2016 Theme Camps

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This is NOT a list of officially accepted or placed theme camps, it’s a preview of what you’ll find when you get to Black Rock City.

This is the list of Theme Camps who submitted a Placed Camp Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City’s reserved sections for this year and want to be listed publicly.

Placement is announced in Early July. These are the camps Placement is reviewing. To find out what camps did receive placement look through the Playa Info Directory in Center Camp.

To find camps not included on the BRC Map or to find camps that chose not to be listed, you’ll just have to get lucky.

2016 Theme Camps

F.A.R.T. Kamp

Flatulence Amplification Research Team (F.A.R.T.) Kamp provides hugs, a shaded place to sit and rest your feet, mentoring the 10 principles, interactive workshops for “Hug like a greeter and other hugs”, “When to fart?” Community awareness on farting, “I fart, help me!”, Group therapy, “Let one rip”, basic farting, “kissing lessons” learn to kiss like a pro and most nights will be improve/short subjects. Fart into a megaphone if the timing is right, listen to FART radio at 107.3, or stop by and learn to tie a shemagh!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FlatulenceAmplificationResearchTeam/ Hometown: Sacramento

F.U.Ego Stage Bar & Lounge

KARAOKE, OPEN MIC, TOP SHELF BAR, ORGANIC SNOW CONES! Camp Fuego invites 2016 Renaissance travelers into a free-thinking and personally expressive environment of striking art, prolific libations, songs of the heart and bold human acrobatics. Fuego, a life-sized flaming stretched barbed wire horse, halts would-be passers by with her prancing form and fire-blazing eyes and mane. Top shelf drinks, Italian sodas and organic snow cones pour at our very danceable bar. Beautiful voices crone karaoke from the stage with 4 open mics. Bodies gyrate with DJ NIKO from Verbier, Switzerland, and display perfect human form on the 24/7 slack line. Minds, ages and cultures meld in the air-conditioned hookah lounge. Prizes are awarded for special performances on the Fuego Stage.

Hometown: San Francisco

Fabulous Disaster

The name says it all

Hometown: San Francisco, CA; Pittsburgh, PA; Brooklyn, NY; Durham, NC

Face of Venus

Daily 9:00 Am yoga. Henna. Come eat coconut rice and get layed

Hometown: Richmond


FAFAs from a galaxy fa-fa away coalesce around a love of all things Burning Man in the spirit of fun, adventure, and multi-lingual friendship.

Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

False Profit, Inc.

False Profit pays dividends to investors in the form of innovative cultural experiences and immersive community. Invest wisely, the life you enjoy may be your own.

URL: http://false-profit.com/burningman Hometown: San Francisco

Family Reunion Camp

An intimate camp providing activities for families to enjoy together, Family Reunion Camp welcomes all citizens of Black Rock City as members of our family and we look forward to our yearly reunion on the Playa! Join us for some fun and games, make some art, or just hang out with us.

URL: http://www.artisticaura.org/family-reunion-camp.html Hometown: Page

Fancy Flamingo Society (FFS)

Shantitown delivers steaming hot, freshly baked pizzas directly to you. Simply call us on 1 (800) – PLAYA – PIZZA or look out for one of our trusty delivery fairies to place your order and we’ll deliver a piping hot pizza pie right to your doorstep. If you’re of the cooking disposition and would like to help bake pizzas to make hungry tummies happy, come join us in the kitchen where, as Uncle Mario always says, “It’s-a-always-a-party-a-in-a-here!”.

Hometown: New York City


FANDANGO!: A 24 hour bar that provides a nice place to cool down (or warm up!). We welcome everyone (21+) 24 hours a day to come in and have a cocktail made fresh, there’s no everclear and tang coolers here! We have shade, seating, pool, piano, music (with words) from music players or periodically live performances and we have a loving sassy attitude, FANDANGO loves you drunk after all.

URL: http://www.fandangobrc.com/ Hometown: San Luis Obispo

Fastest Pizza Stand

The Fastest Pizza Stand

URL: http://fps.interchang.es/ Hometown: New York

Feed tHE ARTists

Started in 2007 w/ Larry Harvey’s blessing and support, FtA has fed tens of thousands of burners, and actively modeled the concept of creating community through the sharing of meals at BRC and far beyond. You never know when we’ll show up, but when we do, you’ll be treated to some of the finest food ever gifted on the playa!

URL: http://www.feedtheartists.org Hometown: Boston


Hometown: Reno


We fINK yOU fREAKY and like you a lot!

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Fire Conclave Convergence

Fire Conclave Convergence is where fire performers who have been accepted to dance in the Great Circle come to check in and get updated information. Also where you can post and find fire performance happenings Hours: Monday-Friday 10-6.

