2016 Theme Camps

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This is NOT a list of officially accepted or placed theme camps, it’s a preview of what you’ll find when you get to Black Rock City.

This is the list of Theme Camps who submitted a Placed Camp Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City’s reserved sections for this year and want to be listed publicly.

Placement is announced in Early July. These are the camps Placement is reviewing. To find out what camps did receive placement look through the Playa Info Directory in Center Camp.

To find camps not included on the BRC Map or to find camps that chose not to be listed, you’ll just have to get lucky.

2016 Camps

Paella Cosmos

A piece of Spain just around the corner. Hometown of the fluorescent brotherhood. The place to find El Duende.

Hometown: Madrid, Spain


The Painting Wall of Green Peace. Encourages radical self express with our paints and canvases.

Hometown: Moss Beach

Pairadice@The End of The Universe

Come relax at the bamboo bar or party in the fish tank. It’s paradise at the end of this universe!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/goodtimesforsure/ Hometown: Smartsville


Palinka is a Hungarian alcoholic delicacy, distilled from a variety of fruits like plum, apricot, apple, pear, grape or berries!
We’ll be serving these with Rose Spritzers for everyones enjoyment while one can create their very own handmade crafts in our dome.
Come join the Huns!

Hometown: San Jose

Pam's Parlor

Come one, come all to Pam the Albino Mastodon’s Tattoo Parlor! Burners are invited to take refuge from the heat and decorate themselves with silver-and-gold flash tattoos that will last the entire week of the Burn. Tattoo Time at Pam’s Parlor will take place Monday-Friday from Noon-to-Sunset, but feel free to come by any time and say hello. We will also be hosting various events in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings throughout the week, including yoga classes, kung fu lessons, story time, DJ sets, and more!

Just look for the shiny tent covered in intricately painted patterns! Inside you will find a plush arrangement of carpets, cushions, and couches, as well as several mirrors so that you can regard your beautifying handwork. We look forward to your visit!

URL: http://pamsparlor.dance Hometown: Los Angeles

Pancake Playhouse

Pancake Playhouse: Serving fresh pancakes and playing soft rock Monday through Friday, nine-ish to noonish.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Panda Camp

Panda Camp – Home to the Loveable Panda Crew of Panda1 – the electronicopter.

Hometown: Chicago

Pandora's Lounge & Fix-it Shoppe

We specialize in educating participants in repairing their bikes and more. Our lounge is a great place to hangout and wile away the hours with a drink or two with friends old or new. Our camp runs on solar power and we recycle everything possible.

URL: https://sites.google.com/site/pandorascamp/ Hometown: Saint Louis


PANORAMA offers 24 hour unobstructed 360 degree views of Black Rock City and the surrounding environment from 30 feet above the playa. Most climb stairs every day, but rarely do we do it with a sense of excitement over what we can gain by reaching the top! Join your fellow citizens in elevating your perspective!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/PANORAMAplatform Hometown: Seattle

Paradise Motel

Come experience the American Dream that is Paradise Motel, the most garish of roadside motels, yet the best of the “no-tel” genre; located in the heart of the Gayborhood and established in 2008 with a diverse group of folks hailing from our Default World locales of SF and LA. We welcome weary wanderers to stop in for a snow cone and enjoy some progressive beats while you lounge in the shade by the “pool” and create your own Vitruvian Person drawing every afternoon; awaken your spirit with sunrise Vinyasa Yoga every morning; come to our Tuesday special event: “DaVinci’s Twerk-Shop, a Sunset Masquerade” and enjoy our evening bonfire featuring “Cocoa and Cabernet Cabaret”. Visit our Concierge Desk to discover the local attractions and to sign up for guided tours.

URL: http://desertparadise.org Hometown: San Francisco


Hometown: San Francisco, Brooklyn, Toronto

Parks and Wrecked!

Come by and learn how great it can be to have no benefits in your friendships! Get hydrated, fed and relax in our lovely faux pool!

