2016 Theme Camps

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This is NOT a list of officially accepted or placed theme camps, it’s a preview of what you’ll find when you get to Black Rock City.

This is the list of Theme Camps who submitted a Placed Camp Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City’s reserved sections for this year and want to be listed publicly.

Placement is announced in Early July. These are the camps Placement is reviewing. To find out what camps did receive placement look through the Playa Info Directory in Center Camp.

To find camps not included on the BRC Map or to find camps that chose not to be listed, you’ll just have to get lucky.

2016 Theme Camps

A Transformation Station

A Transformation Station …

An art school, A cultural exchange hub, A place of learning and shaing

We welcome Mermaids & Sailors, Fire Spinners and other Circus Freeks … & also the normies that love them

Hometown: Boston

A-Playa Mask Camp

Breathe easy with the Maskman’s quality N95 dust masks with their psychedelic Burning Man logo.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Above The Limit

City of Light, Guild of Flight

Welcome aboard!

What caused the light to go off 500 years ago in Da Vinci’s mind to inspire dreams of flight? Come visit an illuminated tribute to human attempts to fly, from the fanciful ideas to modern aviation. Learn to make paper airplanes, stroll through images of flight, and enjoy flying-inspired music while enjoying water and beverages. Test your knowledge of aviation, and you may find yourself flying around the playa in the Black Rock Air Force F-15 Interceptor that calls Above The Limit home.

By night, enjoy the colorful lights, popcorn, beverages and music while you contemplate soaring off into the stars and beyond. Fly safe, may your journey be epic, and we look forward to welcoming you back aboard.

URL: http://www.campabovethelimit.com/ Hometown: Reno

ABR (Actually Being Renamed)

ABR is a tight-knit group of weird people whose values stem from a strong foundation of cooperative living, self-reliance, and responsibility. Our camp encourages playfulness, creativity, and exploration, and provides a casual social space for burners old and new alike.

Hometown: San Francisco/Oakland


Abstininthe is the friendly bar on the playa, providing our special drink to the thirsty of BRC since the last millennium. Come try our many flavors and enjoy the music, ambiance and conversation of our neighborhood bar.

URL: http://abstininthe.tribe.net Hometown: Bay Area / Seattle

Academy of Arts and Sciences

Welcome to the Academy of Arts and Sciences. We have interactive classes teaching burners about science that can be used to create art, as well as art that makes science real. We strive to balance the left/right brain dichotomy with a range of activities to meet our fellow Burners’ diverse tastes. You can also slake your thirst at the Bad Idea Bar, as long as you have a bad idea to contribute. Come visit!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/brcbismuthcrystals/ Hometown: Seattle, Wichita, Boulder, OKC, Chico

Adult Playspace

Come play with yourself or others, make a new friend or maybe even join in with somebody already playing. We’ve got toys to share!

Hometown: San Fra

Affinity Camp

AFFINITY is a fantastic frolic of authentic self expression through music, dance, workshops, performance, and community. We are sparkly inappropriate purveyors of the necessary unnecessary, divinely kneeling in deep reverence for life’s brilliance AT the altar, IN the temple, WITH a rainbow afro. Join us in creative celebration of your sexy, dynamic being-ness!

URL: http://affinitytribe.org Hometown: Los Angeles


Airships were one of the first crafts built to bring mankind up into the clouds, and Airpusher’s Steampunk Airship is bringing this experience to Burning Man with a twist. It’s a place for you to dance, laugh, stargaze, and get a breath of fresh air underneath the illuminated balloon of a classic airship.

URL: http://www.airpushercollective.com Hometown: Oakland

Ali Bar-Bar

Visit Ali Bar-Bar, the ‘hottest’ place in Silicon Village, to chill, drink, and dance. Our cozy Bedouin tent provides comfort and shelter day and night, while we serve drinks and entertain you.

Hometown: Palo Alto

Alice in Slumberland

Alice in Slumberland is the home of the Caterpillar’s Hookah Lounge and the Red Queen’s Croquet Court. Do you play…Croquet? Come on any of your unbirthdays!