Hometown: Reno

Fire In Balance

We the very proud group of people bringing your Fire In Balance – IN THE ROUND! Please feel free to stop by any time to say Hi and definitely check the piece out… we built it for YOU!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/FireInBalance Hometown: Downtown

Fire Village

Fire village is a place where people can come flow and learn from some of the best and most passionate fire artists in the world, all in one place! We will host numerous classes from fire flow to arial and yoga throughout the day. We have plenty of hang out space and a bar. Getting some conclaves and other flow artists together in one big space is a great opportunity to collaborate on playa events such as fire parades throughout the city, and deep playa renegade spins. Our mission is to really light up each night and bring something special to the playa for everyone to enjoy. We have 3 Conclave Camps merging together to create this environment; Hellfire Society(Los Angles, CA), PyroTex (Houston, TX), Pele’s Fire (Hawaii), Incandescence Fire Conclave (Portland, Oregon), MythMaker (Canada), and Camp Hotel Rug (Orange County, CA). We are performers in the Great Circle and made up of concave members and friends.


Experience a nonstop celebration of life expressed through fire dancing, samba drums, and general revelry at Firedrop. Come see one of our fire shows, or come take a ride on our Hypergalactic Space Yacht – the Sol Riser.

Hometown: Nevada City


Home base for the art piece, Firmament.

URL: http://pbase.com/schardt/firmament Hometown: Oakland

Fish out of Water camp

Fish Out of Water Camp bringing bacon tamales to the Playa. Bring a plate and a companion.

Hometown: Texas

Flaming Ugly Cowboy Saloon

The Flaming Ugly Cowboy Saloon is the kind of cowboy bar that you would see in a movie made by the bastard love child of Sergio Leone and Frederico Fellini. We whoop. We holler. We lasso each other. And we poor the finest handcrafted beer you will find this side of the Quinn River.

Hometown: RENO

Flamingo Camp

Flamingo Camp

Hometown: Reno

Flattery Camp

Self-worth in the tube? Ego hit the deck, or the BM-blues got you down? Ha, we got this. Just swing by Flattery for your daily soul tune-up, and in no time our fully trained and certified id-mechanics will have you whistling on your way. With humor, sincerity, originality, shaded comforts and hospitality, we’ll lovingly bend your psyche back into shape. And did I mention just how ridiculously lovely you are?

Hometown: Diaspora!

Flirt Camp

Flirt Camp is back!
Come by and chill in our lounge and enjoy the flirty energy that just keeps getting better and better!!

URL: http://www.flirtcampsf.com Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Hometown: New York City

Floatie Paradiso

Visit our dry blue floatie oasis. Take pictures & sign our Year Book. On Tuesday, Wednesday at 9pm. join us for LED hula hoop/staff/ other LED toys Jam.

Hometown: Walnut Creek


Floristonia provides a welcoming, nurturing environment with a place to relax, rehydrate and recharge while drinking a cold margarita and visiting with new friends.

Hometown: Floriston

Flower Tower

Rising Up out of the Chaos of the Default World comes your Beacon of Hope: Camp Upsie Dasium! Featuring a 45 foot high climbable Tower, Silhouette Theater, over 1500 sq ft of Shade, Live Music and Tastings. Come Climb the Tower and Enjoy the View of BRC. We are open to Burners who want to use our camp for small events.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/campud Hometown: San Francisco

Fluid Fortune

This camp is about jet-fuel coffee and questionable clairvoyance. We’ll send you off with grounds in your teeth, and a fortune you won’t forget.

Hometown: San Diego

Flying Puzzle

This camp is about something…we’re just not sure what. Come help us figure it out and be showered with hugs, hammock cuddles, drinks and beats. Let’s do things together. Also, best kisser drinks for free!

URL: https://facebook.com/TheFlyingPuzzle/

Formosa Express

Formosa Express – sharing a taste of Taiwan on the Playa. Come visit.

Hometown: San Francisco

Fractal Rock

We created Fractal Rock, and are excited to share it on the playa this year. Come say hi if you want to learn more about us and our art!

Hometown: Fremont

Free Photography Zone

Free Photography Zone, for 20 years photographing in a professional studio environment and giving prints to the participants of Burning Man. Come by, be photographed in all your Burning Man splendor and take the photograph home with you.

URL: johnbrennanphoto.com Hometown: San Jose,

FreeStyle Palace

FreeStyle Palace 2016: Playa Talent Incubator. Ten years in the making, a collaborative music play space and sound stage featuring Live Open Jams, dj and nightly Hip Hop shows from sunset to about 2:00 am. Our stage and our microphones are open to all comers. Part alchemy and part black magic, FreeStyle Palace is an amalgam of sophisticated and authentic Urban Underground music and culture forged by the heat of the Black Rock Desert and polished by the collective talent of the Burning Man Community.

URL: http://freestylepalace.com Hometown: Mountain View, CA

French Maid Brigade

The French Maid Brigade- dedicated to eradicating dust and bad spirits in Black Rock City! We facilitate events and the famous French Maid Brigade Parade (Thursday 2PM, 3/Esplanade)

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/88124456049/ Hometown: Santa Cruz

French Manila

Hometown: San Francisco

Fresh Squeezed!