Hometown: Seattle

ParTea Animals

Home Camp presents: Laser Brite
An amazing laser light experience in a space that feels like coming )^(ome. Play with the giant Lite Brite, chill to dreamy music and laser light shows and ride the magic carpet art car – need we say more?

Hometown: London

Partner Dance Adventures

Discover what it’s like to hold a dance partner in your arms and move to the music. Tango. Blues Dance. Join us in re-popularizing partner dance in America.

URL: http://bluestango.com Hometown: San Francisco

Party Naked Tiki Bar

Cold alcohol Tiki Punch is served, for those age 21 and over (ID required), starting at 11:00am daily. Enjoy the sounds of classic rock in a cool and relaxing clothing optional environment. Stop in and have a seat where you are bound to meet someone new. You never have to get naked to enjoy but if you do, you may get “leid”. Come party with us for our 8th year & please bring your own cup to be LNT friendly.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SinCityVillage/ Hometown: Long Beach

Pathogen Trackers

The vision of Pathogen Trackers is to bring attention to the very real threat humanity faces, that survival of future global epidemics, such as ignorance, apathy, and the Zika Virus, can only be combatted through community effort, on-going medical research, and interpretive dance.  The unified theme of our camp is meant to focus awareness. We want to share the message that without our continued vigilance, creativity, life long learning, and level-headed management of future crises, we all run the risk of falling victim to ever more virulent pathogens.  

URL: http://www.pathogentrackers.com Hometown: Gerlach

Pearl Cove

The home base of the gypsy pirates, crew of The Pearl Necklace

Hometown: Fairbanks

Penguin Place

Hometown: LA, Seattle, Salem

Penny Smashing Point

Dear Burners! Bring you penny and we will smash it for you or take one we have for you.

URL: http://www.obolensky.us Hometown: Los Angeles

People of Color Camp

People of Color Camp is a space for art, open talks on social justice and exercises in community building. All are welcome!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/People-Of-Color-at-Burning-Man-586227634754548/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Hometown: New York City

People's Art Congress

People’s Art Congress welcomes Burners to 3 exciting Interactive Art Projects: Black Light Portrait Painting, Ride the Wave, and Awesome Blossom. We will also offer 3 scheduled seminars on “A Meeting of Minds”, exploring the mind via current neuroscience and psychology. Come paint our faces, enjoy the experience of riding the wave, help us with the illumination of The Awesome Blossom, and participate in seminars on the mind.

Hometown: Tucson


If you’re an accomplished or aspiring artist, cartoonist, singer, comic, improv maven, or game enthusiast, on-stage model, dancer, or dramatic reader, Pepperland has much for you in Leonardo’s Workshop on the Playa. If you need/want a massage or something to drink or eat, our renaissance men and women are here to serve you, and with Laughter Yoga plus Longevity Stick exercises to get your Xi flowing like the Playa wind blows – – and so much more. It’s our ninth year on Playa, and with our new name. Formerly “Cartoon Commune,” we felt inspired by DaVinci’s inventiveness to blend his genius with that of the Fab Four. No kidding! You’ll see our “hill” where you can be a fool on it; maybe even a periscope for peering out at octopuses and who knows what else at BRC. The third dimension is yours; we’ve got the glasses for it – and the views to go with ’em. Our week will include over 50 hours of interactive, inventive entertainment. Need a home at home? Check us out.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/198208360209399/ Hometown: Sacramento


At Perihelion, you will reach the point in your journey closest to the sun. Enjoy a bright morning at our Intergalactic Pancake Massacres, and find yourself drawn into the orbit of the Star Bar for a stellar elixir!