Hometown: San Francisco & New York City


There’s aLittle something for everyone: potent libations, colorful spontaneity, self-paced creative expression, and more!

Hometown: Oakland

Alternative Energy Zone

The AEZ is the place to camp without generators. Friendly folks that can show you how to build an alternative energy system for yourself.

URL: http://www.aez.green Hometown: Reno


Althing, where there’s a little of everything! Come and entertain your brain, jumpstart your heart, wet your whistle and leave with a smile…

Altitude Lounge

Have you ever dreamt of flying over BRC? Now imagine flying over BRC while in a cushy couch surrounded by friends. Altitude Lounge can make your dreams come true. Climb our 50-ft tower and see the City you are a part of. We offer magnificent views, downtempo music, and couches that will suck you in as you watch the world go by. We’re open 24hrs a day, and we will keep our tower beacon lit so you can navigate the entire playa in the dark of night, and eventually find your way home.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Altitude-Lounge/127966623902091 Hometown: Boise

Amber Dust

Come in to make your own amber pendant, have some morning yoga, enjoy high noon tea, and have a sip or two of some delicious mead.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Aminal Earf

Aminal Earf…A look into the hearts & spirituality of the true wildlife In Northern California..Yoga, meditation,healing,love!

Hometown: South Lake Tahoe

Amori's Casino & Burlesque

Amori’s Casino & Burlesque is an interactive stage experience featuring cabaret, burlesque, live music, magic and comedy acts, and casino themed games all set in a sexy and unique atmosphere that is equal parts Vegas casino, carnivale and speakeasy.

Hosted by the Mayor of Love himself, the Italian lothario – Paul E. Amori, a night at Amori’s is a sexy, silly and raucous affair that has a proven track record of delighting everyone.

URL: http://www.pauleamori.com/amori-s-casino---burlesque.html Hometown: Los Angeles


Amulet- An ornament or small piece of jewelry thought to give protection against evil, anger or disease, power for stirring creative juices for new ideas, and bringing love and hope to a dreary life. It is said that Da Vinci possessed an unusual amulet that he always kept close to him. We wish to empower participants with similar protection and positive energy.

Entering our dome, our guests are invited to emboss letters, numbers, and symbols onto a brass plate (aka dog tag) or a brass disc; creating an Amulet to carry with them around their neck, or perhaps to gift to another.

Hometown: San Francisco, East Bay, Pebble Beach and New York City

Anahasana Village

Anahasana Village brings awareness to a fully embodied knowing of the power and the wisdom of our own hearts. We dance with lyrical sensitivity of our selves in relationship to others as the infinite echo of radiant appreciation.

URL: http://anahasanavillage.org

Anarchist Cabaret

Hungry for food or attention? Thirsty, tired or bored? Drop into the anarchy cabaret sing us a song, tell some jokes, do a little dance, no matter if you make us cheer or jeer you get to join the audience after you perform and enjoy refreshments and whatever talent walks in. Coffee and Breakfast goodies served 9AM till noon The fun resumes 6PM and carries on with cocktails tasty things to eat. being Anarchists thats as specific as we dare get

Hometown: New York

Anat's Love Camp

It’s Anat’s 22 year at Burning Man, our Love Camp family will feature live music and stage performances, Brazilian Samba dance lessons, Brazilian cocktails, fire dance performance, live video art production, a line up of DJ dance music, and a holistic healing center. Come for an event, stay for the Love.

