Art is a camp devoted to bringing forgotten arts to the playa. In this age of zoom calls, twitters, and tik toks, we bring the forgotten art of IRL conversation and connection shared over a dusty meal.

Hometown: New York City

Lost Boys Candy Cove

A camp full of super cute misfits called the Lost Boys who contribute our own colorful thread to the tapestry of Black Rock City. We offer a relaxing cove of respite to all, as well as some yummy treats from our treasure troves of candy.

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Lost Highway

Lost Highway is an immersive experience where participants can discover the story of an old, dusty stretch of desert highway that mysteriously disappeared in 1959. This Lost Highway, full of roadside attractions of the era, finally reappeared complete with paranormal, trippy, vintage, and sun baked sights. It’s a time capsule from a bygone era, but then the more you look, the more things seem to be a little different…

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Lounge Syndrome

Nothing can be something worth doing. Our camp is a day-time refuge for anyone with a serious case of lounge syndrome. Visit our domes for some day-time pastimes, or simply stay for the hammock therapy, carefully curated grooves and cool drinks.

Hometown: Oslo

Love Puddle

A neighborhood bar, playground and lounge open every afternoon that serves the most refreshing punch on the playa, to enjoy before or after playing foursquare or swinging on the swings. Ask nicely and we might give you a Love Puddle or whip out Dildo Jousting. We make sure passerby are assaulted with friendly invitations to join in the fun whenever we are open. Check out our events in the What Where When or just come by and look at our calendar to see when we’re having Strip Rock Paper Scissors, Topless Mimosas, and other ridiculous fun!

Hometown: San Jose

Love Tripping

Trip & stumble down a tunnel of good dreams and into our arms. We’re here to show you love all week, with events of comfort, appreciation, curiosity, and acceptance. Featuring the Touchless Love Wash, 18-Hand Massage, Naked Breakfast Slop, and the gargantuan Book of Understanding.

URL: http://lovetripping.camp/ Hometown: New York City

Lovin Oven @ Desert Morning

Hot fresh Bread Baked Daily; Tuesday thru Sunday
Served with music, mint tea and love in our shady bedouin tent
Bread baking lessons
Burn Night Cookie Bakes!

URL: http://www.desertmorning.org Hometown: San Diego

Lucid Dream Hideout

An interactive coffee bar that provides a place of rest, restore, and relaxation. Internet will be provided so you can share your experiences with your loved ones as well as a commemorative sticker for your coffee mug. Come share your best burning man experience and enjoy a great cup of “Joe” on us!

Hometown: Reno

Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreams is all about becoming aware of your dreams. We’ve created a safe space to create new dreams with others. With a projection dome to teleport you to natural environments from around the globe, we strive to stimulate your visual, audio and scent senses. We also have a wacky tea party dome with select teas and treats for you to stimulate your taste senses as well. Come and relax with other burners and learn about what your dreams mean in our dream books. We hope you come dream with us and your fellow burners!

Hometown: Kelowna

Ludus Symposium

Ludus (playful love) Symposium (Meeting for music, drinking and intellectual discussion) is a place to hang out on our friendly deck/bar above the playa and watch cheezy cult movies.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/LudusSymposium Hometown: Sacramento

Lunar Disco

Lunacy with a Pinch of Disco. Follow the sound, follow the moon.
For all intergalactic Burners on the dark side of the moon: Daily Sunset Discos – gyrate while you howl at the setting sun! Zero Gravity. Disco Nap. Time, Space & Heart Exploration. Teleport your body & mind with Art, Dance & Music. & Get your moon all shined up with a moon massage!

Hometown: San Francisco


Hometown: California Republic

Lustre Village

Lustre Village provides a bouquet of burner pleasures from daytime glittering in the Glitterbox, to immersive theatrical experiences at the Fever Dream Theater. Join us for rest, ease, and libations in the Tazii tent chill lounge 24 hours a day.

Hometown: Oakland

Lusty Chanterelle Kombucha Bar

We’re serving up traditionally-brewed, ice-cold ‘booch ON TAP to dehydrated, dilapidated, dusty AF desert-denizens by the dozens. Come get ‘BOOCHED as you enjoy our shade and catch your daily dose of great conversations, good vibes, sexy beats, and chill peeps!

Hometown: Seattle


We are an assortment of 20+ open-hearted, mostly queer folks, with the simple goal of making the world a more beautiful, loving, and fun place together (on and off the playa) through intentional magic, ritual, partying, and play, including events we host throughout the year rooted in the ten principles.

We’ll be hosting a comfy tea and shade lounge on-playa with activities like yoga, performance, beverages, a Burning Ma’am Genderfuck Party, and our very own Shady Ladies who will be there to give you a (consensual) read.

URL: https://luvclub.org Hometown: San Francisco

Lux Elixirs

Drink organic meads paired with herbal tinctures to keep the party going all night – naturally. We are cultivating a different kind of bar scene, including community driven DJ sets, workshops and drinks like no other on the playa!

Hometown: Boulder, Colorado

Lux in Fabula

Lux in Fabula is an art installation support camp by Burning Stories science-art collective studying the transformational aspects of burner cultures

URL: https://burning-stories.org/ Hometown: Helsinki

Lux Lepus

Camp support for the Lux Lepus art installation on the playa!

Hometown: Seattle

Luxurious Vagrants

Lux Vag is where sandy bodies come to get fancy! Visit our temporary tattoo and bedazzling parlor Tuesday-Thursday afternoons.

Hometown: San Francisco