Hometown: Washington


Phasmantis is an eccentric combination of music, drinks, food, and fun. Boisterous yet reserved, Phasmantis may or may not be what you expected.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Pickle Joint

Our noble studs and saucy wenches have been serving you pickles and spicy pickletinis since 2003. Join us for all of the usual mayhem as we celebrate with good vibe socials like Banjos & Whiskey and Madonnapocalypse, a never ending supply of cold, crisp, brisk pickles, plus the selfless, charming, and tireless service we live to provide to you, the people of Black Rock City.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/picklejoint Hometown: . Los Angeles

Pickle Planet

The Blissfits “Retirement” Village is a motley crew of seasoned playa vets that have been building & contributing to the playa ethos for 10 to 20 years. Blissfits campmates offer a more mellow, “Snarkle Pony”, lighthearted fun, to the event. This year our camp frontage will offer fun games such as Bocci Ball, Shuffle Board as well as plenty of comfy space to hang out and get cozy around a fire.
Blissfits Village is also home to The Cumright Inn, were we offer worthy citizens a variety of treats befitting our fine establishment’s name.
Along with our friendly bar & grilled cheese stand, our village aim’s to please and will take great care of you along your journey!

Hometown: ALL OvEr

Pickled Beats

ToneAge – The Last Pickler, a great mix of new and old alike, primarily from Vancouver, Denver and San Francisco, but always happy to see and welcome new participants from wherever they call home.

Hometown: Vancouver


Calling all piggies and pork lovers. Bacon and bloodies when you squeal — Soowee!

Hometown: San Francisco

Pile Palace

Here at the Pile Palace, we provide an unbelievably lavish, Moroccan-themed environment for Burners to pile hard. Whether you choose dancing your heart out to our amplified sound, lounging back in one of our pillow pits with a craft cocktail in hand, or taking a picture with friends upon our royal thrones, we want you and everything about you in a state of complete relaxation. Pile on.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pilepalace?ref=hl Hometown: San Diego, San Francisco, LA

Pink Fuzzy Monkey

Get twisted at Camp Pink Fuzzy Monkey with one of the funnest themed twister boards on the Playa, lounge dj sessions, and join in our crazy fun monkey parties. And if you really wanna get charged up, stop in at our Banana Bunch Fruit Salad phone charging stations and plug yourself in!

URL: http://pinkfuzzymonkey.org Hometown: Reno

Pink Heart

Pink Heart invites you to our oasis of shade, fur couches, chilled cucumber water and love. Recalibrate your body, mind, and spirit in our Pink Lounge while connecting with fellow travelers. Connect & share experiences while gazing upon the open Playa, or enjoy carnival games and vegan ice cream!

URL: http://pinkheartcamp.wordpress.com/ Hometown: San Diego

Pink Lagoon Flamingos

Chill with Flamingos in our Pink Lagoon! Join us during our flavor tripping parties where we give you Miracle Berries that change your taste buds, and the flavors that you’re used to get warped and you just might like it! We’ll blast music for you to trip out on and then hang out in our giant, man-sized birds nests when you want to just hang and relax after.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Pink Lightning

Pink Lightning is the home of the Burning Man Ultramarathon, the Black Rock City 5k, the Beer Mile, and lots of yoga. We’re a home for runners, and those who love them!

URL: http://www.burningman50k.com Hometown: San Diego

Pink Mammoth

Pink Mammoth is a not for profit house music and creative arts collective based in San Francisco. We strive to create an environment of love and compassion, selflessness and support, health and vitality, that encourages everyone we encounter to shine and thrive.

URL: http://www.pinkmammoth.org Hometown: San Francisco

Pirate Ninja Training Camp

Hometown: Sacramento


International hub of Art, Music, Performance, Yoga, and the famous cocktail hour kissing booth.

Hometown: Seattle


Plaisance is a camp of Healers and Da Vinci artisans. We’ll offer Reiki, Massage, Energy Healing, Emotional and Mental Health, Meditation, Sign Language and more. Parties include Fireball, Fireball, Fireball, Get ready for the Weekend , Chili cook-off and will have a Bloody Mary bar with everybody in camp bringing their favorite hot sauce or other accoutrements. With shade for public chill space and workshops.