URL: http://anatslovecamp.org Hometown: Berkeley



Hometown: San Francisco

Ancient Cult of the Alligator

The Ancient Cult of the Alligator is a place for worshippers to find their inner artist by living in the NOW. Come by for daily afternoon activities, featuring an open bar providing specialty drinks (Alligator Bites!), music to replenish your soul, activities to refresh your mind and body, and, the hallmark of any good cult, a soupcon of brainwashing so light you won’t notice till it’s too late and you’re an Alligator for life.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/705136196225882/ Hometown: Los Angeles

Angels & Shamans & Shakti Temple

World Class Angelic Shamanic Tantric healing with the Shakti Shaman

URL: http://www.angelsandshamans.com Hometown: Boise

Anita Cocktail

Camp Anita Cocktail: Hailing from 16+ countries around the globe, we contain traces of Australians, Kiwis, Chileans, Saudis, Turks, Nuyoricans, LA-LA Landers and other nutty products from afar. Serious reactions may occur. Activities abound all week in our chill space, bar, tea house, spiritual center and cuddle puddle tower. Our cups runneth over with welcome. Let’s get down and boogie together!

URL: http://campanitacocktail.com/ Hometown: NYC, Los Angeles, Colorado, Vancouver, Sydney, Melbourne, Bunbury, San Juan, Auckland, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Toronto

Anonymous Village

Anonymous Village hosts “Any A” meetings, where AA, NA, OA, SLAA, and any other fellowships can support one anothers recovery while at Burning Man, as well as meetings that are fellowship specific. Any citizen of Black Rock City who wishes to camp in a clean and sober village is welcome and may contact us at http://www.burnanon.org/

URL: http://www.burnanon.org/ Hometown: Boulder Creek


Antevasin is the place to leave the bustling city and live at the edge of transcendence. Venture into the unknown through sound healing and guided meditation….arise and awaken to a new world!

Hometown: Tahoe/Truckee/Verdi

Anti M's Home for Wayward Art

I went to an Art Festival, and brought home ART! Come visit Anti M’s Home for Wayward Art and adopt art into a forever home, or leave art to be adopted by others.

Hometown: Ogden


Good people getting together to play and co-create. Maybe here. Maybe there. Really. It can happen Anywhere.

Hometown: SF

Apocalypse Wow

You gotta bone to pick, soldier? Trade your warm beers for cold ones at our Cold Beer Exchange Bar! Go MIA or commando in our Officers’ lounge!

URL: http://www.apocalypsewow.camp Hometown: San Francisco

Apollo One

Apollo One is striving to take you to the Moon once again! Specializing in the bass heaviest forms of aural pleasures, come dance the night away or sit back with a drink as the bass consumes you.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/apollo.oneBM Hometown: Bozeman

AquaZone Healing Oasis Water Bar

Come witness the magic of Positive Intention through the simple act of Drinking Love Infused Water, revel in the heft of a replenished water bottle at our Self-serve Water Buffet, marvel at the healing powers of our Reiki Masters, succumb to the gentle ministrations of our Massage Magicians, and recharge your Cell Phone Addiction through the Power and Mystery of the Very Sun Above! The magic happens when YOU show up.

URL: http://smartloftstudio.com/aquazone/ Hometown: Berkeley

Arctica Ice Sales

Arctica Ice Sales is your downtown resource for ice. Crushed and block ice are available for $3 each or a 6-pack of crushed for $18. During the event, ice sales hours (at this location) are Mon-Sat 9am-6pm, Sun Noon-6pm and 10am-Noon on Labor Day.

Pre-event sales are Thurs-Sun Noon-6pm at this location only.

Hometown: Iceland

Arctica Ice Sales - Ice Cubed

Ice Cubed is the ice sales igloo located on the 3 o’clock side of the city. This year it is located a few streets back from where you normally find it. Crushed and block ice are available for $3 per bag/block or $18 for a 6-pack of crushed ice. Ice Cubed sales hours are Mon-Sat 9am-6pm and Sun Noon-6pm.

Hometown: Iceland

Arctica Ice Sales - Ice Nine

Ice Nine is the ice sales igloo located on the 9 o’clock side of the city. We’ll be in a new location this year, back a few blocks from our original location. Crushed and block ice are available for $3 per bag/block and $18 for a 6-pack of crushed. Ice9 sales hours are Mon-Sat 9am-6pm and Sun Noon-6pm.