Art & Lemonade since 2006. Come join us for ice cold lemonade and group painting. Lend a hand creating a 12′ tall replica of the Mona Lisa!

Hometown: Reno


We have many customs and traditions for celebrating and recognizing romantic relationships. However, friendships are often longer lasting and as strong as many marriages, and yet we often don’t spend the time to celebrate and honor those relationships.

What if Friends could get “Friendgaged”? What if they could commit to each other in ceremony? Wouldn’t it be a better world if Friends more often expressed their dedication and love to one another?

Friendlandia is a place to celebrate new and long-time Friendships in ceremony by sharing vows, exchanging Friendship Bracelets, and expressing love for the Friendships in your life. Come have a ceremony at our Temple of Friendgagement, create a Friendship Bracelet for your friend on our Friendship Loom, and become BFFs (Burner Friends Forever).

Hometown: Fremont

Friendzied Serenity

A Chill Lounge in the Suburbs
Come relax in the shade and try one of the special “Kiwi” drinks away from the hustle & bustle of the Esplanade

URL: http://www.facebook.com/FriendziedSerenity Hometown: Vancouver, Canada


Frogma is the little theme camp that could, where everyone is your friend and neighbor! Hop on over to our lily pads Monday and Wednesday at 5:00pm for BRC’s one and only Hoppy Hour. Serving up ice cold slushy Frogaritas in our dome sweet dome. You’re guaranteed to make a rainbow of connections.

Hometown: San Francisco

Front Porch Sitters

Front Porch Sitters is the teaching dance camp within Vaude Ville village. Come find the performer you have been hiding inside.

Hometown: Louisville

Frozen Oasis

Frozen Oasis Lounge
Shelter from the storm and relax under the misters with a frozen yummy slushy drink and a live classical music performance by the Playa Pops Symphony

Hometown: Richmond

Fuck Yeah!

Hometown: Reno

Fucking Flamingos

Celebrating our 10th year on Playa this year, we are a group of veteran Burner’s that regularly incorporates virgins into our camp and impress upon them our vision of a Burner lifestyle filled with fun, irreverence, creativity, participation and semi-responsible-ish adventure.

URL: http://www.fuckingflamingos.com Hometown: Phoenix

Full Send

Come learn more about our exciting Art Car and Camp!

URL: http://www.dustycobra.com Hometown: Salt lake city

Fun Yay Fun

We’re Black Rock City’s only solar-lit Patrick Swayze Memorial Altar & Life Celebration site. Don’t worry, we have mullets.

Hometown: San Francisco


Serving Cheese and Chocolate Fondue and a whole lot of FUN!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/Fun-Do-Bar-223999570977223/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Hometown: Lake Tahoe

Funkcadia Inconvenience Store

Forget your sunscreen, banana hammock or just feel like some good old-fashioned heckling? Come on down to the Funkcadia Inconvenience Store. We probably don’t have what you need, but it’s bound to be an inconvenient time! Sorry, we’re open!

Hometown: Leucadia

Funky Monkey Camp

Funky Monkey Camp – Furthering Funky Merriment of Maniacal Monkeys Everywhere!

Hometown: Tahoe

Funky Town

You can’t spell “funk” without the first three letters, “F, U, N”! Funky Town is about family, amazing music, delicious cocktails, art and most important – the funk!

URL: http://www.funkytownbrc.com Hometown: Billings, Montana USA

FUNnel Vision

Fresh hot homemade funnel cakes Mon-Thurs evenings (4:30pm-6:30pm)! Come Wednesday (4pm-7pm) for drinks and dancing as well!

URL: http://funnelvision.camp Hometown: San Francisco


FUR is a theme camp of furries from all over, who come together to collaborate in the shared theme of Anthropomorphic Art, Costuming, and Culture.

URL: http://furryburners.com Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Furniture Car Rally Camp

Furniture Car Rally Camp invites you to relax in the Chevy Chaise Lounge and celebrate in mobile furniture of all kinds. Be sure to join us on Thursday for the annual playa furniture car rally and sunset cruise!

URL: http://mobilesofa.com Hometown: San Francisco

Furry Gorilla Warefare

Furry Gorilla Warfare is in full effect in our city of dreams in the high desert plain. Come play with us! We are fire spinners from the Orange County Ca and we’d love to get our freak on with you.

Hometown: Costa Mesa

Fusion Valley

Welcome to Fusion Valley! Stop on by at our Internet Cafe. We’re your basic chill space that has mellow music (FM station 95.7 DJ’s!), phones, public computers & much more under our carpeted shade. Into board games? So are we! There is often a Cards A.H. game going on, so stop on by and join in! At night we have a drive-in theater, and possibly something spooky! Take a load off and say hi to some long time BM staff & burners.

URL: http://www.fusionvalley.org Hometown: Gerlach

Fuzzy Hooch Family

Sweet awesome friendly wild whacky wonderful loving bunch of beautiful motherfuckers! Come get a drink and shake a leg 🙂

Hometown: Santa Cruz