If you find yourself on walkabout in the morning, the Coffee Goddess may gift a cup of joe.

Hometown: Washington D.C.

Planet Earth

Black Rock Cities “Music with words” Indoor Night Club.
Open every day from 4pm to 4am, offering 3 distinct themes per day.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/PEatBM/ Hometown: San Francisco

Planet Palmtree Country Club

Relax in the comfort of lawn chairs under shady palm trees after you visit our nightly (9pm-10pm) boxed wine and string cheese bar to socialize with other high-class guests like yourself. If you’re feeling energetic you can find a tee time at our challenging and memorable par-5 3-hole golf course, where you can even decorate (and keep) your own golf ball!

Hometown: Joshua Tree

Planetarium Aquarium!

This year, Planetarium Aquarium aims to create an experience unlike anything we’ve done before — providing our fellow burners with a place of fun, comfort, adventure and intentional self-discovery — encouraging them to celebrate their inner-swan.

Luckily for us, this desire corresponds with an unprecedented astronomical occurrence that only aligns with the playa calendar once in a lifetime. With that in mind, we would like to use this mystical opportunity to host our fellow burners as Planetarium Aquarium Presents: Suzanne’s Swan Lake Swamp!

Get set up at the Burner Bog welcome station, lounge swampside or live a little and test out Suzanne’s patented Swamp Launcher — diving into the world’s only cuddle-puddle of mystical misfit creatures — likely right where you belong.

Be sure to join us swampside Wednesday for happy hour(s) with only the best summer jams — and don only your finest playa formal for Thursday night’s grand finale: THE SWAN LAKE BALL!!!

Hometown: San Francisco

Planetarium Camp

An Open Sky Planetarium style art structure using the actual night sky as the screen. Additionally, “artificial” constellations, zig zagging meteors, UFOs and other celestial events are superimposed over the actual night sky in real time. Inspiring thoughts of Art, Philosophy and science that were at the forefront of the Italian Renaissance.

Hometown: Redondo Beach

Planned Playahood

We are Planned Playahood! We offer pregnancy testing, fornication counseling, bicycle repair, a playground and other “second aid” services to UN-FUCK YOUR BURN. Let’s face it, sometimes your Burn gets fucked and we are here to un-fuck it for you.

URL: http://debocceri.com Hometown: San Francisco


PLAYA 54 – An Afternoon Delight

URL: http://www.facebook.com/playa54 Hometown: Palm Springs

Playa Circuit Boogie

Here at Playa Circuit Boogie we use circuits and science to spark ideas and bring strangers together, all while jamming out to groovy tunes. Come play with our Collaborative Funk Machine and experience the beauty that can be created through human connection.

Hometown: San Francisco

Playa Court

Playa Court is back in session! Come argue, laugh, judge and imbibe with us. Bring your baggage with you! Playa Court adult lemonade for all 21 and over burners in attendance. Court will be in session from about 12pm-2pm M-F!!

Hometown: Long Beach, CA

Playa Glass

Ever wonder what’s in playa dust? The special formula is just right for some solar glass making. Grab a pair of our welding goggles, and we’ll set you up at a Fresnel lens station where you’ll raise the temperature of the dust to over 1000F and melt it in to black glass. Turn it in to a wearable pendant at the craft table, and you’ll have an easier-than-a-bag-of-dust way to take the playa back to the default world.
Ever wonder what’s in playa dust? The special formula is just right for some solar glass making. Grab a pair of our welding goggles, and we’ll set you up at a Fresnel lens station where you’ll raise the temperature of the dust to over 1000F and melt it in to black glass. Turn it in to a wearable pendant at the craft table, and you’ll have an easier-than-a-bag-of-dust way to take the playa back to the default world.