Hometown: Iceland

Armone Galaxy

Armone Galaxy Camp returns with an increased labyrinth size from 100′ to 140′ diameter, and the walls are constructed in plywood, improving on last year’s design, with a 36′ center dome and courtyard containing gymnastic equipment, hammocks, bean bags, cargo net hangout, a 30 foot climb to the crow’s nest with a 360 degree view of the city, and workshops on aerial performance, acrobatics, alternative health, eco-sustainable building practices and a generally chill space to hang out.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/armonegalaxy Hometown: Eureka

Arrakis Spice Market

Arrakis Spice Market, bringing the spice to the playa.

Hometown: Seattle

Arrow Dynamic

Come enjoy our bar during the day! We have a confessional where you can come confess your dirty secrets and spin the wheel to receive your fate. Come hang out! We will have lots of random entertainment. We supply welding services and bike repair, as well.

Hometown: Grass Valley

ArrĂȘte ton Cirque !

Come and turn our prize wheel to start playing with us, then you will deserve a ladle of fresh punch!

Hometown: Grenoble

Art Car Bus Stop

Hurry up and wait! Art Car Bus Stop is your premier source for faux municipality. Do you desperately crave the civil structure of a Metropolis? Can your thirst for order and reason only be quenched by public service legislation? Do you desire municipal services to help your lifestyle gain that extra degree of sophistication? Us neither! But we can pretend, right?

Warning: Art Car Bus Stop was produced in a factory that processes peanuts. The FDA has not evaluated the effects of art as part of a daily diet. Use at your own risk.

URL: http://www.artcarbusstop.com Hometown: Los Angeles

Art Car Camp

Art Car Camp at Burning Man was started in 1994 by art car creator, documentarian and promoter, Harrod Blank. As the Burning Man Festival has grown, art vehicles have become more elaborate and fantastical (now known as “Mutant Vehicles”). Many of the original “art cars” that once roamed the playa freely can no longer get licensed by the Black Rock DMV. Art Car Camp celebrates these street legal, permanently altered “daily drivers”. Come and see the origin point of Art Cars at Black Rock City!

URL: http://artcarfest.com Hometown: Douglas

Art of Such n Such

Art of Such n Such – Home of The Kitty Roaster, The High Striker, & Infanity Fire Cauldron
Confidential Paternity Testing Station, warm late night/ early morning fires & some Bad Advice for your burn

URL: http://www.sparseland.com Hometown: Atlanta

Art Virgins XPO

Visit the Art Virgins XPO camp to play a few games, relax on a bench engaging in conversation or even relax on the porch swing. Be careful, you may be asked to step into the Banter Booth to engage the passerby to find out about how their burn is going.

Hometown: San Jose CA & Portland OR

Arte della Lana

Hometown: San Francisco


Artech, facilitating the relationship between sustainable artistic creativity, broad collaborative endeavors and technology.

URL: http://www.artechreno.org Hometown: Reno


Burning Man’s Art Headquarters on Playa

Hometown: San Francisco

Artists of Burntanical Garden

A gathering place for Metal & Flame Artists, Pyrocents who safeguard their creations, and the crew that supports Burntanical Garden.

Hometown: Reno


Ascension is a 20′ tall, 10,000 LED climbable sculpture that inspires people to reflect on self love, loving others, and love as it relates to their world at large. It can be found in inner playa.

URL: http://ascendtolove.com

Ashram Galactica, The Grand Hotel

Ashram Galactica – The Grand Hotel | Your Home Away From Home Away From Home

URL: http://ashramgalactica.com Hometown: Los Angeles

Asparagus Forest

Our camp is a calm shelter from the rigours of the burn. We aim to provide a chill place where people can rest and socialize between adventures.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/asparagusforest/ Hometown: Bay Area

Astral Headwash

Greetings dirty desert dwellers! We are Astral Headwash and we do the amazing! We will wash your head for you again this year. That’s right, clean, fresh water warmed in the desert sun with wonderful smelling shampoo and a bit of leave-in condition to send you on your way! Bring your happy selves to us Monday – Friday noon until 4 pm! Participation is required!