URL: http://capeandislands.org/post/breaking-down-dust Hometown: New York

Playa Info/VRT

Playa Info which is the information destination for the playa, consisting of lost and found, oracles, directory services, and selective outside service contacts.

Hometown: Gerlach, NV

Playa Jack Rabbits Dusty Hole Bar

VIrgine Delle Rocce translated Virgin of the Rocks Speakeasy by the Renegade Gypsy Kitties. Come visit our renaissance-styled tavern with our mechanical bartender Wheel of wine and drink. We have an assortment of experimental kinetic sculptures based on Leonardo’s designs and drawings. We encourage visitors to bring a bottle of wine or liquor to contribute to our mechanical bartender wheel, bring a classical musical instrument to strum or toot with others and enjoy late night conversation and merriment both around our fire or in our tavern. We are only open mid day and late night, classic speakeasy hrs when we are there. Please have your id (photo copies ok we are 21+

URL: https://www.facebook.com/GipsyKitty/ Hometown: Vashon

Playa Penthouse

Playa Penthouse. In Spanky’s Village, come and enjoy the view from the top, over the entire Playa. Watch over your friends at the Wine Bar.

Hometown: Southern California

Playa Pete's Plaza

Playa Pete’s Plaza is the home port for the Artship PV Monaco. The PV stands for Playa Vessel and she makes Playa Pete’s Plaza her home.

Hometown: Alameda

Playa Playground

Playa Playground is the family-friendly, Esplanade-facing side of Spanky’s Village. Visit our Gypsy Caravan for Tarot Card reading or a seance. Come play Croquet with bowling balls, or golf with billiard-balls (both at the same time and in the same space). Get a funny name, and lots more.

Hometown: Southern California


At Da PlayaGround, you can experience the physics and dynamics of spinning and swinging on our multi swing playground and get your photo taken as Mona Lisa. Thirsty, sit at our table for your “Last Supper” and drink some wine, nibble some bread.

Hometown: Healdsburg

PlayaPals Depot

Delivering messages to people who didn’t know they needed them since 2016.

URL: http://www.playapals.com Hometown: Sacramento


Welcome to Playasophy, a space to rest and reflect in the excitement of the carnival. Come in the mornings for coffee to start off your day, and in the afternoons sit around a hookah, enjoy a beverage and share stories and experiences with both our members and other travelers! In the evenings, enjoy the splendor of the Wonderdome, a fully controllable immersive light display while resting in the House of Soft. We hope to see you soon!

Hometown: San Francisco

PlayaWaste Raiders

Playawaste Raiders features a visually appealing frontage reminiscent of an apocalyptic wasteland outpost. A return of our grisly street games with a post-nuclear twist!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/playawasteraiders/ Hometown: Capital Wasteland

Playfully Yours Village

Playfully Yours Village includes Playfully Yours Dungeon, Mist’R Cool, Bare Naked Tramps Portrait Studio and The Burner Marshmallow Lounge. The Village is a play area and meeting place for all adult burners. The dungeon is very well equipped and focused on the beginners and those curious about BDSM play. We’ll have private and open dungeon play areas. We offer daily classes with demonstration and participation, as well as, supervision, and facilitation of play. We have many outdoor activities to include a misting booth, large puzzles, an outdoor dungeon, stripper pole, corn hole game, spanking bike, and petting zoo. We have 2 lounge areas, one for the dungeon area with a spinning wheel and cherry bombs and the Burner Marshmallow Lounge that will have theme parties such as “Shaken Not Stirred” and “The British Invasion” for groovy 60’s tunes. Our Bare Naked Tramps Photo Booth is a great place to spin the wheel of chance to determine the provocative pose for the photo shoot.

Hometown: Modesto


PlovKraft: bringing fine Uzbek pilaff to the Playa! 5:00 PM until supplies last.

URL: https://sites.google.com/site/plovkraft Hometown: Los Angeles

Plug n Play

Bring your iPad, iPod, cell phone, or any small hand-held electronic device to Plug n Play Camp for a recharge utilizing our camp’s solar-powered battery charging device. Have a cold beer or vodka-based mixed drink on us while playing Connect Four and listening to chill and deep house electronic dance music while you wait.

Hometown: Reno


A place to interact with fire, found objects and friends and home of The Bonerpillar. Come visit the Museum of Obsolete Technology and Dead things and share your talents on the Vitruvian Stage.

Hometown: Williams


We connect you with the world; USPS to the Playa, Playa to any international address, WiFi, and friendly (and not-so-friendly) posties: stand in line, and fill out your form… in triplicate… with crayon.

URL: http://twitter.com/brcpo9 Hometown: Mesa


Cyberia – the coolest place on the playa! Come join us for daily meditation, yoga, and Shibari classes. We are also serving Korean iced-coffee to help beat the heat!

URL: http://www.campcyberia.org Hometown: Orange County


Come over to our exclusive facility. We provide the best equipment and instruction there is for creative essence, existential growth, and Polegasms!

URL: http://www.polegasm.org Hometown: Seattle


Full service Instant Weddings performed under whimsical floral art in Pollination’s Love Chapel. Enter into a life long union on a whim. You probably might not be sorry.

URL: http://www.dangsweet.com Hometown: Santa Cruz


A verdant home alive with the warmth of aloha! Castaways welcomed to paddle up to the tiki lights and toast the night with a Mai Tai.

Hometown: San Francisco


The Village of PolyParadise has been influencing the Hearts & Minds and Washing the Bodies of Playa Citizens from ‘2:00 – 10:00’ since 1999 celebrating 18 years in BRC in 2016.

Polyamory involves openness to multiple loving relationships, with honesty among all partners. We welcome ALL Poly & Poly Friendly folks to camp within our borders.

The Village of PolyParadise 2016 welcomes the addition of three Theme Camps within in it’s borders Sugar Bitch | 9 Energies | Twisted Swan.

PolyParadise is NOT a Swinger Camp. Being Poly or Practicing Poly is NOT a requirement for camping with us, but being OPEN MINDED about other people’s lifestyle choices IS!!

URL: http://www.polyparadise.com Hometown: Phoenix

Ponycorn Island

On Ponycorn Island you can be the magical creature you were meant to be.

Hometown: Berkeley

Pookah Lounge/SNAFUBAR/X-Pats


Hometown: Los Gatos


Popo Ville is about honoring our patron saint Popo, and how we contribute to making the world a better place one burn at a time. We invite our fellow burners, new and returning, to join us for drinks, music, games body art and friendship.

Hometown: San Ramon

Porch Times

Come relax with us on the Back Porch to the Esplanade! Stick around for our events, stories and see why we are such a close camp. And don’t forget, maintain thigh contact!

URL: http://www.porchtimes.com Hometown: Portland

Porn and Donuts

Serving deliciously decadent donut delights late at night, along with a serving of porn.

URL: http://www.pornanddonuts.com Hometown: San Francisco

Porta Party

Porta Party

URL: www.campportaparty.com Hometown: Carmel


Portside Locos: A ragtag group of drummers and noisemakers. Come relax and rehydrate in our Oasis and bang out a rhythm on our drums.

Hometown: Santa Fe

Possible Project

Swing by the Possible Project’s Piazza di Photo for refreshments, music and instant photographs. Refill your canteen any time, and visit our PhotoDuomo, where you can capture the moment and take it with you.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/possibleproject Hometown: Houston, New York

Post Nuclear Family

Come for a sticker, stay for a cup of “shut up and drink it!”

Available throughout the week at PNF:
=Free Electroshock Therapy=
=Consultations with the Philosoraptor=

9PM Thursday: Ultra Violet Night
>>energetic<< portraits (with black light body and face paint & props) Noon Sunday: Electric Dunkaroos!!!!!!!!!!