Hometown: Denver

Astro Cats

We invite all burners to chill at the Astro Lounge with special drinks in the day and hot or cold sake at the DaVinci’s Dragon Lounge for at night. You can enjoy acrobatic performance and workshops at scheduled time, and a place to practice and spin fire with us. If you like to join our kitties for morning yoga, bring your mat to stretch and pose with us. You can swing on our swinging-chairs and watch people passing by while sipping our special drinks. Or you can challenge yourself to manipulate the LED Matrix, walking on plank and play the game of Simon Says while enjoy sake.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Astrocats.2014/ Hometown: San Francisco

AstroPup Labs:DogVinci's Workshop

AstroPups – Fun, Frisky, n Fabulous! Exploring the PupVerse one lick at a time!

Hometown: San Francisco


Our on-playa, under-the-sea home.

URL: http://www.atlantissunsets.com Hometown: SF

Atom Cult

The Most Radiant Camp at Burning Man. Come taste our fusion pancakes with hot tea and coffee at 8 AM and fission ice cream at 3 PM. Enjoy the magnificent views of BRC and bounce off the trampoline at the top of our 30′ tall Clock Tower.

URL: http://www.atomcult.com/ Hometown: SD-OC-LA-SF

Atomic Pussy Photo Studio Lounge

This dedicated group of goofy, veteran Burners want you to come to our photo studio to get your portrait done or to come to our lounge for a shot (fireballs and tequila). We will fall all over ourselves to “Welcome You Home”.

Hometown: We are a collection of wayward mutts gathered from all over the country: Seattle, Salt Lake, Connecticut, Nantucket, New Jersey

AudioSpa Beach Club

AudioSpa Beach Club is an oasis of sound-based rest and relaxation.

Hometown: San Francisco

Automatic Subconscious

Boston’s longest running theme camp is back again! This year our Dome will be filled with offbeat events, daily happy hours, and high energy dance nights!

URL: https://www.automaticsubconscious.com/ Hometown: Boston

Avant Yard

We are a family of artists, dreamers, poets, and gnomes. Join us in creating and discovering the story of connective collective human potential.

Hometown: New York


Awakening is the art support camp for the 2016 honorarium art project of the same name. In addition to housing the build crew there will be an interactive inflatable solar observatory.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/AwakeningBurningMan2016/ Hometown: Denver

Awesome Town

AwesomeTown, your favorite local municipality, is having a FUN-raising bake sale and KNEAD YOUR SUPPORT! Actually, we’re doing the kneading, and the baking, and we’re serving up warm delicious cookies at our cookie cabana, “Crumb In My Mouth”, every day from 4 – 6 pm. Come by to get cookied!

URL: http://www.yelp.com/biz/awesometown-black-rock-city Hometown: San Francisco


The home of spontaneous Awesome!(ness) and upcycling craftyness, providing and inviting music, art, performances, and good times. Come for the daily happy hour, and don’t miss the Tahoe Block Party on Thursday!

Hometown: Lake Tahoe


Do you ever wonder what the ball feels like when you’re watching the game? Now’s your chance to find out! Come join us for Awesomeball in 2016 and strap in for a game of soccer like you’ve never played it before. When you’re safe inside a cushioned see through sphere you’ll find whole new ways to gain ground and score for your team. Be The Ball – Awesomeball at Camp Awesomesauce

URL: http://www.campawesomesauce.org Hometown: Bozeman

Awkward & Tawdry Lounge

Many years ago, a snake oil salesman by the name Dr. LeTawdry traveled the swamps of Louisiana in search of fabled elixirs. Many of his potions were wildly successful, but it was his mixture for lovesickness that backfired and lead to tragedy: awkward hugs.

Now, Dr. LeTawdry urges you to come to Awkward and Tawdry Lounge to find the cure! He offers many treatments: moving pictures, musical sing-alongs, breakfast with questionable cartoons, easy listening and lemonade, dancing, drinking and overall merriment.

URL: http://049events.com/AwkwardAndTawdry/ Hometown: Sacramento & San Francisco