URL: http://www.postnuclearfamily.com Hometown: Los Angeles


A congregation of misfits serving cookies and conversation on playa since 2010!

We hail from the North, South & East Bay Areas! We got all the bays in our camp! 🙂

Hometown: Bay Area

Present Camp

Your presence is requested! Come to Present Camp and delight in the joy of the now.

Hometown: San Francisco

Preservation Society

The Preservation Society: An oasis amidst ephemeral modernity; shelter from progress, efficiency and cruel indifference. Here for the preservation of mind, body and soul.

Hometown: San Francisco

Pretentious Fox

A very international and inter-state gathering of pretentious foxes and other eclectic and venerable animals! We provide an essential neighborhood BAR with good MUSIC, a giant SWINGSET, and several EVENTS including Bloody Mary Brunch!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/pretentiousfox Hometown: Chicago

Pretty Pickle Camp

Pretty Pickle Camp: A relaxed outpost on the road to nowhere featuring cold pickle service to passers by 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm daily. Also offering hand-crafted pickle warmers, pickle pasties, and pickle rings, stickers, and bottle cap pins while supplies last!

URL: http://www.prettypicklecamp.tk/ Hometown: Thornton

Primate Playground

Primate Playground will have events all week with, Home Brew, Flying Monkeys, Viking Ice Hugs, BubbleTron, Bacon and GrrrrAnimal Yoga is back! OR just come be a lazy monkey on our luscious astro-grass under the shade of the flying monkey hut.

Hometown: Cupertino


A community of LED light artists. Join us each night at dusk for prismatic reception, interactive LED art projects and games, and our nightly community LED procession to the night Playa. Also see the schedule for daytime interactive activities including LED fabrication/programming classes, Yoga classes, and Zen Bell ritual.

URL: http://prismaticamp.org Hometown: Tacoma


Bringing the gift of Fire to humanity since the dawn of time, Prometheatrics has been a part of Black Rock City since 2002. Historically located on the Esplanade, our theme camp hosts a fine collection of interactive installations and helpful hosts ready to surprise and delight you!

Step inside the temporally anomalous Tesseract, where you’ll experience yourself as you truly are: infinite! Trace your face with our Self Portrait Studio and take home your very own masterpiece! Enjoy a bounce on our delightful Danpoline, find paradise in our glittering Light Forest, or enter the dream-space of our relaxing Infinitipi. On your way in or out of our domain, admire all the colors Burning Man has to offer through the radiant Rainbow Scrim.

Join us at dusk and dawn at our mirrored stage for twice-daily fire spinning jams, where there’s always a safety on duty and all wicks are welcome. We’re honored to be a part of what makes our city magical, and eager to share what makes us shine!

URL: http://www.prometheatrics.com Hometown: Eugene


What’s in the name? Come over and find out. Using our original and innovative method, we will create a playa name for you.

URL: http://www.pseudogram.com Hometown: San Jose

Psychedelic Foam Village

Rennaissance burners, get schooled by ReFOAMation foamie homies in the ways of foamy love and regenerative choice. 1 to 4:20 Tues thru Sat. Also hosting MAPS and psychedelic friends talking mad smack at Mystic Theatre @ Camp Mystic.

Hometown: San Diego

Psychic Taxi

Psychic Taxi camp – providing an interactive playground, hammock pavilion, chill space, random taxi service on the playa, delicious craft tea cocktails, and hours of adventurous activity.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/thepsychictaxicamp/?fref=ts

Pussy Day Spa

We will amuse, entertain, and exhilarate you as well as compliment your shoes. We are the perfect place for your pussy to visit to be styled, pampered, refreshed, stimulated, and relaxed.

Hometown: Redwood City


Pyrotex is a group of Texas based fire artists offering classes in a variety of movement arts, as well as drumming, permaculture and other interests.

Hometown: Austin (primary), Houston (secondary), Dallas, other Texas locations.

P³ Oasis

Hometown: Arcata